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  Hints and Tips for: MySims 
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 MySims Cheats


Modify Savegame: Unlimited items:
First, play the game and grab HAPPY essence (because it is easy to obtain) or APPLE
(because it is the first essence), then save. Go to My Documents folder:
-> Electronic Arts -> Mysims -> SaveData1 (can be 1,2,3 according the savegame number).
Open "playerRecord.xml" with a text editor such as Notepad.

-=Find the line=- 
[happy type="number"] (or [applefruit type="number"] )

In this line you can edit the number of essense (up to 99) for example:

[happy type="number"]99[/happy]
[applefruit type="number"]99[/applefruit]

Town rank rewards:
Submitted by: RM

Attain the indicated town rank to be able to earn the item. 

Crowbar                   - One star.
Saw                       - Two stars.
Pick Axe                  - Three stars.
Blow Torch                - Four stars.
Town Monument Blueprint   - Five stars.

Attain 100% of the indicated interest in your town to unlock the corresponding Sim.
A message stating that a special guest will be waiting for you in the hotel will 
appear. Go there the next day to find that person. 

Amazing Daryl    - 100% Fun.
Chancellor Ikara - 100% Tasty.
Hopper           - 100% Cute.
Mel              - 100% Spooky.
Samurai Bob      - 100% Studious.
Star             - 100% Geeky.

When you are decorating Elmira's library, one decoration will be a bust of Mayor Helen,
who is the mayor in the DS version.

Submitted by: RaRaRa

If you can`t find an essence, then you can just change in "playerRecord.xml" a name 
of essence that you already have. 
For example copy [applefruit type = "number"]99[/applefruit] and put it one more time
near it,then change word "applefruit" for another name of essence (you can find all 
names in Program Files/MySims/SimsRevData/GameData)and dont forget about distance 
beetween words.

100% Essence house:
Submitted by: Edward

If you want your home (or another's home) to be 100% of a type of essence, like food,
there are many ways. Obviously dont use ANY other colours from other essences otherwise
that ruins it. First of all, when in the build mode you can put actual essences (like 
cake yum yum) onto a table or anywhere. I put a spider on a wall once! Another thing 
is to paint your floors and wallpaper with an essence too. And the third way is to 
put literal essences into the furniture WHILE your building it and paint them with 
essences too. Now you can have a house made of food (or whatever type you wish).

I don't know if this has happened to anyone else, but every time I move in a Sim,
throw them out and move them back in again, I walk into their house/business and 
find not one Sim, but two Sims. The second Sim is always a clone of the first. And
if I move in a Sim, chuck them out, move them back in and chuck them back out, the
clone of the Sim who got thrown out stays in town, even though they haven't got a 
place to live anymore. Of course, the relationship with the clone feeds into the 
relationship with the actual Sim, meaning that you can befriend them more quickly.

5th star easy:
Submitted by: mib

"C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\MySims\SimsRevData\GameData\Global\TownDef.xml"
and change 6500 to a numbey you can get easy.

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