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  Hints and Tips for: Naruto Arena 
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 Naruto Arena Cheats

Naruto Arena

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Rodrigo

Passwords - How to get Kurenai:
when Hinata is in your team

Password    Result
hinata	you get Kurenai

Strong Team:
When you choose your ninja, you choose a ninja for charka like taijutsu, ninjutsu,
genjutsu, and bloodline. like rock lee for taijutsu, gaara for ninjutsu, and zaku
for bloodline, so you when you have better chance to fight then waiting for the 
certain charka and lose. take this advice and you will most likely to win.

Update by: jaye crumbry

Select a ninja for Charka such as Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Bloodline. For
example, choose Rock Lee for Taijutsu, Gaara for Ninjutsu, and Zaku for Bloodline.
This gives you a better chance to fight and win instead of waiting for the certain
charka and lose.

Unlocked all ninja:

Unlockable      How to unlock
the hokage    - 123
team 7        - 456
team 8        - 789
team 9        - 120
team 10       - 110
the sand team - 102
the mist nin  - 130
special ninja - 118

Damage reductions:
How to make that in the game u haev 10 hp u hit 30 you dont die. 

Hatake Kakashi:

Unlockable         - How to unlock
Hatake Kakashi     - Hyuga Neji
Kyuby Naruto       - Uzumaki Naruto
Kurenai            - Hyuga Hinata
Jiraiya            - Aburame Shino
Tsnade             - Haruno Sakura
Orochimaru         - Gaara
Sarotobi Asuma     - Nara Shikamaru
Cursed Seal Sasuke - Uchiha Sasuke

Naruto Arena Online Hint:
Submitted by: cresent moon rasengen

ok first youre team has to be in the first slot to the bottom slot in this 
order first shino 2nd negi 3rd naruto you have to be chunnin or this will 
not work first have shino use female bug 
ten have negi use 8t64palms and naruto use rasengen thell do it in that order 
and the next time you go to use rasengen it will say cresent moon rasengen and 
do 150 damage . hint if you have kyuubi naruto in place of naruto it will change 
to odaama rasengen and do 170 damage the first time i did this it woorked but 
no the second time.

Recommended team:
Select a ninja for Charka such as Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Bloodline. 
For example, choose Rock Lee for Taijutsu, Gaara for Ninjutsu, and Zaku for 
Bloodline. This gives you a better chance to fight and win instead of waiting 
for the certain charka and lose.

Easy wins:
If u wana make easy wins without making even 1 move ON THE SAME COMPUTER, 
heres how it goes:
- u need to have 2 accounts and different browsers (ex firefox and internet explorer)
- open one window wid da firefox (jus an example) and another wid internet explorer, 
  den in either window log into one of ur 2 accts then go to the other one and log 
  into the other account.
- in both accts click start playing then then choose private game and type da names 
  of ur accounts
- u dont really hav 2 do anythin in ur main acct,but in ur secondary account jus 
  simply press surrender and der u go an easy win on da same computer! (jus keep 
  in mind ur losing acct will hav a lot of losses if u wanna do dis over and over)

Submitted by: Joshua

If u want to get kakashi curse mark sasuke or kyuubi naruto u need to private battle 
the_10th_captain and let him win over over again and he'll tell u naruto arena cheats 
(he da 1 who got dem)

How to get all the characters:
In registration page or in short in your username.

Password   Effect
123      - hokage
456      - team 1
789      - team 2
142      - team 3
153      - team 7
164      - sand team
243      - akatsuki
475      - special team

The way to defeat them:
Academic Student = Team 7 Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura
Genin = Mission Characters like Choji, partner with Naruto & Sasuke
Others = Ramdom

Submitted by: kakashi

There actually aren't any cheat codes for NARUTO-ARENA 
but here are some tips:

1-private games doesn't count for wins or ladder nor missions
  the best teams are:- 1-lee,sasuke,kiba(i got +8 with them)
3-kakashi,k naruto,kimmimaro
4-team 7
5-chouji,sasuke,iruka and etc........
3-always when u play focus on on character to kill first

Submitted by: blubanono

i know this has been said a million times before but there is no hack so far in
naruto arena because despite of it being a flash game..its server 
need wpe pro for it ^_^ although some real-time hackers won't spend their time 
with it..coz its not even a real game =/ 

but i'm just here to teach you the basics..
1. this game would kill you if you don't have one of every kind of chakras.. >.< 
so pick 3 characters that have atleast different kinds of chakras. But wait! you 
can't just look at the chackras and place them like poof!
you gotta look really hard for their skill combinations..their "chemistry" if you 
know what i mean

2. stick to you plan..! if you wanna go kill 1 character go do that. but if you wanna 
go stick your plan no matter what!!

3. experiment on teams..because you can't expect to work for you what other's think are 
best >:D coz at the end of it all, random chakra still decides the key to victory lol

Submitted by: kirk

its is not a code but if u want the best team u have to get these people in specific 
order first get kiba make sure he is 1 and then naruto make sure he is number 2 and 
then u have to have etheir hentai (thet is the 1 i usaly use) or shikamrau and i have 
never lost once with that team.

Just do these missions to get some teams 

Unlockable     How to unlock
good team    - complete search 4 sakon, and a rare oppertunity
great team   - complete devotion, mist ascendant, and a dounpour of illusion
loving teams - hinata sakura naruto, sasuke temari sakura, shikamaru temari
somewhat     - complete search 4 sakon, search 4 jirobou, the sounds amongst the leaves
awesome team - complete descent into darkness, rise of a jinchurrichi, and survival
starter team - sasuke, tenten, and temari, temari, gaara, and neji, kankoro, sasuke
sannin team  - complete disciples of the toad, disciples of the slug

Submitted by: narutokid97

hint:good team:ok dont listen to people wen they say that the team of gaara rock lee 
and zaku because gaara cant attack lee and zaku are ok but here is a real team kankuro 
for random chakra temari for ninjutsu chakra and neji for bloodline and taijutsu chakras 
i won +10 battles with that team.

Submitted by: sasuke uchiha

ok heres a tip for an ultimate team its a basic team but a good team
1-neji, temari and ne1 of ur choice
2-neji, temari and kiba
3-temari, kiba, kankuro
4-shikamaru, temari and neji 

the reson y neji and temari is in alot of these is because when having enough random 
energy you can use 8 trigrams hevenly palm rotaion and summoning quick beheading dance 
wich the damage ades up to 50 to all players unless one is protected or has damage reduction

Submitted by: bad3

If you have naruto(s) use him every time because he can attack when there invulnerable.

Submitted by: Zetsu_San

Actually, the best team i have is Kankuro, Kidomaru, and Maito Gai. Don't use Gai (s). 
he not good for that team. I got +15 with them. (Then people started getting better).

Submitted by: ichigo9999

you probably notice if you click on your opponent's id you will notice their level is 
the same level as your's or one level below,well when your one battle away from leveling 
up your opponent's level will be one level higher than your level.

The best team in Damage is:
Submitted by: Jezreel

Kankuro = Black Secret Machine One Shot is the highest damage in the team.
Ino     = Art of Valentine makes enemies not do damage reducers
Sakura  = Ability to heal allies 20 basic health, specially herself

Submitted by: mynameisjonas

The best team in my opinion is:
3.Kiba(or anyone who uses taijistu

Submitted by: kibake

Ok best team for naruto arena.... have temari tenten and kimmimaro wait 3 turns the 
2nd turn prepare tenten then tha 3rd do summonin twin risin dragons bone graveyard 
and quck behedance dance to equal 100 damage make sure they not protected or have 
damage reduction!!!

Submitted by: insanegaraa07

Do u have trouble getting the sound four?????.....well then wat u should do is use temari, 
neji, and choji and beat two people in a row then restart your acount then u become a gein 
and u have 3 wins in a row then keep doing this until u have 4 win in a row for kidamaru,
jirobe and 6 win in a row tayuya ,and then 8 in a row for sakon it ill take a will but it 
worth it.

Submitted by: calinuchiha

The best team:Zaku,Temari, chakra:2red chakra 2blue chakra & 1 green chakra.
Attak with temari (35dmg) tenten(30dmg)and zaku(45dmg)..this team kill all opponents 
automatic. Sorry to my English.

Submitted by: bug man

Have Kankuro, Shiguri, Shizune and chiyo on a team (Pick 3 out of the four)They have 
random chakra's so no matter what you get you can use it!

Submitted by: sasuke192

i have a great team for you its zaku,temari,and tayuya or haku.zaku can damage all 
enemies by 45,also he can protect one of his allies.temari can damage all enemies by 35,
also she can protect all allies,one more thing is that when she uses her wind fan she cant
be hit by a taijutsu attack.then haku can just help out,same with tayuya.glad to help!

Best team:
Submitted by: Adam

Use Kankuro, temari and Sakon(if you unlocked him) Because Kankuro can hit 45's and he
gets that move alot, and sometimes depends on who oyu attack, can hit 65's and that will
make them on 35 hp then use behending move by temari to kill them and get a headstart on
the other's, Sakon can hit 40 and he can also use 15 alfliction whitch hit's infinate...
and he can also heal himself 25 I used this team since i unlocked Sakon, It got me to 
level 19 and only in under 2 days, even though I don't go on it much.

Submitted by: Zay Yar

The best team in damage is 
Temari  - can damage all enemies with 35 damage
Ten Ten - can damage all enemies with 35 damage
Zaku    - can damage all enemies with 45 damage when use air cutter i got +20 with that

Submitted by: Marrocos the Killer xD

well, depending on the characters you've unlocked, you can make beautiful teams, 
that always perform useful techniques. 

- kankuro is good, but takes too much chakra. but using chiyo and shigure is a nice 
team. then, you can also use oboro, who can attack every enemies. 

- shizune (i don't like her, but okay) is also a great healer who can screw the other's 

- using kimimaro will help you for one turn, with 1 bloodline and 20 reduction for everyone. 
kyuubi naruto is even better, you only use 1 bloodline or one ninjutsu, which is great combo.

- or you use two of these guys and then you put sakura for stuns, ino for mega-stuns and her 
feared art of the valentine or hinata, who takes chakra and hits hard.

- my favorite teams are shigure, kyuubi naruto and chiyo or chiyo, itachi and hinata.

How to do missions more easily?:
Submitted by: naruto_king

Okay i've been winning all the time with this team but when i switched the order it doesn't 
really work. Well to do a mission easily you just have to pick one of my favorite teams in 
this order, 1st u pick kankuro, 2nd u pick sasuke, 3rd u pick any person you like to have. 
here are some strategies for winning, always use the puppet preparation from kankuro first 
and hit the strongest person in the enemy team them attack them with the "black secret machine 
one shot", them keep hitting then until you finish them off or put sharingan on the other 
strongest one, then attack with the strongest tecnique you have. If its invulnerable just
ambush the other 1, them do as you like (thisi is just a head start).

Unlokable characters:
Unlockable        How to unlock
Sakon           - Win 1 battle with Inuzuka Kiba in your team.
Kimimaro Kaguya - Win 1 battle with Uchiha Sasuke in your team.
Jiroubou        - Win 1 battle with Akimichi Chouji in your team.
Tayuya          - Win 1 battle with Uzumaki Naruto in your team.

How to unlock all characters:
Submitted by: lee

hokage 3 = win 8 battles in a row with sannin class in your team
naruto(S)= win 8 battles with naruto,win 2 battles in a row with naruto
sasuke(S)= win 10 battles with sasuke,win 2 battles with sasuke
win 10 battles with naruto,win 2 battles in a row with naruto

all hokage=sannin
naruto(S) =genin
sasuke(S) =sannin

Hint - How to unlock five sounds genin:
Submitted by: fahmi

First win 12 battle with sasuke in your team if you win your mision sasuke quest. Win 4 battle
with temari if you win you unlock tayuya... Win 4 battle with kankuro if you win you unlock sakon.
Remember dont lost any battle.

There are no codes but really only tips:
Submitted by: humanops

AOE teams-useless except one, such as tenten-jiraiya-deidara(S)
AOE Stun teams-yet another useless category except one, Tenten-Haku-Tayuya
Stun- ok teams, kakashi-tsunade-kurenai, shodai hokage-ino-kakashi
Basic-probably best, kakashi-neji-iruka and many more but that is just one
I only suggest using one of these. very good teams.

Submitted by: fahmi
how to unlock a characters.... 

At least Genin * Win 8 battles with Kyuubi Naruto or Uzumaki Naruto. (0/8)
* Win 2 battles in a row with Kyuubi Naruto or Uzumaki Naruto. (0/2)
  rank: At least Chuunin * Win 10 battles with Rock Lee. (0/10)
* Win 4 battles in a row with Rock Lee. (0/4)
  Rank: At least Genin * Win 15 battles with Haruno Sakura. (0/15)
* Win 5 battles in a row with Haruno Sakura. (0/5)

Submitted by: Naruto

a good team is kidoumaru,Naruto(S) and naruto.

Submitted by: james

Rock lee and gharra and person thts use red and white things are a strong 
team so u dont got to w8 to use ur atks and i have wen 12+ and got 5 
diffrent new people try it really works! 

My favrote team:
Submitted by: ShinoXkun

I use garaa shikamaru and naruto. Garaa uses desert coffin then uses desert gravyard 
then on of them is dead (1-hit ko) I use Shikamaru to stun them and choke then naruto 
uses rasengan to finish it off.

Recommended teams:
Try the following characters, in order. 

Chiyo, Itachi, and Hinata 
Garaa, Shikamarum, and Naruto 
Kakashi, Neji, and Iruka 
Kakashi, Tsunade, and Kurenai 
Kankuro, Kidomaru, and Maito Gai 
Kankuro, Shiguri, Shizune or Chiyo 
Kankuro, Temari, and Sakon 
Kidoumaru, Naruto (S), and Naruto 
Neji, Temari, and anyone of your choice 
Neji, Temari, and Kiba 
Sakura, Gaara, and Ino 
Shigure, Kyuubi Naruto, and Chiyo 
Shikamaru, Temari, and Neji 
Shodai Hokage, Ino, and Kakashi 
Tayuya, Kidomaru, and Kiba (or anyone that uses Taijistu) 
Temari, Kiba, and Kanuro 
Temari, Neji, and Choji 
Temari, Tenten, and Kimmimaro 
Temari, Tenten, and Zaku 
Tenten, Jiraiya, and Deidara (S) 
Tenten, Haku, and Tayuya 
Zaku, Temari, and Tayuya or Haku 
Zaku, Temari, and Tenten

The best cool cheat:
Submitted by: danutz

It's easy to unlock more characters.To unlock all caracters win more battles vs
super_sasuke12 in ladder or quick game.No in private game!

Best damage doing team:
Submitted by: ZORTHA

The best damage doing team is tenten Zaku and Temari hit all enimes with 35 or 45 damage.

A good team:
Submitted by: Joseph

Alright by now you already know naruto aarena hard with out the crorect team.
Below i will show you some of my favriete teams.

1.Naruto,temari,teten this team puts out some massive dmg somtimes people even surender.
2.Shikamaru,haku,gara this team you can stun alot so you can get your chakra up to use 
  desert coffen and ythen garras 1hit kill!
3.Sakura,temari,naruto s this team can hit big dmg with temari and naruto s doesnt need
  his shadows to use rasengon. Here is charectors you will unlock to get 10 times strongger.

Cursed seal sasuka,tsunada,sakura s,kurenie,naruto nine tailed form,and rocklees
those charectors will realy affect your out put if you put them in a nice team and order.

More or less win all time:
Submitted by: zabuza-123

play with this team in this pacific order 1st Naruto (S) 2nd Rock Lee 3rd Sasuke play with 
that team and you will more or less win all time.

Excellent teams:
Submitted by: Tobike

excellent team matchups:
1. Sasuke, Neji, Kankuro (use Kankuro's Puppet Preparation or Sasuke's Sharingan first)
2. Sasuke, Kiba, Kankuro (use Kankuro's Puppet Preparation or Kiba's Double-Headed Wolf 
   first, if u can't due to starting chakra type then use Sasuke's Sharingan)
3. Shikomaru, Kiba, Gaara (save up ninjutsu chakra for Gaara and stall with Shikomaru's 
   Shadow Possession or with Kiba's Double-Headed Wolf)

Best quadrupal:
When you play naruto arena put "choji zaku" and "rock lee" because first use akimichi pills
then use five gates next if you have partial double size and primary lotus use them both to
do a special attack to kill and attack at the same time. Finally use air cutter then use 
xtreme air cutter and if you have another move kill one of them again.

Stun and Kill:
Submitted by: Poisentail

Here is a great team for stunning a character and then killing them in one turn.
Rock Lee to kill, Garaa of the Desert to stun, And Naruto Uzumaki To Protect.
this team gets little chakra but exactly the right ones for you to win unlike other teams.Once 
you start the game and its yuor turn first you have a better advantage to win.You first use 
desert coffin on an enemy(pick the one that can stun garra so the enemy cant stun gaara).Next 
use Rock lee,s Fifth gate opening,
Advie make suyre in the first turn you put on narutos shadow clones incase there are more than 
one opponents that can stun you use the rasengan one the enemy that can stun.once its ur turn 
use lotus on the character who has the desert coffin on.keep doing the same thing untill all 
three opponents are dead and youve won.

Great Teams:
Submitted by: NA legend

Asuma, Kankuro, Shikamaru
Asuma, Hinata, Shino
Asuma, Kazekage, Jiraiya
Asuma, Kurenai, Kimimaro
Asuma, Kurenai, Gai
Asuma, Hidan, Kurenai
Asuma, Oboro, Shigure
asuma, Kidoumaru, oboro


Baki, Kimimaro, Garra rehab
Baki, Chiyo, Naruto (S)
Baki, Neji (S), Chiyo

Chiyo, Tenten, Haku
Chiyo, Kurenai, Kidoumaru
Chouji Shizune Iruka
Chouji Shizune Kisame
Chouji, Kyuubi Naruto, Kakashi (s)

Deidara, Kankuro, Kiba
Diedara, Jiroubou, Kankuro
Deidara, Jiroubou , shino
Deidara, kiba, tayuya

These currently have no teams i will conduct further research

Four Tails, Deidara, Tenten (s)
Four Tails, Deidara, Kimimaro
Four Tails, Deidara, Jiraiya
Four Tails Kyuubi Naruto, Deidara, Chiyo
Four Tails, Gai, Deidara

Gaara Rehab. , Kiba, Tayuya
Gaara Rehab. , Tenten, Tayuya
Gaara Rehab. , Kakashi (s), Lee (s)
Gaara REhab. Kimimaro. Tenten(s)
Gai (s), Anko, Shizune
Gai (s), Baki, Gaara Rehab.
Gai (s), Chiyo, Baki

Haku, Shikamaru, Ten Ten
Hinata, Shino, Jiroubou

Itachi, Sakon, Shizune
Itachi, Anko, Shizune
Itachi, Kakashi, Lee
Itachi BD, Shino, Gai (s)
Itachi BD, Chiyo, Gai (s)
Itachi BD Zaku Kakashi

Jiraiya, Kakashi (s), Hinata
Jiraiya, Deidara, Sakura (s)
Jiraiya, Deidara, Four Tails Kyuubi Naruto
Jiraiya, Deidara, Kimimaro
Jiraiya, Four Tails, Orochimaru (s)
Jiraiya, Orochimaru (s), Four Tails
Jiraiya, Oboro, Deidara
Jiraiya, Tenten, Sai
Jiraiya, Tenten, Kurenai
Jirobou, Kidoumaru, Tayuya

Kakashi, Hinata, Shino
Kakashi Zabuza Chiyo
Kakashi Yamato Tsunade
Kakashi Yamato Lee (s)
Kakashi (s), Temari, Tayuya
Kakashi (s), Tenten, Tayuya
Kakashi (s), Lee (s), Chiyo (s)
kakashi(s) lee(s) and yamato(s)
Kakashi(s) Kankuro Kakashi
Kankuro, Shizune, Kisame
Kankuro,Hinata, Shizune
Kiba, Hinata, Shigure
Kiba, Itachi Body Double, Sasori
Kiba, Hinata, Sasori
Kiba, Hinata, Jiraiya
Kidoumaru, Tayuya, Shigure
Kisame, Neji, Hinata
Kisame, Kakashi, Cursed Seal Sasuke
Kurenai, Kakashi, Gai
Kurenai, Kazekage Gaara, Lee (s)
Kurenai, Kazekage Gaara, Gai
Kyuubi Naruto, Baki, Sakura (s)
Kyuubi Naruto, Tsunade, Kakashi (s)
kyuubi naruto,1010(s) and hinata

Lee, Gaara, Naruto (s)
Lee (s), Chiyo, Cursed Seal Sasuke
Lee(S), kakashi, zaku
Lee (S), gaara kazekage, Chiyo
Lee(S), gaara kazekage, shikmari (S)

Naruto (s), Sakura, Lee (s)
Naruto, Shizune, Neji
Naruto (s), Yoroi, Shino
Naruto (s), Kakashi, Zabuza
Neji, kin, asuma (s)
Neji, ino, kido
Neji, kakashi, oboro
Neji (S), itachi, Shikamaru (S)

Orochimaru, Sasori, Hidan
Orochimaru, Kakashi, Naruto (s)
Orochimaru, Kakashi, Lee
Orochimaru, Kakashi, Naruto
Orochimaru, Sasori, Jiraiya
Orochimaru, Jiraiya, Shizune
Orochimaru, Sakura (s), Shikamaru (s)
Orochimaru, Anko, Shikamaru (s)
Oboro, Sandaime, Kimimaro
Oboro, Lee (S), kisame body double.
Oboro, kyuubi naruto, tsunade

Sakura (s), Kakuzu, Shizune
Sandaime, Shikamaru (s), Tsunade
Sandaime, Shikamaru (s), Sakura
Sandaime, Shikamaru (s), Sakon
Sandaime, Shodai, Nidaime
Sasori, Nidaime, Shizune
Sasuke, Shizune, Nidaime
Sasuke, Kakashi, Cursed Seal Sasuke
Shigure, Kiba, Sasori
Shigure, Kiba, Kankuro
Shigure, Kiba, Itachi Body Double
Shigure, Kiba, Temari
Shikamaru, Sasori, Sakura (s)
Shizune, Sakura, Itachi
Shizune, Sakura (s), Itachi
Shizune, Sakura (s), Tsunade
Shizune, Sasori, Kankuro
Shizune, Kakashi, Shikamaru (s)
Shizune, Hidan, Kakuzu
Shodai, Kakashi, Orochimaru
Shodai, Tenten, Haku
Shodai, Deidara, Tenten (s)

Tenten, Haku, Naruto (s)
Tenten (s) Shigure Tayuya
Tsunade, Kyuubi Naruto, Shizune
Tsunade, Itachi BD, Kisame BD
Tsunade, Yamato, Itachi
Tsunade, Kakuzu, Kurenai
Tsunade, Shodai, Nidaime
Tsunade, Sasori, Shizune

A strong team:
Submitted by: Sesi

Choose temari, naruto(s), and sakon.
naruto does oodma rasengan,temari does the quick sommoning dance and sakon does glatting 
punch and it does 115 damage...

to unlock sakon be kiba or kankuro.
to unlock naruto(s) be yonger naruto.

Awesome team:
Submitted by: sasuke rulz

A good team is sakura, zaku, and kabuto. do nothing the 1st turn on the 2nd use sakura's power
up (and if u can at any time use zaku's blast attack) then (the next turn) use kabuto's cutting
move and sakura's ko punch on one enemey and just pick them off one by one (i got an 8 streak 
with this team).

Good team:
Submitted by: darkknight4567

Naruto (S), Kiba, Tamari. 
kiba stop enemies from reducing damage and becoming invulnerable.
tamari deals 35 point to all enemies.
naruto (S) deal 40.

Submitted by: jun peng

* Use tai jutsu, nin jutsu, blood line and gen jutsu.
* Best character for each blood line or jutsu.
* Use temari for nin jutsu, use shikamaru for gen jutsu, ten ten for tai jutsu and zaku for blood
* I mostly use naruto(s),temari and zaku.

Only Tips:
Submitted by: dihvo360

Well..well.. If you fight in game if you lose many time... i give you a tip....
The awesome Team ever is:
Naruto(S),Lee,Gaara of the desert.Becauese Lee just only use taijutsu and gaara 
just use ninjutsu. Lee and gaara can attack quadruple damage.naruto(S) can charge
taijutsu chakra and ninjutsu chakra.
I win 18 batlle use this team.

Easy way to get a strong lead in a game:
Submitted by: Dy(iDaddy)

Great Non-Cheap Team:
Gai, Shikamaru (s), Nii Yugito.
This is a great team to use in laddering and even in tournaments!
It is not a full team or cheap.

- To begin, activate Nii yugito's transformation technique using a ninjutsu chackra only.
-Use shika to stun the enemy who is second strongest or second best at using attacks for 
 easy chackra. Then with Gai, target the strongest opponent, or the opponent who is most 
 likely to go on the offensive, with "Gai Counter Punch."
 This way if they use their 3rd man they will do limited damage and they will most likely 
 waste chackra and take damage with their strong figure.
-Next use yugito's "Spectral Fireball" on the opponent who just got countered.
-Then play around with the results, you will most likely have a strong lead in the game.

Best Team:
Submitted by: asdasd789

For the best team in naruto arena,select:
(3).Nara Shikimaru.

First use accupunture with haku on the powerful guy or mass shadow clones with naruto(s) 
and meditation with nara shikimaru.Use demonic ice mirrors if available or oodama rasengan 
to the fullest.After using meditation on all opponent characters,use shadow bind.Also if 
you dont bother to sacrifice,then use kyuubi boost and oodama rasengan the following turn.
Always use mass shadow clones for naruto(s)when available,acupuncture for haku,shadow bind 
then shadow neck bind for nara.Repeat this process.

Submitted by: Joksien

This is my very very good teams Ever : 

 1.Kakashi, Young Kakashi, Itachi/Gai ( I suggest you should use Itachi, if you have )
 2.Tenten(s)/Gai , Kidoumaru , Tayuya (If you have)
 3.Neji (s), Kyuubi Naruto , Kin (If you have)
 4.Jiroubou , Kidoumaru , Tayuya
 5.Shino , Hinata , Jiroubou
 6.Shikamaru , Haku , Tenten 
 7.Temari , Tenten , Zaku 
 8.Choji , Sakura , Rin
 9.Team 7 (Naruto , Sakura , Sasuke)
10.Team 8 (Shino , Kiba , Hinata) (Good for Defense)
11.Jiraiya , Tsunade , Orochimaru (if you have)
12.Shodai hokage , Nidaime hokage , Sandaime Hokage (if you have)
13.Gaara Rehab , Shigure , Young Kakashi (This is a good team but have low defences, 
   This team is good for Offensives Attack)
14.Naruto , Haku , Kankuro 
15.Naruto , Sasuke , Dosu 
16.Gaara , Shino , Yoroi / Gaara , CSS , Naruto(s)
17.Kakashi , Asuma , Kurenai
18.Naruto (s) , Sakura (s) , Sasuke 

Other teams are coming soon when the new characters come out!! (Sorry for my Grammar)

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