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  Hints and Tips for: News Tower 
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 News Tower Cheats

News Tower

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips:
Written by Fishman

-=Setting Up Shop=-
At the start of the game you will be given an empty building to start 
your grand paper (unless you started with the tutorial which gives you 
a pre-furnished building to use). The layout of your tower is key to 
success in this game.

Starting off you will want 3-4 floors, with typesetting on the bottom 
floor, assembly on the next floor up, then printing/maintenance, and at 
the top floor anything else, such as reporter desks and telegraphing 
desks. The reason for this is to minimise employee travel times inside 
your tower, since reporters only have to go up one flight of stairs to 
get the report to the typesetters who only have to do the same to get to 

For the floor(s) that have printing equipment on, try to position them 
as far from other workplaces as possible and use walls, doors and 
wallpapers to minimise the noise.

-=Getting the News=-
Now that you have a well laid out tower and the repair workers have 
stopped complaining about the printer noise, you can start to report 
on the news.

The first step is to find news using a telegraphing station. I recommend 
2-3 when starting, but itís a good idea to increase that number later, 
as they can be a bottleneck later on. When you have quests from districts 
or factions for certain stories, try and prioritise those types of news, 
like sports or politics. On the other hand, donít be afraid to close 
communications that either arenít needed or wonít provide much of a story, 
as this clears the station for more useful stories.

After that itís time for the reporters to get out and report on the news. 
As this is one of the most important jobs in your tower, itís best to 
keep the reporters as happy as possible, to prevent the news being 
sloppily reported. Items are also very useful as they can drastically 
improve your reportersí skills and reduce the time needed to report.

Pro Tip about Mafia:
Written by Pinstar

The ideal week is one where you complete both your mafia mission and your 
district mission. This is often times not too hard to accomplish with one 
main exception.

Sometimes the mafia will give you a mission where they donít want you to 
print certain tags.

The very first mission they give is an example of this, where they donít
 want you to print Politics that week.

Make sure youíre mindful that your district mission, which consists of 
several tags that you NEED to print that week, doesnít conflict with the 
mafia mission.

This is simple to avoid in the early game, but later on it becomes trickier. 
Later districts will require secondary bronze, silver and gold tags and each 
of those tags can come from different base story types. If the mafia is 
embargoing one of those types, you might be forced to complete either your 
district mission OR the mafia embargo but not both.

Not all district quests are hard. Some are very low risk, low reward but 
still open up parts of the map. My suggestion is to do these super-simple 
district quests whenever you have a mafia embargo looming to minimize the 
chance of betting locked out of finishing one or the other and thus 
maximizing your rewards.

Advertisement (Ads) Explained:
Written by Smiffee

* Ads are ďreportedĒ by your sales staff, after they have been offered to 
  you by advertisers based on the mix of stories in your previous paper.
* Just like a news story they need to be brought into the office and 
  processed by your Typesetter and Assembler, then dropped into your page 
  layout on printing day.
* It doesnít matter where you place it for the money the ad brings, but each 
  ad will have a type assigned to it (crime, society, etc) so they do trigger 
  the bonus for matching types on a page.
* Not all ads pay cash, some offer particular tags like Mafia or Alarming etc.
* They donít seem to expire much either, so a stack of prepared ads can be 
  handy for padding out a thin issue!

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