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  Hints and Tips for: Nights of Azure 2 
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 Nights of Azure 2 Cheats

Nights of Azure 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Learning Ability Guide:
Written by THOA

For people who play it the 1st time, I suggest you lv up Aluche normally 
without holding back. When you play it a 2nd time, You will got Merlin's 
Shoe that give you AP every time you finish a quest so you do not need to
lv up Aluche much unless it necessary. Remember that higher lv will give 
you a higher attack power.

Why not? What wrong about high attack power? Nope, Nothing wrong with it 
but you will do a lily quest and sub-quest easier when you can hit the 
enemy more before they die. you can stack up combo more as well. if your
Aluche too strong, it would be hard to reach 200 combos later for sub-quest
since your Aluche decimates everything in less than 100 combos.

There is 3 type of skill tree and 3 sub-skill tree line in those as well. 
In your 1st play time, I suggest you spam point on the following skill.

-=The right tree=
Bonus Gain             - Increase your money every time you finish a mission.
Hunt Time Up           - Increase your time limit.
Instant Item Drop Rate - This gives you chance for a free item every time 
                         you finish a mission.
Equip Space Up         - This will allow you to equip more item.
Advance Healing        - This will increase your hp bonus everytime you get 

In longer term of grinding, this will give you the best money and item drop 
which help you collect 100% of item list faster.

-=Then you spent some point to middle tree=-
Enhance Strength - Increase your maximum hp.
Add Shock/Burn/Stun/Freeze - To help you do a quest with Muviel much easier...

Increase your hp benefit in everything... sometimes you need to get hit if 
you want revenge attack and stack it.

Don't eager to put a point of the left tree (Offensive skill) if you want 
to do lily quest easily. Because it will make you strong enough to 1-2 hit 
slain every target and you can't stack double attack because you kill them 
too fast.

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