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  Hints and Tips for: No One Lives Forever 2 
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 No One Lives Forever 2 Cheats

No One Lives Forever 2

Cheat Codes: 
Update by: Slav
Submitted by: Foxx Inc,'s Wikum A Silva

Press [T] to open command line, enter the desired code and confirm with [Enter]:

Code            Result
god           - Invincibility On/Off
skillz        - Skill Points (Only in Levels 3 & 4)
build         - Display Version On/Off
maphole       - End Level Successfully
pos           - Display Position On/Off
poltergeist   - Invisibility On/Off
health        - Full Health
armor         - Full Armor
baddaboom     - Explosion
ammo          - Ammunition
kfa           - Full Energy, Armor, Weapons, Ammunition
guns          - All Weapons
mods          - All Weapon Modifications
nextmission   - Next Chapter
rosebud       - Spawns a Snowmobile
tears         - Unlimited ammunition
mods          - Scopes, silencer and camera zoom

NOLF 2 Demo Cheats

To use the following codes, you must first press "T" and then type in the code:
Code           Result
god          - Invincibility On/Off
skillz       - Skill Points (Only in Levels 3 & 4)
build        - Display Version On/Off
maphole      - End Level Successfully
pos          - Display Position On/Off
poltergeist  - Invisibility On/Off
health       - Full Health
armor        - Full Armor
baddaboom    - Explosion

Mysterious light:
On the last chapter, there is a red light in the middle of the ocean that can be seen
from the bridge on the south-west part of the island. 

Level select:
Start Regedit and use the "Registry/Export Registry File" menu option to create a 
backup  copy of your original registry. Find the following registry key: 

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Monolith Productions\No One Lives Forever 2\1.0] 

Change the "EndGame" value to "1". 

When in a level where you cant shoot certain people, such as the police, you can 
use the tranquilizer to put them to sleep for a while.

Floating tree:
On the last chapter near the tower is a tree that hovers about a foot off the 
ground. It is on the far side of the ruins. 

Missing background:
On the last chapter where you fight the supersoldiers, next to the tower is a 
hole in the wall that leads to a path around the tower. Look at where the wall 
meets the tower. The ground and the wall do not quite meet. 

Hidden intermission sequence:
In the begging of the first level "Call It A Hunch", go up the hill before the
bird finishes talking. You will get an intermission sequence.

Carry the bird:
At the start of the Diary Of A Double Agent level, you can carry the bird. 
Shoot the bird with shurikens to get them back.

Suspended cat:
On the first part of Chapter 12: Undersea, use the cat that is underneath the 
submarine on the crane while it is moving. The cat will stay suspended in mid 
air where it was dropped, hovering over the submarine. 

Missing coffee:
At the end of the mission with the Russians (Surprise Surprise), you must rescue 
your pilot and plane. Your pilot is drunk, and you have to sober him up with coffee.
At times the coffee which is supposed to be on the stove in the kitchen, is not 
there, even if you are extra careful not to shoot at the kitchen beforehand.

Killing Without Wasting Ammo:
If you want to kill an enemy without wasting any ammuniton, and are near an area 
where there is a hill or stairs, do the following:

Knock the enemy out with some sort of non-violent weapon, like the stun gun or the 
sleeping gas grenade, wait for them to collapse, then pick up the body. Go to the 
top of a hill or flight of stairs, and drop the body. The body will roll down the 
hill/stairs, and once it reaches the bottom, the enemy will be killed. You can now
search the corpse and collect whatever they have.

Playing with Widescreen Resolutions:
* Start NOLF 2's launcher and go to OPTIONS. 
* Copy either the 16:10 or 16:9 line and past it into the command-line:

+screenwidth 1440 +screenheight 900 +fovx 100.38 +fovxinterface 100.38 +fovyuwmax 124 
+pvmodelfov 65 +pvmodelaspect 1.439977

+screenwidth 1920 +screenheight 1080 +fovx 106.260208 +fovxinterface 106.260208 
+fovyuwmax 124 +pvmodelfov 65 +pvmodelaspect 1.59995

Change the +screenwidth and +screenheight to match your resolution and check 
the box next to [x] 

Always pass command line arguments to the game.

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