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  Hints and Tips for: Open Wheel Manager 2 
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 Open Wheel Manager 2 Cheats

Open Wheel Manager 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Getting Started Guide:
Written by matcapgame

First tips and things you need to know for the early access build.

-=Getting Started=-
1.Enable the help at the start of the save, first thing you need is to 
  get used of the user interface, so read every interface explanation 
  clicking on the top left button that appear when you see a page for 
  the first time.

2.There are many type of points in the top of the screen, you can go 
  over them with mouse and read their purpoise and from where they come

Keep in mind that design and production points are the most important.

3.Your overall performance in race come from three main factors:

* Chassis level 
  (with six types of skills who adapt to different types of track)
* Engine
* Driver speed

These are the most important but every part have a performance stat and 
a reliability stat

4.There are three roles of staff you can hire: chief designer, production 
  engineer and marketing manager.

  Chief designer is the most important because he is the one who design 
  the next year chassis, so try always to hire the best you can.

5.To hire staff and drivers you have to make your proposal. your proposal 
  have a cap based mostly on one factor (i don’t want to spoil it). so 
  every team have a different cap.

6. Last tips I can say:
* Save always your money

At the start of every season check your chassis and CFD parts and try to plan 
season upgrades you can do based on your points income, remember one upgrade 
of the chassis level is bigger in term of performance than an upgrade of a 
CFD part.

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