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  Hints and Tips for: Orphus - A Hentai CCG 
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 Orphus - A Hentai CCG Cheats

Orphus - A Hentai CCG

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Money Making Guide (Very Basic):
Written by Akuun

Early on, you’re pretty limited in ways to earn money. You can 
grind your podcast but this will take a very long time. The only
real option early on is to sell your body on the corner.

-=Getting Started=-
* Work that corner every day you can.
* On the 1st, make sure to tune in to the official podcast.
* On the 7th 14th 21st an 28 compete in tournaments.
* If you start the day at $25 or more, work at the store until 
  you can afford a box.
* Buy packs if you haven’t won a store tournament to unlock the job.

-=Working at Store=-
* While you’re working at the store your game knowledge will increase, 
  the same is true of tournaments.
* This ultimately seems to effect your growth rate in podcasts.
* Podcasts can generate a lot of money in comparison to the corner or job.
* While you start off very low, it will steadily grow, especially if 
  you are winning events.
* Your own podcasts seem to effect the meta as well, but more testing 
  is needed to confirm.

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