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  Hints and Tips for: Outlast 
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 Outlast Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Go to "C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\Outlast\OLGame\Config". 
Open the file "OLEnemy.ini" with Notepad. Change all of these speed and damage settings.


Note: 10 was very slow so you may want to set it at 15 or 20.
It took for ever for the enemies to move enough for me to pass by them.

Also in same folder open "OLGame.ini"


Outlast Tips:
Play with the lights out in complete darkness to make Outlast much scarier, like you'd expect 
from a horror game.

Submitted by: allen

For all those trying to survive the horrors that be in outlast I have found a way to make
those batteries last a long time as well a way to be a little less heard while walking 
about jumping and landing hard and walking in the sewer waters, this is what you do. Open
your outlast location and look for the OLGAME folder then config. Go down and see default
game.ini the .ini is hidden, open default game with notepad and you go to edit and find, 
then type the word batteries first. you will see bunlimitedbatteries=false make this say 
true. just above where you found this unlimited batteries you will see bcheatenabled=false
make this true. then hit find next you will see defaultnumbatteries=2 make this 10 then 
hit find next you will then see maxnumbatteries=10 you can change this to 20 -30 -40 but
10 is enough for now and I will explain. next go back to edit and find and type in Battery
Duration this is set to 150.0 make it= 999.0 or what ever. I find that 999.0 is plenty 
along with those 10 batteries, now in this list you will also see WalkingLoudness= and 
so on change these but of course make a back up in case you screw up. and there you have 
it a way to survive the mental crazy horrors that be, you can set your run speed to 
out run those crazies, and your walking noise and running noise and crouching noise, 
landing noise water walking noise and so on, well enjoy this cheat and win the game,lol.

Invincibility Hack:
Navigate to C:\Users\offic_000\Documents\My Games\Outlast\OLGame\Config and you will see a 
file named "OLEnemy". Open it and then make some changes.

As you scroll down, you'll find things under titles such as [OLGame.OLEnemyPawn] and 

These are enemy titles that contain codes such as 
NrmAttackNormalDamage=51, NrmAttackThrowDamage=51, HardAttackNormalDamage=101, 
HardAttackThrowDamage=101, and so forth. 

You want to change those values from their current numbers to 0. There are quite a few to 
change, so the process could take quite some time. Make sure that you only change digits 
that relate to the values specified above. The end result once you change all appropriate
entries is that no enemies will be able to inflict any damage.

General Tips for any Difficulty:
Written by WingsTopRanch

Here are some tips and tricks I want to share with you guys so your journey its easier 
and more enjoyable!

-=Firstly, collectables and recordings=-
* Keep in mind that many of the secrets and lore of Outlastīs world is on the documents, 
  so if you see one, make sure to grab it and read it, because, unlike other games, they 
  usually tell interesting and mysterious things that might help you understand its story,
  the dlc and even the second gameīs one.
* Unless it disturbs you, have your camera on as much as you want/can. Donīt worry, it 
  WILL NOT consume battery unless its on night vision. The reason I say this is because 
  it makes the game look matter(at least for me) and it records the important events + 
  making you feel more inmerged in the game.
* However, I woudnīt recommend trying to find every single collectable in the game neither 
  watch guides on those either(unless you are going for the achievements of course, in 
  that case go ahead :)as it may get really boring, tedious and get you out from the 
  tension and plot(I can tell you this as I needed them for the 100% of achievements).
Many are the situations in which you are going to be chased and not no what to do, 
my tip here is to ROTATE:

1.Find a an object in the ground that is got a considerable size and is got two opposites 
  sides to rotate.
2.Wait for the enemy to get near by and make sure he follows you by the side that you 
  are on(e.g, if you are going to use a table to rotate, make sure that he is already 
  by your side and that he wont turn to the opposite side)
3.Run the other side of the table and head to your destination, the enmy will still 
  chase you, but you have gained a few seconds of advantage to do whatever you wanted 
  to do.

I used this in my Insane difficulty run when I didnīt knew what to do, and because nearly 
in every part of the game you can do this(unless the parts of halways for example) this is
a very good strategy.

Other tactics might include the CLOSING TACTIC, closing the door in front of the enemy as 
soon as he is about to get you, wait for him to start punching the door and then run away;
or the WINDOW BAIT, which consists of usingf a window to trick your enemy and vault just 
as soon as he has vaulted to your side(I do not recommend this because you are going to 
get hit almost certainly and a boss will one shot you in high difficulties.

-=Useful info about enemies=-
* Enemies will punch a door 5 times to break it down and bosses only 2-3. Once its 
  broken, you can no longer use it(use it wisely)
* No enemy runs as fast as you(not even Chris Walker), you always have an advantage on 
  them of about 1 seond.
* Try to hide on the locker that is most on the left, as enemies will only check your
  right ones(hide on the last locker basically).
* Once an enemy sees you try to turn a corner and crouch behind an object or even at 
  the end of the corner, you will be surprised as to how blind they are XD).
* Speaking about being crouch, you are not detectable when you are crouched, unless 
  they see you of course, but your visibility is also very reduced(abuse the mecanic).

Those are some basic tips that can help you to beat the game or even at higher 
difficulties, any question/doupt feel free to dm me or comment ?? I will be getting 
my last achievement any time soon(whistleblower on insane) for which Iīl apply these tips.
Thanks for reading and have agreat day!

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