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  Hints and Tips for: Out of the Park Baseball 25 
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 Out of the Park Baseball 25 Cheats

Out of the Park Baseball 25

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Development Lab Explanation:
After the last out and the World Series celebration, the focus 
shifts to the upcoming year. Coaches and staff gear up for the 
offseason grind, working on training plans for players. When the
players arrive, they’re greeted with a tailored program to improve
their game. Over time, they work with coaches, trainers, and staff
to enhance their skills. Some players come out with new pitches or
a stronger swing, while others may not see any improvement at all.

-=Quick Overview of In-game Mechanics=-
* The development lab opens in the offseason and stays open until 
  the season begins.
* Programs can only be handed out if the player can complete them 
  before the season starts.
* The lab has limited slots, but this can be adjusted in the game 
* Once a program is completed, the slot becomes available for another 
* Players have five days to cancel a program after it’s selected.
* Players can only attempt the same program once per offseason.
* Programs have different difficulty levels, influencing outcomes 
  like poor, no improvement, successful, or outstanding.

* Avoid putting players in programs where their current rating is 
  already at the potential.
* Consider player personality when choosing who to send in for a 
* Be cautious not to put players into the lab who are about to become 
  free agents.
* Share any additional tips you discover!
* Player Development Focus Explanation
* Players have routines and practice regimens, guided by coaches to 
  help them improve. The new player development focus sliders allow 
  you to allocate their time to specific areas of their game, 
  influencing their development.

-=Quick Overview of In-Game Mechanics=-
* The development focus sliders influence a player’s development and 
* Adjusting a slider reallocates time from one rating to another.
* Balanced sliders mirror the old coaching influence system.
* Focusing more on a rating improves development and maintenance.
* Neglecting a rating negatively affects development and maintenance.

* Spend time setting player focus like you would on hiring good coaches.
* Set focus for major league players, top prospects, and intriguing 
* Lock the focus after setting it manually to prevent AI changes.

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