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  Hints and Tips for: Outpost: Infinity Siege 
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 Outpost: Infinity Siege Cheats

Outpost: Infinity Siege

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips for Evacuation Day:
The strength and amount of enemies spawned, as well as the duration you 
must survive, depend on the value of your shipment that you send back 
to the main base, not including your character’s inventory!

This means you can take your bigger items in your own inventory when 
setting up the item for extraction day (click on Field Storage -> this 
switches the right inventory to your own character, and then you can 
swap/move stuff into it). Of course, you should not die on the day, but
it significantly reduces the timer.

Of course, if you have buffs active that grant you additional items/
money based on your shipment, you obviously wouldn’t want to do that.

This strategy helps me “cheese” Snow 1 or Woodlands 3 with only one 30mm 
Turret and four Machine Gun Turrets. I’m going to abuse this for tackling
harder missions than I should.

How to B-Ball:
This location gives you 1 attempt to unlock up to 3 possible rewards. 
These are unlocked at intervals:

* Score 5: 1 x Terminal
* Score 10: 1 x Terminal + above
* Score 20: Unlocks Container for loot + both above

Tips for doing this would be to get set up before you start. Look for as 
many power core balls as you can and chuck into the arena ready to pick 
up to shoot.

Guide to Build Material Storage:
Written by Azezel

This guide explains how to build away from the way and safe material storage.

Units needed per bay:

* 2 Armored walls
* 2 Generic walls
* 2 Floors
* 3 Batteries
* 21 Material Crates

-=How to Build=-
Place the armored wall on the inside of your base, with two generic walls 
sticking out. Place all 21 material crates 2 stacks of 9 with 3 lining the 
middle. Place two batteries on the inside of the generic walls. Now place 
the 2nd armored wall on the outside with another battery on that wall.

Flying Dutchman Achievement Guide:
The Flying Dutchman achievement requires you to not touch the ground for 
30 seconds.

* Unlock the CIWS by completing main story missions and the research.
* Build a CIWS on your base.
* Detach the CIWS gun and hold it in your hands.
* Aim down and fire.

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