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  Hints and Tips for: PlanetSide 2 
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 PlanetSide 2 Cheats

PlanetSide 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Redemption Code Rewards:
Unlock the following rewards by entering the corresponding codes 
in the "Redeem Code" box in the in-game store.

Reward                 Code
Armor decal          - psuarmordecal
Vehicle decal        - psuvehicledecal

All Abbreviations and Terminology:
Written by FreshBunnyPoo.

Definitions of all the abbreviations and terminology used frequently.

A2A - air to air.
A2G - air to ground.
AA - anti-aircraft.
AI - anti-infantry.
AV - anti-vehicle.
AP - armour-piercing.
HE - high-explosive
HEAT - high-explosive anti-tank.
HESH - high-explosive squash head.
ADS - aim down sights.
AMS - advanced mobile station.
AOE - area of effect.
ASP - advanced specialisation programme.
BR - battle rank
CQC - close-quarters combat.
EMP - electromagnetic pulse.
ESF - empire specific fighter.
GSD - gate shield diffuser.
MAX - mechanised assault exoskeleton.
MBT - main battle tank.
OS - orbital strike.
PL - platoon leader.
SL - squad leader.
PTS - public test server.
RPM - rounds per minute.
SCU - spawn control unit.
QRF - quick-reaction force.
NC - New Conglomerate.
TR - Terran Republic.
VS - Vanu Sovereignty.
NS - Nanite Systems.
NSO - Nanite Systems Operatives.

Air - used generally for aircraft.
Airball - group of aircraft.
ball - variation on Airball, group of any same-type vehicle.
Armour - used generally for armoured vehicles resistant to small arms fire.
Baby Gate - Hardlight Barrier.
Bacon - Squad Beacon.
Baconís Crispy - Squad Beacon placed and ready for use.
Banana Building - common crescent-shaped building archetype found throughout Auraxis.
Battle ANT - ANT with weapon equipped.
Battle Bus - Sunderer.
Beaconís Lit - Squad Beacon placed and ready for use.
Blueberry - player not in your squad or platoon.
Bolter - bolt-action sniper rifle user.
C4 Fairy - Light Assault with C4.
Cert - certification point.
Chad - Turbo Flash.
Cheese - cheesy or scummy tactics.
Cloaker - Infiltrator.
Conc - Concussion Grenade.
Dakka - lots of bullets.
Dance - zigzagging whilst trying to pop medkits.
Deci - Decimator.
Dome - Citadel Shield.
Double Stack - common cube-shaped two-storey building archetype found throughout Auraxis.
Gal - Galaxy.
Ghost Cap - where enemies start a cap and then leave the base.
Dildar - Motion Spotter.
Flip - change faction ownership.
Flock - large group of Reavers.
Footzerg - zerg to the next base on-foot.
Genny - generator.
Hard Spawn - base spawn.
Hex - base.
Infil - Infiltrator.
Instant Action - Join Combat.
Jump Jetter - Light Assault.
L-Building - common L-shaped building archetype found throughout Auraxis.
Lane - series of lattice links.
Lib - Liberator.
Logistics - differs, but generally used for Nanite consumption or vehicle transportation.
Lolpods - A2G missile pods.
MAX Crash - classic PS2 MAX swarm tactic.
Mossie - Mosquito.
Nade - grenade.
Nipple/Titty - Citadel Shield.
Overpop - population balance advantage.
Pancake - Dervish.
Piss - Pelter Rocket Pods.
Pop - population.
Pull - get from terminal.
Rep - repair.
Rez - revive.
Sky Whale - Galaxy.
Soft Spawn - non-base spawn.
Spider Tank - Chimera.
Sundy - Sunderer.
Swarm - large group of ESFs, usually Mosquitos.
V-Building - common V-shaped building archetype found throughout Auraxis.
Valk - Valkyrie.
Virgin - Cloak Flash.
Zerg - massive overpop.
Zombie - revived enemy.

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