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  Hints and Tips for: Pockie Ninja 
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 Pockie Ninja Cheats

Pockie Ninja

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Unlockables W3w:
* Kyuubi Naruto Pockie Ninja Costume is currently the most powerful item you can 
get in the game. It features Naruto engulfed in the nine-tailed fox chakra which 
ppears whenever Naruto is in grave danger.

* Kyuubi naruto costume statistics statsIt showcases the most powerful force in 
the Naruto Anime and Pockie Ninja is doing justice to the story by making this 
the most powerful costume to date.

* You can upgrade this S-Class costume to +27, take a look at the screenshot and
see the bonus that you will get once you wield this costume.

* Youre probably asking how to get the S-Class Kyuubi Naruto costume, well there
are a few ways, you can load up a few thousands of gold points and credits or you
can cheat or hack your way into getting it. If you partner that with the Dark Wing
Dragon or the Azure Dragon then youll be really strong.

* OriginalSin from Sever 11 is the only person who has both of these items as of 
this writing.

Most wepons and armor have a sythisis value and are classified into 4 classes. 
1s: which is 22-31 
2s:which is 31-39 
3s: which is 39-46 
4s: which is 46 and above. 
1s 1s 1s=2s (40% Chance)
2s 2s 2s=3s (?% chance) any grey outfit.
2s 2s=Blue Outfit. 

Any blue outfit: 3s 3s=Orange outfit. 4th hokage is orange so thats how you get 
him. If you don't get the 4th when you doit and insted get another orange outfit,
orange outfit 1s 1s= random other orange outfit.

Get 5k Medals:
Within 10 seconds, type "694-3584-1249" 12 times. (Cut and paste it 12 times will 
make it fast). Then sign out.

Rank Faster In Arena:
Don't battle in arena until you're done with tutorial. When you're done, go to the
arena (your level should be 15-18 by then). Battle the players given (do not refresh
due to the low levels. Also their levels should be 1-6). Battle those players and 
you will get arena experience faster - and you'll get medals faster too.

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