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  Hints and Tips for: Polygon 
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 Polygon Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Farm Efficiently:
Written by

-=Why this farm=-
In quick: quick, environment friendly, does not require pondering.

* If run nicely it offers you 2 kills value of factors each 12 seconds. 
To get that many factors in a standard game you should have round 300 

* If everyone takes turns to kill each other, the velocity could be 
hampered by the point it takes to spawn in and to run.

* However, if all of the folks on the opposing aspect will let themselves 
be spawn killed by you alone, you will get a theoretical effectivity that’s 
double my farm. It solely works for one particular person although.

-=Farming fundamentals=-
In quick: change who captures the purpose as quick as doable (reasonable 
high velocity is each ~6 seconds)

* The farm is a non killing farm. It works round capturing the A degree 
and letting it’s captured as quick as doable.

* You get 100 factors(=100 xp & 100 credit) for turning the pink level 
to white, and 200 factors to show the white into blue.

* You want a minimum of a 1 participant distinction within the level to 
seize it; for instance 4 pink and 5 blue makes blue cap.

* The greater the participant distinction(instance 0 pink 4 blue), the 
quicker the purpose is captured –> quicker xp.

* If the distinction is sufficiently big you possibly can cap in 5 seconds. 
I feel a distinction of two is sufficient, however I’m not certain.

* Take .5 seconds to change, and put one other .5 for human error and also 
you get 6 seconds per cap per aspect. –> 12 seconds each revolution –> 
300 xp/12 seconds –> 80k/hour(together with human error).

* Switching sides(in->out/out->in circle) may be achieved in the meanwhile 
the opposing aspect will get their factors 
(it’ll present up as a golden +300). 
That is quicker, thus extra environment friendly.

-=1. Looking for supple floor=-
* Go to the multiplayer tab (high left) and search for an xp farm.
* Choose one with greater than 3 gamers.
* Join.

-=2. Civilized or Barbaric?=-
Look if they’ve an environment friendly setup(300 factors each ~7 seconds
(they change captures each ~7 seconds or much less), in the event that 
they do, observe the saying:”when in Rome, do because the Romans.”

* If not, go to step 3

-=3. Bring Efficiency=-
kind in all chat:

* Shoot while you get 300 factors, and change while you hear the photographs.

* Don’t keep within the circle if it is not your flip.

* One shooter is sufficient per aspect.

* When you have put that in all chat you simply want to present the precise 

* Shoot as soon as(1) you see the +300 factors showing in your display, and 
depart the circle instantly.

* In the start you can even shoot one time instantly while you see the 
purpose flashing pink, however solely at first; listening to is much less 
effort than sight.

* It is probably going that quickly a participant on the opposing crew may 
even observe, et voila, the beginnings of a fruitful harvest.

Of course there will probably be some leeches, so we’ll cope with them in:

-=4. Enforcement and Execution=-
In quick: be the legislation: choose and executioner. 
Jury? We do not try this right here.

* To have probably the most environment friendly farm, all of the individuals 
should work collectively seamlessly.

* ANY impediment in the way in which of most effectivity have to be 

* There are two sorts of hindrances: 1 The unknowing participant who kills, 
and a couple of the lazy leach who’s afk whereas staying within the circle.

* Both will decrease the velocity at which you’ll be able to farm, it might 
probably even cease the farm altogether. So they have to be eliminated.

* Fo r each of the hindering gamers one should give a warning; it may very 
well be that they did not know any higher, or they needed to be afk for a 
really quick whereas(perhaps to kind one thing).

* For this we’ll use the completely arbitrary Three-strikes-and-you’re-out 
system, that means they get three warnings and then you definately’ll start 
removing of the bugs.

-=For the killing gamers: kick them=-
For gamers who’re afk: execute them, both you do it your self, or by the 
opposite crew. BE CAREFUL! announce that you’ll kill the participant in 
order to not be mistaken as an barbarian.

If the afk gamers come again, clarify what occurred and why. 
If they repeat offend, kick them as nicely.

One also can discover a participant who’s a bit of slower than the 
remaining, one that’s going on the unsuitable time, or one which has the 
turns confused. You solely must level out what they’ll do higher, and 
all is nicely. No want for deadly drive.

-=How to kick=-
1. Tap tab
2. Hold center mouse button
3. Hover over the participant title you need kicked
4. Left click on their title
5. Click vote kick
6. Tap tab
7. Hope others vote him out as nicely

We see that for the quickest option to degree up or acquire cash, one 
has to have a plan and implement it ruthlessly; each second is 25 factors 

If you may have any questions I’ll be glad to reply them.

-=Follow this mantra=-
1. Be well mannered.
2. Be environment friendly.
3. Have a plan to kill everybody you meet.

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