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  Hints and Tips for: Port Royale 3 - Pirates and Merchants 
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 Port Royale 3 - Pirates and Merchants Cheats

Port Royale 3 - Pirates and Merchants

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy Money:
Submitted by: Abulofa Elakhdhar

Sound like really easy playing Port Royal 3, like take a candy from a baby. Let you know about 
this easy, simple, smart and perfect Principle to get money on board. 

-=Here it is=-
1.First, you must have 2 ship.
2.Second, you split 2 ship by put the other one in the port, so you handle one ship only.
3.Three, to make a convoy from the ship that put in the port you must take new captain 
  (it is automatically set up until you click button make a new convoy from those ship).
4.Fourth, by clicking those ship you create your own trade routes. 
5.Fifth, to make a trade route you must click create trade route and clicking the city that
  you want to visited by your convoy.
6.Sixth, after you have enough money in your account, you can buy many ship to make the other 
  convoys as many as you want. 
7.Finish, voila ... let it go by themselves, your money coming to your pocket by the time. I 
  have only 10 Convoy that in 1 convoy include 2 Ship of the line, 2 War Galleon, 2 Carrack and
  2 Galleon. So I have about 20 Sship of the line, 40 War Galleon, 20 Carrack and 20 Galleon. 
  I have a wife from spanish daughter and have maximal account, it'a about gold coin
  that I spend to buy 3 Islam, Whoops ... Sorry I mean 3 Island by buying the local business with
  their high prices about 6.000.000 gold coin for one bussiness place.

After killing about 16 Den of pirates, Now, I was bored playing such tricky trick. I need a new c
hallenge from Port Royal 3. Such as challenging a duel or crusade in Port Royal 3, maybe?

Steam Achivevements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To
view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then "My 
profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement              Description
... vici!              - Take control over 30 towns within one game.
... vidi, ...          - Take control over 15 towns within one game.
1-Way-Weapons          - Use up 4,000 handheld weapons in boarding combats.
1st ARRR!chievement    - Fist time on sea.
Arm of the Law         - Destroy 10 pirate hide-outs.
Arrr!                  - First time boarded a vessel successfuly.
As you wish            - 10 tasks fulfilled.
Aye aye, Capt'n!       - Reach the highest rank	.
Beelzebub              - Highest fame as 'Pirate'.
Checkmate              - Reduce a nation's number of towns down to one.
Collector's desire     - Possess all ship types in one game.
Conqueror              - A town annexation by matial methods.
Crow's Nest            - Discover 10 pirate nests in a single game.
D-Fence                - Defend a town from 5 attacks.
David-versus-Goliath   - Win a battle with a pinnace against at least 60 guns.
Davy Jones' Locker     - Sink 1,000 vessels.
First among equals     - Win a multiplayer game.
Flawless Victory       - Win a battle without taking any damage.
Got ye new Ship        - The first vessel purchased.
Hey Mr. Tallyman       - Turn over manually a total ammount of 100,000 barrels.
Horting                - Posess 250,000 barrels of goods within one game.
Hospitable             - Create and finish a game with at least 2 Users.
Hunt for Booty         - Loot 25,000 barrels.
Hypocritical           - Pray 10 times.
Keelhaul               - Rescue 100 sailors from sharks.
Kudos!                 - Tutorial completed successfully.
Land Lubber            - Build 250 buildings.
Lean Back              - Patrol fought out 500 battles.
Lord of War            - Be in possession of 5,000 guns.
Master of Benders      - Visit all 60 taverns.
Peacemaker             - A town take over by peaceful methods.
Plundering             - Ambush a trader.
Puppet Master          - Occupy 15,000 employees within one game.
Shellback              - Spend 50 hours in the Caribbean.
Ship Ahoy!             - First naval battle.
Ship Naming            - Name a convoy.
White Lamb             - Highest fame as 'Trader'.
Whizz-Kid              - Maximize all abilities of a captain.

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