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  Hints and Tips for: Quickie: A Love Hotel Story 
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 Quickie: A Love Hotel Story Cheats

Quickie: A Love Hotel Story

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Cash Boost Guide (Overlapping Rooms):
Written by no_name_

This guide shows you how to take advantage of a game bug to enhance 
the daily earnings of your hotels, avoiding the need to go through 
the work shift stage that gives you the actual dough.

* Daily Earnings rooms with $>0 unlocked.
* Hotel with all available room tiles used (No need to fill the whole 
  building, it also works if a new floor hasn’t been purchased).

* Select the room you want to overlap and click on the “move room” option. 
  You won’t be able to place it anywhere else than its current spot if you 
  fulfilled the prerequisites.
* Right click anywhere on the screen to open the “build rooms” menu. The 
  grabbed room’s spot should go vacant at this point.
* Select a room that fits on the vacant spot and that has a good amount of 
  daily earnings.
* Place it on the vacant spot and that’s it! You now have 2 rooms using 
  the same tile while keeping their perks active.
* You should now see your daily income go up without having to actually 
  start a shift at the hotel. Also, if you check the “available tiles” 
  status on the mobile app, you’ll see a negative value for that hotel.

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