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  Hints and Tips for: Rage 2011 
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 Rage 2011 Cheats

Rage 2011

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Start the game with the +set com_allowconsole 1 command line parameter. Press ~ during
game play to display the console window. Enter one of the following codes to activate 
the corresponding cheat function. 
Note: On the Steam version, you must have the Steam client open, then click on the 
"Library" tab. Right Click "Rage", then click "Properties". Under the first tab there
will be a button labeled "Set Launch Properties". Add +set com_allowconsole 1 in the 
space provided.

Effect                               Code
All items cost $1                  - cvarAdd g_vendorSalePriceScale -1
Disable gore                       - cvarAdd g_EnableGore -1
Toggle God mode                    - cvarAdd g_permaGodMode [0 or 1]
Toggle unlimited ammunition        - cvarAdd g_infiniteAmmo [0 or 1]
Toggle unlimited vehicle boost     - cvarAdd vehicle_infiniteboost [0 or 1]
Toggle no damage to vehicles       - cvarAdd vehicle_god [0 or 1]
God mode (*)                       - god
Invisible; nobody can see you      - notarget
Get indicated amount of money      - give cash [number]
Get indicated amount of ammo for
all weapons and special bullets    - give ammo [number]
Fly and walk through anything      - noclip
Get indicated amount of race money - give racecash [number]
Spawn sniper rifle                 - give weapon/rifle
Spawn shotgun                      - give weapon/regimeshotgun
Spawn Authority machinegun         - give weapon/regimemachinegun
Spawn AK47 machinegun              - give weapon/settlermachinegun
Spawn Authority pulse cannon       - give weapon/plasmarifle
Spawn Striker crossbow             - give weapon/crossbow
Spawn Nailgun                      - give weapon/nailgun
Spawn rocket launcher              - give weapon/regimerocketlauncher
Spawn Settler pistol               - give weapon/pistol

(*)You must enable this code every time the game loads. Your vehicle will also never be 
damaged. If you ever fall from a cliff where you normally should be dead, you must 
deactivate the cheat to die.

Breaking Bad easter egg:
Search the holding cell in the sheriffs building to find Tucos' trophy grill on the shelf 
across from the prisoners.

Infinite money:
In Subway Town you can buy rotating "deals" from Stew. Sometimes you can purchase items 
at a discount that can immediately be sold at Jani's Supplies at a higher price. For example,
Stew will sell you Viper Rockets for $66 which you can sell to Jani for $75. Repeat as 
often as you like to continue to make a profit.

Check ATMs and vending machines to put some extra cash in your pocket.

Making Money at Wellsprings mini-games:
After completing the initial game missions and entering wellsprings for the first time, 
you are given the chance to play some mini-games with the locals. You have to meet with 
the mayor first and get your own garage and your replacement armor for your ark suit. 
After getting your armor its time to play. If you don't have any start up money and 
nothing to sell, look on the mayors desk in his office on the bottom right corner. You
will see a vault boy bobblehead worth a staggering $150! Sell the bobble head and look 
for an alley where some locals are squatting near a game board with some holograms on it.
The game is simple; you get three chances to roll the dice. After each roll the dice 
will either come up a skull or a crosshair. If you get a crosshair, the sheriff hologram
in the middle shoots and destroys a mutant hologram. If you take out every mutant before
the end of the third role than you win, if not, you lose the money you bet. 
You can bet up to $25 per game. If you get four crosshairs in the first round, you get
10x the money you bet back in winnings. If you defeat all the mutants by the second 
round than you get 4x your winnings, and if you defeat all of them by the end of the
third round then you break even. It seems to be random, so just keep playing until you

Now here is the hint: save your game before you play. If you win enough money to make 
more than you started out with, exit the minigame and save, then go and play again. If
you lose more money than you win, simply load up your save and try again. I started 
with $150, in less than an hour I had over $725! This helps make infinite money to 
stock up on ammo and items early in the game if you are willing to take the time to 
do it.

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