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  Hints and Tips for: Resident Evil 4 Remake 
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 Resident Evil 4 Remake Cheats

Resident Evil 4 Remake

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

unlock Mad Chainsaw Mode:
A hidden cheat code in the Resident Evil 4: Remake enables users to 
access the game’s Mad Chainsaw Mode difficulty.

With “Main Game” highlighted, on a PC keyboard hold down the Shift + 
Spacebar keys, then press: W, A, S, D, R, I, E, F. 

(If it doesn’t work on your setup, try only pressing Spacebar once 
instead of holding it.)

How to Keep the Gallery Bridge Up:
Written by hihi'ldan

Use proximity mines to prevent the bridge from going down.

-=How to Keep the Bridge Up=-
The key idea here is that you can only have two proximity mines set up 
at a time. Once you set down a third one, the first mine automatically 
goes off.

You can use this fact to kill the Cultist who pulls the bridge lever 
before the cutscene is ever triggered and dispatch the Red Cultist who 
creates more plaga-heads immediately after.

Then, you’re free to either clear the room by simply holding the bridge 
or just grab the Goat Head and be on your merry way.

How to Kill Regenerators:
Written by Short

I couldnt find this information online so I will put it here.

When shooting them, you can see their parasites, they are orange. 
Target them to kill this white monster.

Soften with nades, target weak spot with pistol or spray orange spots 
with shotgun.

Or just biosenor scope to target the parasites, this is found in the 
incubation lab which you can head to after using lv2 keycard to unlock 
the door in the area of “systems”.

(Not in the place with no power, after you have keycard 2 you can use 
it to go to the lab).

They stumble and “explode” when you manage a hit on their parasite, use 
high penetration weapons to kill the bugs inside them.

And yes they do drop gems.

Prize Machine Accesories Medals Tip:
Written by Lucina

On the prize machine were you can exchange your silver/gold medal for 
“random” accesories, its actually not random, it dosnt have RNG.

-=For Example=-
First of all save before using your medals, then use any combination of 
medals you want, lets say 3 gold, and you get a Ada wong accesorie.

If you dont like it reload the save file, if you use again 3 gold medals, 
youll get again the same accesorie, so this time try another combination, 
like 2 gold medals 1 silver, and youll get another accesorie.

In this way you can use your medals wisely without wasting em.

I hope this is usefull for everyone!

Tips to Beat Mansion Siege on Pro:
Focus on killing the Pig that shows up when they invade the upper floor. Once 
he dies the event resolves. He will spawn and run to the window where you 
initially start the defense with Luis. If you’re a deadeye, you can snipe him 
from the upper floor as soon as you hear him arrive.

Upgrade your handgun’s Power (+2 bars) bring 2 flash bangs for the Pig mid 
boss, flash em then stab, regarding ammo Luis will give you some.

No Wolfspawn in Village:
* Start Chapter #3
* When you move back to Village, you run to the Door – Right Upper Corner 
  there is a guy in Pink Shirt moving slow away.
* When I shoot him, no wolfes spawned in Village when I entered, even after 
  Tower breaks, no wolfes!

S+ on Professional / Hardcore Mode Advice:
Watch a completed S+ run of the game before you attempt it yourself. You will pick 
up little strategies in each area that you otherwise wouldn’t have thought of. 
I can recommend Bawkbasoup’s S+ run but there are plenty of recordings on YouTube.

Use headshots and leg shots to stumble enemies that are otherwise blocking your 
path. But don’t straight up fight unless you really need to. Take a playthrough of 
hardcore or professional without trying to rush it and make a note of big groups of 
enemies that completely block your path – that’s where you should use your grenades.

There are plenty of skips you can use even on a new save file. Some of them are a 
bit more difficult to pull off (the door clips), but others simply require the right
knowledge. For example, you can skip two full towers in the castle (during the 
armored el gigante part) simply by shooting and grenading gate triggers from the 
other side. Google how to do skips and determine for yourself which ones you can 
actually pull off.

Plan your save points beforehand, if you are going for professional. Use them before 
sections which you personally have trouble with, and make sure you never leave 
yourself with a super long section to redo if you die If you die, don’t hit continue. 
Exit out and load your save. 

If you hit continue, the time you spent on your failed attempt will be included in 
your final time. That’s going to make S+ 10x harder.

Best Save Points for S+ Difficulty:
Written by joshkgw

The best 15 save points to make achieving that S+ ranking so much easier.

-=1st Save=-
After defeating Del Lago and collecting the church gate key, just before the first 
El Gigante boss fight, by the merchant.

-=2nd Save=-
At the windmill by the merchant, just before the cabin fight, by the merchant.

-=3rd Save=-
Inside the shack just before the twin chainsaw sisters boss fight inside the fort.

-=4th Save=-
Outside the sawmill, just before the Mendez boss fight, by the merchant.
The Castle Saves

-=5th Save=-
Before water hall, in the room next to the tram.

-=6th Save=-
After finding Ashley and solving the maze puzzle, in the room next to the tram with 
the merchant.

-=7th Save=-
At the start of chapter 10, after playing as Ashley.

-=8th Save=-
Before the Verdugo boss fight, by the merchant.

-=9th Save=-
Immediately after the minecart section, in the cavern with the Novistador nest

-=10th Save=-
Before entering the main room inside the clocktower, after the tram ride over.
The Island Saves

-=11th Save=-
At the start of chapter 13, after defeating Ramon and leaving the castle by speed
boat with Ada.

-=12th Save=-
At the start of chapter 14, after rescuing Ashley, by the merchant.

-=13th Save=-
Towards the end of chapter 14, just before the final Krauser boss fight, by the 

-=14th Save=-
Directly after the Krauser boss fight, by the merchant.

-=15th Save=-
Before the Saddler boss fight, by the merchant.

-=Bonus Tips=-
* The hardest part of the run will be making it to the first save point, which means 
surviving the village fight, the farm, the ravine, the fish farm, Del Lago, and the 
lake area. I strongly recommend watching a guide at least for this first part, such 
as this.

* As each boss is especially difficult on professional difficulty, make sure you 
upgrade the sniper rifle as much as possible to deal maximum damage. In my opinion, 
this is the only consistent way to defeat the first El Gigante.

* To make the Ramon boss fight easier, ensure you collect and do not sell the golden 
egg found at the lake – this deals significant damage.

* To make the parts of the game with Ashley as a companion much easier, complete the 
game on hardcore in under 10 hours to unlock the armoured suit outfit. This makes her 
invulnerable to any damage, which is vital especially on higher difficulties.

How to Skip the Catapults Near the Gate:
You can skip the catapults near the huge gate with hand grenade.

-=How to Skip the Catapults Near the Huge Gate with Hand Grenade=-
* Blue indicate shot using pistol or rifle. Red indicate frag out.
* The first one you able to shoot.
* Second, frag this catapult near the gate.
* Third, shoot directly at the catapult operator.
* Last one, you can ignore this if you want. 
* The less harmful one but you can snipe the explosive barrel from there.

Tips for First Village Fight:
Go to house with shotgun, grab the shotgun and grenade. Run around that house a 
bit to waste time and go to the roof nearest the tower. Drop down and then climb 
up the tower and stand at the top of the ladder; you can then pop villagers off 
the ladder with one headshot at a time from above.

That will take up about 3/4 of the time.

When chainsaw man finally climbs up, lob a grenade downstairs, run to the corner 
to grab the herb and run to the ladder. The floor should collapse as the grenade 
goes off so you can run outside.

Then just do a lap or two of the village and it’s done.

Hardcore No Merchant Tips:
The most important thing to remember, is you need to save your Combat Knife. I 
honestly would recommend storing it into your typewriter and forgetting you have 
it until you’re coming up around the Krauser fight(s). I tried to focus on saving 
my knives as long as possible, and would even regularly just eat a grab rather 
than stab and lose a knife depending on how much healing I had.

Early game, you will have little problems running past most everything, so take
 advantage of the village section to really build up your supplies. As there’s 
lots of un-avoidable combat situations in castle/island, they will begin to deplete 
fast from ch7 and on. Get BOTH Golden Eggs, since you won’t need the spinels from 
selling one (or even able to sell one, period) you can dump them both on Salazar 
for an EZ win. As for weapons, you won’t have much room to carry more than pistol/
shotgun/cqbr, and even then, without the skullshaker as your shotgun you might 
find it hard to keep the cqbr on hand at all times. The good news is that the CQBR 
will be all you need in terms of power weapons, it does incredible dmg at base 
stats compared to your other guns, and you’ll likely have a few stacks of guaranteed 
rifle ammo you’ve picked up by the time you get it. Try to also focus all your 
gunpowder/L resources into rifle ammo as well, since you won’t be able to craft 
flash/heavy grenades on this run, rifle ammo is your best bet.

Otherwise, honestly, the game plays pretty normally to a standard fresh pro run 
other than the fact that you will absolutely notice no combat vest, and monsters 
will feel very tanky compared to what you’re used to. Don’t be too stubborn to 
re-load sections a few times to find a route that works that allows you to hit 
certain item pickups/avoid enemies until you get a run that gains you supplies 
rather than lose them, especially if it’s not a scripted major combat event.

Honestly, the hardest part for me was remembering to not instinctively buy a RL 
and blast Saddler in the face instantly in ch16…

Also to add, might be wrong on this, not sure as I haven’t run the actual math 
on it, but at base values the SG/Sent9 is the pistol you’ll wanna use on boss 
fights/mini bosses if you feel the need to pull out the pistol. I tried using 
the Red9 as my main pistol as soon as I got it, but it really felt like the DPS 
was significantly lower than the stock pistols, due to the firing/reload rate. 
Red 9 is still great for normal enemies, however.

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