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  Hints and Tips for: Returnal 
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 Returnal Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips:
The enemies in the first area aim for where you will be if you continue 
at your current trajectory and speed. Donít be predictable.

Turn on auto-sprint. There is absolutely no reason not to be moving at 
top speed at all times. This is not a cover shooter and you need to be 
able to keep shifting, fast.

Auto-aim is aggressive for a reason, the enemies throw out a hell of a 
lot of bullets and you need to be spending as much time watching for cues 
and patterns as you are where youíre pointing your gun. I have no idea 
how thatís going to translate across with K+M, but really, skill-shots 
are not really all that big a thing in this.

The game expects you to be aggressive. The currency dropped by enemies 
fades quickly so you canít snipe from across the map and still make cash 
for upgrades. Itís hard in the beginning to not get killed doing this, 
but once you learn patterns you can mix it up like crazy.

Health drops in two types Ė Actual Health Pickups and Resin. The Health 
Pickups restore lost bar, but 3x Resin increase your health. The trick 
here is that if youíre at max health, ALL health pickups are Resin. 
Returnal is a Win More game, you get buffs, bonuses and more health 
if you donít get hit, and lose it all the moment you do.

How to Skip The Intro Splash Screen Video:
Written by Dreambox

Hereís how to remove the multiple splash screen intro so you can get 
into the game faster.

-=How to Skip The Intro=-
* Go where the game is installed, and navigate to \Returnal\Content\Movies
* Delete (or rename) all the video with ďlogosĒ as a name which are:
* Logos_PC.mp4, Logos_PC_UW21.mp4, Logos_PC_UW32.mp4, Logos_Short_PC.mp4, 
  Logos_Short_PC_UW21.mp4 and Logos_Short_PC_UW32.mp4.
* Enjoy!

General Tips:
Written by jOj

-=What to do=-
* Pick up all the parasites that you find so you can recycle them (you can 
  100% find one in act 2 before the boss or hub). If you want to feel safe,
  backtrack and pick them after all the rooms are cleared.
* Try to pick up all the obolites of the dead monsters. Try to kill them 
  one by one so you donít miss any.
* Use active consumables, make a habit out of it (I personally forget to use 
  anything besides healing when they can be useful).
* Interact early with malignant items, especially with the ones giving 
  malfunctions. Itís usually easy to complete their requirements for fixing.
  You can stop doing this later in the game if youíre not that sure you can 
  overcome them.
* Destroy fauna (mostly found in biome 3 and under water) Some can drop 
* Invest time to pick new weapons and research their upgrades. See what kind 
  of weapons fits best for you (more on the weapons chapter below).
* If you unlocked the grappling hook try to use it often to create distance 
  between you and the enemies, especially when fighting mini-bosses.
* Try to dodge towards a projectile as it grants invincibility frames. Combine 
  it with jumping. (I usually like to jump first)
* Try to keep silphium vials for boss fights or you think you might die. Use 
  green consumables around the map as a prio if possible.
* You can sleep in the bed in Helios to heal back to full HP.
* Donít worry too much about opening weapon chests, there are plenty. Another
  option generally known in the community is to open them at the end when your
  weapon proficiency is high for a chance of better weapons.

-=What to avoid doing=-
* Avoid interacting with malignant items before a boss fight because you donít 
  have where to fulfill the requirements and it might make the boss fight harder.
* Donít go directly to the next biome without exploring everything. itís a 
  good idea especially if youíre not that good at the game.
* Avoid going to containment rooms. theyíre generally hard and you can easily 
* Donít stay in one place as itís easy to get cornered by enemies.
* Donít stay too close to enemies because you will have a less time to react 
  to their attacks.

How to Cheat on Dying / Progress / Savegame:
Written by Jingo

When you are dying constantly on a boss, but had a good run till there, 
just quit and suspend the cycle.

Then got to:

* ...\AppData\Local\Returnal\Steam\Saved\SaveGames
* Copy the contents or the folder to safety.

* On dying ALT+F4 out of the game, replace the save game folder or its contents. 
* Launch game, if a conflict shows for cloud/local save game just keep local save game.
* Now you just avoided the cycle!

Guide to Secrets:
Returnal secrets guide gives you the inside scoop on every secret ending, cheat, 
hidden code, helpful glitch, and even exploits that have been discovered so far!

-=How to Unlock the Secret Ending=
* Returnalís secret ending can only be unlocked by starting over with a new run. 
* You can then start collecting the six Sunface Fragments.
* These are strewn about Returnalís world in random places, so you may have to die 
  and restart several times to collect them all. Each Sunface Fragment is a one-time 
  use item.
* Return to the 20th century house to complete the sixth and final haunted house 
  sequence once youíve earned all six Sunface Fragments. You pick up the square 
  cube next to the telescope by the window at the top of the stairs in this one. 
* Then you descend into the basement and interact with the wheelchair.
* Youíll get the car keys here, which youíll need to get into the car you saw after 
  defeating Ophion the first time. Youíll have to replay the entire game and beat 
  Ophion a second time, this time going straight to the car rather than passing it.
* Unlock the car with the key and watch the very last cutscene play.
* Given how abstract it is and how little closure it provides, itís difficult to 
  tell if this is the true Returnal ending or not. Instead, the true ending is 
  likely to be left up to interpretation, and the two endings are merely two 
  different pieces of the same puzzle.

-=How to Save Scrum and Load Suspended Saves=-
Players were finally given a method to suspend their game, turn off their PS5, and 
return to that suspended point as part of Returnalís 2.0 update. However, some astute
players have figured out how to take advantage of this suspension feature and turn 
it into a full-fledged save point.

The steps to take advantage of this feature are surprisingly easy to follow. The 
complete step-by-step procedure for saving scrum and using the PS5ís suspend 
feature can be found below.

* Start by suspending your save in-game.
* Once suspended, upload your save to the Cloud.
* Upon dying, download your save from the Cloud.
* Load the save, and youíll find yourself back at your suspension point.

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