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  Hints and Tips for: Revenant 
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 Revenant Cheats


Cheat Codes: 
When hit enter, type:

Code                 Result
alreadydead        - God Mode 
potionsnlotions    - Receive Many Potions 
alchemy            - 999999 Gold 
nahkranoth         - Kill Monster With One Hit 
noamnesia          - Makes Character Level 30 
abracadabra        - Mana Never Decreases and Gives All Talismans 
gimmesomegrub      - Gives 5 of Each Food Type 
dummies            - Turn Off Monster AI 
debug              - Press [F12] for an In-Game Editor 
lookunderthehood   - to see all items you can buy, including armor andweapons
showmetheway       - Get Navigation Map

Increase Stats:
Go to Jong (the trainer) and use the pass code Nahkranoth (which makes you kill with one
strike). Spar with Jong, each time you hit him you gain a lot of experience. Continue to
spar with him, but not too long or he will die. When he starts to dissappear, end sparring
session, go back inside, then come back out. He will be rejuvinatedso that you can spar 
with him again. Continue to do this and recieve until the desired stats are received. 

Reappearing dragon and treasure:
Get to the tower where you get the ring for the sailor, with the dragon. Approach and kill
the dragon. Take the treasure, then go to the middle as close as possible without being 
teleported downstairs. Save the game, then reload it. If done correctly the dragon and 
treasure will reappear.

* After level 15, you get to raise only one stat at a time, so get in those crucial raises 
  to Strength and Constitution early.You're going to need them. 

* When fighting in the woods in the early portion of the game, spend at least one level's 
  worth of combat fighting with just your bar hand. You'll need some hand-to-hand skill--as
  well as the poison spell--to face the Ogrok champion Baez. 

* Defeating the scorpion Solifuge isn't so hard, once you know what the gag is. The longbow 
  that you need is actually inside his cage, in a chest to the right, with some handy ice 
  arrows. You need to equip the bow, shoot him with an arrow to freeze him, then equip your
  sword and hack at him as fast and brutally as possible. When you need a breather, you can
  run into the tiny alcove in the lower left-hand corner of the cage to down a few potions.

Fast level up:
Enable the nahkranoth code for one hit kills. Then, talk to Weapons Master Jong. He will ask 
if you want to spar or learn new techniques. Spar with him. You will kill him with every hit 
and level-up almost every time. His life will replenish every time you kill him. 
Note: If he begins to fade, end sparring and leave. If this is not done, he will disappear 
and your game will glitch. After leaving you can re-enter and he will be back to normal.

Restart with all items: 
Get to the tower where you get the ring for the sailor, with the dragon. Approach and kill 
the dragon. Take the treasure, then go to the middle as close as possible without being 
teleported downstairs. Save the game, then reload it. The entire game will be reset, but you
will keep your items.

Ice Arrows:
There is a corridor just before the gates that has a chest containing 25 Ice Arrows, guarded
by a red ninja. Also, there is a chest to the right just after you enter Soullage's cage that
has a longbow, 25 Ice Arrows, and regular arrows. The ice arrows are really the only way to 
beat Soullage. Hit him with one and he will turn to ice. Run up, attack him a couple of times,
then freeze him again. By doing this, he can be defeated without you getting hit one time.

The Lockpicks are in a chest in the room where you collected the diamond ring.

Cave maze:
A good way to navigate through the cave maze is to follow the yellow pixies. At any place 
where the path parts, one trail will have pixies near it - follow that one. 

Combat spell combos:
* Swamp spell, then attack
* Ice Bolt spell then Rock spell 
* Also, if you see an enemy but it does not see you, cast Ice Bolt, 
* then do hand to hand combat so you can gain more combat skill. 
* However, if you have the max health, you may end up with less skills.

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