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  Hints and Tips for: Rise of the Argonauts 
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 Rise of the Argonauts Cheats

Rise of the Argonauts

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Use a text editor to edit the "LiquidGame.ini" file in the 
"\My Documents\My Games\Rise of Argonauts\Liquid Game\Config" directory. 
Change the value of the "MediumDifficultyDamageModifier" line (or the line that 
corresponds to whatever difficulty you are playing unde) from "1.0" to "0.0". 

Modify Aspects:
Use a text editor to edit the "LiquidAspect.ini" file in the 
"\My Documents\My Games\Rise of Argonauts\Liquid Game\Config" directory. 
Change the Aspect values in the file as desired to change their effectiveness.

Modify Powers:
Use a text editor to edit the "LiquidGodPower.ini" file in the 
"\My Documents\My Games\Rise of Argonauts\Liquid Game\Config" directory. 
Change the God Power values in the file as desired to change their effectiveness.

Defeating Pelias:
When Pelias shoots his beam at you, block until it ends. Then, shoot him with
a spear. Repeat this twice. When Pelias flies around and shoots purple flying
balls at you, hold [Block]. Wait until the balls circle you, then press 
[Power Block]. When Pelias stands on the ground shooting purple balls, stand
near him and keep tapping [Power Block]. You should not take any damage. 

Defeating Achilles:
Defeat Achilles with the pre-selected spear by dodging to his side or back when
he charges Jason and thrusting out once with the Lethal blow. If the hit spark 
is gold or yellow, the hit will be a dud, but occasionally you will score a 
bloody injury. A second method is to block Achilles as he's incoming and then 
counter-attack twice with Wounding (weaker) blows. This process is just as long
as the first; the champion of Hellas doesn't drop dead easily. 

There are a total of 45 achievements and secret achievements which are
worth a total of 1,000 points. Listed below are those that are currently
known and what needs to be done to get them.

Gratuitous Carnage (10)   - Kill 15 enemies with dash attacks.
Nutcracker (10)           - Shatter 30 enemy shields.
Words Of Compassion (10)  - Make 5 Apollo-aligned dialogue choices.
Words Of Courage (10)     - Make 5 Ares-aligned dialogue choices.
Words Of Cunning (10)     - Make 5 Hermes-aligned dialogue choices.
Words Of Wisdom (10)      - Make 5 Athena-aligned dialogue choices.
Wrath Of Olympus (10)     - Call upon 10 God Powers.
Deimos, Fist Of Ares (15) - Complete the constellation Deimos.
Eridanus, River Styx (15) - Complete the constellation Eridanus, slaying a 
                            host of the condemned.
Leo, Savage Lion (15)     - Complete the constellation Leo, proving your 
                            skill at basic combat.
Zephyrus, Wind Shear (15) - Complete the constellation Zephyrus, mastering
                            Hermes' combat style.
Magic Missile (20)        - Skewer 25 enemies with thrown spears.
Piercing Gaze (20)        - Impale 25 enemies.
Severance Package (20)    - Decapitate 25 enemies.
Smashing Success (20)     - Pulp 25 enemy heads.
Weaponmaster (20)         - Collect every equipment piece.
Human (25)                - Complete the game on Human difficulty.
Bright-Eyed (25)          - Earn maximum Favor with Athena.
Silver-Tongued (25)       - Earn maximum Favor with Hermes.
Stout-Hearted (25)        - Earn maximum Favor with Ares.
Sun-Blessed (25)          - Earn maximum Favor with Apollo.
Argo Navis, The Argo (50) - Complete the constellation Argo Navis, finishing
                            the voyage of the Argo.
Hero (50)                 - Complete the game on Hero difficulty.
Legend (100)              - Complete the game on Legend difficulty.

Tips: Pelias:
*Defeat Pelias by throwing Jason's spear towards him (at first) after he's exhausted
 his magic beam against Jason's shield (block the beam's whole duration). 
*When Pelias changes his attack pattern and shoots magic missiles from the air, power
 block (guard and press the shield shove button) to reflect the missiles back at him. 
*When Pelias changes his attack pattern a final time and shoots magic missiles from
 the ground, simply dodge his attacks and rush him with melee weapons. Destroy his 
 shield with melee attacks and fertilize his the ground with his fetid corpse.

Unlimited Dialogue:
After receiving Hermes's Sight on Saria, go to Callas (outside the cave. Talk to Callas,
then return to Agrios (in the village). You'll be asked to match three choices in order 
to convince him to take down the body. Pick a different god's response after the first
dialogue choice (e.g. choose Hermes and pick Ares's option "He belongs in Tartarus") 
and Agrios will refuse to take the body down -- and that's just what you want him to do.
Continue to make the wrong choices and you'll build dialogue choices for all the gods.
These options satisfy the gods' dialogue quotas. This is an easy way to get Apollo's 75
choice deed.

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