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  Hints and Tips for: Robot Rage 
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 Robot Rage Cheats

Robot Rage

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Haspa

Hold down "CTRL"+"ALT" and "M" for 200 credits.

Automatic super weapons:
If you go to submit pin to super pack1 press 124412 you will instantly get it.

Automatic Win:
When you are in battle ask them to press ALT+F4 to shut down robot rage on their
computer and you will win.

Instant loss:
Press [Ctrl] + W when "Walkover" appears on the screen.

Go to the garage:
Press [Ctrl] + R when in a battle.

Get a high ranking:
If you normally use a browser other than Internet Explorer, start both browsers
(for example, Firefox and Internet Explorer). Load Robot Rage on both of them. 
Make a second account, then use that robot to improve your other robot by simply
going into the destruction pit. Make sure to keep both robots up to the same 
level/rank, then continue doing this until you have your two bots with one at 
"Elite" and the other at the "Master" rank. If desired, you can also get them 
both to "Elite" rank, which would be better). 

Easy credits:
Click on a weapon to sell, but do not sell it. Instead, go to the paint menu. 
Click around where the tower paint screen usually is. When you click the correct
location a "Sell Now" button will appear. Keep clicking it and you will have lots
of credits.

Selling items:
When you are selling the item(s) you have to upgrade your robot, you must click 
"Buy Parts", then "Weapons", and read the cost of the unwanted item(s). All items
are at 90% discount. For example, if you are selling the Dagger, it costs 10 credits.
The discount of the dagger is 9 credits.

Lose no battery:
When low on battery or whenever, tap left and right simultanously and you 
will move slowly but lose no battery! 

Infinite Money:
Sell all your armour good weapon and engine and and buy some gay weapon until all
you money is gone and then log out and log back in and then your good weapons and
engine will come back. 

More Money:
When Walrkover apears write in chat GIMME500. 

Flame trick:
Go to the fire pit and if the people are on the other side go near it tillites on
fire, but not herting you then if you have a flame thrower use it so it hits them
it not good but it helps me. 

First you make a new robot. Don’t make it a name that doesn’t make sense cause 
you’re got to want keep it. Go to workshop, take off the wheels, sell them, then
buy a small tower. Attatch it, then take off your motor go to the sell place click
on the motor but don’t sell it! Then go to paint shop go to the top right corner 
of the tower and click. A sign saying click here to sell will pop up. Click on it
again go to buy then you'll have more money! Go back to the paint shop click on 
it again and now click, click, click, click like your life depends on it! Then 
when you finally realize you’re life is not depending on it you’ll stop. Then 
go to buy item and you’ll have a butt load of money.

10000 easy credits:
Submitted by: cheat man

Battle 720 in america novice and lose 6 times by falling off the edge and you
get 10000 credits ive tried it it works!

Submitted by: rayman

Challenge tommy641 and lose to him 3 and you will have 5000 credits

Battle tommy641 usually in united kingdom (east) or united states (east) and lose
3 times then go to the workshop and you have 100,000,000 it really works.

Submitted by: Kid killer

5000 credits easily, really works!!!!

Kill I DIE 4 FREE or im no N00B  and die 10 times in the fire and you'll have 5000
credits! Really works I tried and i got 5000 credits!

Submitted by: imaddicted

You will see hints all over the web that say "if u battle (some robot) and die 
(something) times, you will get 1,000 free credits!" beleive me... it doesn't work.
these guys r trying to trick u. If u really want to get a lot of credits, go to 
http// and log in to ur robot rage account. Now select
a robot that u want to make really good and go to the workshop. Now remove the most
expensive thing like a chassis or weapon. Now go to the sell parts menu and click 
on what u just removed from ur robot. BUT DONT SELL IT! Now go to the paintshop and
find the 3 background panels right above the top right corner of the tower "canvas".
Now click at where they intersect and a white and violet button should appear. Keep 
clicking on it until u have enough money. enjoy!

Submitted by: This is PizzarianzatorZ

Hi. You can get about 500,000 credits if you work hard. This is a slow way to get 
credits i think because there are so many mroe ways. First download Cheat Engine 5.3. 
After u download, go to the robot rage web. Open cheat engine 5.3 and you will see a 
small computer sign at the top left corner. Click it and it will show the processes. 
Click the browser process. Example if you are using normal browser it will show 
EXPLORER.EXE i think click it. It's your browser. If you are using other browser 
such as Firefox it will show firefox.exe. After u done that, go to the shop. 
"Buy Parts ". Type in the Hex 50. ( the amount of credit) But dont click the box 
beside the Hex or you will be using hex which i don't think we can use it to do the 
cheat. Then it you will see an address bar or nothing. If you see nothing, look at 
the " Found " above the |address|value|. Then click one ONCE. Buy a dagger then your 
credit will be 40. Type in 40 in the hex box again. Then there will be ONLY ONE address. 
Double click it. It will appear the the |Frozen|Description|Address|Type|Value| box. 
Right click the address and click ( What writes to this address ). Click yes when they
say" This will attach a debugger bla bla... Then there will be 2 box. buy another dagger
then ONE of the box will appear a code of the weapon. Click it and click |Replace|. Change
the code in the box to "2654asdafe". Now GET READY TO KEEP CLICKIN THE DAGGER. It wont 
decrease your credits but beware... Dont buy too many dagger or your browser may stuck 
when you relogin. When u dont the cheat, quit the game. Login again. Click your robot 
and it will say " No robot selected " Dont worry, exit the browser and open the game 
again. You can login now and sell the daggers. You can try the same hack with other hi
credit weapons!. xD. But your credits must have enough to buy two of it because 1 is to
get the address and 1 more is to get the code to change it. Well... 
Hope you enjoy smashing guys. " Buy kamikaze bomb because your enemy may exit the 
browser and u cant kill them. ) Thanks..
From your pal robot, [ PizzarianzatorZ ]

Submitted by: joe
ok first get daggers and a nail spreader,go to fight someone important:do not move during 
the battle,not one inch!! now,lay down all your nails in the same spot,let the other player 
come to you,let him ram you and hell run over the spikes causing 50 damage continually 
when he runs over them again.

The Final Move - KAMIKAZE BOMB:
Hey robotrage players use kamikaze bomb to destroy both of the players bot. if u think 
u r gonna lose then turn on the KAMIKAZE BOMB. By doing this none of u win. So if u 
have 1 go and equip the KAMIKAZE.

Submitted by: boss

Hi i am going to tell you how to kill all the rasor disk guy=the guys that have rasor 
disk weapon first make a robot if you have one over who is stronger take it so first buy 
a plow and a dager put the plow in the front and plow at the back after battle a rasor 
disk guy then if he throw rasor disk at you it will go back at him.
PS: if you got a flame thrower and a tower put the plow and the flame thrower in the
front and dager in the back its realy cool and my name in robot rage is boss.

1000 armour:
Submitted by: Cheatsinfo
1.You need cheat engine 5.3.
2.Open it up choose your internet browser.
3.Type your armour.
4.After 123 press first scan.
5.Damage your robot then decrease value.
6.Double click on the value close to your armour.
7.Change the value to 1000 then click frozen.

How to fly:
Submitted by: Joe

1.Buy a armour regenerator and a alkaline battery.
2.Go to training jump off the building with the armour regenerator on.
3.Wait for the battery to wear out.
4.Hold forward BUT DO NOT LET GO OR DROP.

When your small-sized robot with small engine deluxe and are + or ++ during the battle,
look diagonally and tell your opponent to come to you. If your opponent accepts your 
offer, watch as their robot gets closer to you. As it approaches, go in a different 
direction to avoid your robot losing a lot of armor. When your opponent's battery is
less than 20%, they may wait for you to attack . If your opponent does not do this, 
keep running away. When your opponent clicks to offer a draw, do not accept the offer
-- just attack your opponent.

In order to upgrade your robot to bigger-sized robot in less time, you first have to 
purchase the Dagger. Second, purchase three Small Wheels by selling four Small Wheels.
Third, sell the Hydrogen Battery and purchase the Alkaline Battery. Then, win 25 times
and buy the Large Tower. Earn 3 wins to get the Plow then win 31 times by selling the 
Small Engine and buy the Small Engine Deluxe. After that, win 75 times to get the Armor
Regenerator. Next, earn 6 wins, sell the Small Chassis, and buy the Medium Chassis. Win
20 times to buy the Razor Discs, sell the Dagger, and win 21 times. Then, sell the Medium
Chassis and buy the Large Chassis. finally, win 13 times, sell the Plow, and purchase the
Spear Gun. You can now challenge more powerful robots.

Submitted by: lolman

Go to detach your small engine... go to sell... click the 
engine(DON'T SELL!) go to paintshop then look to the side of the box when your mouse 
turns to a hand click like hell! MONEY MONEY MONEY!

Weapons space glitch:
Submitted by: SMIDSY

NOTE: this is a glitch that will work only if you have enough credits to buy all the weapons 
and stuff.If you do not use the cheat engine hack first.

First buy a large tower and a medium chassi, attach it to your robot then buy razor disks and 
spear gun. Attach this to your robot as well and then remove the tower from your robot, the 
razor disks and spear gun will still be there even though you have removed the tower and are 
above the storage space limit. Enabling you to have more speed and save more battery, yet 
still have the weapons you desire! 

THIS GLITCH WILL WORK WITH ANY OTHER WEAPONS(exept ones which attach onto the tower)

Money Cheat:
Submitted by: Amin

Go to varius. and type in your info and go to workshop. next go
take of a expensive thing like an engine. then go to sell parts and click it but dont sell
it go to paintshop and go to the black color in the paint screen which is on the right 
bottom corner. Next move your mouse down slow till a hand pops up. then click there and a 
sell now will apear white and click it as many times you want. then go to buy parts and 
look at your cash. well there you have it thanks folks.

Winning strategies:
* When your first battle begins, tell your opponent to come to you. If you follow your 
opponent, you will waste a lot of energy on your hydrogen battery. If your opponent doe
not accept your offer, then send your opponent the same message. If your opponent does 
this again, then wait a little bit longer. When your small-sized robot with small engine
deluxe and are + or ++ during the battle, look diagonally and tell your opponent to come
to you. If your opponent accepts your offer, watch as their robot gets closer to you. As
it approaches, go in a different direction to avoid your robot losing a lot of armor. 
When your opponent's battery is less than 20%, they may wait for you to attack. If your 
opponent does not do this, keep running away. When your opponent clicks to offer a draw,
do not accept the offer -- just attack your opponent.

* When you have Kamikaze Bomb during the difficult battle and less armor points, use it 
so that your opponent does not win the match.

-=Purchase the following items for your robot=-
Medium Chassi: Gives you 125 armor points and more spaces. 
Large Chassi: Gives you 166 armor points and more spaces. 
Large Tower: Increase 83 more armor points and more spaces. 
6 Large Wheels: Gives you more grips. 
Small Engine Deluxe: Lets your robot move faster and lose less energy. 
Alkaline Battery: Increases energy (buy two Alkaline Batteries only). 
Flame Thrower: Can shoot through gates and medium-ranged places.
Plow: Protects your robot from the discs that are attacking it.
Dagger: Can cause damage to your opponent's robot by sticking its side. 
Drill: Larger weapon than Saw, and causes more damage. 
Armor Regenerator: Increases your armor points. However, it decreases our battery. 
Spear Gun: Causes extra damage by shooting your opponent's robot or bashing it. 
Flash Bombs: Blind your opponent's robot for 10 seconds. 
Razor-Discs: Inflict more damages by shooting your opponent's robot. 
Guided Missiles: Can track your opponent's robot and inflict more damage. 
Heat-Seeking Missiles: Can cause more damage. 
Laser Cannon: Helps shooting at very far range. 
Nuclear Battery: Increases a lot of energy (buy two Nuclear Batteries only). 
Force Field: Reduces half of the damage done by your opponent's robot. 
Mini-Gun: Can shoot rapidly at very far range. 
SpyCam: Helps find your opponent's robot in certain places.

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