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  Hints and Tips for: Rock Simulator 2 
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 Rock Simulator 2 Cheats

Rock Simulator 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Level Up:
Written by CatFaerie73

At the time of making this guide, Iím only 40 hours into the game.

That being said, hereís a few observations Iíve made.

-=Leveling Up Basics=-
You absolutely can just stick with the basic rock and only level that up, 
but your level will still take about 10 minutes per level, and it will take 
a lot longer to get to leveling each rock if you only do one at a time.

From what I can tell each rock has a base leveling speed increase stat of 
+.04%. Each subsequent rock level adds +.04% to your total speed. Additional 
rocks add to this, and you donít need to have them equipped to reap the 
benefits of them.

All that in mind, the more rocks you have, the better.

Because its cheaper to level rocks to the first 10-15 levels in the beginning, 
you can go and find the hidden rocks on all the locations, which each location 
gives a new rock (no need to buy the locations, just join someone elseís).

Then once you have all those, level each rock to about 10, then save to buy 
the rocks that cost 600 and 1200 respectively (thereís a few). Then level 
those to ten, and then I think it would be best to get all of the rocks you 
have to 15 before buying the last rock(s), which, if I recall, is about 2400?

Then once all the rocks are at the same level, upgrade them as a whole group, 
one level at a time, for maximum power.

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