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  Hints and Tips for: Rotwood 
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 Rotwood Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Which Armors Are Recommended for Cannon?:
Any combination of Yammo/Gourdo’s armors.

* Use Yammo’s Helm if you want more damage
* Use Gourdo’s Helm+Legs if you prefer sustain healing

Yammo’s Legs is great defensive option since Cannon do have many moment 
where you being hit while you’re not attacking, pair it with Yammo’s 
Chest for full tank potential. Full Gourdo’s Set in multiplayer is really 
good too, free healing for everyone simply by just staying alive. Ribbat’s 
Chest is.. an interesting alternative healing choice in solo play, but 
make sure you don’t take too much unnecessary hits so you don’t bankrupt.

Please note that equipping those armors will most likely put you into 
heavyweight class, shorten your dodge’s (shotgun) distance by a lot. While 
balance/agile class use long distance shotgun to quickly move out of combat 
and reload, heavyweight class however, feel more comfortable in melee range. 
Due to long invincible frame heavyweight class have, it is much safer to 
fire shotgun while stay in melee range for Battering Ram (Melee attack that 
reload 1 ammo on hit).

Though you only reload 1 ammo from melee hit, but that’s enough to keep you 
out of danger, thanks to fast animation you can spam Ram+Shotgun at your 
heart’s content. And don’t be afraid of making a mistake, it won’t be a major 
injury, again, thanks to how tanky you’ve become.

Also it is much more easier to farm your hit-streak with shotgun and battering 
ram in melee range, to gain benefits from “Hit-Streak related” powers (which, 
most of them are good!)

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