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  Hints and Tips for: RUINER 
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 RUINER Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Infinite Upgrade Points:
Written by Muchacho_In_Sombrero

-=How It Works?=-
* Reach the Nerve level. 
* Before beating the $hit out of a bad guy, you'll see a robot dropping an 
  upgrade canister for you. Pick it. 
* Now RESTART the level. You'll keep an upgrade point from step two and 
  robot will drop another one. Now get it? 
* Repeat steps 2-3 and enjoy upgrade duping!

Head Hunt and Tactics:
Written by NO FILE

How to take down the worse of the worst. Just a few tips from my side.

-=Chief Watayama=-
If this is your first playtrough, you wonīt have any good abilities available. 
So use any weapon you can find! 
The easiest way to defeat the enemy is to use melee attacks. Use Dash to pretty 
much stand on him and attack by using your weapon. His aim with the shotgun is 
rather bad so he won't be able to shoot you. 
Your priority target (besides Chief Watayama) are the guys in white suits! 
They can shoot you down in an instant! 
Your timer is set to 15 seconds in the beginning. If the timer reaches 0, 
you are dead! You get more time by killing foes.

Always use the "Dash" function to avoid his shotgun blasts! 
Use covers! 
This enemy is going to throw Molotov cocktails at you with a large area of effect! 
Try to avoid the blasts by dashing away! 
The best way to kill Jurek is by flanking him with your melee weapon (it is better 
if you picked up a good one before) 
Try to corner him and donīt let him perform his attacks!

He uses a gun that shoots explosive blades. Donīt let him hit you and try to avoid 
his fire by dashing! Donvius also throws grenades at you! 
Try to attack him from behind with your melee weapon while avoiding his deadly fire! 
Charge at him with your melee weapon. This is more effective as using your gun!

-=Cpt. Bogdan=-
The enemies weapon is a gun that will instantly kill you! So avoid his fire at any 
Cpt. Bogdan second attack is throwing three grenades at you, but they arenīt that 
Another ability of Cpt. Bogdan is his deflective shield! Try not to get hit by your 
own bullets! 
Try to stay in the center of the field! Use the cargochests to hide from his attacks 
and shoot him down with the peekaboo tactic! 

In some way Hongshi is like Nerve. Donīt get to close to him and try to bring him 
down with your guns! 
His melee attack is super powerful! Hongshi also uses dashes to warp around the field! 
If he starts his whirlwind attack! Get out of his way! 
This fight is rather annoying, because vampires will fall from the sky. 

Shadow tries to keep his distance from you while shooting at you with his gun! 
He also uses grenades! 
Despite the fact that he tries to avoid you by dashing, try to bash him with your sword! 
He will die faster that way! 
During the fight, Vampires will fall from the sky.

Avoid his laser! It is charging way too fast to avoid it propably! 
Concentrate on dashing! 
This boss is easy to kill if you have a good melee weapon equipped! Use your sword 
abilities as often as possible! 
Dropships are circleing above the arena! Get caught by their headlights and they 
will start to shoot immediately! 
Watch for Health/Energy sucking vampires! 
They can also crush you to pieces when they fall down!

Use your speed and your "Dash" ability as often as possible! Khog is one of the 
slowest enemies! 
Avoid his lasergun! You wonīt lose that much damage if you touch it a bit, but the 
longer it touches you the faster you die. 
Khog also uses a deflective shield! 
The strategy for this boss is simple: equip a melee weapon, charge it and rush 
straight at him. When you attack, you should use Dash to move back and then repeat 
the process. 
You must watch out for his mines! However, if you decide to use melee attacks then 
they won't be a problem to you.

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