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  Hints and Tips for: RuneScape 
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 RuneScape Cheats


Submitted by: Jim Mcwibb

I found an autominer that actually works! even with the new updates (fatigue). Get it 
from It works by recording your clicks, it will mine 
a full load of ore for you and then take it to the bank, then go to a bed and rest for 
you. It will also smelt, smith and fish. I mined 1000 coal in one day using this thing! 

How to get easy money:
Submitted by: Richard Flood

If you have access to the members world, go to Ardounge and enter the house next to
the cake stall. (This door needs a certain theiving level, if you are not yet of 
sufficient level go to the opposite house, and train on the door there and the chest
inside.) When inside the house, to the right of the door is a ladder. Go up this 
ladder, and you will see two chests. In the chest farthest away from the ladder, and
nearest the bed is Nature Runes. Keep stealing from the chest and you will get lots
of Nature Runes. At current Runescape prices Nature Runes are around 100-300gp. If 
you are unable to access members world, dont worry. Go north of Falador untill you 
rach the mountain. go round the left hand side of the mountain so that you have the
Goblin Viallge on you left. Keep going up untill you reach the Wilderness. At level
3 Wilderness there is a Dark Wizard spawning site. Collect runes here and sell them
in Falador.

Submitted by: alan

Getting money is very hard,but i got the best way.there are two ways to make money
very quick. first is to buy coal ore for 100 each then make them into certs and sell
them for 1k each.but u need at least 500 gp to start this business.after a while u 
can make 2.5k a turn.many players are trying to get coal ore. second one is more 
dangerous but u make 30k in about 40min!!!i will tell u while u playing. add me on
runescape for this tip t o m a t o who is my weak guy lvl 38.i will provide free 
help to any player or email me.

A good and easy hex:
Submitted by: jim

while you are running runescape on ur character click on run then type regedit. It
should go into some file then click ctrl and f type jagex stats it should come up 
with some more files. dont click anything just press f3 untill it shows this code 
02434476 4438. now change the first 4 digets to s,s,s,s. then hit enter,now it 
should come up with all your stats you have on runescape. if you want to change
them so they go higher double click on them. (recomend you dont put them higher
than 95 or your player might get detected) cilck exit on the window and log on to
runescape and your players stats will be changed to what you changed them to. I 
surgest you dont tell everyone or you wont be the best player because everyone will
be the same. for more infomation email me at 
Have good fun!

Submitted by: Ibba 

best thing to do get money is to fight for money or work for it fight monsters like
lesser demon that drop rune medium helmet it can be sold for some money and you get
very much money by selling to a player. Is only 7 k sold in shop but can be 20 or 
higher sold to player. and dont fish except you know good place where people need 
food. mine coal sell 100 normal each but sometimes they sold 45 gp its not good idea
to make that all others make and sell in same shop.

Easy money:
Go to Port Sarim, west of Draynor village, and ask one of the people in the blue 
uniforms to go to Karamja and pay them 30 GP. When you get there, walk off the dock 
and you should see a house. Enter the house and talk to a man named Luthas. He will 
ask you to pick bananas. Answer "Yes", pick bananas, put them in the crate, then 
talk to Luthas to collect your moderately earned 30 GP. If you would like more money
in multiples of 30, ask him to get another 30 GP for doing the job again. Stay here 
for a long time if you need to spend several thousand on items.

Combat levels, prayer levels, money, and good items: Get a Brass Key by any means 
necessary. You can find them far into the "dungeon/mines" of Edgeville. Go to the
locked little house with a ladder leading down inside in between Varrok and the 
Barbarian Village. Use the Brass Key with the door providing access. Take the first
turn to the left into a close room (with a gate) filled with giants (level 36). The
giants give good experience, drop big bones (better for prayer than normal bones), 
money (up to 47 GP dropping at a time), and good items (steel and iron items, gems 
of all grades except for diamond, and all runes). Note: Bring a fly fishing rod and
feathers to fish for some food when down there.

Submitted by: Vince

Click on run,type RegEdit.Hold Ctrl and F and it should come up find, (Note you must
be running runescape at the same time as this) Type: Jagex Software(you have to have
the downloaded version of freeserver or members)When typed Jagex software it should
of gone into html files Dont click anything,Just press F3,until it has your stats 
your mining everything your runescape character has and your money(Note it cannot 
detect armour)Then you can alter any of these things,Just double click on the thing
you wish to upgrade,the best you can put your character to is 90,if you do it too 
high your character will be deleted you may do it if u wish i recommend you dont. 
And the same with mining and smithing and fishing and everything else,If you are a
free member you Cannot make any member sats higher E.G. Thieving herblaw anything 
like that,you must be on a member's server and must have the members version 
downloaded,it works on a freeserver,but i suggest you dont tell anyone this cheat
let them find it themselves,otherwise you wont be the best becuase everybody will
have high stats,and then the cheat probably will be figured out.(So dont tell 
anyone)Exciting maybe but keep it to urself,let others find it,otherwise i repeat: 
There will be too many high ppl and u wont be the best.:) If you want more 
information contact :P.Enjoy :-)

Submitted by: derek

In runsacpe when your battiling type avada kedavara and the person(or thing)
will die (no runes requierd.

when ur battilng a monster or guard,paliden ect,ect type imobyalis and they'll freeze
for 5 sec (note 25 magic lvl requiered and air,mind,chaos and blood rune requiered.)

Submitted by:Bane

There are normally no runescape cheats, runescape is run by linux, If you know
linux command then you should have no trouble cheating on runescape, if you goto
the following I.P  [] , its a link to the information you 
need on runescape. Now i cant exactly tell you how linux works becuase, its 
something you cant learn straight away. Linux is a software like dos, only its
completely diffrent in loads of ways. You can not cheat on runescape in any way
becuase of this, i suppose the site is also run in linux becuase it'll make it 
extremely difficult to hack, The only other possible way you can hack runescape
is using a £3000. Software, a hack software. Now most people think Runescape is
run by dos, This is not the case, Visual basic and Linux are both used to make/run 
runescape, The stats window is done on linux, and the inventory is done by vb, 
(visual basic). Now i can hack runescape using linux, but like i said its not a
learn straight away thing. And even when i do hack it,its still difficult to 
understand what you have todo, now andrew (runescape creator)will probably see
this cheat, but when he does If he does, he will not be very happy. Now you 
probably think its a scam its a trick, or he is gonna take my stuff, if u feel
this then put your stuff somewhere safe, like another character you own. If 
you give me your username and password, or you want more info on how linux 
works e-mail me, but i will not be able to teach you straight off it takes 
years to learn, Now  dont forget you have the recovery questions incase you
think i am going to steal your account, Do not Go On Any Fake RuneScape websites.
There are no possible ways of hacking runescape, exepct this way, the reason i 
need your password is i need to be able to access your characters ports meaning
i need to be online while doing this. I can not be bothered with newbs becuase 
it means you wouldnt have had any playing in it what so ever, so please be at 
least lvl 35 so i know u have done half the work for the character, i was not
going to publish this cheat when i found it at first, but i thought well if i
 did nobody would be using any f the FAKE cheats, now i cant proove to you im 
not a scammer, but im not, obvisualy you think thats what they all say huh?. 
But like i have said trade your stuff somewhere else and do recovery questions
if u havnt done them, All i know is that, becuase there are so many stupid cheat
that arent real like the 1 above, i think people should try and listen to Andrew,
THERE ARE NO RUNESCAPE CHEATs, but there is a way around everything, andrew will
tell you there is no cheats so his game doesnt become unpopular, anyways Please 
try and ignore Cheats that you know arent real, there are no other ways of 
cheating in runescape.

High Strength level easily:
Submitted by: evan fenske

Go to some bar.make sure you have alot of beers though. buy a wizard mind bomb
after you do that your attack stregnth and deffence level go to 0 out of wat 
ever level yours are.if you drink the beer after that you will start growing 
strength levels.

Easy mining skill:
An easy way to get good mining skills is to go to the mining field by the place where 
the Champions Guild is located. Mine some ore, then go back to where you start after 
the tutorial. There is a furnace there. Melt it and return to the city to the smithy. 
Very soon, you will be able to mine more things then enter the dwarves mines and join 
the miners guild.

Raise Ranging and magic:
Use Bronze Arrows or Mind Runes and Air Runes, which make Air Strike, to attack the people 
that are in jail in Port Sarim or the Wizards Tower at the top where the lesser demon is 
level 75 and locked up next to the level 43 mage. Note: The mage will attack you if you 
attack the lesser demon. Get Bark to make Bark Armor at the Magic Castle. This can cost 
more than 60,000 gp. 

Adamantite and Mithril Ores:
Go to Lumbridge, then go to the back of the castle. You should eventually find a gate. Go 
around the gate, and at the far west just before the river, you should see a building. Just 
south of the building should be some mining rocks. Prospect the rocks until you see the rock 
that you are looking for (either Adamantite or Mithril). There are many other rocks there. 

Air Runes:
To get easy Air Runes, go to Karamja. Go behind Luthas's house. You will see three Air Runes 
there. Since they respawn fast, stay there and in thirty minutes you will have over 200. 

Black Kites:
Use the following trick to get Black Hatchets, Mediums, Maces, and Kites. If you want to get 
the Hatchets, Mediums, and Maces, go straight up from Edgeville to level 15 wilderness. There 
will be a castle here. Walk in and kill level 21 Dark Warriors until they drop these items. 
For Black Kites; go all the way west to the wilderness until you reach to a big open ocean. 
Go straight north until you see the level 60+ Ice Giants. Kill them to get Black Kites.

Blue Rune rock:
Note: They are in wild about level 42. Go to the west side and north all way. Go east 
slightly to find red spiders guarding the only blue Rune Rock in the game. 
The Blue Rune rock requires level 85 mining. Also, to make a rune item, the least smithing 
experience you need is level 85. Note: Mining Runite on a busy server is not recommended, as 
people might be waiting there to kill anyone who attempts to mine it.

Bronze Dagger:
Go to Lumbridge Castle. When inside, turn to your left and go down the hall past the cooking 
place. In the last room, go up the ladder then find the room with the Duke Of Lumbridge. Enter 
that room and go to the table at the end of it. If you wait long enough, a bronze dagger will 

Saving money:
If you ever want to go to Castle Wars, there is a cheaper way. If you go to Port Sarim there 
is a ship to the south that you can charter to Port Khazard for 1,000 gold or more. However, 
if you use 30 gp to go to Karamja you can charter another boat on the other side of the same 
Karamjan dock to Port Khazard. 

Liquid Armor:
If you are a member, go to the impassable mountain range. Get into the fort first to get through, 
then keep moving. If desired, you can fight the level 110 Dragons. Keep moving and you will find 
Liquid Armor, which is stronger than Dragonite Armor (must have level 200 attack defense strength).

Red Spider Eggs:
Go to Karajama Island. Go past the banana grove until you get to the scorpions. When you get 
there, go down the ladder and pass the skeletons. You will find red spider eggs. 
Note: You need to be at least over level 30.

Rune Rock:
Go north from Falador and go past the mine. Keep going north until you find lava. Go left to the 
end of the lava, then go north past the Lesser Demons. After that, go right. You can only find it 
in wilderness at level 45. You will find the rune rocks, with Red Spiders guarding it. 
Note: The rock probably will have been mined already.

Use the following trick to get a Skull without fighting a Skeleton. Simply get the Skull before 
you start the Restless Ghost mission. The Skull can be found in the dungeon of the Wizard Tower. 
After you get the Skull, talk to the Priest to start the quest. Then you will not have to fight 
the skeleton.

Easter Egg:
Kill high level monsters such as White Knight, Ice Giants, etc. on Easter. 
Note: You will not always get an Easter Egg, but the higher level the monster, the higher the chance.

Santa Hat:
Kill high level monsters such as White Knight, Ice Giants, etc. on December 25.

Christmas Crackers:
On December 25, kill monsters of any level and you might get Christmas Crackers. 
Note: The drops are random.

Easter Ears:
To get Easter Ears, kill any monster on Easter.

Combat levels, prayer levels, money, and good items:
Get a Brass Key by any means necessary. You can find them far into the "dungeon/mines" of 
Edgeville. Go to the locked little house with a ladder leading down inside in between Varrok
and the Barbarian Village. Use the Brass Key with the door providing access. Take the first 
turn to the left into a close room (with a gate) filled with giants (level 36). The giants 
give good experience, drop big bones (better for prayer than normal bones), money (up to 47
 GP dropping at a time), and good items (steel and iron items, gems of all grades except for
diamond, and all runes). Note: Bring a fly fishing rod and feathers to fish for some food 
when down there.

Prayer level up:
Use the following trick to increase your prayer points. Gather bones off the floor and bury
them to get experience in the Pray area. If you continue to do this, your Prayer points will
be high enough to increase your strength or other stats. It is also good to put everything 
(including armor) you have in the bank. Then, go around picking up and burying bones when you
cannot carry any more. There is a chicken farm near the starting point. Go northeast from the
starting point to find the bridge. Cross the bridge and head north to find the chicken farm.
Talk to the priest in the church in Lumbridge. Then, go to the bottom of the Lumbridge swamps
and find another priest, in a hut. He will give you a Ghostspeak Amulet. Go back to Lumbridge
to the graveyard. You will find the ghost there. Talk to him. He will say that his skull was 
stolen by a wizard. Look at his body and notice that he has no head. Then, go to the basement
of the Wizards Tower and get his skull. Go back to the ghost and he will reward you five or 
six Prayer points.

Strong attacks:
Get a full body of armor and use your defensive attack. The attack will do at least 5 damage. 
Note: The enemy will most likely drop nothing.

Cook's guild:
To get into the Cooks guild, you will need a Chef's Hat and level 32 cooking. To get a Chef's Hat, 
kill goblins until you get one . To get your cooking to level 32, cook meat until you reach that 
level. Then, wear your Chef's Hat and travel northwest from Varrok to find the Cook's guild, or 
just look on the Runescape map.

Easier survival:
To survive anywhere, bring a sleeping bag and when you get low on health, sleep in it. It will 
heal while you are sleeping and you cannot be attacked during that time. 

Survive in the Lava Chambers:
Get to the point where you are able to fight Lesser Demons or level 54 Skeletons or Red Spiders. 
After defeating the Dragon, or at least using the secret door the first time from the Crandor 
side, get enough Fishing and Cooking to be able to catch and cook Lobster. Bring a Lobster Pot,
a Tinderbox and a Hatchet (any type). Reach the island from Karamja (through the secret door). 
Fight your monsters, etc. When you run out of food, return through the secret door to Karamja 
and fish for Lobsters. Then, cut a tree for logs, set it on fire, and cook your Lobsters. This 
allows you to survive in the Lava Chambers under Crandor/Karamja Islands almost indefinitely. 
This is useful for leveling up against certain monsters and to also get a lot of one kind of 
item from a particular monster (such as Rune Mediums from Lesser Demons). 

Hidden mine:
On the road to Varrok (the way to Stonehenge), you will notice a little opening on the wooden 
gates when you reach the entrance. Instead of going inside Varrok, go through the opening on 
the left gate (from behind you) and keep walking. There will be a mine that not many people 
use. The mine contains Iron, Silver, Tin, Copper, and Clay.

Mine faster:
To get the ore immediately, as soon as you are about to hit the ore, click it again.

Black Knights Fortress quest:
Start by talking to Sir Amik Varze in the White Knights castle in Falador. Get an Iron Cahin 
and Bronze Helm to get into the fortress. Go to the Black Knights fortress north of Falador. 
Search for a grill once inside. It will look like an air vent. Select "Listen" on the grill 
and hear the top secret plan. Then, get a cabbage from the monastery just beside the fortress. 
Then, go back to the fortress and drop the cabbage in a hole that is above the cauldron. You 
will have to go in the room with all the Black Knights on the first floor and go up the ladder 
to find the hole. After you have ruined the plan, go back to see Sir Amik Varze. The quest will 
then be completed.

Demon Slayer quest:
To complete the Silverlight quest, talk to the gypsy in Varrock Square. She will give you 
the details of the quest. To get the three keys to Silverlight, talk to Sir Prysin in 
Varrock Palace. Silverlight key#2 is the easiest to get. Go to the Palace Guard's Quarters. 
Captain Rovin will give you a key. Key#3 is also easy to get. Go to the kitchen and fill 
the respawning bucket with water from the sink. Go to the drain outside, then pour the water 
down the drain. Hurry to the manhole outside the church and museum. Climb down and get the 
key. Note: If you are below level 20, do not go any further. There are scorpions (level 21), 
zombies (level 19 but very difficult), skeletons (level 21), and ghosts (level 25) that will 
attack you. The last key is the hardest. It is in the second floor of the Tower Of Wizards. 
Talk to Traiborn and he will give you the key after you give him 25 sets of bones. 
Put everything in the bank and search for bones from other player's battles. Once you have 
all the keys, talk to Sir Prysin again and he will give you Silverlight. Go south of Varrock 
to the Stonehenge. Note: You can complete the quest at any level, but level 13 and 25 
Darkwizards are a hazard if you are at a low level. Wield Silverlight and attack Delrith. 
As Delrith weakens, you are asked for the incantation is to kill Delrith. It is the last 
choice you have. Delrith will be sucked into a vortex and you will complete the Demon Slayer 

Imp Catcher quest:
Start this quest by talking to Mizgog Wizard on the top floor of the Wizard Tower 
(located directly south of Draynor Village). Get 60 coins and go to Karmaja Island. 
Note: This will cost 30 coins. At Karmaja, go to the top of the volcano where there 
are many Imps. Kill Imps untill you get one red bead, one black bead, one yellow bead, 
and one white bead that they will drop. Take the four beads back to Mizgog Wizard and 
the quest will be complete. Your prize will be one quest point and the Amulet Of 
Accuracy (raises all equipment stats by 4).

Pirate Treasure quest:
Use the following steps to get a gold ring, cut emerald, and some gold. Go to Port Sarim and talk 
to a pirate in front of a bar. Then, go to the clothes store in Varrok and buy an apron. Next, go 
to the island with the banana plantation. Ask for a job on the plantation. Get a bottle of rum. 
Put the rum in the crate and fill the crate with bananas. Return to Port Sarim and go to the food 
store. Put on the apron. Go through the door with the apron on the ground. The shop keeper will 
say that you cannot go back there. Ask him for a job. Search the crate and you will get the rum. 
Go to the bar. Give the rum to the pirate. He will give you a key. Go to the Blue Moon Inn. Open 
the chest upstairs. Go to the park in Faldor with a spade. Dig behind the south bench. 
Note: Make sure you are in the soil.
To dig behind the soil behind the south bench in Falador Park, you must kill Wyson The Gardener.

Prince Ali Rescue quest:
Speak with Chancellor Hassan inside the palace in Al Kharid. He will ask you to see his assistant 
Osman, as he is in a tough situation. Osman will tell you about how Al Kharid's archenemy, Lady 
Keli, has kidnapped the prince, Ali. He will tell you that there is a spy, his daughter, in Draynor 
Village who can help you further. Before continuing, collect the following long list of items: 
Two onions: Onions can be found in a small garden patch south of the windmill near Draynor Village. 
The patch is behind a farmhouse. 
Ashes: Light a fire (use tinderbox with logs) and wait for it to burn out. It will leave ashes. 
Two waters: Get two jugs or buckets, and fill them up in a fountain or sink. 
Redberries: Redberries can be found in the forest past the Circle of Pillars near Varrock. 
Flour: Get a pot, and pick grain in the field near the windmill. Take the grain to the top floor. 
Put it in the hopper, and operate it, then go back to the bottom floor. Use the pot with the pile 
of flour in the chute. 
Pink skirt: Can be bought in the Varrock Clothing Shop. 
Eight balls of wool: Buy shears in the general store and use them with a sheep to get unspun wool. 
Take it to the spinning wheel in the west tower of Lumbridge Castle to spin it into balls of wool. 
Three beers: These can be bought in almost any bar, and can be found in the Barbarian Village pub 
for free. 
Clay: Mine this from a clay rock or buy it. 
Bronze bar: Mine or buy one tin and one copper ore. Use one in a furnace, and they will both be used 
to make a bronze bar. 
After collecting the items, go towards DraynorVillage. Find Leela (Osman's daughter) and talk to her. 
She will inform you of the plan. To prepare for the imprint of the key, use one of the waters with 
the clay to get soft clay. Get Ned (lives in a building in Draynor) to make a wig for you and rope 
out of the wool balls, Take the onions, redberries, flour, ashes, and water to Aggie to get makeup 
and yellow dye. Use the yellow dye with the wig, and you will get a blonde wig. In the jail, talk 
to Lady Keli. You can ask her to see the key. She will agree, and you will automatically take an 
imprint and return it to her. Run back to Al Kharid with the imprint and bronze bar. 
Osman will give you the jail key. Return to Draynor to carry out the plan. Quickly talk to Leela 
again, and she will remind you to offer the bodyguard some beers to get him drunk. First, talk to 
Lady Keli's bodyguard and offer him the three beers. He will accept, and immediately get drunk. 
Use the ropes on Lady Keli to tie her up, then unlock the door to the jail. Talk to the prince, 
and he will get into his disguise and go back to Al Kharid. Follow, and talk to Osman to get your 
reward. Note: There is an easier way to get ashes. Go to Draynor Manor and go to the third floor. 
Inside the room where the machine is located, you can find some ashes.

Recommended quests:
Do the Lost Ghost quest at the graveyard. If you finish this, you will get about 5 or 6 
prayer points.
Do the quest in Falador. Talk to the man in the second floor of the castle for a quest 
about black knights. Get the Iron Chain Mail found behind Falador Castle. Buy it for about 120 
GP. A bronze helmet can be found anywhere. Get some cabbage and go to the black knight castle. 
Push on walls that are called "Odd walls" and drop the cabbage in a hole to complete the quest. 
The reward is 2,000 GP.

Recommended monsters to kill:
Go to Lumbridge where the chickens are located and kill lots of them. Collect their feathers for 
fly fishing, bury their bones for prayer levels, and cook their meat to get your cooking levels up.
Cows are another good thing to kill. Bury their bones for prayer; keep the cow hide for crafting, 
and meat for cooking. 
Fight Black Knights. They drop quite good items and bones to bury. They also drop steel bars for 

Rune Two-Hander:
Get your mining to about level 35. Mine until you get 750 iron ore. Then, go to Draynor Manor 
to the location where the three men exchange fish, ore, and bars. Get all the ore into 
certificates at the man who exchanges certificates for ore. You should have 150 certificates. 
Go to World 1, where most of the high level characters are. Go beside the Varrock Castle. You 
will be able to trade your 150 iron ore certificates for a Rune Two-Hander. 

Go to Varrock and talk to the gypsy. She will explain the quest. To undrain the key in the pipe, 
which is part of the quest, use a bucket of water over the drain and head for the sewer. 
Ernest the Chicken switches:
When you go into the place with the switches, pull them in this order: A, B, D, A, B, F, E, C.

Oil cans:
The following is the order of switches for retrieving the oil can at Draynor Manor.
A: Up
B: Up
C: Down
D: Down
E: Up
F: Down 

The following is the order of levers to retrieving the oil can in the basement of the castle.
A: A
B: B 
C: D 
D: A 
E: B
F: E
G: F
H: C
I: E 

Change text color:
To talk in a different colored text, type @, then enter the first three letters of the color, 
then type another @, without spaces. For example, if you type @blu@, your text will appear blue. 
The following is a list of colors and letters to use: 
bla: Black 
blu: Blue 
cya: Cyan
dre: Dark red
gr1: Green1
gr2: Green2
gr3: Green3
gre: Green
lre: Light Red
mag: Magenta
or1: Orange1
or2: Orange2
or3: Orange3
ora: Orange 
ran: Random, flashing text 
red: Red
whi: White 
yel: Yellow (normal color) 

Change text attributes:
To make wavy writing, type wave: before your message. 
To make scrolling writing, type scroll: before your message. 
To make glowing writing, type glow1:, glow2:, or glow:3 before your message. 
To have a combination of them, first type glow1: (or one of the other two glow codes), 
then type wave: or scroll:. 
Note: Use a space after the ":" character in the code and the start of your message. 
For example, glow1:wave: Want to duel? 

Points of interests in the wilderness:
Varrock training ground: Wild level 1-10 north of Varrock. Level 13 rats, player fights, 
Body Runes to north, Altar to the north. 
Falador training ground: Wild level 1-10 northwest of Falador. Dark Wizards level 16 and 25. 
Wizards drop many runes, altar south out of wild. 
Graveyard: Wild level 20, southwest of Skeleton Training Ground and northeast of Varrock altar, 
Skeleton level 25. Iron Dagger, Steel Dagger. 
Dark Warrior Encampment: Wild level 13 northwest of Edgeville. Level 21 dark warriors. Runes. 
Ice Mountain: Wild level 40 west edge of wild. Ice Warriors level 67, Ice Giant level 68. Altar 
to the south. 
Red Spider Village: Wild level 30, north of Hobgoblin training area. Level 36 Red Spiders. 
Inside are Steel Legs and a Gold Nugget. They take about five minutes to regenerate. 
Bandit Outpost: Wild level 22 northwest of Edgeville. North of Dark Warrior encampment. 
Level 29 bandits. 
Ghosts training ground: Wild level 17 northeast of Varrock after passage guarded by Giant. 
Ghosts level 25. Planks, Tiles, Steel Short Sword. 
Skeleton training ground: Wild Level 25, north of Ghost training ground. Level 32 Skeletons. 
Crossbows, Iron Scimitar. 
Lesser Demons: Wild level 42, eastern border of Wild. Level 79 lesser demons, Nature Runes. 
Greater Demons: Wild level 45, north of the Lesser Demons, two level 87 Greater Demon. 
Ashes Small House of Spiders: Wild level 45, east of the Greater Demons, two Giant Spiders 
level 31, Sapphire Cut. 
Hobgoblin training area: Wild Level 30, northeast of Graveyard. Hobgoblins level 32, mining area, 
Goblin Armor. 
Maze: Wild Level 40, northwest of the Hobgoblins, King Scorpions level 36, Black Knights level 46, 
Steel and Iron items. 

Glitch: No magic experience:
There is a way to complete tutorial island with no magic experience. When you get to the magic 
part of tutorial, drop all the runes the wizard gives you. Talk to him again when the runes are 
dropped and you will be able to continue with tutorial without magic experience.

Glitch: Raising Cooking:
In the tutorial, after burning the meat and getting another, keep dropping and talking repeatedly 
until you have enough Cooking.

Glitch: Raising Ranging:
In the northwest part of Varrock Castle is a door that looks strange. Stand in the doorway and 
close the door. Wait for a guard or warrior and attack it with your bow or crossbow. The guard 
will not be able to attack you because you are in the door.

Dragon Armor:
Work on your defense until you have a level high enough to wear Dragon Armor. Work until you go 
as far as you can, then equip the armor. You will barely get scratched when attacked.

Secret mining pit:
When you get skilled enough to mine coal and admanite, and do not feel like tangling with scorpions 
to get it, there is a perfectly safe mining field just outside of Lumbridge. Go to Lumbridge Swamp 
and move east. You will soon find an ocean. Keep close and go south. You will find the secret mining 
pit soon. 

Good player killing:
Get your attack up to 40 so that you can hold Rune and get your defense up to 10. Next, get your 
strength as high as possible. You should be able to hit somewhere between 20 and 27.

Defeating hard level creatures:
To defeat hard level creatures easier (for example, Lessers or Hellhounds), get behind a rock or 
other cover and shoot them. Note: This only works if you are a Mage or Archer.

Gertrude's Cat quest:
Note: This can only be done by members. Go to Gertrude and ask her what is wrong. She will tell 
you that she wants her cat back. Go to the northeast of the wilderness and you will be brought 
to the broken fence yard. Jump over the fence and go up the ladder. You will find Fluffy (the cat)
and try to pick her up. She will swipe you and take your life down. Go back and get a raw fish and 
a bucket. Go to Lumbridge and go to the cows. Milk the cow and go back to the fence. Give her both 
and you will think that she is lonely. Go down the ladder and will see "Meew!" coming out of the 
boxes. Look inside one of them and you will find a kitten. Go up the ladder and give the kitten 
to Fluffy. Fluffy should go back to Gertrude and you will be rewarded with a kitten. 

Romeo And Juliet quest:
To do the Romeo And Juliet quest, talk to Romeo in the town square of Varrock, where the fountain 
is located. Then, go forward if you are coming up from Lumbridge. Take a right turn into a little 
pathway that leads into a cottage. Go up the stairs and talk to Juliet on the balcony. Deliver 
the message to Romeo back at the town square. Then, go to Father Lawrence in the church in Varrock
(look on the world map). Then, go to the Alchemist and get the Cavvada Berries by the mine in 
Lumbridge. Bring one Cavvada Berry to the alchemist and take the potion to Juliet. Then, talk 
to Romeo. You will get 5 Quest points for completing this.

Ernest The Chicken quest: Switches: 
When you go into the place with the switches, pull them in this order: A, B, D, A, B, F, E, C.

Ernest The Chicken quest: Pressure gauge:
To get the pressure gauge, you must mix poison and fish food together. Then, put it in the 
fountain to kill the piranhas.

Easy experience:
An easy way to level up in your ranger level is to go to Port Sarim. Go inside the jail. 
Note: You will not be able to get your undamaged arrows again -- bring a lot of them. Shoot 
at the goblin first until you gain some levels, then kill the mugger followed by the thief, 
black knight, and other prisoners. You will level quickly. Another place of interest for 
rangers is the wizard tower. Go down the stairs until you cannot proceed further. Look for 
the lesser daemon that is caged up. Note: Once again, you cannot get your arrows back. Also, 
beware of the level 25 dark wizard with a beard who will attack you.

Recommended quests:
Do the quest in Falador. Talk to the man in the second floor of the castle for a quest about black 
knights. Get the Iron Chain Mail found behind Falador Castle. Buy it for about 120 GP. A bronze 
helmet can be found anywhere. Get some cabbage and go to the black knight castle. Push on walls 
that are called "Odd walls" and drop the cabbage in a hole to complete the quest. 
The reward is 2,000 GP.

Get full rune twice:
All u have to do is cme to me on rs and give me 1k. my name is thebest21994 i will be in the 
one of the towers on the top foor in front of lumby castle. Add me and say im ready. ill be 
there within a couple of mins and when im there say 'dudley smells' and give me the 1k. 
There will befull rune twice over in ur bank. 

Superman clothes:
First, get a rune axe and 50k, make sure they're the only items in your inventory and put them
in the first two slots. Head to varrock where the beggar is and talk to him. When he asks if 
you have any spare change, say yes and try to give him some. Instead he'll say "Oh yes, yes! 
These are the two items I need to get me off these streets. May you exchange them for this 
costume I have had passed down?" Answer yes, and he'll give you the superman costume. 
But you will also lose your money and rune axe.

Bob-The Jagex Cat:
On Runescape 2 in any members world, you may be one of the lucky people to see Bob, he is a 
cat based on a real cat they keep in the Jagex office over in England(according to Mod Daniel), 
and he can be seen anywhere in Runescape and when it examines it says, "The Jagex Cat" Every 
time the system updates, he is reset back to the garden in Burthorpe, where he once again 
starts his journey across the land of Runescape.

To get a scife in Runescape you must go to Varrock. Go to the place with a bunch of logs. 
Get your magic high enough to use weaken. Use weaken on the log pile. A level 22 Tree Spirit 
will appear. If you kill it it will drop a scife and nature runes.

Big bone Merchanting:
Difficulty: Hard 
Money Needed: About 300,000-350,000gp. 
This is a common way to make even larger profits of money from merchanting and it is called Big
bone merchanting. To start (make sure you have around 300k), simply go to Varrock west bank and 
start buying as many Big Bones as you can for 300 each. Don't bother trying to buy over 1k or 
more Big Bones in a not-so-populated world, because most people will transfer to world 1 and 
sell there instead. Once you have around 1k (or more) Big Bones, go to world 1, same bank, 
same place and sell all of them for 400 each! There you go, although it can take a long time 
to buy all those Big Bones, the huge profits you can make should keep you quiet!

Tree Trick:
When your in the tutorial at the survival guide person, talk to her and she will give you an 
axe (after the bait and fishing net) you can then (during the tutorial that is) chop down oak 
trees which require level 15 woodcutting instead of just normal trees. Its not much but its 
pretty neat. 

Turn 160k into millions:
First of all you'll need 160k (160000gp). When you have this money go to seers bank in a world
with around 1700 people in it. While there buy 1000 bow strings at 160gp each dont go any higher 
and if they won't sell there are plenty of other people to buy from. After you have done this go 
on the forums and sell your bowstrings for 190gp each no less, just like that you've made 30k. 
continue to buy 1000 bow strings until you have enough to buy 2000 and you'll make 30k every 
1000 you sell so 10k will be 300k profit and you can buy another 1000 bow strings. Always buy 
in 1000 because nobody buys say 2500. You can then expand this into a buisness and higher people 
to make bow strings for you. I have a guy who gets me bow strings and i only pay him 140 for 
each one.

Free Leather Boots:
Travel to Al Kharim and enter a rectangular building with red curtains hung up at the entrance.
There will be a few pots and a table with 2 chairs inside the structure. There should be a pair 
of leather boots, pick them up and another pair will eventually appear continueously! 

Rip Off Other Players:
Entry Location:
Go up to someone who has good armour and ask them if they want there armor trimmed
Note: This cheat is provided to help Runescape players protect against scams. 
Ask someone with nice armor if they want their armor trimmed. If they say "No, you're a scammer" 
say "No, I'm not I'm trying to get my lvl up thats y ill do it for free." Then once they give 
you the armor just keep it then you can sell it or wear it.

Quicker Mining:
To mine ore quicker with any pick, click on the rock you want to mine then keep clicking on 
the rock for a little while (otherwise someone-else who is mining the same rock as u may take 
the ore) then let go and roughly 1-2 seconds later you will hav mined the ore. I tried this 
cheat on coal with a bronze pick while someone was mining the same rock with an adamant/rune 

Unlimited bronze arrows:
To get unlimited Bronze Arrows First you have to be on Tutorial Island. When you get up to the 
combat insructer after you kill a rat with your sword you get some bronze arrowes and a short 
Bow when you get thease items go to a secluded area and drop the arrowes then you talk to the 
instuter an he will give you 50 arrowes then you repeat this until your comfotible whith the 
amount of arrowes you have do not kill a rat whith the short bow other wise this awsome cheat 
won't work. 

The Champ Guild:
This is a small guild located southwest of Varrock. You must have 33 quest points to enter. 
This is the starting point for the Dragon Slayer quest. Also there's chickens and a range 
downstairs. Upstairs You can find 2 people, a man who sells Rune chain mail, mace, long 
sword, sword, legs, skirt, and green dragon vambraces, and legs( after the dragon slayer 
quest you can also buy green dragon body), and a women who sells black full helms, adamant 
plate bodies, and blue capes.--a guild not many stay at.

Big bone business:
Dudes you should do the big bone business all you need to do is kill giants and sell the big 
bones for 300 coins each i gained 30k+ in like 30 or 20 min. i collected like 100 and sold 
em for 300 coins each thats why i gained 30k!

Some people in Runescape have been asking how to get married. Well heres how. Girls, you know 
what you gotta' do. Kiss the frog, go to Varrock and claim your princess gown/dress. Go to a 
church with your boyfriend and wait for him or go with hime. Boys, don't do nothing. Just dress 
nice like in armour. And then, you need a priest. Get a priest to say all that stuff like "You 
may now kiss the bride." and other stuff.

How To Get Armour Out Of Sets:
when you buy a set go to the desk and look for exchange ppl(sets)then click on them it will 
come up with every set click on the set a click on exchange you will get your armour.

Slayer training:
Slayer is a members only skill that requires careful thinking if you wish to train effectively. 
Therefore I've gathered these tips:
- Use Guthan the infested's armour! This armour has a special attack that can heal you every few 
  hits. Switch between this and your normal armour to save money on food.
- USE A SLAYER MASK WHEN MELEEING - This mask gives a +15% bonus to your attack and strength when 
  slaying - always use it when meleeing!

Wood Cutting Action:
First go to world 30 and add knitefire9 as your friend thats me. Then get your wood cutting 
level up to 60 and cut yews. You can sell them for 250 ea. 

Yew Merchanting:
The best place to start this is Edgeville. It is in between Varrock and Falador. Go to the part 
of Edgeville where the yew trees are on almost any world and start buying yews from people 
chopping the trees there for 250 each.

Loads of money:
To get loads of money and it works for mems only mine pure ess then bank it untill u get 10k pure 
ess and u sell for more then 1mil because 1k pure ess is 130k 1k ess=130k 10k ess=1.3mill happy 
time shopping.

10k and combat exp by fighting:
First, u need 200gp and make sure u r at lvl above 28 or better 30 . then go to giant hill place 
(east of barbarian village , across the river that has goblin) if u dont have key, buy it from 
someone there, when there is a person at the door , ask him/her that u want to buy brass key. 
if they say they just have 1, ask them to find in the hill.after u got the key , then go inside 
the hill and fight hill giant , and collect big bone until ur inventory is full of 27 big bones 
(27big bones , 1 brass key). then go to varrock , then sell it at grand exchange for 360gp each, 
so try to multiply by 27 u will got about 10k and combat exp for it. now u can be rich and high 
combat lvl if do this walkthrough everyday and forever. but sometimes u also need food to fight.

Money$ for levels 3-20:
As you know when you start off in runescape you end up in Lumbridge. Well go to the cows place 
across the bridge and up and make a right turn. (Make sure your inventory is empty to put all 
the hides in) when you see cows kill them and take their cowhides. keep repeating this until 
you get at least 100 cowhides. each cowhide will cost 20-40 gp. when you have 100 cowhides in 
your bank note it and then go to a world that has alot of people. when you go to a good world 
sell them. You will make about 20,000GP or more for selling 100 or more cowhides.

Money for new members:
-22 crafting
-7 magic
-about 50-100k gp
-water staff
-necklace mould

Go to Grand exchange and buy sapphires gold bars and cosmic runes. (equal amounts of all 3) 
Then make sapphire necklaces, enchant them and sell them at the Grand exchange. they may not 
sell instantly but give it an hour or so and they turn into money for you.

Make easy money:
2 ways to make easy money is to 1;send me your pass and username to if you 
read my last secret you would know that i make like 6 mil in a week. when you send me your username 
and pass make sure ur mage lvl is 30 or over because i know secrets to make muny with mage. the 
number 2 way is not as easy! it takes a long long long time to make like 50k. when ever i have 
free time i mine rune ess till i get 1k of it then i go and sell a grande exchange or to people. 
(both these ways are not lies and i promise that you will be rich in no time).

Get Back Holiday Items:
You Gotta Have a Holiday Item to Do this.

Say You've unlocked a Holiday Item but You Died, You can get it Back By: Talking to Diango In 
Draynor Village.

Easy money:
First, to do this cheat you must have completed the mystery Rune quest (also must have air 
talismon). Then go to varrock and talk to the guy in the magic shop or talk to the wizard at 
the wizard tower(he is the guy under wizard tower in the basement) then they will ask if you 
want to be teleported to the place were you can mind rune essence. then mind 25 or 26 essence.
Then go to world 16 and and locacte the air temple using the air talismon. Go inside and the 
people in there some will say open. right click them and press trade they will say offer 2k 
or more(k=1000's) and you noted rune essence. then you offer the same ammount of rune essence 
unnoted. keep doing this and in about 25min you will have at lest 10k or 100,000gp.

Ice Caves:
Ive been on runescape many times before and ive been asked the same question over & over again. 
WERE IS THE ICE CAVES? Ill tell you that go to the dock that takes you to kajamara. DO NOT GET 
ON THE BOAT! go north & and you will come to a hill with a ladder at the top. ( it is by the 
water on a little peninsula.) Go down the ladder and you are in a cave. First you will encounter 
lvl 10 muggers, then level 26 pirates, then level 32 hobgoblins, ( NEXT YOU MIGHT WANT TO BE 
be able to mine the thing that ive been asked so many times before....... BLUERITE!

Unlimited bronze arrows:
To get unlimited Bronze Arrows First you have to be on Tutorial Island. When you get up to the 
combat insructer after you kill a rat with your sword you get some bronze arrowes and a short 
Bow when you get thease items go to a secluded area and drop the arrowes then you talk to the 
instuter an he will give you 50 arrowes then you repeat this until your comfotible whith the 
amount of arrowes you have do not kill a rat whith the short bow other wise this awsome cheat 
won't work.

Colored Writing (new version):
For the new version of rs u need to do this to make colored, 
wavey, scrolly, glowy, flashy words.


Easy Money:
Ok, all u need is lvl 40 crafting and 40 mining... Go and get a brown apron, then go and get 
into the crafting guild... Then mine a lot of gold. Since there is a Grand Exchange *aka G E* 
its easy to sell the gold ores and get a good amount of money. Well u r just using the guild 
for the gold ore XD. I mined over 200 gold ores and i sold them and I got like over like 110k
XD, hope this works. Oh if u have higher mining lvl than crafting *ex. 60 mining 10 crafting* 
u can mine nothing but the ones u can mine and alot of it so u can get money =). 

Making Easy Money For anybody!:
In the Varock minning place in the South West corner on your map there is a minning area. In the 
minning area there is Clay, once you mine the clay, you then get a bucket fill it with water at 
a place with a water drop sign on your map. Once you fill your bucket you then click it in your 
iventory and click the clay, it will turn into soft clay. Repeat this until your whole inventory 
is full of soft clay. You can then bank the clay or sell it at the Grand Exchange for 128-200 
coins a piece! I have gotten 3.5k in a half hour doing this. If you do not want to get the clay 
wet you can just sell it how you mine it fo 95-100 coins.

Quick lvl up:
Submitted by: Cheaty
To get your level up quick and whether your a member or non member you can now go to the duel 
arena just go south of lumbridge to the desertand you will be there and if you cant find it 
add me: Snowmansam 2 and there is a space between snowmansam and 2 and you can train on me and 
I'll tell you how in game or just ask here hope this helps.

Easy Money (Members Only):
1.Go to varrock and go to the east bank.
2.Get your pickaxe with you. (Note: You need to be a level 10 or higher miner skill)
3.Just go down the ally in the under the bank and go to the rune shop.
  (Note: You better complete the Rune mysteries Quest too)
4.If your there to the rune shop Right-click the guy named abury or something and select 
5.Then your in a place go find BIG rocks BIG I mean! Then mine then you just wait there your 
  guy will mine. 
6.When your full then try to find a portal then click it. You are back in the rune shop then go 
  back to the bank and put Your stuff (Pure Essence) in your bank and repeat this.

Different Ways to make Money:
- Getting a high level in mining isn't easy. But of course, it is possible. First, you 
should start by mining clay, copper or tin. These don't sell for much, but if you gain 
enough experience in mining, you will be able to mine iron (lvl 15), which is bought for 
around 100gp. 
28 iron ores = 2.8k. 
But if you gain even MORE experience, you can mine silver (lvl 20), which sells for around 
150 gp. 
28 silver ores = 4.2k.
Even more experience allows you to mine coal, gold, mithril, adamantite and rune which sells 
for hundreds or thousands of gold.

- Cooking can be a fun and interesting skill in RuneScape, since you can often cook several 
different types of food at the same level. But you can also sell food to get money. Building 
up your skill in cooking is not too hard. 
Start by cooking small things like shrimps, meat and sardine to cooking big things that heal 
health and cost quite a lot of money like cakes, pies, pizzas and lobsters. Once you reach 
level 40, you can cook lots of things already. You should check on runescape different 
ingredients you will need to collect to make different types of food.

- Fishing takes patience and time, but is actually worth it. You may either cook or sell your 
fish. Start by netting shrimps, till your level is 5, then buy a fishing rod and lots of bait 
to bait your fish.
When you are level five, you may fish for sardines.
You should keep fishing until you are fishing lvl 40. Then, you can catch lobsters, which 
sell for around 300gp or more each. They heal lots of health too. You need a lobster cage 
before attempting to catch them.
But if you are lvl 50, you can fish for swordfishes. 
I am not sure about the price, but they cost more than lobsters.
Fishing can earn you lots of money - be patient!

- Woodcutting, like fishing, takes patience. It is not the best way to make money, however, 
as you need a very high woodcutting level to earn lots of money.
To start off, chop normal trees. They can be found in many places such as Lumbridge. Once 
you gain enough experience and reach lvl 15, you can chop oak trees. You can sell the oak 
logs for 10gp each.
You need to have a woodcutting level of 30 before starting to chop willow trees. Willow logs 
can be sold for 20 gp each.
Gain lots of experience to cut more trees such as maple, arctic pine, Mahogany, Dramen and 
more. Some of these trees are for members only.

Well, I took a long time typing this so I hope you will take my advice 

Earning Money:
1. Level 28 or higher (If you are lower you can too but you must bring more food)
2. Quite a lot of space in your inventory (to hold stuff)
3. A brass key (buy this at grand exchange or another player)

Go to west of Varrock (but slightly north). You will see a small "house" with a ladder in it. 
Enter with the brass key and climb down the ladder. That is where there are a lot of hill giants. 
Kill a giant and collect their big bones. Also collect limpwurt roots if they drop them. They 
also drop about 10 - 52 gp. Keep killing and collecting big bones till your inventory is full.
Go to the grand exchange and sell the items you collected:
Big bones: sell for about 400 gp each
Limpwurt roots: Sell for about 700 gp each

This is a good way to earn money.
10 big bones = 4k
20 big bones = 8k
5 limpwurt roots = 3.5k
10 limpwurt roots = 7k

Easy levels:
Tip1: k first i reccomend being lvl 50 or above then go to the stronghold of security go into 
the lvl were there are oozing walls and there should be lvl 53 spiders (or spiders around 
that lvl) kill them as they give you 200xp per kill take with you some food a full inventory 
as they do not drop anything. 

Tip2: this one you need to be member for. if you havent heard already theres a game called pest 
control. first i reccomend being lvl 40 at least take your best armour and no food.go down to 
port sarim but instead of going to karamja you keep on going south until you can turn left take 
the first left and there should be a squire.right click and select travel or something to do 
with void post??(it is free).Now that you have your best armour and weaopon(s) head south until 
you come to a ship enter and wait (note go to world 53 its a pest control world).once inside go 
and get 50 hipoints of damage dealt to other after each match you should get two 
tickets. now you can trade in points for 1 ticket 10 tickets and 100 tickests.(if you trade in 
100 tickets it gives you more xp to if you trade for1).you can trade these points for att str 
def range magic or hitpoints.(you can also trade points for other various items)to trade points 
trade with the void knights.

Tip3: for some money i reccomend being a member and going into the taverly dungeon into were 
the lvl 13 voids kill many as they drop herbs such as rannar kwarm avantoe guam 
marrentill tarromin and many more sell at ge for $$$$$$once i got lucky and got 13 rannars 
and some kwarm and avantoe i got over 100k in that one batch!

Easy money no giving of user or pass:
- get a pickaxe and a bowl or bucket. (You can get a bowl at lumbridge castle and a pickaxe 
  at the tower outside the castle)
- go across the bridge and head north to varrocks and turn right and do not enter the city 
  just outside the south gate go east to a mining spot.
- mine all the clay you can get than mix the clay with water using the bowl.use the fountain 
  to refill the waterin the bowl.
- now, go to the grand exchange and sell the soft clay for at least 120gp.

Secret - lots of money:
1- pick up 100 ash.
2- go mine 100 rune or pure essence.
3- go mine 100 of any ore.
4- go mine 100 clay.
5- smith bars of any kind.
6- note it all and sell at the grand exchange.

Remember to keep noting your items and banking them until you get to step 6. 
It may take log but its worth it.

Easy Magic/Range XP:
Okay, first off get a lot of runes/arrows, you will not need any armor or food. Then go to 
wizard's tower and go to the top floor. Attack the Lesser Demon behind the bars. If you are 
using range you will not be able get your arrows back unless you use teleknic grab. The demon
will die, and you get good XP. The best part is it has no way of hurting you! There will 
usually be other people there but it still works really well.

1. get 20 mine
2. mine sliver in varrock mine.
3. wen u hav ful invetory, u go to te varok bank and deposit all sliver.
4. wen u hav about 100-1000 go to ge and sell all and soon u get like 10k-100k

Tips for non-pures:
Hi, I'm the guy who submitted the tip about dragon bone money-making. Anyway here is a guide
for leveling on non-pures in rs. One thing to look out for is your defence, strength, and 
attack level. Youy always want your attack lower than your strength but higher than your 
defence.In the end you might want 80+ strength 70 attack and 60 defence, but if you really 
want, 70 defence for barrows and 75 attack for godswords.At 99 strength you can possibly have 
only 96 combat.So, you might have 99 strength 75 attack and 70 defence.We're all set now 
right? Haha,WRONG!WHHat about magic prayer and range? For range I suggest u keep it 10 levels
below your strength level and keep magic between 5 and 10 levels below your strength level. 
Now, prayer comes last. You might want to keep it at 52,but when you're over say 100 combat 
you wwant 70 prayer for piety and chivalry.As you keep on training skills except strength 
you want this for ultimate ownage. 99 strength, 90 attack 94 magic and 90 rangeÔ80 prayer. 
WITH THESE SKILLS YOU CAN OWN ALMOST ANYONE! Don't train summoning until your a master in 
other combat training levels.

How to make money:
woodcutting is a good way to make big $$$ you ave to be level 30 or higher woodcutting for 
this(sorry about the certain level).go to edge and go near the bank there should be some 
willows there.cut a full inventory of willows go to the bank and exchange them for notes. 
and do it again until you have at least 1k willows now go to bank and say selling willows 
100-200gp each!I got like 3mil in 2 weeks good luck. 

First get an rune or dragon axe, then go to the fight arena in the desert, on you way into 
the arena revive center right before you go in take a left and open gate go into the magic 
arena area, and outside of the place there should be 2 magic tree's, start to cut theme down.
Every 28 m agic logs are worth 29k-32k(29 000-32 000gp):note only sells for that much in the 
grand exchange.

How to get past guard on Karamja:
Submitted by: Cheatsbook
If u mean to get rum to redbeard frank, you have to speak to banana plantation owner, ask 
for a job, then use bottle on crate then fill up with bananas. Then ask for job with grocers
in Port Sarim, and go out back and search till u find banana crate. You should find rum in 
one of them. Then take to Redbeard Frank.

Steady money cheat:
Simply claim from lumbridge guides and sell the stuff at the general store.

Good way to make money:
So the cowhide thing is okay, and the rune essence thing, in my opinion, will take forever. 
SO, I found out there's a better way to get good money. If you've ever seen a unicorn before
or fought one, you might know that they drop unicorn horns. Well, think twice before leaving
it there, because those things sell for between 835-923 gp in the Grand Exchange. Note that 
you might need to sell it at lowest price to sell it quicker. You have to be a little patient
too, because selling them in bulk takes usually a few minutes.

Easy money for low level:
First you need to have about 500-1000 gp. You also need to be able to kill lvl 2 cows without
dying. Go to the cow pen and kill the cows. Pick up any cowhide you see. If you want, when 
you get full inventory, you can go to the Lumbridge bank and put it there, but I suggest this:
Pay 10gp to pass the gate, and go to the sign that shows a leather vest (Beside Furnace). Talk
to him and right-click Hard leather. Click all and he will make all your cowhides into leather.
Put it in the bank and repeat. Once you have about 500-1000 goto Varrock and take out all 
leather noted. Then sell all of your Hard Leather at the Grand Exchange (Beside the big bank,
follow the dirt road). This sells for about 155gp each, and with 500 you will make about 
75000k! But with 1000... you will make 150000k!

Prayer never goes down:
If ur in the middle of fighting and ur computer lags and freezes but u still see things 
wiggling and wobbling but u dont see the damage that is taken on u and ur apponent, then 
is the time to put on ur prayer for either prtect from melee, prtect from mage, or protect 
from range (other prayer uses doesnt work). then ur prayer wont go down there wont be a 
symbol upon ur head but its still on u can tell uif u dont get hit by mage atcks heavily 
or range but melee is hard to tell.

Free Money:
Now first at varrok theres a grand exchange for like a mall shop if you are a beginner also 
known as a (noob) just go on the your map and find a big arena saying (grand exchange)!
Now look for a mining area which has only kinds of ores these: Silver, Iron, Tin, and clay.

Super easy money for members:
If you are a member then here is an easy way to make money. If you are combat 40 up go to
the stronghold security cave and fight the flesh crawlers. This flesh crawlers drop lots 
of herbs and runes(Only pick runes and herbs unless a half tooth key appears). After you 
have full inventory go to the grand exchange and sell it all. You should have 50k or up 
per go.

Money & Woodcutting Levels:
Level 55+ Woodcutting
Axe (Rune/Dragon work best)
Member Service

Go to the Grand Exchange (GE) and buy as many Camelot Teleport tabs as you can aford. Don't
worry, you'll get that money back. Break one of the tabs and at camelote follow the road 
west to the bank. store everything in your inventory in the bank and take out an axe. go 
south out of the bank until you see red trees, these are Mapel Trees, and Camelote is the
only place in the game where Mapel Trees grow. Fill your inventory with Mapel logs and go
back to the bankand store all the logs. Kepp cutting and storing Mapel Logs until you 
reach 1,000 of them. then cast Teleport Homeand head back to Varrock. Take out the Mapel
logs from your bank as a note and go sell them at the Grand Exchange. (GE). This will 
give you about 48gp-56gp per log. Plus all that cutting levels up your Woodcutting Skill.

Level Woodcutting and firemaking easily!:
First, u must be in Lumbridge. These are the stuff u need:
1. Tinderbox- Can be bought.
2. Axe (Bronze Axe for unexperienced players)
Now, go where the Woodcutting Tutor is between the smithing tutor's house and the house 
where you can visit Sir Vant. Now cut trees (if u don't have enough exp. to cut willows 
and oaks, then cut trees) and when u get the log, light it with ur tinderbox, repeat this
and u will increase Woodcutting and firemaking levels easily. I have level 19 firemaking
and 12 woodcutting. Also, u can get some raw meat and cook it in the fire to exp. ur cooking

Attack strength defence:
-go and kill cows lvl 2 in lumy til u are lvl 5 in atk.
-repeat step 1 but only use strength
-repeat but only use defence then go to G.E and buy steel armour set when your combat lvl 
 is 5 [l means boy and sk means girl]
-go and kill goblins only use atk
-repeat but only use strength
-repeat but only use defence
-go north of lumy and kill farmers lvl 7 use only atk
-repeat but only use strength
-repeat but only use defence then go to the G.E and buy black armour set when your 
 defence lvl is 10 and buy a new weapon
-10-20[until lvl 16 bring lots of food]
-go to port sarim and kill the thiefs using only atk
-repeat but use only strength
-repeat but use only defence then go to the G.E and buy mithiril armour set when your 
 defence lvl is 20 and buy a new weapon
-keep doing the above and get these new armours
 Corrupt Dragon

Easy money:
The easiest way to make money is to go to the g.e and buy lots of clay and a bucket.
Take all the clay you can carry and the empty bucket to the fountain in the centre of
varrock and fill the bucket. then mix the clay and the water in the bucket to make soft
clay repeat which every soft clay you make it is about an 150gp profit and if ure 
invetory is empty except the clay and bucket u make about 4650gp a trip.

Easy money:
This method is a very simple task. First of all you need to go to the duel arena in al 
karid. Second, click on buy fadli and but rotten tomatoes. Third store them in the bank 
which is a 1 second walk. Then repeat this method for 15 min then go to the grand exchange
and sell them for 4,5,6,7 gp where as you buy them from fadli for 1 or 2gp.

Halloween mask:
First on halloween kill scary creature like zombies and ghosts to get a h' ween mask
and to get santas kill ice giants and white knights!

Full rune:
First go to edgeville and have a combat lvl of 50+ and have a rune wep and full addy. Now
go down a rift. U'll see a couple lvl 83 cockroaches. Near the back there is a lever. Pull
it. Now go down the stairs and go through jail door. Then there are more lvl 83's. ok now 
ur in a place with only cockroaches (lvl 83's). Now ull see a chest and open up da chest. 
u get 10k and safety gloves. Go bank it if u want. But u dont have to. Now attack da 
cockraches and they will drop rune kites squares scimmies addy ore and more.

Money Making:
Here are some relatively easy ways to make money for Non-Members. First of all I'd like
to point out that using the Grand Exchange in Varrock is the best place to peddle your 

- Cutting Willows (Requirements: Level 30 Woodcutting.)
By the bank in Draynor Village there will be a few willows on the edge of the water.
Pretty good since there is a bank nearby.

- Cowhides/Raw Beef/Bones:
Go north of Lumbridge and you will find a mill. Go towards it and go past it until 
you see a fence. Inside you will see cows, which you can (Hopefully) easily kill. 
Then take the items they drop, and bank them by the Gnomecopters. Then you can tan 
the cowhides in Al Kharid to futher increase profits.

-Yews (Requirements: Level 60 Woodcutting)
Just east of the Grand Exchange in Varrock, there is a castle, behind that castle there
are 3 yew trees. Cut the yews then go to GE and sell them. This, though not an easy way,
is in my opinion, the single best way to make money in Non-Member worlds.

How To Sell Things Faster In Grand Exchange:
You must put your item in that you want to sell, then on the sasle price, lower the price
all the way down to minimum. After you press the sell button, the thing that you have sold
usually gets sold automatically. If you're one of those people who need good money fast, 
take a lot of cowhides or normal logs and sell them with this trick. If you keep selling 
lots of these things with this trick, you usually will get more than 1K at a time, depending
how many you sell. It also helps your exp to get higher!

Giant turkey:
To be a giant turkey you have to have the give thanks be a giant turkey just light
a fire but before you finish do the give thanks emote. have fun being messed up temporaroly.

Money money:
Buy coal and iron at the grand exchange at the ratio of 2:1 and smith them into steel bars
in Al Kharid, then sell them at the GE, with the sale of each bar you will gain about 195 
gp. To buy 2 coal and 1 iron it will cost about 450gp, each bar sells for about 650 gp.

Fishing Guide:
Submitted by: cheatinfo
Lvl 1  - Shrimp
Lvl 5  - Sardine 
Lvl 10 - Herring
Lvl 15 - Anchovies 
Lvl 20 - Trout
Lvl 30 - Salmon/Trout (fastest experience!!!!!(recommended till 99))
Lvl 76 - Sharks (just likes yews/magics, SLOW)

I bet your all wondering why i mentioned sharks, right? well it is practically the fastest
money you can get with a skill! At lvl 76 i made about 150-250k a day i fished for 3 days!
I made over 550k! i only played for 1hour a day! thats like 175k a day! and you people say
yews are fast money, well this is faster!

How to make Money:
Well my way of making moneys was jobs but then i found fishing cooking and hill giants.

Tip 1: Requirements:40 fishing or over and 20k.
Go to port sarim and buy a lobster pot. go to karamaja and fish lobbies till full then
go back to fally and bank it carry on with this method untill all of 20k is gone then go
to G.E and sell all da lobbies to rank in the $$$$$

Tip 2: Requrements:32 cooking or above.
Go to ge and buy a chefs hat (or get 1 from goblins) then or to cooks guild by romeo and 
juilts house then make as many apple pies as you can (until u get bored) then go and sell 
them at the ge and carry on till lots of money.

Tip 3: Requrements: abel to kiill level 28 brass key.
Go to a small house by barb vil use brass key then go down the ladder then kill hills 
and pik up all big bones 250gps-300gps and limpwart roots 400gps-450gps then bank then 
get 100 or over then sell if not 100 peeps think ur a n00b! then keep doing this and ull
make lots ov gps. Big bones where how i got full rune!

More Runes:
Here i a good way to get more mind and air runes: EVERY half an hour go to the mage tutor
in the lumbridge area, go upstairs and hide somewhere you air and mind runes from your 
inventory (drop) (you must not have and air or mind runes in the bank!!!) then go to the 
magic tutorback downstairs and right-click on her, then select claim she will give you 30
air runes and 30 min runes then go back upstairs and get the runes you hid you now have 30
more free air and mind runes (NOTE: YOU CAN ONLY CLAIM RUNES VERY 30 MINUTES)please add 
me on runescape.

Best way for Free To Play Players on RuneScape:
Ok don't give any attention to any other ways for money those are nooby ways, The BEST WAY
to get money is by fishing, it is the way I got my Rune Pickaxe, When you start on Tutorial
Island Go fish a lot till level 3, cook it move on, then after Tutorial Island go down to 
Lumbridge Swamp and Fish till ten, go to Draynor and fish and fish and fish till level 35
and go to Karajama, fish Tuna till level 40 and then Fish Lobsters, at level 50 Fishing 
start Fishing SwordFish-They Sell for 415 at Grand Exchange (RAW).

Easy Mining Money:
First of all, get your mining lvl to 21 and get a mith pic. Go to the Dwarf Mine and mine
iron until you get about 300+. After you do, Turn them all to notes and go to Varrok and 
go to the Grand Exchange. Sell them for 97-100 gp each and get a profit of 10k+ (depends 
how much you sell). Keep on repeating and you will get Very Rich eventually.

How to make easy Money:
First, get your mining to at least 31( Because of Adamant pickaxe ) then go to varrock 
(because there is a mining location there ) and mine 300 or 200 iron ores and then go to
G.E and sell them, you should end up with 20-30k!! keep repeating this for really fun 
and easy money, For more easy money, kill Green or Blue drags -Members- and get there 
bones-hides etc and go to fally and bank them, pnce you have about 500 bones and 900 
hides, head to varrock and sell them for 1 mill.

How to make Money FAST:
You'll need at least some money to use this.
First buy a desired number of Oak Logs. EG: 500
Then Bring all of your money out along with 27 oak logs.
Go to the Sawmill Operator and make all of the planks with the logs.
Go to the bank next to the Varrock Muesuem.
Get another 27 oak logs (with your money still in inventory)
Go to Sawmill Operator. 
and repeat these steps.

Note: Each Plank costs 200gp to make though the planks cost 455gp and the logs like 10gp.
If you think its possible you can try it with other logs and planks.

Easy Money and Stat leveling:
Go to the Varrock sewer and go to the deadly Red spider nest. (By Moss Giants) The spiders
won't drop any thing but if u pick up the deadly red spider eggs and sell them at the grand
exchange (West side of Varrock) for minamum price with a full inventory they are worth 9k 
each and in total u will get like some 40k off of it In 1 month i made 1M off this method 
and got up my combat by 10.

Lots of money:
Ok first get ur wc level to at least 65. Now, if ur mem wc yews at seers if not wc yews at
fally or edgevile. Use best axe u can afford. After u get mabye 1k 2k 3k or more, go grand
exchange (ge) and sell for as much as u want. Also you can sell diffrent place if u want. 
Repeat this to make money!

Stronghold of security:
Go to barbarian village and go into the hole you can get lots of money if you do the whole
thing plus emotes books and a pair of fancy boots you can even train you skills there and 
level up and you can go back anytime.

How to Earn Easy Cash:
This will work really well if you've completed Dragon Slayer, are a member and if you're
level 50 and up. You need an Anti-Dragon shield, rune armor or better, teleport spells, 
and food (swordfish or lobbies). If you're a ranger, there's safe spots. Now, this will 
only work in the Wilderness and on a members' server so you can't be scared of the 
revenants. Go to Clan Wars (you can use your Games Necklace or walk there) and walk east.
Keep walking until you see level 79 Green Dragons. Attack them. They drop useful items, 
like Green Dragonhide, runes, coins, weapons, armor, and more. They hit up to 9, so be 
sure to pay attention and eat. If the revenants attack, run to Clan Wars, it's a safe 
area. If they still attack you, run into the White or Red Portal (in the Red one, just 
be sure not to go pass the barrier). If you're on a popular members' world, there'll be
a very little chance that you'd get a dragon. The dragons drop Dragon Bones, you can 
bury them for around 80xp (more than normal bones), or sell them for 2k. The Green 
Dragonhide sells for around 2k. If you get 100 hides, you have at least 100k!

Making money:
Go to the jail entrance just north of the Barbarian Village. After entering the jail go
to the second cell on the left and lift up the poster. Enter the opening. Go all the 
way to the end of the walkway, past the muggers and over to the other side. Enter the
first cell. You need to have basic magic, fire strike is the best and take plenty of 
ammo. Stand in the doorway between the two rooms and fire strike cockroaches. They 
will come to you and attack. Stay in the door way and they will line up on top of one
another. This way you can fight 5 or 6 at the same time. And you can draw them from 
both rooms. When the roaches die they leave you something mostly a few coins but many
times rubies and emeralds and limpwort root all of which can be sold for $$$$ at the
Grand Exchange. You will also increase your magic and fighting skill levels. Use the
ombination attack. I have made lots of $$$ and advancement this way in a short time.
You have to take the class on the upper level of the jail first to get entrance.

Easy money:
This is a guide through the levels of your success:
Lv 1-20  - Go to grand exchange notice the trees circling the g.e Buy an iron axe and a
           steel axe then start cutting sell them on ge. For 28gp each which is 784gp an
           invetory and within 1 invertory. Your lv6 or so keep cutting till 20.
Lv 20-30 - Oaks are the way ahead. Next to draynor there are oaks and also next to the
           grand exchanges nearest bank start using mith axe now.
Lv 30-65 - This is the boring part use adamant axe and then use rune at lv41 use rune
           axe 65-99 yews.

Easy money with little hassle:
To get a lot of money quick, mine clay south-west of the southern gate. Each time you
fill your inventory with clay, run up to any of the banks in Varrock and deposit the 
clay. Do this as much as you see fit, then use the home teleport spell to go to Lumbridge
castle. Take out a bucket from your bank and 27 clays. Go downstairs to the kitchen and 
fill up the bucket with water, then combine your bucket of water with the clay to make 
soft clay. Continue re-filling your bucket and making more clay until your inventory is
full of soft clays, then run back upstairs to get another 27 clays. Repeat this process
until you have made all your clay into soft clay, then either teleport back to Varrock 
(if your magic is high enough), or just make the short trip by walking (or running). Go
to the GE and withdraw all your soft clay's as a note, then sell them on the GE. As with
any other item, try to pick a price you feel is a reasonable amount people will be 
willing to spend. I sold 138 soft clays on the GE for 170 GP each and made 23,460 gp 
easily in about 45 minutes. This is one of the easiest ways for non-members to make 
quite a bit of profit with little effort. Plus, you get 5 Mining EXP. for each clay 
you mine, which can boost your Mining level if you mine enough clay (a good way to 
train if your a low level).

Easy Cash:
Here is a way to get easy cash:

* The most common way to make cash is to kill cows. 
  First, when you kill it, take the bones and cowhide.
* Kill barbarians to get Law Runes or Chaos Runes.
* Kill the Demon in the wizards tower and use telekinetic grab.You might get a rune
  med helm.

* Collect bones and cowhides from the ground.
* Woodcut until yews and sell them 400gp each.
* Mine until gold and sell them 500gp each.
* Fish until swordfish and sell them 450gp each.
* Craft until hard leather and sell them.

Farming Prices:
-=Farming Equipment=-
-Rake: 6gp
-Seed dibber: 6gp
-Secateurs: 5
-Spade: 3gp
-Gardening trowel: 12gp
-Watering can: 8gp
-Plant pot: 1gp
-Compost: 21gp
-Empty sack: 1gp
-Basket: 1gp
-Plant cure: 40
-Farmer boots: 500
-Amulet of Nature: 50k

Allotment seeds
-Potato Seed: 5 to 10
-Onion Seed: 5 to 10
-Cabbage Seed: 10 to 20
-Tomato Seed: 150 to 200
-Sweetcorn Seed: 300 to 500
-Strawberry Seed: 700 to 1.4k
-Watermelon Seed: 2k to 3k

-=Flower seeds=-
-Marigold Seed: 10 to 20
-Rosemary Seed: 30 to 40
-Nasturtium Seed: 200 to 300
-Woad Leaf Seed: 200 to 400
-Limpwurt Seed: 1k to 1.5k

-=Hops seeds=-
-Barley Seed: 10 to 30
-Hammerstone Seed: 20 to 40
-Asgarnian Seed: 20 to 50
-Jute Seed: 30 to 60
-Yanillian Seed: 80 to 120
-Krandorian Seed: 150 to 220
-Wildblood Seed: 1.5k to 2k

-=Bush seeds=-
-Redberry Seed: 10 to 20
-Cadavaberry Seed: 20 to 30
-Dwellberry Seed: 40 top 50
-Jangerberry Seed: 700 to 800
-White berry Seed: 3k to 5k
-Poison Ivy Seed: 3k to 6k

-=Tree seeds=-
-Acorn Seed: 3k to 8k
-Willow Seed: 15k to 20k
-Maple Seed: 30k to 45k
-Yew Seed: 70k to 100k
-Magic Seed: 130k to 180k
-Fruit Tree seeds (top)
-Apple Tree Seed: 5k to 10k
-Banana Tree Seed: 8k to 15k
-Orange Tree Seed: 10k to 18k
-Curry Tree Seed: 15k to 20k
-Pineapple Tree Seed: 35k to 45k
-Papaya Tree Seed: 45k to 55k
-Palm Tree Seed: 80k to 95k
-Special seeds (top)
-Mushroom Spore: 2k to 3k
-Cactus Seed: 2k to 3k
-Belladonna Seed: 2k to 4k
-Calquat Tree Seed: 45k to 60k
-Spirit Tree Seed: not tradable

Air and water runes:
This is only for patient peoplego to the magic tutor then get runeswait 30 minutes
and drop your runes in the second floor(try a world with little players)then get 
the runes from the tutorget the other runes you dropkeep repeting this and you'll
get many air and water runes.

How to get rich from mining:
Mine a whole bunch of ores and as you're leveling up, mine different types of ore 
like copper then tin then iron then steel and so on. Then once you get your mining
level up to 85 (which will ttake quite some time), find a place where yu can mine 
rune ore. And the good thing is 1 rune ore=14k. Sell a bunch of those and you'll 
be rich in no time!

Finding cockroaches:
First you go to barbarian village. Then you will see a liitle house behind that big 
wooden house. go to the back of the liitle shack house thing. you can't get through
the front so you have to go to the back. when you go down their will be a broken jail
cell go click on the post it will say pull back poster. When you pull back the poster
you will go to a secret hideout. Their will be thiefs when you first get in their to
find the cockroach soldiers you have to go all the way to the end where thei are 
regular cockroaches. When you get to the end run right the back upwhen you get their
thier will be cockroach workers walk a little more in to a little cave like thing 
their will be cockroach soldiers. Bring lots of food with you. cockroach soldiers 
are lvl.81(i think all i know is that its above lvl.80) cockroach workers are level.
50 cockroach drones are lvl.8 for (lvl.10 noobs).

Easy money:
Go to Port Sarim, west of Draynor village, and ask one of the people in the blue 
uniforms to go to Karamja and pay them 30 GP. When you get there, walk off the dock
and you should see a house. Enter the house and talk to a man named Luthas. He will
ask you to pick bananas. Answer "Yes", pick bananas, put them in the crate, then talk
to Luthas to collect your moderately earned 30 GP. If you would like more money in 
multiples of 30, ask him to get another 30 GP for doing the job again. Stay here for
a long time if you need to spend several thousand on items.

Ways to Make Money:
=Free members=
1.Get a brass key and fight the Hill Giants (Lvl. 28) in Edgeville Dungeon. While you 
  are there, grab a couple Brass Keys and sell them, because people will buy eventually.
2.Get 99 Smithing and sell Rune Platebodies. (Not easy).

1.Kill Unicorns and sell their horns.
2.Sell red spider eggs from Edgeville Dungeon.
3.Battle Chaos Druids from Tavalery Dungeon and sell the herbs that cost over 1k. Practice
  Herblore while hanging down there. You could also battle Black Knights down there for 
  some more experience.

Easy Way to make money:
(requires lvl 60 wc and 10.5k)
1.Buy a rune axe with about 10k.
2.Go to the GE in a world with not much people.
3.Go to 1 of the side areas of the ge that has yews in it.
4.Get a full inventory of yew logs.
5.Sell the yew logs in GE for minimum.
(You will get about 10-11k per inventory)

Making money with Mining:
A commen way of making money is by minning Rune or Pure Essence. To mine Pure Essesnce 
you have to be lv30 and be a member but it is ok to make money with normal essence.

How to get lots of coins:
First go to lumbridge then go to the dungeon in lumbridge castle pick up all the items 
in that dungeon next when you pick up all the items they will reappear again then pick 
them up again until you get tired then sell them on the general store.

Money for Non-Members:
Go to varrok and get a brass key from G.E or something and go to the hill giants (if you
dont know where that is go to G.E go west to cooking guild it is almost stright on then 
so keep going west) open the door kill the hill giants get there bones and sell them the
price per bones go up quick because they are the best bones for prayer in f2p (free to 
play)so in 1 week they went up from 300gold per bone to 417gold per bones So they go up
quick and you make lots of $$$.

Easy Money Guide I:
1.Go to Al Kharid.
2.Go to kebab store.
3.Buy as many kebabs you want, they only cost 1 GP each.
4.Go to GE and sell them for 60-65 GP each.

Easy Money Guide II:
1.Go to Falador.
2.Go to the bar.
3.Buy Wizard's Mind Bombs for 3 GP each.
4.Go to GE and sell for 60-65 GP each.

Easy Money Guide III:
1.Go to Stronghold of Security.
2.Go thru maze (unless you already passed all 4 levels but haven't collected the prize(s).
3.At the end of 4th floor, search the cradle.
4.Choose either boots, you can always change.
5.After getting the boots, 10K will show up in inventory.

Easy Money Guide IV:
1.Go to Stronghold of Safety.
2.Get to the lever.
3.DON'T pull.
4.Find stairs.
5.Go down.
6.Open door.(If locked, go and pull lever, then come back.)
7.You'll see a box on the other side.
8.Go to it.
9.Search it.

If your about level 35 go to the wilderness and go to the grave yard with zombies level 28.
Then get around 100 planks then every time you run out of room go to the bank on the big hill.
Then when you have about 100 planks go to the grand exchange and sell your planks you will get
about 20k.

Fast transport to Port Sarim:
First, You go to Al-Kharid, Then you go south until you find the Shantay Pass! Then you talk
to Shantay, Then you play around with him for a bit until you get the option, I am an extreme
outlaw, Prepare to die, Or something to that effect, The guards will put you in the cell, DO 
NOT, I repeat DO NOT give him any money, If you do, He'll let you out, so, You dont give him 
your money, he might give you one more chance, DO NOT that time either. Then he sends you to 
prison, Simply pick the lock on the cell door, Then you walk out then your in Port Sarim. 
Also, You can do all the Achievement Diaries and get the golden explorers ring, and right click
it then click "Cabbage Port".

Great money takes a little:
If you are a member that has free time pay attention. Make money fast by killing unicorns. It
sounds almost evil but get over it because when they die they drop unicorn horns and those 
sell for 990gp to 1.2k a piece.

How to get lots of money and exp.:
First Requires: Level 16-17 Crafting, 1 Holy Mould, Shears, Level 20 Smithing and Level 20 
Mining. If you have all these, go to the mining spot South-West from Varrock and mine 13 
Silver Ores (every Silver Ore that you mine gives you 40 Mining exp). Then, go to Lumbridge,
deposit your pickaxe in the bank and withdraw your shears. Go and gather 13 pieces of wool 
in the farm North of Lumbridge and then go in the second floor of Lumbridge Castle to spin 
the wool into balls of wool (every ball of wool gives you 2.5 Crafting exp). Then, go to 
the furnace and smelt the Silver Ores into Silver Bars (I think every Silver Bar gives you
30-40 Smithing exp). Then, use the bars in the furnace again (remember to have your holy 
mould with you) and if you have the holy mould, the Make Saradomin Symbol should be 
available. Right-Click it and press make all Saradomin Symbol (every Saradomin Symbol 
gives you 40 Crafting exp). Then, when you have made the Saradomin Symbols click on a ball
of wool and then click on a Symbol. You should get a message saying: What would you like 
to make Then, right click on the symbol and click Make X Unblessed Symbol put a random 
number over 13 and you'll make 13 Unblessed Symbols.
If you sell them at the General Store, you'll get 80 coins for each(I think)so, from 13 
you should make about 1k gp because you don't get the full price if you sell many same 
items at once.

* You need to finish all non-member achievements in order to get the lvl 3 explorers ring.
* Get your fishing level up to level 40 to fish lobbies (level 50 for swordies) then catch
  a full inventory.
* Use the cabbage-port teleport from your ring and bank all your fish in either draynor 
  villiage or falador.
* Note: Remember not to cook the fish because they're worth more raw.
* Go to the G.E. when u hav a good amount of fish and sell them all for lots of Money.

How to get rich the easy way:
Buy eye of newt at any magic store but not auburies at varrok i prefer at port sarim buy
eye of newt for 3gp each bank at draynor village sell at ge for 100 each as much as possible
no armour cuz u will be running back and fort all over again.

Easy Money:
Do the Shield Of Arrav quest. Go to Varrock, then go to the castle. Go to the far room in
the castle and look at the book shelves. The one with the book explaining the quest will 
be shown on the following diagram:

  |                                             |
  |    |     *|*       |        |         |     |
  |                                             |
  |    |      |        |        |         |     |
  |                                             |

Easy Money:
Get your mining (mine lots of iron), smithing (smelt and smith the iron), and crafting
(get cow hides in the field by Lumbridge, put it in the bank and when you get around 500,
tan them and make them into the best leather item you can) up to level 40. Then, go to the
Crafting Guild (north of Remington) at a time when there are not many people playing. You 
will need a Brown Apron and bring a Pick (Adamanite or Rune recommended).Mine the gold 
ores then deposit them at the Eastern Falador bank. Then, go back and mine. When you have
200 to 250 ores, smelt them and make them into necklaces. If you have gems, you can make 
an amulet out of it. Sell the necklaces ten at a time at a general store (when they are 
out of stock of necklaces) for 1195 gp. Plain amulets are only worth about 800 gp for ten,
unless it is a gem amulet. If you had 250 gold ores, you will now have about 240,000 coins. 
Repeat this as many times as desired.

Easter Egg - RuneScape Fun Facts:
*The Black Knight Titan in the Holy Grail quest is a reference to the Black Knight in Monty 
 Python & The Holy Grail.
*Use a Herring on the entrance door to the Grand Tree, and it says 'It cannot be done.'
*Canifis is probably a reference to the drug cannabis.
*The Dancing Knights in the Falador Party Room are a reference to Monty Python & The Holy Grail.
*The quest name 'Cold War' is a reference to the Cold War which actually happened.
*In the quest Rat Catchers, you can use Weeds with a Pot and light it with a Tinderbox to make
 a 'Smouldering Pot'.
*If you speak to Bob the Cat with an Amulet of Catspeak with a Cat following you, it engages 
 a dialogue similiar to that of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.
*The examine info of Slim Louie and Fat Rocco from the quest Fairy Tale Pt II: Cure a Queen, 
 are both quotes from the movie 'The Godfather'
*The minigame "Vinesweeper" is a reference to the game "Minesweeper"
*The Zombie Dance emote that a player can unlock in Leo The Gravedigger strongly resembles a 
 part of a dance from Michael Jackson's music video for his, song "Thriller".
*If you use an axe on one of the dead trees you will be given the message "You don't need any 
 wood. What are you planning on doing, making them a fresh coffin" 
*Royal Trouble Quest: If the player asks the guard in Miscellania if he or she can go down 
 the dungeon before he or she gets permission to go down there, the guard will say "You're 
 the regent Well I didn't vote for you!" This is similar to a phrase used in Monty Python 
 and the Holy Grail.

Mining Gems For money:
If you want to very fast money all you have to go is do the quest Jungle Potion and the quest
Shilo Village. Once you do them go in to the Shilo Village and go to the North-west corner and
you'll see rocks that have gems coming out of them and there you go you can mine there and get
money very fast. You need 40+ mining to mine there and this tip works.

Easy cash:
Requirements: 60+ woodcutting

Go to lumbridge graveyard with an axe equipped as a weapon (rune recommended, dragon if you're
a member) and an empty inventory, next cut 28 yew logs (full inventory) and bank them in the 
castle bank, after doing this 4 times you should have 112 logs (i think, maybe more maybe less
but defineitely 100+, RUN to Varrok and sell them on the Grand Exchange, they should sell 
instantly but may take a while if lots of people are selling, when the logs have sold pick 
the money up from the G.E. or your nearest bank, you should have over 40k.

Runescape stat changer:
It changes your stats so you don't hav to train your skills to 99.

Chaos druids:
1.Go to edgeville
2.Run to rundown building
3.Go down the trap door
4.Get to the wilderness under there (easy to find) if you get need help finding it just ask.
5.Go to the left past the theives and such. (all level 10 and under) 
6.Kill the druids, then pick up all herbs you can find. 
7.Run back to the bank, and stock up for about 6 loads.

Note: Only for members level 20+, it might take a little bit of time but you will end up 
getting about 300k+ 

Tips On Making money:
These are Some Tips on Making Money.

1.Selling Planks. Planks sell For 190-200 Gold Peices And Are Commonly Purchased By Members
To Build Houses. Planks Can Be Found A Little Bit outside The Clan War Building.

2.Big Bones
This is a More Obvious Tip. But To Those Who Dont Know Big Bones Sell Well. Big Bones Can
Be Found In The Wilderness From Defeated Ogres and Giants.(Found in the Wilderness.) They
Sell For 250 Plus for 1 "Big Bones"and If You Sell An Inventory Full The Gold Adds up. 
Giants Also Drop Limpwort Roots Which Also Sell For High Prices.

3.Varrock East Bank Basement.
Many Of You Probably Have Noticed That that There is Vast amounts of Gold Blocked By A 
Cage. The Way To Get this is To Use the Telekenetic Grab Spell. You Must Be A Lv31 or 
Higher Mage. Hope This Helps.

Method to make millions:
This method will tell u how to make 34k in 10 minutes. Recently a new dungeon has opened.
This dungeon is located in the edgeville dungeon. For hetting into the edgeville dungeon
u will need a brass key. Yoy can buy 1 from ge. Inside the dungeon there is another dungeon.
When u enter that dungeon ull find limpwurt root dropped at the corners of the dungeon.
(Remember: to enter that dungeon u need a dungeoneering lvl of 20)? Each root sells for 
1400 gp ea (as of 7th sept 2010). Get 1 full inventory and deposit it at the varrock bank
(1 inventory=1400*27=37800gp in 10 mins). Keep doing this untill you have 10 inventories.

Free salmon and trout:
Go to the fishing area nxt to barb village and fishers there always drop salmon (90g)
and trout (75)pik them up and sell to G.E for LOTS OF MONEY!

Money - Tip fpr members:
A good way to make money is to catch Magpie Implings with a butterfly net and sell 
them on the Grand Exchange. There is an area full of imps in the fairy world. To get
to it you must use the fairy ring to gain access to the fairy world, then go to the 
crop circle in the middle of the field and enter it. you will end u[ in a maze of 
magical wheat with imps zooming around. Be careful though cause the imp guards will
try to release an imp from you're inventory if they catch you standing stalding still
or walking intstead of running.

Go to the Ice Path North of Cammy. And catch Polar Kebbits, Drop their Bones and Meat 
Keep the Fur and After a Full Inventory is 175k.

Lots of money:
First you need to have $60 then go to port sarim. Then chatch the boat that will be goind
to karajma that will cost you $30. Then when you arrive there go to were the banana tree's
are and pick the banana's until your inventery is full. And when it is chatch the boat back
to port sarim. Then go to the grabd exchange and sell a banana for $188 each and you will 
get heaps of money and you can do again and again.

F2P Oak Money:
With the new update, three Oak trees gave been placed southeast of the Grand Exchange
(G.E.).If you weild your hatchet, and have nothing in your inventory, each inventory 
is worth aprox. 2.1K. In half an hour, I leveled in Woodcutting(wc) from 46 to 48, and
bought a rune schieter(scimmy), full adamant(addy), an amulet of strength(str ammy), 
and a strength potion(str pot).

Air rune master:
Go to karambja and go behind luthas house and there are fast respawning air runes and 
in half an hour you will have 200 air runes!

Easy Money:
This money making method 'exploits' potion maker's laziness. They tend to buy filled 
vials rather than doing it themselves. That is where you come in.

* For this money making method you will need at least 200gp although preferably up to 20k. 
  The more you put in the more you will get out.

* Go to the Grand Exchange and buy as many empty vials as you can for 2gp each. If you 
  started with 200gp you will only be able to buy 100, but this process can be repeated.
  Note: There is a trade limit on vials of 10k every 4 hours. If you want to buy more 
  than that you will need to wait around for a while.

* Next, store the vials in an easy to reach place in your bank and go to Edgeville 
  (North of the Barbarian Village).

* Fill your inventory with vials and use one on the well nearby to fill them with water.
  Bank the filled vials and repeat.

* When you have filled all the vials, sell them on the Grand Exchange for 17gp each. 
* This generates a profit of 15gp per vial.
* One inventory full of filled vials gives a profit of 420gp.
* Assuming one run takes about 10 seconds, that equals 2520gp per minute and just over 
  151k per hour.

* If you start off filling only 100 vials, after reselling them you should be able to 
  buy 750 more to give even more profit. You can repeat this until you feel you have 
  enough money or you hit the trade limit for vials.

* Due to the trade limit, going as fast as possible you are restricted to just 1 hour 
  out of every 4 while the trade limit resets. However, this can be avoided by stocking
  up on vials a few days earlier and filling them all in one session.

* 100 vials: 200gp turns into 1.7k with a profit of 1.5k.
* 1k vials: 2k turns into 17k with a profit of 15k.
* 10k vials: 20k turns into 170k with a profit of 150k.

Satan Oracle Amor:
You need to have a good weapon, addy or better is recommended. Next, go to Al-Kharid and kill
10 men. The last one should drop a red clue scroll. It is titled "Satan Scroll" or "The Scroll
of Satan". Now you need to read it. It is in a code, but here is the broken code: Go to the 
graveyard of the cursed souls, to seek what should not be found. Take a holy relic and kill a
Demon of the Lesser kind. Take the remains and destroy three spirits, Scorpius Realm. This means
go to the Forgotten Graveyard and search in a coffin. You should find a Dictionary of Hell. Take
this and a holy symbol and kill a lesser demon. Take its ashes and kill three ghosts. The last 
one should drop a Necklace of Hell. Go to the bank and get LOTS of food! You will have to kill 
Level 235 Satan! Now, once youve done this, wear the Necklace. It should bring you to hell. You
will need to kill three Level 100 Blood Demons. After this, Satan will appear. He can hit a max
of 25 and a minimum of 15. Once he is dead, he will drop the revered and impossibly rare "Satan
oracle Armor" set. Congrats! You just got the rarest armor in the game! It can be sold for 
upwards of 200M for each part of the armor. (Thats the gloves, boots, legs, body, helm, cape, 
ring, and shield.) Thats 1 billion 600 Million Gold Pieces!

Extremely Fast Prayer Experience:
Soloman's General Store now offers the Strongman Burial animation free for members. This 
animation itself might not seem too appealing, but there is a hidden effect that comes with 
the animation. With the animation active, you can bury bones more than twice as fast as without
the animation. This can result in more than 1.6 million xp per hour burying frost dragon bones.
Offering frost dragon bones on a gilded altar only gives 600k xp per hour(or 1 million xp per 
hour with a pack yak). So if you have a spare 1.2 billion gp and you don't yet have 99 prayer,
using this method can get you 99 prayer within 8 hours or 200m xp within 120 hours! 
Using this method during double xp weekends will give you 99 prayer within 4 hours!

How to Obtain Uncharted Achievement (Fast and Easy):
Written by Aristeia

Get the Uncharted Achievement with minimum time and gp spent. 
This is the rarest achievement you can get.

Rosie (supplies) on Waiko provides 5 free supplies a day, up to a cap of 50.

Each short expedition requires 5 supplies.

In order to complete this achievement, you'll need a total of 150 supplies.

*Visit Waiko for the first time to unlock Rosie (supplies).
*Come back in 10 days to collect 50 supplies.
*Do short junket.
*Leave Rowboat.
*Repeat Steps 3a and 3b 10 times.
*Repeat Steps 2 and 4 every 10 days.

Tips to Get Rich:
Written by Bloke Smunts

Simple guide to build wealth and experience.

Runescape has many skillís to choose from some make more money than otherís 
and some are slow and fast to level up.

Find a skill that you enjoy working on and focus on your goalís

Many itemís to choose from that you can purchase from playerís grand exchange or 
by NPCís around the game.

Questís another part of them game you can do to gain extra itemís and XP for skillís 
you dont want to skill.

-=Clue Hunting=-
Clue scrollís another great way to earn extra GP or save money on nice cosmetic itemís.

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