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  Hints and Tips for: Ruza 
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 Ruza Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Beat the Hell Out Of Hibiska:
Written by TsarUnion

Learn how to beat up Hibiska, for the low cost of free and the high 
reward of nothing.

-=Introduction on Hibiska Abuse=-
Hibiska is a great boss. She’s cool, has kick-ass music. We love her. 
Now let’s kill her.

-=Hibiska Bullying Setup=-
For this abuse session, we will have to bully Hibiska with only the 
most premium amounts of debuffs. With this in mind, designate any of 
your lovely party members to be “Dr. Debuff”. As long as it’s not Gin, 
since we’ll be saving him for something more important: Buffs.

Gear up Gin with any buffs and maximize his Hibiska defenses. He should 
be a walking, talking bulwark with healing properties.

With this setup, everyone else being damagers, it is time for phase 2: 

-=The Fight=-
Someone’s going to the hospital, it ain’t you this time.

Power walk to Hibiska with stride and confidence, keeping a superiority 
complex at hand. Approach her with killing spirit and commence with the 

From here on out, it is a buff/debuff war. Augment your attacks to debuff 
Hibiska, but save up some points for helping yourself out. Landing 
criticals is a good way to obtain points, so try and go for those if you 
can. If you find yourself low, immediately go for Gin’s heal aura with 
area attack + heal. With luck, everyone should have some buff while also 
purging any debuffs you may have had.

When it comes to Hibiska, she’ll use her axe for defense somehow. I don’t 
know, axes on Pixie eBay must be special. Maximizing on augmentation will 
constantly bring down her stack of defense, and even help you out with 
damage over time. Most people will lose the fight because of Hibiska’s 
quickly stacking defense and heavy damage shenanigans, but with the proper 
bullying setup; created by professionals (un)like myself, you should be 
able to counter them and proceed.

One Realization that Hibiska has Plot Armour.

If you’re here, congratulations! You learned basic immoral decision 
making! With Hibiska KO’d, she’ll effectively revive due to her death 
being in the event of her free trial of plot armour. From this fight, 
you have gained absolutely nothing but the spoils of feeling good about 
destroying her.

Hope this guide helped you achieve literally nothing, but mentally 

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