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  Hints and Tips for: Second Second 
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 Second Second Cheats

Second Second

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Gameplay Tips and Tricks:
Written by kkjkkj102

When I first met this game, I became a big fan of this game. As a big fan 
of this game, I'm writing some tips for this game casue I want you to feel 
real fun of SecondSecond. Hope you guys clear the 10 level ai, let's start!

-=Tips and Tricks=-
0. Basic deck is the easiest one. Basic means basic. Simple and powerful. 
If you don't know about this game well, just do it.

1. Use enemy time as many as you can. There are cost(which is time) and some 
effects on the card. And usually, effects are proportional to cost. 
So if you use many time, it means you get many effects.

2. Sometimes, you need to press the turn end. It's totally different meaning 
above. But sometimes, pressing trun end is easy. Here is some simple example. 
Your enemy only left basic gun and you only left basic sword. The enemy will 
use his gun four times. Then I have two choice. Case 1: Use basic sword 4 times. 
Case 2: Use basic sword 3 times and end the turn. For the case 1, I damage 3*4=12 
to enemy. The enemy will use basic gun for four times. It dealt 4*4=16 damage 
to me. I took 4 more damage in case 1. For the case 2, I damage 3*4=12 to 
enemy. The enemy will use basic gun for four times. It dealt 2*4=8 damage to 
me. I took 4 more damage in case 1. So in these cases, the answer is case 2. 
Sometimes, ending turn mean something.

3. Always check if enemy could die in my turn. This could apply to any games. 
In my turn, check that I could kill the enemy. In max level of AI, it doesn't 
accept any single mistake. Always check if enemy could die in my turn. 

4. Calculate the daylight and night. Although maps show us which time is it 
but you have to calculate the time. There are two reasons. First, lab's role 
is fixed by time. At the daylight, you can make another slot. At the night, 
you can give a card's rarity to another card. Usually, in sector 1&2, you go 
to lab at daylight. From sector 3, you usually go to the lab at night cause 
you collected many legendary(yellow) cards. Second reason is first player. 
At the daylight, user became a first player. First player has advantage but 
there is some deck that has advantage at the night. You have to figure out that 
when your deck has advantage. After that you have to calculate the daylight and 
night to make big plan.

5. Kill the elite at the very last time. In standard mode, normal enemy's HP 
increses as the time pass. However, elite and boss' Hp is constant. It means 
difficulty of elite and boss are same. So kill the normal enemy first and kill the 
elite later.

6. If you don't know, become defensive. Just dealing and dealing and dealing will 
not make the clear of the game. Because after sector 3, enemys' HP are bigger than 
you. So if you just make only dealing, the enemy will just deal to you, and you 
will face the failed screen on your monitor cause you have low HP than enemy. So 
if you don't know become defensive.

7. Always hold normal(white) card for the portal. As game going, the enemys' HP 
increase. So if you use portal, which appear from sector 3, you don't have to 
encounter the enemy and encounter with the boss. If you want to use portal, hold 
the normal card which you can freely discard.

8. If you could encounter the situation(!) without meeting with enemy, do it! 
If you encounter the situation, there are lots of thing that you get from that 
situation. Even if there are no perfect answer, you could just passed by without 
getting any penalty. 

9. Check out the enemy's lamp. This tip is actually optional. If you follow this 
one, you become a master of SecondSecond. There are two important lamp. First one, 
crossed lamp. I think I explain this above. Sometimes do not give crossed. Second 
one is low hp. If enemy's low hp lamp is on, you have to becareful cause enemy 
could make heal explosion which means you have to deal that much.

10. There are no bad cards but there is a card that has bad synergy. This is the 
strong point of this game. The balance of the game is well balanced. There are no 
overpowered cards and there are no bad cards. But there is a card that has bad 
synergy with my deck, so you have to figure out the cards that has good synergy 
with my deck.

11. If you use enemy's turn, becareful of castting immune. If your using finisher 
card to enemy and enemy ignores damage, it will make very hard for you. If you 
are guessing that enemy is using castting ignore damage, use it on your turn.

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