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  Hints and Tips for: Sheryl: The Alchemist of the Island Ruins 
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 Sheryl: The Alchemist of the Island Ruins Cheats

Sheryl: The Alchemist of the Island Ruins

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Making Money Tips:
You just need to keep doing the related quests in the adventure guild. 
When you complete them all, the receptionist will be at the guild with 
an event icon.

There are 3 events that net you 100,000g each. East of tram top of 
building, 2 on bridge to Ancient Tower. That is what I found, maybe more.

Sell drugs to the item shop. I am not joking.

If you have reached 4th layer, you can easily find the ingredient “Angel 
Flower”, near the end of the layer (just before the layer boss).

That ingredient alone allows you to create “Angel Dust”, which sells for
40000g per piece.

I found this out today, so I don’t know if there is any consequences of 
doing this.

Where you can find the recipe for Angel Dust?

Same location, inside one of the houses.

-=Also you can=-
* Complete the game with “Virgin” status (Get 200,000 G for “Ancient Dragon” 
  and 300,000 G for “Red Eye”).
* Collect “stashes” using “Winged Broach” (total 500,000).

-=Secret Info You Should to Know=-
* If you talk to the father of the girl’s father in Halfling Village, you 
  can get 5 “Golden Truffel”.
* After the “Creampie in the Stables” task, “Sale price fluctuation alert” 
  appears (increases the price of “Spermicide” and “After Sex” items).
* After performing “Love Potion Wanted” an H-event appears in Adventurer’s 
* After completing “Contraception Is Vital 2” you can enter Brothel (+ 10000 G).
* After completing “Red Things Wanted (3)” you will get “Rabis Gem", 
  "Hobgoblins Gem” and “Letter”.
* After completing “(Wanted Poster) Radiant Red Eye Hunt” you will be able to 
  meet “Unicorn” and if you are “Virgin” he will give you 300000 G.
* After completing the “(Wanted Poster) Adventurer Hunter Hunt” you will get 
  another 100000 G for “community improvement” and 3 Fame. Also, when you go 
  downstairs, you will find some old familiar elves.
* If you defeat the “Ancient Dragon” being “Virgin”, you can get 200000 G from 
  one of the visitors of the “Adventurer`s Guild”.
* At Hot Springs you will meet Swordswoman Corrina.
* Max Lewdness unlocks the “Slut Beam” ability.


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