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  Hints and Tips for: Sim City 4 
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 Sim City 4 Cheats

Sim City 4

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Davy Stolk
Update by: Vincent Seitz
Update by:Yazz

To activate the cheat codes, hit CTRL-X during gameplay and type in 
the cheat you want to execute: 

Code                   Result 
fightthepower        - Get Rid of Power Requirement
hellomynameis        - Change Mayor Name (ie. Change Mayor Name 
                       Donald will change the mayor name to "Donald")
howdryiam            - Get Rid of Water Requirement 
sizeof               - Magnify (1-100) 
stopwatch            - Pause Clock
tastyzots            - Toggle Zots
weaknesspays         - 1,000 added to Treasury
whatimeizit          - Set Time (add a space, then the time)
whererufrom          - Change City Name (ie. Change City Name New City 
                       will change the city name to "New City")
you don't deserve it - All Rewards 
zoneria              - Hide Empty Zone Color

Cheat code: stopwatch:
Submitted by:

Description: Pause/resume the 24 hour clock
How to use your cheat code:  
1. First type the console access code:  ctrl + shift + alt + x
2. Enter code  - stopwatch
-  While paused, press and both trigger buttons.

Submitted by: dazza

If you press the [Ctrl] + x and type in the box freddiemuney it will give you a 
$1,000,000,000 each works on my game but it only works on a few. My city
has got about $68,000,000,000

Get Infinite Money:
Submitted by: Tiago

Press [CTRL] and X together and a grey box should come up at the top left of the screen.
In this box type in 'weaknesspays' then highlight it and press CTRL and C together.
Now hold ctrl press ENTER then V then ENTER then V etc. If u hold down the CTRL key 
and keep pressing V and ENTER WHILE holding CTRL your money will go up by 1000 each 
time u press V and ENTER.

Cheat and Hints:
Submitted by: indra pede

To activate these cheats, press CTRL+X to bring up the cheat input box, then enter the 
desired code and press enter.

GOL Begins the Game Of Life (Map has greenish tint). Try clicking around on the green 
objects that cover your city map. To exit this game, press the ESC key. 
TerrainQuery Enables a debug feature that adds extra information to terrain query bubbles. 
Enter the code again, adding the word off after it, to disable this mode. 
DollyLlama Turns all your advisors into llamas. Enter the code again to turn them back
to normal. Recorder Opens the animation recorder. Click here for more information on 
this code. Flora off Removes all trees from empty terrain. This process is not reversible.

All Platforms - Tricks
The following tricks will work with all known versions of SimCity 4. To ensure that these 
tricks work correctly, make sure that you follow each step exactly as it is written. does not provide support on any tricks listed here.
Return to God Mode After you enter the Mayor Mode and name yourself and your city, the game 
will no longer allow you access to the extensive terrain editing tools that are available in 
God Mode, unless you first select to obliterate your city. It doesn't have to be this way. 

To get back into God Mode without blowing everything up, simply hold down CTRL, SHIFT, and
ALT. Then click on the God Mode button in the interface.

Warning! Use caution when applying God mode tools on your existing city. Some of these tools, 
such as Smooth Terrain will instantly obliterate your city just by clicking the button. Those 
that don't cause instantaneous changes may also still damage the city severely, as there is 
far less consideration in this mode for the preservation of the surrounding structures.
Animation Recorder Have you ever wanted to show off your city in a cool video file? Now you 
can, using the built in "recorder" feature in SimCity 4: 
Open the cheat box by pressing CTRL+X and enter the code "recorder" Upon entering the code,
the following applet will appear: 
Simply enter the Name you would like to call the animation, the Rate in milliseconds between 
frames, the Time in seconds to record for, and select which type of Output format, you want 
to use. Click the Start button to begin recording. While recording feel free to move around 
your city, or even build things. Anything that happens inside the box will be recorded.
After recording finishes, the recorder will ask if you want to save the images. If you select
Yes, it will place them in My Documents\SimCity 4\RecordedAnimations under the name 
animation_name ###_###, where ###_### identifies the order of the images in the sequence.
Click the Close button to close the recorder.
Use a program like Jasc Animation Shop to create a .AVI file from the images.
You can change the area of the screen that is to be recorded, by dragging around the outline
box that appears on the screen while the recorder is open. You can also drag the edges of 
the box to change the size of the recording space.

Submitted by: Eashaan

Hold [Ctrl]+x and type in the box -moneyeo.This cheat will add $5,000,000 to your Treasury.

All God Options when you are a Mayor:
When you are in the Mayor mode, you can't use all of the God Options. If you want to use them,
Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift at the same time, when still holding, click with your left mouse button 
on "God Options" And you will have them all.

Faster money:
Type "weaknesspays" but before you press enter press and hold shift witch will keep the cheat 
box open after pressing enter then press the up arrow on your keyboard witch will bring up 
the previous code(weaknesspays) a repeat to hearts desire.

How to get a money tree:
type in sim city exchange go to the 1 that says this Lot & Building Exchange - 
go to the bottom of the page and there should be a key word search type in money tree and a
money tree should pop up on ur web page click down load (its only 38k)the money tree will 
be in plugin in your simcity4 file play simcity and go to the parks undernieth rewards it 
should say green park or something and it will cost 1000 simelions the money will come up 
as 4,375,285,858 or something like that but there will be a minus at the start so thats 
how much you get a month 4,375,285,858 :-) happy being the richest mayor in the world.

Submitted by: andrew

In sim city4 push [Ctrl] x and type you "don't deserve it" and [back space] t and then put
t back it works.

Submitted by: greg

Do [Ctrl] + x to get the cheat screen, then type in "riskymoney" then press "Enter". Every 
time you type this in it will give you 10,000 simoleons. Be careful when you press enter, 
there will be an earthquake, so do this cheat before you actually start the city.

Don't have a heart: Raise taxes:
Taxes can be a helpful tool in a lot of ways. You can lower them to attract a certain type
of development, or raise them to do the opposite, and you get the reward in reaping in the
benefits. At the start of many of my cities, I raise all my taxes to 8%. This usually gives
me enough revenue in a couple years for a full educational system and fire/police protection.
And sims don't usually complain at 8 or even 9 percent. As long as they feel they're getting 
what they paid for.

Save water systems for later:
Since water systems cost a lots to build and maintain, don't use them at the beginning. Sims
can live without water, since they can have their own wells (although high wealth sims will 
not live or work without city water). If you start a water system, start in the industrial 
areas, where they're needed most.

Helpful tip:
Your first goal is to generate profit (duh). After naming your city and mayor, First, activate
the Legalized Gambling ordinance. You'll get an extra $100/month. The catch is that there is 
a 20% corresponding increase in crime, but since your city is small, don't worry about it.

Second, raise all taxes to 7.5-8.0%. You may want to lower them later, but people will flock
to your quaint little town even with the raised tax.

Quick money:
Use the following trick to quickly accumulate money.

1. Press [Ctrl] + X 
2. type weaknesspays 
3. Hold [Left Shift] 
4. Press [Enter] 
5. Press [Cursor Up] 
6. Press [Enter] 
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6; you will get $1000 each time. 

Money from Neighbor Deals:
When you make a city, connect it to at least two cities; one with water or some other
major resource and another that needs it (water works best). Do not have that resource
in your city or the glitch will not work (for example, water pump, power plant, etc.).
Make the connection to these two cities using your city and go to "Neighbor Deals". 
Under the deals, select the resource to buy, then the other city to sell to. Then, cancel
the buy, but not the sale. Follow this exactly. Select the pull down menu and reselect 
the resource you are selling to the other city. If done correctly, the dollar amount 
should significantly increase. You can now reselect the resource to buy. After a few
months, the game will reset the dollar amount but you can do glitch again. When using 
water, it is possible to get all the way to 1,000,000,000 Simoleons. 
Note: If you play the other cities, make sure you check on the Neighbor Deals. 
You do not want to bankrupt the cities.

How to make your city 100k population:
Submitted by: Mikamocha Yeshua Elyon

1. Select a medium sized layout with a little bit of water a mainly flat land. Now
   When you first get to the name of the city and how hard screen select hard and name 
   your city. Hard makes the game easier in the case that the city population is more 
1. Ok in the center of the map zone a fairly large area of Residential. Then add a 
   either an avenue around or a simple street. Then add a few avenues in the residential
2. Place a large industrial center close to the water but leave some space for the 
   business for 
   the water were later you will add marinas.
3. Build a small business area. Now attach the areas together with avenues.
4. Build a power plant and a garbage dump that is 4 * 2.
5. Connect the power to all the grids.
6. wait and watch as the city builds
7. once you have enough money build a sea port near the industrial center or a rail 
   system so that there are fewer trucks on the roads on the roads.
8. Now wait until you have enough inflow of cash and you get the large elementary 
   school if you have the deluxe edition, if you don't build 2 small elementary schools 
   in the residential area. Check to make sure you aren't wasting money by adjusting the
   funding to the school.
9. Now wait for about 3 years
10. now build and upgrade roads and industrial areas, if needed add more commercial area 
11. now space pipes about 7 to 9 apart from each other and zone the whole city for water 
    even unused areas
12. now go to the residential and rezone it in medium sized homes
13. now build a water pumps until demand is met
14. If you need to build or increase power, garbage, water, sea ports, rail ways, ect. 
    Do so now.
15. Once the residential is mainly small apartments add a few monuments like the Hollywood
    sign or something else near or in the business area. Redo all streets to roads. If you
    want now would be the time to add more avenues and so forth, later you will find problems
16. now select the central area of your residential and zone for large after you have put in 
    a High School and a college, if needed add more industrial zones and commercial zones
17. Now wait for the large towers to appear.
18. this is your time to put in reward that you have gotten like: the mayor house, city hall,
    parks, ect.
19. Keep watch on the industrial areas, build a few fire department, make sure that they are
    large fire departments
20. look at your budget and make sure you are still making money
21. click on the cheetah speed button and go in to the 20's.
22. once you have gotten to the 20's add have a good budget build a few police stations
23. rezone the rest of the residential to high and rezone or build new zones for industrial
    and commercial as needed for the next few years, old zones should be zoned for high and
    new zones should be zoned for low, add more seaports or railways as needed.
24. now rezone all commercial to high when you have enough money
25. select your speed setting as desired
26. watch it go up to 100,000 population
27. build anything else you like but keep the budget in mind
28. add the university and other education and hospitals when you have the money
29. once you want more high tec. industry go to the tax menu and change it to 3 %
30. now you should have a city of 100,000
31. good job!!!!!!!!!!!

-=Cheats: To get into the cheat menu press [Ctrl] + [X]=-
1. weaknesspays
2. You Don't Deserve It.

These too cheats will aid you if needed.
1 gives you 1000 Simoleons
2 Gives you All Rewards

1. don't build hospitals until you have a large population other wise it is a waste of 
2. Build large police stations and fire stations because they do save money in the end.
3. build parks to lower the co2 emitions.
4. build a water treatment plant to decrease water pollution.
5. build power plants that suit your current needs like coal when you don't have a lot of 
   money and others when you have the money.
6. the far best power plant I have found out are the natural gas plants and wind mills.

How to create a super high mega huge population city:
Submitted by: Sim Pa ti Pe De Ci Ty

Pick a large sized terrain. First, only create medium density res and ind. 
Then add utilities and civic buildings. Wait for the city to reach 10000 and zone more res. 
Try to zone some com. Then delete some ind. Wait until the city reaches 30000, then you'll 
get residential skycapers. Replace 75-80% of the industrial to commercial. When he city 
reaches 45000 commercial jobs, you'll have commercial skycapers. Now, replace all industrial
with commercial. Add more residential and commercial zones. Once you reached 100k population,
your city is filled with skycapers. Lower all taxes to 5-6%. The city will raise its population
until 500k or oven 1m. Continue building your city and create and connect it to another city. 
Do the same as I explain before.

High population city:
Select a large sized terrain. Start by only creating medium density residential and industrial
areas. Then add utilities and civic buildings. Wait for the city to reach 10,000 in population
and zone more resesidential areas. Try to zone some commercial areas then delete some industrial
areas. Wait until the city reaches 30,000 in population to get residential skyscapers. Replace 
75% to 80% of the industrial areas to commercial. When the city reaches 45,000 commercial jobs,
you will have commercial skyscrapers. Replace all the industrial areas with commercial. Add 
more residential and commercial zones. Once you reach 100,000 in population, your city will 
be filled with skyscrapers. Lower all taxes to 5% to 6%. The city will increase in population
until 500,000 or over 1 million. Continue building your city and create and connect it to 
another city.

Save money:
Submitted by: helper

Look at your water pollutain table and when you plan to build more water stations put them 
outside the zone and then you will have clean water and you can even put in pipes as the 
pollutain does affect them so it saves money building a water treatment plant and no one 
will complain.

Saving money:
Building highways is a heavy hitter on your budget, and noisy as well. If you place two 
roads side by side and connect every segment with streets (roads have stoplights), then 
you should be able to get traffic moving just as fast as on highways, but much cheaper 
and quieter.

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