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  Hints and Tips for: Singles 2 - Triple Trouble 
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 Singles 2 - Triple Trouble Cheats

Singles 2 - Triple Trouble

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Shafeeyur Rahman

Open the file named 'savegame#_xxxx.dat' with notepad from singles2/savegame 
directory...(here # is the save game number and xxxx will be replaced by where u 
last saved the game...for example if u last saved in ypur apartment in slot 
5 then open savegame5_apartment.dat file)... 
Search for the string 'relationships' until u find one like the following:

-> 5 = 83
-> 13 = 84
-> 15 = 85

u will not find exactly like it. the structure would be relationships
-> # = **
-> # = **
-> # = **
-> # = **
here # represents any number from 0 to 16 and ** would be any number.
note down the values on the place of **. then search again until u find similar
phrases. note down the values again. u will usually find 3 such phrases(sometimes
more or less). in exmple i used 83,84,85...then go to the top of the file and 
again search for 'Relationship 83'..instead of 83 u will use your number. 
you will find a phrase like this under the line:


gameTime = 9740.31


longTermRelationship = 0.9832521
shortTermRelationship = 0.9846231

longTermRelationship = 0.9645887
shortTermRelationship = 0.9346391

longTermRelationship = 0.9568754
shortTermRelationship = 0.9567841

here change the value beside all the short time and long time relationship. the value
must be greater than -0.9999999 and smaller than 0.9999999....(0.9999999 represent 
maximum relationship).. then again search for relationship ** the same thing for
all the relationship and load the game viola..................u reached the maximum 
relationship with everyone....

Extra Money:
Submitted by: Haspa

Firstly goto the properties of the following file C:Program FilesSingles2 
configgame.cfg and take out the read-only attribute. Then edit the file in notepad.

Search for the following field "moneystart" remove the amount for the backyard, 
apartment or the penthouse to read 999999999 save the file then edit the 
properties and make the file read-only again.

Unlock all modes:
Search moneystart then, scroll down and look for "BackyardEnabled = false", 
"ApartmentEnabled = true", "PenthouseEnabled = false" change the false for true
and you are set.

Uncensored version:
Search for pixelation then, make sure that pixelate = true and that 
fullPixelation = false this works for the international game, I don't know for
the others.

There is still a lot of modifications possible in "game.cfg" such as changing time 
for different things.

First of all, play a game and save it, then quit the game. Open the 
"savegameX_Apartment.dat" file in notepad if the character you want to edit lives 
in an apartment or savegameX_Penthouse if he lives in a penthouse and so long (X is 
the saved game you want to edit e.g. savegame3_Apartment.dat check the screenshot to
be sure) You can find the file in the "\savegame" folder where the singles game is 
located. Now search for skillpoints, when you find it change its value to 30 search
again and change it to 30. Do that until there is no more skillpoints entries. This 
is to be improved but for now, it does the job. Now run the game open your saved 
game and spend your new skillpoints! 

Common interests for roommates:
Pick your roommates by what they like to watch on television. can tell if someone 
really likes a show when they jump out of their seat. This is a group activity. If 
everyone likes the same thing, it saves a lot of time restoring their fun because 
everyone can watch the same channel.

Hot tub:
Get a hot tub as soon as possible. Two roommates can wash in it at the same time. 
It increases Hygiene to 70 or 80% rather quickly. Roommates put on swim suits so 
there is no embarrassment. Place the hot tub in a room just slightly larger for 
privacy and high Cozy. If two roommates are already in the tub, no one will 
disturb you if the hot tub and lighting are the only fixtures in the room.

Buy four cheap dressers. Put one in each bedroom and one in the shower/bathtub 
room. You do not need a dresser for the pool or hot tub room. Roommates will 
switch to their swimsuits automatically.

Two roommates work:
Note: This trick works best when all are the same gender. One strategy is for two 
roommates to earn money while one plays and cleans. This works extremely well. 
Have two roommates work on their careers to make money. The second one cleans 
house. Finish cleaning the house by noon. Then, go to bar or invite someone over 
for some fun. Make sure you leave the bar by 15:00 so you get back before your 
roommates get home. Cook them a meal. When they get home they can get their hunger 
out of the way. Have your two working roommates talk to each other a great deal. 
The player/cleaner should just socialize with them a little. On weekends, everyone 
should go to the bar but try not to spend more than five or six hours there unless 
you have a lot of money. If you get tired with who works and who plays, switch them.

Roommate relationships vs. Bar Flies: 
It takes more than five time longer to get into a relationship with your roommate 
than it does with someone you talk to in a bar. After two eight hour trips to the 
bar you will be French kissing. The reason is that The Bar has a very high Cozy 
level. Take your roommate(s) to the bar to take advantage of this. 
Note: You cannot take roommates to the bar in the Story mode. However, when you 
complete Story mode you will gain control of all three players.

Create separate rooms for needs. Put toilets in every bedroom with dressers. Place 
the shower and tub in separate rooms with a dresser in each. Also have a washer with 
a sink and mirror. These rooms do not need to be that Cozy. 

Play pen:
When your guest arrives, be in room that is the most Cozy. This room should have a 
couch, television, twin bed, bowl of fruit, and a door leading into the hot tub room 
and one into the toilet room. This should be built as close as possible to the front 
door to your apartment. Otherwise, your visitor may go in a less desirable place in 
your apartment. This will give you more control over your visitor, with no rejection 
of action because of Cozy. It will also give you more control over privacy from your 
roommates (opposite sex only).

Fixing a broken romance:
For example, take Josh and Anna. Do not flirt with Anna after you declare your love to 
her. Instead, just romance her. Just buy her a present and get her Romance past 50% on 
the blue bar. She will come running to you in her panties the next morning, saying how 
you are the one. You are now back together. You cannot do any romance moves until you 
heal her broken heart. Do not waste your time using them on her.

Selecting roommates:
For a roommate with the same gender, it depends on your strategy. If the opposite sex
lives with you, it is difficult to be a player if you plan on multiple relationships.
Roommates will get jealous. Bar Flies only come over when you invite them. 
Your roommate is always there. Bar Flies and roommates only get jealous if they see 
you cheating. Select the opposite sex based on your attraction to them. Choose the 
two opposite sex that you would hit on last.

Easy skillpoints:
Save the game, then quit. Use a text editor to edit the "savegame[number]_apartment.dat"
file (if your character lives in an apartment) or "savegame[number]_penthouse" file, if
your character lives in a penthouse, etc. in the "\Singles2\savegame" folder. Look 
for the entry for skillpoints and change its value to "30". Search again and change 
the value of each occurrence to "30". 

Extra money:
Use Windows Explorer to disable the read-only attribute of the "game.cfg" file in the 
"\Singles2\config\" folder. Then, use a text editor to edit that file. Find the "Money"
heading and change the values for the "moneyEmptyScene", "moneyStartStory", 
"moneyStartBackyard", "moneyStartApartment", and "moneyStartPenthouse" lines 
to "999999999". Save the file, then make the file read-only again.

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