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  Hints and Tips for: Skullgirls 
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 Skullgirls Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tenth color palette:
Select the "Versus" option, then choose the "Local" selection. At the controller 
placement screen, type "idspispopd" to unlock the tenth color palette for all 

Unlockable Arcade Stories:
Unlock the following stories by performing the corresponding tasks:

Story                           How to Unlock
Valentine's Arcade mode story - Complete all currently available stories.
Double's Arcade mode story    - Complete Valentine's story.
Valentine's Story mode        - Complete Story mode with all available characters.
Double's Story mode           - Complete Story mode as Valentine.

Unlockable Color Palettes:
Unlock the following color palettes by performing the corresponding tasks:

Color Palette           How to Unlock
Seventh color palette - Complete Story mode to unlock that character's seventh color.
Eighth color palette  - Complete Arcade mode to unlock that character's eighth color.
Ninth color palette   - Play 25 Versus mode matches (online or offline) to unlock 
                        that character's ninth  color.

Unlock Color Palate #10:
You must input this with a keyboard on the choose controller screen under Versus.
Local Only.

Effect                    Code
Unlock Color Palate #10 - idspispopd

Beating Filia in Fukua's Story Mode:
Written by Katros

Since a lot of people (including myself) have (or had) problems beating Filia, 
who acts as the final boss in Fukua's Story Mode, I decided to make this guide to 
help everyone out, so that no one else will get such a big butt whoopin' like I got. 
Here you'll find the means I found optimal to defeat her, although it doesn't mean 
that it's the only way to do so.

First off, Filia's set to the highest difficulty, and has 300% health, meaning every 
hit just tickles her, but that's the least of your problems.

What you need to know is how to exploit her weaknesses. When she's not jumping around 
to hit you, she'll stay crouched and block your every move, including normal grabs. 
She won't block Fukua's command grabs though.

Staying at the distance is a no no, since she can exploit YOUR weaknesses as well, 
and she will take every opportunity to beat you up badly.

The trick here is to keep the pressure on her, and attack her with small combos into 
(HK) Platonic Drillationship (her drill special), which will award you with more Super 
Meter faster. However, pay attention to your Super Meter while doing this. If she gets 
up, use your Blown Kiss Super (projectile) otherwise she'll punish you. HARD.

It's true she will crouch and block all the time, BUT your biggest friend here will 
be Forever A Clone (HK) special. Being an overhead, she won't be able to block it 
while crouched, meaning that you get free hits. Combo her into Super Blown Kiss. 

To conclude: 

Keep her quiet with combos into (HK) Platonic Drillationship to build meter.
Use (HK) Forever A Clone to leave her open and combo into Super Blown Kiss.
Repeat the procedures and there you go!

Extra Tip: Using her crouch drill attack to gradually bring Filia closer to you and 
using her command grabs also works.This requires a little more timing though.

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