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  Hints and Tips for: South Park: The Stick of Truth 
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 South Park: The Stick of Truth Cheats

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy XP and money:
Go to City Wok. There will be two elf kids in front of the store. Attack them
with X. This is one of the best places to farm for XP and money since there 
are only two enemies. XP is given out evenly no matter how many enemies there
are. When the fight is over, walk into City Wok, then walk back out and the kids
should respawn again. Repeat this as many times as desired. You can sell your 
loot at Jimbo's Guns. You can also obtain one of the best weapons in the game 
at this shop, the Level 14 "Sweet Katana". Note: If the kids do not respawn, 
walk into City Wok until you see the save sign in the bottom right corner. 
Additionally, be sure to pick up the loot the enemies drop. If the loot 
accumulates too much, the kids will not respawn. Enemy loot is how you obtain
the majority of your money in South Park.

Cherished Emmy Awards:
The South Park television show has thus far won three Emmy awards, for episodes
aired during the 2007, 2008, and 2009 seasons. Check the sewer vents while playing
the game and you will find Emmy awards, implying that they were flushed down the 

All Chinpokomon locations:
Search the indicated locations to find all 30 Chinpokomon:

-=Open World=-
1. Furry Cat: It is in the trees in Kenny's yard.
2. Stegmata: It is in Kyle's garage. Sometimes his garage will be locked.
  If it is locked, get the key to unlock it in his house.
3. Pengin: It is in Cartman's garage. If the garage is locked, get the key 
   to unlock it inside his house.
4. Monkay: It is inside Butter's house. It is in a room with "Mega" and "Bill 
   Won't Run" posters.
5. Chu-Chu Nezumi: It is stuck in a tree near your character's house. 
   Shoot it down to grab it.
6. Vamporko: Go to the Community Center, and use the Alien Probe to teleport 
   inside the basketball court. The collectible is in plain sight on the basketball 
7. Gophermon: After obtaining the Vamporko Chinpokomon, go to the men's room 
   inside the Community Center. It is inside the last cubicle.
8. Cosmonewt: Go to Stark's Pond, and use the Alien Probe to reach the UFO in 
   the middle of the lake. It is inside the UFO.
9. Rabbitech: Go to the Police Station, then go to the Evidence Room on the 
   second floor. Climb up the ladder inside this room to reach the collectible.
10. Sna-Kat: It is in the tree to the left of the City Hall stone path. 
    Shoot it down to grab it.
11. Accountafish: Go to the Post Office, and grab the key from the storage 
    lockers. Then, go to the News Office Gazette, and look for a small vent on 
    your right. Enter this vent to find the collectible.
12. Gerbitoad: After obtaining the Accountafish Chinpokomon, enter the Sewers 
    to find it right next to a model house.
13. Biebersaurus: After obtaining the Gerbitoad Chinpokomon, go down into the
    underground cavern to find a large cracked glowing rock that can be smashed
    by using Nagasaki. Go inside the small hole to get the collectible.
14. Fatdactyle: After obtaining the Biebersaurus Chinpokomon, go to the Theater, 
    and look for it above the Booking Booth. Shoot it down to grab it.
15. Terribovine: Go to Tweak Bros. Coffee Shop, then shrink yourself down to
    crawl underneath the bench outside to grab the collectible.
16. Ferasnarf: First, complete the side-quest for Mr. Mackey to get a key to 
    Storage Unit #221. Then, go to the U-Stor-It Facility, and get on top of 
    the dumpster to release the ladder. Go up the ladder, and climb down from 
    the other side. Enter Storage Unit #221 to find the collectible on the high
    shelf, sitting on a red box. You need to shoot it down to grab it.
17. Roo-stor: After obtaining the Ferasnarf Chinpokomon, open Storage Unit #223
    (the key can be found in Butters' room). Climb up the ladder to find the 
    collectible on the grey vent above. Shoot it down to grab it.
18. Velocirapstar: Go to Token's house to find it lying in the open window.
    Shoot it down to grab it.
19. Brocorri: Go to the Tower Of Peace to find it frozen outside the right 
    Dragon statue. Melt it to grab it.
20. Lambtron: Enter the City Wok, and accept the side-quest from Mr. Kim behind 
    the counter to get a key. After getting the key, go to the second floor of 
    the Tower Of Peace to find it in a lantern above the balcony, on the right. 
    Shoot it down to grab it.
21. Flowerpotamus: It is on a shelf inside Skeeter's Bar.

-=Story Mode=-
22. Poodlesaurus Rex: While in school for the first time, look for a silver 
    grate in the ceiling. Open it to get the collectible.
23. Roidrat: Go to Jimmy's attic to find it next to two bottles and some crates.
24. Beetlebot: At the very end of the Alien Abduction level, you will come across 
    a bunch of wall-mounted monitors with the collectible among them. Shoot it down 
    to grab it.
25. Gunrilla: Go the Command Center, and look on top of the cabinets to the left 
    of the white board to find it.
26. Donkeytron: After returning to school, look to your right to see an oven. Use
    your fart to blow open the oven's door to find the collectible.
27. Pterdaken: After obtaining the Donkeytron Chinpokomon, go to the second floor 
    of the school, and open up the storage lockers to find the collectible. 
    You need to shoot it down to grab it.
28. Fetuswami: At the Abortion Clinic, use fire to blow up the grenade in the dead 
    soldier's hand before approaching the gatling gun. Then, shrink down to enter 
    the small opening to obtain the collectible.
29. Mouse-Tik: Go to the Girl's Hideout (after completing the "Recruit The Girls" 
    mission). After a short cutscene, you will be inside. Look to your left to 
    find the collectible.
30. Shoe: Go to Clyde's Tower. Before going inside, you will see a small teleport 
    that will take you to the roof. The collectible is in plain sight on the roof.

The Lost Forest hints:
To find the Woodland Critters (aka Christmas Critters) required for the 12 friend
requests inside of the Lost Forest (or Lost Woods), walk in the following directions:
RIGHT, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, RIGHT. Once done, select "Accept the true lord".

To exit the Lost Forest, keep going DOWN (SOUTH) until you do so. It could take 
around 4-5 times of going downard.

Getting to Canada:
To each Canada, go to the Lost Forest (Lost Woods) and continue going UP (NORTH)
(4 times upwards).

General Tips:
* Side quests are a great way to gain experience and reach the maximum level quickly.
* Remember to stock up on plenty of items, as they can be crucial in key enemy 
* Use all kinds of special abilities, even ones that don't deal damage. Status effects
  and buffs play a huge role in the game. 
* Timing is everything in The Stick of Truth. Try your best to get perfect timing on
  all attacks as they often include extra status effects and special abilities with 
  perfect execution. 
* Visit everywhere and unlock all the flags so you can fast travel and quickly get 
  around town. Plus, you get to see Timmy every time, which is a welcome bonus.

Easy "Too Far" achievement:
Once Randy's abortion is finished on your third day in South Park, the green ooze will
turn the fetuses into Nazi Zombies. They will be hostile when encountered. Defeat one 
group of them, then fart after the fight ends to get the "Too Far" achievement.

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