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  Hints and Tips for: Stranded Deep 
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 Stranded Deep Cheats

Stranded Deep

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Console Commands:
Just hit the "/" (slash) or "~" (tilde) key while in-world to 
open or enable the console. The "~" (tilde) key is the key to 
the left of the "1".

- Fly mode & no damage, like god mode in most of the games

dev.console (True/False) 
- test menu, to spawn items by pressing the "/" (slash) key after 
  entering the dev.console True command

dev.time (0-24)          
- To Change the time of the day

-=Admin Commands=- (True/False) 
- Enable or disable fog reflection effects (True/False) 
- Enable or disable fog visual effects

fps (True/False) 
- To display (true) or to remove (false) fps from the screen

help list 
- To see all the available commands you can use

help (command) 
- To see what does this command do

- To clear the commands history

- To create a log on your desktop

- To show player’s log in console

- To clear console’s log

dev.options list 
- Shows the current output for the game

Once you have entered the commands, you will have to follow them up with 
"True" or "False" to activate it. 

Tips and Tricks:
* Be patient, save a lot, and don't be afraid to re-load to take yourself 
  out of a tough spot.
* Create as many water filters as possible because water resources are 
  scarcer than food.
* Focus on harvesting fibers and cassava first, as cassava and small palm   
  trees respawn in a couple of days.
* Avoid toxicity. The general rule of thumb for life but do not to engage 
  with toxic wildlife, such as lionfish, snakes, moray eels, and more. I 
  won't spoil them all here.
* While coconuts are extremely useful, eating more than two in a row will 
  cause stomach pains and vomiting, so don't overdose on them.
* It is better to focus on the fishing spear than the fishing rod as it 
  is faster and more efficient.
* Your shelter is primarily a cosmetic extra rather than something useful 
  in the game, so don't spend resources on decorating it.
* Speaking of resources, except for plant seeds and fibers, everything 
  else won't respawn, so this game needs excellent resource management. 
  Nothing is abundant on the island, so be wise with your crafting 
* The hunting spear is more than enough for hunting wildlife, so you don't 
  have to invest in the bow.
* Pay attention to item durability. Don't overuse and risk not having them 
  when you need them most.
* Be aware of your surroundings and always leave marks so that you won't 
  get lost and end up exploring the exact location again and again.
* Build a raft as soon as possible and upgrade it to a raft with a sail 
  or motor to move across islands swiftly and efficiently.

Complete the following Tasks to earn the listed achievement. To view your 
achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then search for the 
game hub that corresponds to [Stranded Deep]. Select the "View Stats" drop
down option, then choose the option for your username's achievements.

Achievement         How to unlock
Backpacker        : Opened your backpack.
Day 10            : Survived for 10 days.
Day 20            : Survived for 20 days.
Fish Are Friends  : Went 10 days without eating a fish.
Horrific Pacific  : Completed the intro tutorial.
Mjolnir           : Struck by lightning while holding a hammer.
Mr Wolf           : Checked your watch.
Sharing Is Caring : You vomited.
Test Name         : Test Description.
Thor              : Struck by lightning.

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