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  Hints and Tips for: Sunkenland 
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 Sunkenland Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

List of Item ID Guide:
Written by RedLinks

For Sunkenland players who are looking for list of item ID in game, this guide 
will show you.

-=How to use Item ID=-
First go to C:\Users\”YourUsername”\AppData\LocalLow\Vector3 Studio\Sunkenland\Characters 
or World to edit your character or your world

Then find the last modified .json file
( something like this : f3tt9456-d231-4z59-92ae-3a46f9f576e0.json )

Make a backup of any file you want to edit to avoid some problem after editing your file!

* Open it with Notepad ++
* Edit whatever you want, save, launch your game, load your modified save.

IMPORTANT ! If a error message appear after loading your save, just press ALT+F4 to close 
the game, Don’t press ESC then Save and Logout or you will loose your progression.

Restart the game and load your modified save, if error meesage continue to appear just 
put back your original save file and try to modifie something else.

Happy Editing

-=Item ID=-
1 50 Cal Ammo
2 Black Powder
3 Black Powder Ammo
4 Crude Grenade
5 Military Grenade
6 Molotov
7 Pistol Ammo
8 Rifle Ammo
9 Shotgun Ammo
10 Warm Jacket
11 Leather Armor
12 Leather Helmet
13 Scrap Armor
14 Scrap Helmet
15 Combat Armor
16 Iron Helmet
17 Combat Kneepads
18 Iron Armor
19 Vest A
20 Vest B
21 Vest Black
22 Vest C
23 Vest1 Forest
24 Vest1 Sand
25 Vest3 Navy
26 Forest Combat Vest
27 Football Helmet
28 Motorcylce Helmet
29 Police Vest
30 Police Helmet
31 Army Vest
32 Tactical Vest
33 Tactical Helmet
34 Spetznaz Vest
35 Spetznaz Helmet
36 Orange Coral
37 Purple Flower
38 Red Flower
39 White Flower
40 Rope
41 Cloth
42 Components
43 Charcoal
44 Glass
45 Cotton
46 Duct Tape
47 Marlin Fish Skin
48 Rubber
49 Scrap Metal
50 Shark Skin
51 Sulfur
52 Wood Plank
53 Gun Parts
54 Electronic Parts
55 Hide
56 Gasoline
57 Iron Ingot
58 Iron Ore
59 Leather
60 Smokeless Powder
61 Ballistic Fiber
62 Fine Wood Plank
63 Copper Ingot
64 Copper Ore
65 Chemical Substance
66 Paints
67 Advanced Parts
68 Marble
69 Steel Ingot
70 Advanced Alloy
71 Polymer
72 Bandage
73 Herbal Medicine
74 Lung Function Booster
75 Stamina Herbal Mix
76 Antibiotics
77 Orange Coral
78 “No Item or appear blank in inventory”
79 “No Item or appear blank in inventory”
80 “No Item or appear blank in inventory”
81 “No Item or appear blank in inventory”
82 “No Item or appear blank in inventory”
83 “No Item or appear blank in inventory”
84 “No Item or appear blank in inventory”
85 Torch
86 Seawater Bucket
87 Water Bottle
88 Sack
89 Pickaxe
90 Reparing Hammer
91 Binocular
92 Diving Fins
93 Fishing Rod
94 Flare
95 “No Item or appear blank in inventory”
96 Backpack
97 Battery
98 Headlight
99 Reddot Gun Sight
100 Ore Detector
101 Underwater Scooter
102 Crude Axe
103 Twohand Axe
104 Wooden Spear
105 Bow
106 Crossbow
107 Arrow
108 Crossbow Bolt
109 Spiked Club
110 Stone Hatchet
111 Wooden Knife
112 Iron Axe
113 Iron Spear
114 Scrap Metal Spear
115 Antique Flintlock Pistol
116 Combat Knife
117 Iron Mace
118 Iron Sword
119 Machete
120 Percussion Pistol
121 Skull Crusher
122 Triple Barrel Pistol
123 Scrap Pistol
124 Homemade Revolver
125 Double Barrel Shotgun
126 PM
127 GP20
128 Pump Shotgun
129 SMG
130 Hunting Rifle
131 Old Bolt Action Rifle
132 AK47
133 M14
134 M16
135 Claw “Image of a Crude Axe”
136 Blueprint: Motor Boat
137 Blueprint: Antique FlintLock Pistol
138 Blueprint: Reinforced Structures
139 Blueprint: Jetski
140 “No Item or appear blank in inventory”
141 Blueprint: Light Helicopter
142 Blueprint: Marine Fastboat
143 Blueprint: 50 Cal Ammo
144 Blueprint: Paint
145 Blueprint: Blue Patterned Chair
146 Blueprint: Concave Cabinet
147 Blueprint: Desk
148 Blueprint: Plaid Couch
149 Blueprint: Red Cloth Sofa
150 Blueprint: Solid Wood Cabinet
151 Blueprint: Square Table
152 Blueprint: Armchair
153 Blueprint: Backrest Chair
154 Blueprint: Black Leather Chair
155 Blueprint: Black Leather Couch
156 “No Item or appear blank in inventory”
157 Blueprint: Collection Cabinet
158 Blueprint: Counter
159 Blueprint: Double Door Wardrobe
160 Blueprint: Double Shelf
161 Blueprint: Fireplace
162 Blueprint: Log Desk
163 Blueprint: Makeup Table
164 Blueprint: Round Glass Table
165 Blueprint: Round Table
166 Blueprint: Single Bed
167 Blueprint: Chaise Leather Couch
168 Blueprint: Crystal Chandelier
169 Blueprint: Double Bed
170 Blueprint: European Chandelier
171 Blueprint: European Leather
172 Blueprint: Fish Tank
173 Blueprint: Floor Tile (European)
174 Blueprint: Floor Tile (Whithe Tiles)
175 Blueprint: Floor Tile (Wooden)
176 Blueprint: French Sofa
177 Blueprint: Green Leather Couch
178 Blueprint: Hanging Clocks
179 Blueprint: Modern Floor Lamp
180 Blueprint: Modern Garden Lamp
181 Blueprint: Modern Lamp Post
182 Blueprint: Modern Wall Lamp
183 Blueprint: Premium Fireplace
184 Blueprint: Single Leather Couch
185 Blueprint: TV
186 Blueprint: Vintage Leather Couch
187 Blueprint: Wallpaper (Blue)
188 Blueprint: Wallpaper (Green)
189 Blueprint: Wallpaper (Yellow)
190 Broken Footbal Helmet
191 Broken Tactical Vest
192 Broken Tactical Helmet
193 Broken Army Vest
194 Broken Military Vest
195 Broken Motorcycle Helmet
196 Broken Police Helmet
197 Broken Police Vest
198 Broken Special Force Armor
199 Broken Special Force Helmet
200 Broken GP20
201 Broken Hunting Rifle
202 Broken PM
203 Broken Pump Shotgun
204 Broken SMG
205 Broken AK47
206 Broken M14
207 Broken M16
208 Broken Old Blot Action Rifle
209 Iron Armor “Appear to be a T-Shirt”
210 2Layer TShirt B
211 2Layer TShirt E
212 Crude TShirt
213 Baggy Pants
214 Zip Shoes
215 Bandage Boots
216 Bandana Mouth Black
217 Bandana Mouth Olive
218 Bandana Neck Black
219 Bandana Neck Sand
220 Boots D
221 Boots Forest
222 Boots Navy
223 Boots1 A
224 Boots2 A
225 Bracer C
226 Bracer
227 Breechcloth Pants
228 Camisole A
229 Camisole B
230 Camisole D
231 Camisole
232 Canvas Shoes B
233 Canvas Shoes C
234 Canvas Shoes D
235 Cargo Pants B
236 Cargo Pants C
237 Cargo Shorts A
238 Cargo Shorts B
239 Cargo Shorts C
240 Close Collar Longsleeves Shirt C
241 Close Collar Longsleeves Shirt D

Guide to Unstuck Your Character:
Written by Irsy

There is no “Unstuck” button, but when my character is stuck I found the 
following solution:

* Go to:
* C:\Users\\AppData\LocalLow\Vector3 Studio\Sunkenland\Characters\
* Open the .json file in Notepad.
* Find “lastPresentWorldPosition”. Don’t forget to backup the file before saving!
* Change coordinates “x” “y” “z” (For example: My character is stuck above water, 
  I changed “z” : 200 to 190).
* Save.
* It helped me. I hope it helps you too. Don’t get stuck!

How to Edit Your Save:
1.Finding Your Save File
  First up, head over to 
  C:\Users\”YourUsername”\AppData\LocalLow\Vector3 Studio\Sunkenland\Characters 
  or World on your computer. That’s where your game’s save files hang out.

2.Pick the Right File
  Look for the latest .json file – it’s probably named something like 
  Oh, and don’t forget to backup the file before you start changing things!

3.Edit with Notepad ++
  Open that .json file with Notepad ++ or any text editor you like. 
  This is where the magic happens!

4.Make Your Changes and Save
  Edit away and then hit save. That’s all there is to it.

5.Play with Your New Save
  Now, just start your game and load your edited save file. 
  Enjoy your new, custom experience!

Heads Up: If the game throws a fit and shows an error after loading your save, 
just hit ALT+F4 to shut it down. Don’t save with ESC, or you might lose your 
edits. If it keeps being fussy, try using your backup file and tweak something

-=Extra Tricks=-
* Bigger Item Stacks: Want more stuff in each stack? Just change the “amount” 
  value. But remember, to keep them from glitching, move them to storage by 
  dragging, not clicking.
* Handling Big Stacks: You can sort them, but don’t try splitting or dropping 
  them – that’s a recipe for a crash. Also, steer clear of the “Take All” 
  button in storage.
* Endless Fuel for Rides: Craving infinite fuel for your vehicles? Tweak the 
  “fuelAmount” value in the World.json file, located in …/Worlds/”YourWorldName”.

Tip: Use Ctrl+F in Notepad ++ or Steam’s search to quickly find what you need.

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