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  Hints and Tips for: Swords and Sandals 2 - Emperor's Reign 
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 Swords and Sandals 2 - Emperor's Reign Cheats

Swords and Sandals 2 - Emperor's Reign

cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Cheat Codes - comma trick:
enter at the name

Code               Result
1 comma (,)      - 2500 strength
2 commas (,,)    - 2500 agility
3 commas (,,,)   - good skill points, wepons and armour
4 commas (,,,,)  - good but alot of nAn
5 commas (,,,,,) - BRILLIANT but NaN

Lots of skill points:
first type ,,/,gi/,ti after nameless than click randomize a few times
SLOWLY eventually u will hit a guy with 2500 agility, u can take a while
and takae away all the stat points and than you can reinsert them to 
other skills later, but it will take a while. than u start off with 

250 Stranth and Good Amer:
Do the same steps with 2500 stranth but continue rantersing un till you
get to a Gye with 250 stranth then rename your Gladeator with no commer
at the end and you will keep this Gladeator till you die.

Super streanth:
Password          Result
super streanth - gain 70 streanth

2500 agility:
In the begining of swords and sandals 2 were u enter the name type in [[,, 
then click on randamize buttun 8 times than theres a guy with 2500 agility 
you can take points and put them in other stuff before you finish with the 
guy chang his name or an error will occur.

Submitted by. scottty315

First you must enter your name at the start then put 33 ath end of it

Submitted by: Spngmnky405

Get a RAM editor (like T-Search or Cheat Engine) and learn how to use it.
Load it in firefox and get to the character create screen. Search for 72 
(4 byte integer) and then spend a stat point when the search finishes. Then
search for 64 (still 4 byte integer) and the final variable that's there is
your statpoint. Change that variable to 80,000,000 or something high that 
is divisible by 8. Making it static is your choice. You now have 10,000,000
statpoints or whatev you typed in divided by 8.

Submitted by: Alex

At "Name" type in: [[,,
Click then randomize 8 times.You will get a guy with 2500 agility.
You can redistribute them now. Don't forget to change the name.

Look in the trees for a brid like a stork and click it. Save your game, then
enter back in it and you will have unlimited life.

Submitted by: bram

when are you playing you must follow me do this ok
when you writing name type this nameless,,
then you have a armor sword shield then
choose character click eight time your agilyty is 50

Funny char code:
Put whatever you want to the name but the name has needed tohavethis kinda
things in it: Example(name first)hippo.

Unlimited money:
Start when you have your person right, make his name whatever you want but
dont change the look. Make the stats 3-crisma 3-strenght 5-agility 3-vitality
everything else 1. When you face the fearful prisoner run up to him so you 
can still taunt him and its not to far away and taunt him if he comes up to
you, the taunt might have been blocked, walk back and taunt again and finally
he will charge at you and you will lose but when you start off you will still
have 2500 gold and when you go to fight next person it will be fearful prisoner
do same thing lose and get 2500 gold ect. Do all again get more more money!

Submitted by: archie

When you play swords and sandals 2 put the name [[,, and press 8 times and 
then press the right arrow on stuble once and you have a man with lods of 
amor and wepens and a guy with 2500 defense and a second wepon you cant buy
from the shop but you have to change the name.

Submitted by: alex

So get the game up put a coma after nameless then rondom till you get this 
huge guy an then press stubble 3 times and then you will have 2500 defense 
and 125 strength. You can cange the stats around but remember to take the 
coma off. have fun!

How to get hte 2500 agility points:
To get the 2500 agility points you need to leave the name nameless and then 
put 2 commas [,,] and mess with the agility points to your liking! it takes 
awhile but as soon as you are satisfied you need to erase the 2 commas and 
leave your name (do not change it). After doing all of this your game only 
corrupts if you try to buy something with NaN gold cost. So dont buy arrow 
weapons. Alright just do all of this and your game should not corrupt.

Extra 2450 gold at the beginning of game:
At the very beginning of the game when you battle the fearful prisoner, 
taunt him so he charges you. Do this until his charge hits you. You will 
lose the fight but you will get 2450 gold from Emperor Antares. Spend as 
much as possible on armor so you have almost no gold left. Now go to the 
arena and click on "duel". You will battle the fearful prisoner again and
kill him this time. Emperor Antares will give you another 2500 gold. 
Instead of getting 2500 gold to start the game, you get 4950 gold instead.

How to get 2,500 Agility:
Submitted by: Dender1

To get 2,500 gold first type after nameless (or if your computer makes
you type your own name, type nameless). After that then type 2 comas-,
(,,) after nameless. click random a few  times, until you see that you 
have gained 2,500 Agility! Hope you liked this Cheat/ Code/ Cheat Code!

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