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  Hints and Tips for: The Escapists 2 
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 The Escapists 2 Cheats

The Escapists 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

-=Escaping the “Center Perks 2.0”=-
(Three methods of escape)
1.Meet The Crew.
  Items Required. To execute this escape properly, the Player must have the 
  following items in their inventory:
I.Civilian Outfit:
  The Civ Outfit can be found in desks on the 2nd floor north, where the camera 
  crew hangs out.
II. Fake Recorder:
    The Fake Audio Equipment is not found in desks however can be crafted using:
    A Mop Broom (from desks)
    Duct Tape (from desks)
    Radio Equipment (You need 50 Int to make the “fake audio equipment”.)
    50 Intellect (books)
III, 2, 1, Action!
   This section of the guide is actually pretty easy. With the Fake Audio Equipment 
   and Civilian outfit on hand (not equiped), make your way to the northeast corner 
   of the map; where it seems like a lobby for the camera crew. At this time, you 
   should be wearing the outfit and holding the Equipment. And, in the most anti-
   climatic way possible, confirm when you see Escape. The next step: pRoFit ExxX dEE

-=Tips for newbies=-
1.Sometimes most prisons can be accomplished by only raising intellect.
2.In CP2.0, you can also escape by cutting two fence tile only if you can survive 
  fast enough, a Red key will help shorten the tiles needed to be cut.
3.If you see a green check next to the current event (dinner, showertime, excercise) 
  then you are good to go! Now guards will not yell at you for jacking off.
2.Perimeter breach (possible in singleplayer, easier in multiplayer)
* Keep your security low, get your intelligence to about 50
* Craft shovels from metal sheets, duct tape, and a tool handle.
* Upgrade + repair shovel with the recipe: (Shovel below Sturdy tier) + duct 
  tape + metal sheet.
* If your tunnel is gonna be any longer than three blocks long, you’ll need timer 
  braces (3 timber)
* Cover up cell windows. If security level is too high, you may be in trouble, as 
  the guards will remove bed sheets from windows.
* (Multiplayer) Have your buddy cover up the hole while you are digging. You should 
  be able to still get out of the hole afterwards. Lowers risk of detection.
* Make a bed dummy for digging in the night.
* Make sure when you ascend, it’s 2Am, snipers take a break around then.
3.Last Post (Multiplayer only)
* Get intelligence to 50 on at least one player.
* Make a crate base (Two timber, one nails).
* Use the crate base and a Bracket to make a crate case.
* Use timber, nails, and a hammer to make a crate top..
* Find a Postal adress in someone’s desk.

If you can’t find it, try the next step, and then searching again the next day.
* With your co-op partner, go visit the east side of the prison. There will be a 
  co-op door. Enter, and use the components on the pedastal.
* Get all players in the room with the complete crate, branded with a postal adress 
  using a button.

How to Make Money Very Fast:
1.First, attend roll call. This is highly important to making money, as i will 
  describe later. Roll call may happen 0-3 times a day, depending on the prison.
2.Find and accept all the delivery favors you can. Since everyone will be right 
  next to each other, you can deliver items really quickly.
3.Deliver the items!!! You will make a decent amount of money, if there are a 
  lot of delivery favors. If not, just wait until next roll call, than try again!

How to Escape from Cougar Creek Railroad:
*The first escape My Little Phoney is (from what I know) only achievable playing 
single player. You will have to sneak around the train and obtain a green pen, an 
orange pen, and a hankerchief. None of these items are contraband so you can be 
caught as many times as you like and still have them. Once you have all 3 items 
go to the carriage with the horse running alongside it (towards the back) and 
craft the fake carrot in the crafting menu. You can then walk up to the opening 
in the carriage and escape.
*The second escape Hooked On You is (from what I know) only achievable playing 
single player. You have to obtain two crowbars, a piece of ductape, and a rope.
All of these items are contraband but if you are caught holding one it should 
reapear in the contraband desk next to the control room. Once you have all these
items you must craft a grapple head and then a grapple hook. From here go to the
carriage with the ladder in it (towards the front) and climb on top. You can 
then escape on the east side of the carriage.

*The third escape, Do The Locamotive is probably the hardest escape possible. 
You have to obtain weapons from anywhere in the train, make your way all the 
way to the front, and take out all 3 guards present in the front. It is very 
straightforward however it can be challenging taking out all 3 guards as they
all have good weapons. This escape can only be done in multiplayer.
*The fourth escape Loose Caboose is another challenging escape. You must get 
3 crowbars (I am unsure if 3 crowbars will always spawn but I played 4 games 
in a row and every time I got 3 crowbars so I believe the chances are very 
high) and detach the caboose at the end of the train. The crowbars can be 
obtained in any desk in the train and are contraband so they will be taken 
if you are caught but they should reapear in the contraband desk next to the 
control room. Once you have all 3 crowbars get everyone on the back of the 
train and detactch the caboose.

How to Escape From Rattlesnake Springs:
*The first escape Perimeter Breakout is just like on center perks. You simply 
have to escape off the edge of the map not using a unique escape. You can do 
this by chipping through walls, cutting fences or digging. There is not a really
easy way to escape the perimeter on this one but i am sure walking around you 
can find a weak point you can easily break through. I am being told as well 
digging for the mine exit can be an easy way to escape if you do not wish to 
make the cutters or a pickaxe.

*The Zip It Up escape requires you to build a crossbow (the recipe is in the 
crafting menu) using timber, string, glue, bolts and a dowel (the dowel is 
very hard to find and from what I can gather the only way to get it is to buy
it). After making the crossbow you have to make a plastic red key using puddy
(talcum powder and toothpaste) and melted plastic. Next you will have to go 
to the north of the map and you will see stairs leading upwards. You must find
a way to get to these stairs either by breaking down a wall, using the vents, 
or using a red key then continue to go up them. This should take you to the 
roof where you can use the crossbow to escape off the west side of the roof.

*The Take Out The Trash escape requires you to obtain many different items 
making it a time consuming escape. I recommend doing this escape with as few
people as possible because the items required to escape can take awhile to 
come by (in my test it took about 12 days to get enough supplies for 3 people).
You are first going to have to obtain a cyan keycard copy. You can do this by 
getting a circuit board and wire, finding the guard with the keycard, making 
the copy, then putting the keycard back. (Make sure you put the keycard back 
or else bad things can happen). I am unsure if it is possible but if you were
to get the trash disposal job (south side of the map) you may be able to break 
through the wall instead of getting the keycard. Next you will need a hankerchief,
tubing, 2 tape, and a garbage bag for each player. Once you have these items 
you will need to craft a breathing mask and a breathable garbage bag for each 
player. Give each player one breathable garbage bag and head to the south side
of the map near the garbage disposal job to the left of the canteen. From here
have one player hold the door open with the keycard, the other will go in and 
use the button to let the other player in. You must then equip your breathable 
garbage bag and press e on the garbage bin and escape.

How to Escape From K.A.P.O.W. Camp:
Tip – Get a guard uniform or move the desks to the room to the right to search 
them without fear of being caught by the camera.

-Speed Mcqueen – Fairly simple actually, for this you will need a screwdriver,
3 paint cans and your fists. First beat up a guard and hope he has some mints 
on him. Next search the desks for a yellow energy drink, the screwdriver we 
need and some paint cans. Craft a makeshift ladder with the paint cans and an 
energy thruster with the mints and energy drink. Finally go to the shed bottom
left of the cells and place the ladder under the vents. Climb up and unscrew 
the vents till you get to the bike and fix the thing.

*Glide To Victory – This can be fast or slow depending on how lucky you are. 
The more players the faster this one can go. Have someone reach an intelligence 
of 60 and find a guard who has a CYAN KEY CARD for later. Next build 1 Glider 
skin and 2 Half Frame of Glider. Finally bring somethings to break down some 
walls. Good pickaxes, hammers or other tools may help (even plastic forks for 
1% remaining walls) Once you have everything secured away, beat up a guard and 
make that copy of his key card and begin the escape attempt once your heat is 
low and the time is right.
Head to the castle to the right of the cells, circle round the north side to 
avoid the contraband detectors and head to the 2nd floor. Use the CYAN key 
card on the door and let your friends through, and have them push the button
for you. Head up and follow the path till you reach a staging area. Use the 
plane parts your crafted and rebuild it. Finally, get your tools out and 
destroy the damaged walls blocking it’s flight path. (Note: Do not walk out
of the walls once they have been knocked down otherwise you will be stuck 
till you are arrested. Press F4 then F1 to speed this process up.) Once the 
walls are down, hop in the plane and escape.

How to Escape From H.M.S. Orca:
Scuba Doo (Solo) – For this you need to make your way through the ship, 
collecting an oxygen tank, duct tape and tubing, and exit via the top floor
of the ship, where there is a gap on the side where they would normally have
a bridge for people to disembark from. You will dive into the water and escape.
Wave Goodbye! (Solo) – Simple really, at the bottom floor, to the right of the 
ship is a jet ski, use a bolt and some tubing to fix it and leave the ship.

Masters Of Illution (Co-op) – For this you need to make a fake gun. Find the 
items to make it through the ship including the co op area to the left of the 
cells. This will include Wax, Soap, A lighter, Meal tray and some ink. Once 
combined together one piece at a time from the Wax soap, to the model of the 
gun to a inked gun model, make your way to the top floor of the ship. Co op 
through the door towards to back (east) and GET TO THE CHOPPER!

Taking Back Control – Simple but can be challenging, make your way to the top 
floor, to the west this time and defeat the guards in the control room till 
they all are unconscious, and then escape. It may help to knock out the first 
guy by the cells and take their uniform and baton and wait till your heat is 
below 80 to sneak past the rest of the guards relaatively easily. Taking the 
red key on this mission will NOT cause a lockdown.

How to Escape From H.M.P. Offshore:
*Trash Talk – This one will require a lot of time and effort so strap in. 
Get your intellect up to 60 for this. You will need to first beat up a ton 
of guards and find ones who have the CYAN and RED keys. Next go and take 
the wood work job and use the lumber and money from that job to help make 
a decent pickaxe from buying the parts you need from inmates. We will use 
this for our final escape plan.
Next, craft a breathable trash bag, like in Rattlesnake. Once you have the 
keys made it is time to escape. Head towards your furniture workplace and 
destroy the wall to the bottom right of the room, just below the contraband 
detector. Once the wall is down, keep heading down through the Cyan and Red 
doors to the very bottom till you hit a dead end. You will use the trashbag 
to escape.
If you are struggling to find powder in this prison, try using a medical 
outfit and sneaking into the infirmary’s desk every day and checking if 
they have any. It seems to have a lower apperance rate here.
-Swimming With Dolphins – This one is very complex but rewards you with a 
few achievements for your efforts. You will need to start off by getting 
your intelligence to 70. Start searching desks and punching guards to find 
who has what keys as per the norm. Get a Branch, string and a paper clip, 
along with a worm (usually found on guards). Next make a fake RED key from 
a guard who usually stays close to your cell and obtain a disguise.
Next, head towards the building north west of the cells lower floor, the 
one with the generator at the top n go all the way to the bottom. This will 
use up 20% of your red key. Next fish up a fish for Snooty and give him it 
as a gift. This will then unlock a Favour. Head up to collect the HOW TO 
SPEAK DOLPHIN book marked on your map, using another 20% of the key and 
then proceed to collect the ingredients needed to make a cake. 
(These will be marked too in inmate desks).
Once done, head back down using another 20% of the key, and give the cake 
to Snooty, who will thank you by being the most awesome getaway method 

How to Escape From Fort Tundra:
-Rock-Hammer Hard Place – This is not called Rock-hammer hard for no 
reason. For this you will need to find an inmate with the favour Rock-
Hammer Hard. This is a string of favors that you have to complete 8 times.
Finishing the 8th favor will reward you with the hammer. THE PROBLEM IS 
the sewer hatch near the statue takes 2 hits, just like your fraile body 
from the sniper towers (which i found out the hard way) and sets off an 
instant lockdown in daylight. If you are captured the hammer is taken to 
the contraband room which is behind a red door and 2 metal detectors so 
you’re doomed at that point.
Your best bet is to escape at night, using a YELLOW key and a PURPLE key,
along with a bed dummy so the guards think you are asleep along with a 
Guard Uniform so no one suspects anything. Leave your cell that night 
and make your way down to the hatch n rush in because once the hatch is 
found to be damaged, lockdown will commence and you wont have much time.
Below in the sewers are also 3 Fences so bring some really strong cutters 
too and make your escape to the west. Check your map if you need to see 
which way to go before hand.

-Fun With Jeeps – Try not to bring too many people for this one, it will 
lengthen an already hard objective. Punch and beat up guards till you 
find one that carries a RED key. Next you will need key moulds equal 
to the number of players playing. You will also need a good pick axe to 
break down one wall later on. (Top right of the map is a room with a 
cheap pickaxe, duct tape and a hammer).
Once you are all equipped, find the guard who has the red key and wait 
to strike, my advice would be to wait till he is near one of your cells 
and isolated so you can make the keys and give him back his key quickly 
and not have to worry about snipers or too many other guards.
Finally, to the bottom right above the building with the library, is a 
red door. Go through that with your false keys and keep heading down 
to a building. Co op through the door and dig a hole through the wall 
with the pickaxe to the jeep and escape.

How to Escape From Area 17:
-I’m Only Human – For this you need an intellect of 60. Start beating up 
guards and find the owners of the RED and CYAN keys. While you are at it,
steal a fake security pass from them.
Search the desks for some ink and a feather and make a fake pass. Keep 
it safe, it’s contraband. Next get some putty and beat up some guards 
near your desks for the two keys and take a uniform for now whilst you 
are at it.
The Civilian clothes needed for the escape are with the maintenance man 
in his desk. Use the Cyan key and take them. Finally get your guard 
uniform on, fake pass and keys and head up to the surface and head to 
the south west corner of the map. There is a room with a ton of locked 
doors you cant pass through. Go near the security camera and change into 
the civilian clothes and have your pass in your active item slot. 
Press E on the door to leave and escape.

-Alien Technology – First you will need a RED KEY CARD morula, find one 
of the guards and beat them up till you find it. In this map they like 
to hang around your cells often. Once you have a copy, proceed west 
through some corridors to some stairs that lead up to a Red key card 
door. Use co-op to get through and inspect the moon lander. Inside is 
an item needed for escaping so keep it safe.
Next you will need a circuit board, a radio receiver, an energy module,
some good sheers to get through some fence and good team work. Head 
south of the Roll Coll area and find the really poorly guarded but has 
a controband detector power room. Switch off the power and head up the 
stairs to the right to a very underguarded area. Cut through the two 
chain link fences whilst the power is off. Now using the items, one by 
one start to repair the ship, this includes the item from the moonlander.
Once the ship is repaired you are free to escape.

How to Escape From Air Force Con:
Learning the movements of the guards makes this much easier.
Passport To Freedom (Solo) – Grab your bed sheets. You will need them. 
Next explore the airplane for 3 pieces of rope. Once you have that, craft
a harness then a parachute and make your way back to your cells, and exit
on the door to the right.
Plane Crazy (Solo) – Explore the airplane till you find a Circuit board, 
2 batteries, a wire and a screwdriver. On the middle deck of the ship 
towards the very top is a control panel. Craft an energy module and tinker
with the device using the items you have collected to escape.
Regain Control (Co-op) – Bring a buddy because you need a Co-pilot. Head 
up to the top of the airplane and bring your fists or whatever weapons 
you prefer and knock out the 3 guards in the airplane control and take 
over the plane to escape to tropical paradise.
Plane Sailing (Co-op) – Search the airplane for the 3 tanks of oxygen, 
keeping in mind on the bottom deck there is a co-op door. Head to the 
cargo deck at the bottom of the plane once done and fill up the inflatable 
boat to escape.

How to Escape From U.S.S. Anomaly:
*Race From Space – For this escape you might need to do a ton of fighting 
and an have an intelligence of 60. Beat up the guards till you find who has
the RED Key. Take a uniform whilst you are at it and store it away for later.
Once you have found your target, don on your new officer uniform and search 
desks till you get the materials needed to putty and molten plastic. Be sure
to keep your uniform safe when taking the red key for copying and get that 
mould into your hidden compartment before you are captured.
Once your heat is at zero and you have your false red key, put on your 
officer uniform again, and head to the right of your cells, into the CCTV 
room, walking past the guards into the contraband area and stealing the 
Jetpack. The exit is in the warden’s office to the left of the cells. Behind 
RED doors and Contraband detectors, protected by guard dogs, so drop your 
fake red key after walking through the red doors to get in there so you dont
trigger any alarms and in the top left of the warden’s office is your escape

Tips and Tricks:
Written by Intense

This guide includes tips and tricks for easiest gaming The Escapists 2.

-=Contraband Warehouses=-
Ever seen my artwork titled Contraband Warehouse in a Nutshell? A Contraband Warehouse 
is a unique name for a room never visited by guards storing tons of your own contraband 
you're saving on the floor. Some can be set up in multiplayer rooms, underground, or 
in storage rooms guards tend to never visit, such as a few in Center Perks 2.0, the 
mines in Rattlesnake Springs, or the Last Post escape area in Center Perks 2.0.

-=The Lazy Solo Escape=-
Ever tried doing a singleplayer escape, but can't do it unaided by others? Well, I 
did a couple times: Once in HMP Offshore, and once in Fort Tundra. To do the Lazy Solo 
Escape, bring someone onto your game to prepare you for the solo escape then leave 
after you reach the escape point. This is a lazier way to do singleplayer escapes.

-=Surrender To Get Out There=-
You know that pressing F4 twice makes you surrender and get sent to solitary, right? 
It is also possible in transport prisons, and still gets you sent there, except you 
will only be in solitary confinement for like, about ten freakin' seconds. This is a 
way to cheat a series of obstacles, except in Cougar Creek Railroad, where the solitary 
train car is located just east of the prisoner cells train car.

Showing Up... Then Leaving

Are you sick of having to do things during routines besides jobs?

Unlike the first game, if you attend a routine then leave the area, you won't earn 
heat when caught outside the routine area. The easiest way to tell if you've done 
this obvious trick is to see if there's a check mark next to the routine's name.

-=Careers Provide Materials=-
Like in the first game, jobs can provide crafting resources or other perks. It's 
possible to earn timber and metal sheets from two job rooms: Timber is found in the 
woodworking room, while the blacksmith's room contains metal sheets. Be careful, as 
some of them will contain contraband detectors.

-=The Tile Tagging System=-
It's possible to mark certain tiles on the map by pressing the T key while standing 
on them. The tag color will pair with your player number. 
1: Red. 2: Blue. 3: Green. 4: Yellow.

How to Use Weapons Properly:
Written by LegoNinja8411

This will teach you how to use weapons more responsibly, how to use them more, 
and how to use them with more versatility.

-=Baton and Baseball Bat=-
These are basic contraband weapons that can be used almost aimlessly. You still 
need to be careful with them though. Make sure to use them in these situations:

* You need to take down an inmate or guard.
* To give someone for a quest.
* Any of these situations will help you use these weapon types more responsibly 
  and allow you to use them more.

-=Whips and Nun-chucks=-
These are 2 very powerful weapons that are hard to craft and come by. They have the 
same rules as the Baseball Bat and Baton, but still be very careful. If a guard spots 
you, you could lose it and any other things you may have.

-=Cup of Hot Choc and Makeshift Stun-Gun=-
These 2 are very expensive and powerful weapons. Only use them in these scenarios:

* Running from a horde of guards
* Having to get a key.
* Giving it to someone for a quest.

These rules should help you to better use these items, since they can 1 shot anyone, 
they are very risky to use.

How to Leave Cougar Creak Railroad:
Written by LegoNinja8411

This is a guide that will teach you how to escape Cougar Creak Railroad, the first 
transport prison.

1. Peek About
The first step is quite simple, in 2 of the cells there is a paper you can read 
which gives you a escape tip. We are going to do the My Little Phony escape in this 

2. Gathering Materials
The second phase is to gather the materials to make a pretend carrot which will 
allow you to escape. You will need a Handkerchief and an Orange and Green Pen. 
All the materials can be found on the back or front of the train.

3. Avoiding Guards
The thing about these transport prisons is that there are no inmates but you, 
and the guards keep a close eye on you at all times. So, to get anywhere or get 
anything, you need to learn there set path, then find a loop hole in between. 
Doing this will allow you to get around them and not getting knocked out.

4. Escaping
These 3 steps asses what you will need and need to do to escape this prison. 
First, craft pretend carrot. Next, avoid the guards to get to the horse. 
Finally, hop on the horse and escape.

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