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  Hints and Tips for: The Long Dark 
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 The Long Dark Cheats

The Long Dark

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

1.Find the folder:
  Go to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Hinterland\TheLongDark. 
  If this comes up the skip to step 3.

2.Finding Appdata
  If Appdata doesnít come up go to your control panel and find folder options.
  Click on that and select View on the properties menu. Lastly click show hidden 

3.Saving the Game
  Now that you accessed The Long Dark folder, you need to launch the game. Once 
  you are in the place you want to loot, do so and sleep on hour. If there is 
  no bed/bedroll, go outside and come back in to save the game.

  Once you save your game, exit to the main menu. Then open your Long Dark 
  folder and click on the folder save001. Then find the place you were at, 
  for example: the camp office will say CampOffice. In Pleasant Valley the 
  barn will say BarnHouseA. Delete the file of the building you were in. 
  Then come in your game and you can re-loot the entire thing. 
  Containers will be reset too.

Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view 
your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then search for the 
game hub. Select the "View Stats" dropdown, then the option for your username's 

Achievement                   How to unlock
It's Getting Cold Out There - You survived 15 days in a single Sandbox mode game.
Master Survivor             - You survived 40 days in a single Sandbox mode game.
Ready for when the SHTF!    - You survived 50 days in a single Sandbox mode game.
Tough as Nails              - You survived 20 days in a single Sandbox mode game.
Wolfbait                    - You survived 5 days in a single Sandbox mode game.
You Made It!                - You survived 10 days in a single Sandbox mode game.
You Prep the Preppers       - You survived 30 days in a single Sandbox mode game.

Hare Hunting Guide (How to Farm Rabbit Skin):
Written by [] Doctor

This guide will show how to easily farm rabbit skin.

The scope is on the fold of the thumb. Depending on the distance to the target, the 
vertical position of the sight may change. Keep this in mind when knocking out 

If you want to eat or need skins for warm mittens. You can hunt rabbits with stones. 
But itís not so easy, right? And itís a pity to spend ammunition, or simply there is 
no gun and / or ammunition.

To successfully catch and kill the hares, it is enough to have 2-3 stones in the 
inventory = 0.5-0.75 kg (more can be).

2 required, and 3 (s) in case of a miss.

Throwing stones is better sitting. Since the hare is blind, he will run closer to you.

The first stone should fly away for a hare - (Then it will run in your direction).

The second stone should fly ahead of the hare (a little further along the trajectory 
of its movement).

If you are lucky and you stunned him, then you have 5 seconds to run up to him and 
turn his neck to let go of such a cute fluffy cute little hare.

If no luck, then repeat until successful.

When creating this guide, not a single hare was probably hurt.

Ps. I'm also not happy with this brutal rabbit killing scene.

I know that the method is quite difficult, but it is effective. I thus caught up 
to 6 birds with one stone using only 2 stones. You only need to fill your hand.

Guide to Defeating Timberwolves:
Written by KawaiiLulu

-=How to Defeat Them=-
* Timberwolves will continue to attack until the pack's Morale is fully depleted.
* Morale can be lowered by by shooting or throwing objects at the Timberwolves.
* Once a Timberwolf Pack's Morale is fully depleted, surviving members will flee 
  and will not attack again for a short time.
* Marine Flares are also effective at stopping Timberwolf lunges, although normal 
  Flares are not.
* Both types of hand-held flare are effective at keeping Timberwolves at bay (~15m), 
  just outside their lunge distance.
* A single lit Marine flare can be used to deplete a pack's Morale by repeatedly 
  throwing it at the ground between the player and a Timberwolf, and then picking 
  up the flare to repeat the process.

How to Find a Good Safehouse:
Written by papi42boyz.

This is a really simple guide on how to find a good shelter for storing items 
from your current reigon and sleeping for the night.

-=Step 1: Finding a Cozy Box=-
First, before you can turn a random building into a good safehouse, youíll need to 
find a random building. Some of the best ones would be the Quonset Garage in Coastal 
Highway or the Carter Hydro Dam in Mystery Lake, because these have fire barrels, 
bedrolls, potable water, tons of storage and enough supplies to probably last weeks 
(this is probably only true on pilgrim and voyageur difficulty) Some requirements 
for a good safehouse include, but are not limited to: lots of storage, lots of 
supplies, easy access to other locations, a fire barrel or burned out campfire, 
rabbit spawns right outside and if youíre an expert lorekeeper or you just want 
100% completion, computers, notes and nearby cairns.

-=Step 2: Marking your Territory=-
If you donít have a spray paint can, this wonít work, ícause you need one, and I 
donít think you have the time to collect 50 stones to build a rock cache.

Once youíve found your nice little piece-of-garbage-but-still-better-than-nothing 
abandoned structure, youíll probably want to mark where exactly it is in case you 
know what itís called but forgor ?? To do that, all youíll need is some nice, clear 
weather and a can of spray paint. Go outside, take out your spray paint, and paint 
the ďfire startingĒ symbol on the front door of the structure. I chose the fire 
starting symbol because this is a game where the cold is your worst enemy and 
because of that, the only thing other than a building that could be considered a 
safe place would be a fire, so it just makes sense.

-=Step 3: Consume the Supplies=-
Once youíve identified a good building and marked it on your map, youíll have to 
go inside and get some supplies. Keep in mind that you should probably only take 
raw meat and low-condition food so that the better stuff is kept for later. Also 
take only what you need and will need in the near future, at least until you reach 
the next structure, which could be an entire in-game day, depending on how fast 
youíre moving. Stuff like prybars, hatchets and can openers should be taken (unless 
you already have one, then you can just come back if itís ruined or youíre an idiot 
and you harvest it) as well as any guns or ammunition (ammunition is useless if you 
donít find or have the gun itís used for).

-=Step 4: Pounds not Kilograms=-
When you get to the building, youíll also probably have a ton of junk that you 
donít want to drop out in the middle of nowhere, then suddenly need later on. That 
where the abundant storage comes in. You need to drop stuff in the containers and 
lockers and things so youíll have a light enough load to sprint faster in case a 
moose or bear tries to kill you and you donít have a gun or a high protection stat. 
Thisíll also be useful because if you want to grab something, youíll have plenty 
of space to spare, as opposed to if you donít unload your backpack and youíll have 
to drop 15 different things to pick it up, which is gonna suck, because then youíll 
need those 15 things later on.

Batteries for Towers:
-=FA Tower
Battery right next to it.

-=FM Tower
Battery right next to it.

-=MT Tower
Battery in car across bridge on way to church.

-=PV Tower
Not in PV (searched pretty much the whole map) but in CH. In the green car 
between Log Sort and Quonset.

Note: My guess for the OP is that a battery exists somewhere in your game. Probably 
underneath a hood somewhere and you may have to trek to find it and bring it back.

Beginners Tips:
* The story is nice to learn the game mechanics.
* You loose a little condition if your hunger is at 0 (1% per hour)
* Same for fatigue, you lose 1% per hour if it reach 0.
* Your thirst meter makes you lose 2% per hour if it reachs 0 so watch out for 
  this one a little more.
* And finally your warmth meter make you lose 20% per hour if it reach 0, and even 
  40% if you get hypotermia. So the cold is more likely to kill you.
* If you got attacked by a wolf, you may have a blood loss condition and you lose 
  condition even more quickly 30% per hour. Be sure to use a bandage if you have that.
* Your health should not deplete without reason just because you loot. youíre supposed 

There are other negative afflictions in the game you can get if you drink unsafe water 
without boiling it, or eat raw meat without cooking it, so check in the UI if you have 
something triggering your health loss.

A very important hint I would give is to not hoard too many things.

In the story mode youíll eventually be directed to a house, use it to store your items 
there and donít travel with too much stuff in order to travel light, be faster and be 
able to bring back more stuff for the objectives.

Against wolves you can use torches: when you light your first fire you can pick up 
torches from it and extinguish them right away. If you keep a good torch on you you
can light it up when you encounter a wolf. Switch to a rock (or any weapon) will make
you drop the torch and aiming at a wolf with the torch (or flare) lit at your feet will
make the wolf flee.

I hope this help.

Tips for Interloper Tea:
* Make sure to grab all the Reishi Mushrooms you find. Rose Hips also, but you only 
  need 2 Reishi Mushrooms to make One Tea.
* Tea is so important for the first 5+ In-Game days its ridiculous how much it can help.
* Brew as much as you can make (one great thing to do while water boils is turn the 
  mushrooms/hips into Prepared Ingredients) because this is a great source of ďWarming UpĒ.
* Since the game starts you with one can, you can make the Teas on Day 1 and since your 
  clothing is really limited, this can give you so SO much more time to get between 
  places without Frostbite or Hypothermia.
* Also the Tea is worth 100 Calories and every little bit helps. Lastly, once its brewed 
  you donít need to use the Can to warm it up.
* Any Fire with 2 or more spots, you can warm your tea while cooking or boiling water 
  since the game puts it in a little red cup for you (same for all brewed beverages).
* Oh and carry lots of torches. You can light a Torch with a discarded Torch thatís still 
  burning on the ground.
* Iíve been able to keep a ďfireĒ going that way across an entire zone to use the torch 
  to light a fire in the next zone since I had zero matches.

Spezial Fishing Lure:
Rainbow Trout are saltwater fish, so you need to fish for them along the coast. The fishing 
huts in Coastal Highway are your best bet. Youíll catch some Coho Salmon too (they are 
also saltwater fish).

But lures- they do not help you catch more fish. They only help you catch the newer rare 
(special) fish, and I donít know that the lures are linked to the types of special fish 
you might catch- location (saltwater vs, freshwater) seems to be the only thing that 
determines the type of special rare fish you *might* catch.

Bait will help you catch bigger fish, so using bait may be a better option for you if you 
really want to catch bigger fish.

For Vitamin C, the Lake Whitefish gives slightly more Vitamin C than Rainbow Trout do, 
but you wonít catch them along the coast- lakes and ponds like Mystery Lake are where 
you catch them (freshwater fish), and you will catch Smallmouth Bass as well.

Any fish when cooked will give you some lamp oil from cooking them.

The only special effect the fishing lures have is increasing the chances of catching one 
of the rare fish. They make it 5 or 10 times more likely to catch one of the rare fish, 
but also make it take longer to catch anything, and they do not guarantee that you will 
catch a rare fish. I only use lures if i want to catch Rockfish (saltwater fish) to be 
able to make Dockworkerís Pie.

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