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  Hints and Tips for: The Impossible Quiz 
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 The Impossible Quiz Cheats

The Impossible Quiz

The Most benificial answers you can get!: 
Submitted by: Kimberley McNab

 1.Kimberley says: Four 
 2.Kimberley says: No but a tin can 
 3.Kimberley says: K.O. 
 4.Kimberley says: Click the word "The Answer". 
 5.Kimberley says: Click and hold on the button while moving the pointer to the 
                   other button. 
 6.Kimberley says: Shallots 
 7.Kimberley says: An elephant 
 8.Kimberley says: Underneath the "E" in "Search" is a check mark. That is the answer.
 9.Kimberley says: The top right answer that says "THAT ONE". 
10.Kimberley says: Click the dentures (the teeth). 
11.Kimberley says: N 
12.Kimberley says: Click the "I" in the word "Click" 
13.Kimberley says: F'taang 
14.Kimberley says: Torch 
15.Kimberley says: Spell out "HORSE" 
16.Kimberley says: H 
17.Kimberley says: Click the question number (17). 
18.Kimberley says: Click the hammer which refers to the song "Can't Touch This" 
                   by MC Hammer; stop hammer time. 
19.Kimberley says: Blue, orange, green, green, yellow 
20.Kimberley says: Seal! 
21.Kimberley says: The upper left box. 
22.Kimberley says: + 1 skip 
23.Kimberley says: Bran 
24.Kimberley says: Click the "V" in the word "Lives" at the bottom. 
25.Kimberley says: Shoe polish 
26.Kimberley says: Arsefacey 
27.Kimberley says: Go to 28. 
28.Kimberley says: Abundance 
29.Kimberley says: Egg mayonnaise 
30.Kimberley says: Follow the white path or use the technique from #5. 
31.Kimberley says: Woof. Woof. Woof. 
32.Kimberley says: Babycham and human faces 
33.Kimberley says: 7 
34.Kimberley says: Move the pointer to the far left of the mouse with the sign until
                   elephants walk across the screen. 
35.Kimberley says: Wait until a new button appears then click it. 
36.Kimberley says: A walk. 
37.Kimberley says: You cannot get it wrong, select whichever you desire. 
38.Kimberley says: Mary Rose. 
39.Kimberley says: Cylindrical Adventures 
40.Kimberley says: Click the first button and hold the button down, then move the 
                   mouse to the next button. 
41.Kimberley says: Click the afro. 
42.Kimberley says: The 42 on the bottom row that is also the 42nd 42 (this one 42). 
43.Kimberley says: Tom Cruise 
44.Kimberley says: Click the 44 and move it so that you can see a piece of the puzzle
                   that does not move. Then click the middle of the "O" on that piece.
45.Kimberley says: The top right box. 
46.Kimberley says: open 
47.Kimberley says: Click the red dot. 
48.Kimberley says: Snaaaake! 
49.Kimberley says: Splaap-me-do 
50.Kimberley says: O.K. 
51.Kimberley says: Click one of the two guys. 
52.Kimberley says: The third one from the left is the carrot. 
53.Kimberley says: ...but Pa might not. 
54.Kimberley says: No, about 20cm off the ground. 
55.Kimberley says: A game console built for wholemeal buiscuits. 
56.Kimberley says: Click the buttons in order blue, red, blue, yellow. 
57.Kimberley says: erm... one? 
58.Kimberley says: Shepherd's pie 
59.Kimberley says: Click the black face repeatedly and quickly. If the bomb blows up 
                   it is game over. 
60.Kimberley says: Answer honestly. If you every missed it, say "No...". If you actually 
                   got it on the first try, click "Yes".
61.Kimberley says: Click the thumbs up (top left box). 
62.Kimberley says: Click the grass looking stuff. 
63.Kimberley says: Tasteless white filth 
64.Kimberley says: egg > 28 
65.Kimberley says: Click the word "Largest" 
66.Kimberley says: Click the ! at "the end of the world!". 
67.Kimberley says: A big hairy arsonist. 
68.Kimberley says: Move your mouse continually over the cat until the bar fills up. 
69.Kimberley says: Lol, 69. 
70.Kimberley says: Using its anus. 
71.Kimberley says: Click the green once. 
72.Kimberley says: Find the light switch (halfway down below the question number). 
73.Kimberley says: It is the top-right one; it matches the question. 
74.Kimberley says: No one knows that. 
75.Kimberley says: Move your mouse about half an inch under the question number. 
                   When it starts counting, quickly press "ESCAPE!" (it is on the screen).
76.Kimberley says: Sugar, Honey, Honey. 
77.Kimberley says: Question 77. 
78.Kimberley says: Four. 
79.Kimberley says: Click the "U" in "What do you mean?". 
80.Kimberley says: Filthy Romanians. 
81.Kimberley says: Run the cursor up and down the lightning rod.
82.Kimberley says: Clip all the fingernails by clicking them before the time runs out. 
83.Kimberley says: Natural Dyslexic Association. 
84.Kimberley says: Touch the shooting star near the bottom, at the end of the pattern.
85.Kimberley says: I loved it! 
86.Kimberley says: The Prince. 
87.Kimberley says: Hover the pointer next to the question number. When a dot appears, 
                   click on it. 
88:Kimberley says: Break Sonic's leg by using the mouse.
89:Kimberley says: Blindness, 
90:Kimberley says: Nonce. 
91:Kimberley says: Click under the third hole in the paper on the left side. It will start
                   to rip. You must click all the way across to rip the paper in half.
92:Kimberley says: 194, 27, 26, 14, 9, 3, 2.5, 1, .4 
93:Kimberley says: Go! (behind bomb) 
94:Kimberley says: The bomb is a dud. 
95:Kimberley says: Remove mouse, click Red. 
96:Kimberley says: A right mess. 
97:Kimberley says: 10+ times! 
98:Kimberley says: Blue, red, blue, yellow. 
99:Kimberley says: At green, click sign. 
100:Kimberley says: Two. 
101:Kimberley says: Chihuahua. 
102:Kimberley says: Touch the dots (one of them does not have one). 
103:Kimberley says: Slight down and slight right. 
104:Kimberley says: Large yellow sad moon. 
105:Kimberley says: BANANA (spelled from apple, nectarine, and gooseberry). 
106:Kimberley says: Click the arrow (right-clicking hits you in the head). 
107:Kimberley says: Do not click "TRY AGAIN" on the game over screen. 
108:Kimberley says: 4 8 15 16 23 42 execute. 
109:Kimberley says: Make the monkey poo using the mouse, then click on arrow. 
110:Kimberley says: Use all seven skips.

Glitch - cheat:
When you get the question 5, 30, 40 you right click move over and left click and carry on.^

Impossible Quiz Trainer:
Submitted by: Alex

in the private sub command1_click()
is so you can skip questions or go straight into the game. 
in the set variable one that one is so that if u click the wrong answer nothing happens.
the form load is so that the game loads.

you need 2 command buttons and a shockwave thingy on the form otherwise this wont work.
to get shockwave on the left hand of the screen should be ole, text box, command button etc
right click under them and a thing should pop up saying components etc. click components and 
scroll down until you can see shockwave flash click it so the bix is checked then click apply 
and cancel.
after that there will be a new thing on the side and it will the shockwave flash thing. click 
it then drag a box anywhere on the form etc
you can figure the rest out cause there isn't much left.
oh yh and you can name the command buttons and put pictures on them if you want, i did.
then play the game and have fun with the trainer.

Private Sub Command1_Click()
End Sub

Private Sub Command2_Click()
Call ShockwaveFlash1.SetVariable("lives", 1)
End Sub

Private Sub form_load()
ShockwaveFlash1.Movie =
End Sub

Easter Egg - Ok:
In one level, there is suppost to be a level that gives you a skip. In the final level, you 
need to fill the pass bar. So if you want to beat this game, you have to collect as many 
passes as you can.

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