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  Hints and Tips for: The Sims 2 
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 The Sims 2 Cheats

The Sims 2

Cheat Codes:
Update by: karolis
Update by: george
Update by: From:Ryno(the finch)Van Zyl

Update by: ELITE GAMER B
Update by: jamie butler
Submitted by: Viktor Gjoreski

NOTE: These are the main codes for The Sims 2 that are usually applied by typing text 
in-game, or by bringing down the game console. Please find the instructions on how to
use these cheats below. 

To enter cheats in The Sims 2, first open the command console by simultaneously 
pressing [Ctrl]+[Shift]+C. Note that codes are case-sensitive:

Result                                                   Code 
List most cheat codes                                  - help 
Display information about indicated cheat              - help [cheat command] 
Close console window                                   - exit 
Expand or contract console window                      - expand 
1,000 more Simoleons                                   - Kaching 
50,000 more Simoleons                                  - motherlode 
Unlock career rewards                                  - unlockcareerrewards
Have twins when baby is born                           - twinzr2cute or twinsr2cute 
Remove all Sims; use in neighborhood view              - deleteAllCharacters 
Toggle terrain types; use in neighborhood view         - TerrainType [desert or temperate] 
Objects can be placed anywhere in buy and build 
modes; hand tool can move any object                   - moveObjects [on or off] 
Make Sims larger or smaller; 1.0 is normal             - StretchSkeleton [number] 
Turn off facial DNA blending in Create A Sim           - faceBlendLimits [on or off] 
Prevent Sims from aging                                - aging [on or off] 
Toggle automatic game updates                          - autoPatch [on or off] 
Slow motion; 0 is normal, 8 is slowest                 - slowMotion [0-8] 
No censor; set to 8 to return to normal intprop        - censorgridsize 0 
Increase game performance with some graphics glitches  - Vsync [on or off] 
Use in neighborhood screen to invite more guests 
with a party                                           - intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims [number] 
Set to false to place objects out of grid boolProp     - snapObjectsToGrid [true or false] 
Enable postprocessing cheats; requires video card 
that supports pixel shaders                            - boolProp enablePostProcessing [true or false] 
Set to false to remove props like rocks and towers 
from neighborhood                                      - boolprop displayNeighborhoodProps[true or false] 
Set to false to remove roads from neighborhood         - boolprop displayNeighborhoodRoads[true or false] 
Set to false to removes trees/plants from neighborhood - boolprop displayNeighborhoodFlora[true or false] 
Set to false to remove water from neighborhood         - boolprop displayNeighborhoodWater[true or false] 
Set to false to removes house graphics from 
neighborhood                                           - boolprop displayLotImposters [true or false] 
Set to false to remove bridges from neighborhood.      - boolprop displayNeighborhoodRoadsWithModel 
Set to false and lots will not light up when 
highlighted in neighborhood                            - boolprop lotTerrainLighting [true or false] 
Set to false to remove removes water (ponds) from lots - boolprop lotWater [true or false] 
Set to false to remove floorpainting on lot            - boolprop lotTerrainPaints [true or false] 
Unknown                                                - boolprop lotTerrainCanvas [true or false] 
Set to true and cars will have more detail in 
neighborhood                                           - boolprop carsCompact [true or false] 
Toggle grid in build or buy mode                       - boolprop showFloorGrid [true or false] 
Set to trueto show lot information                     - boolprop lotInfoAdvancedMode [true or false] 
Set to false to remove removes shadows on objects 
outside house                                          - boolprop objectShadows [true or false] 
Set to false to remove shadows on objects inside house - boolProp guob [true or false] 
Set to true and walls will no longer cut away from 
selected Sim                                           - boolprop renderSelectedSimLevel [true or false] 
Set to true to see the path where the selected Sim 
walks to                                               - boolProp displayPaths [true or false] 
Set to true and blocks appear on Sims faces and on 
parts where Sims look at                               - boolprop displayLookAtBoxes [true or false] 
Toggle shadows for Sims                                - boolProp simShadows [true or false] 
In neighborhood, shows filename of house when lot 
is highlighted                                         - boolprop ShowLotPackageFilename [true or false] 
Set to false to place floor tiles outside lot          - boolprop locktiles [true or false] 
Set to false to raise and lower floor even when 
covered with objects                                   - boolprop constrainFloorElevation [true or false] 
Set to true to light up objects continuously 
instead of only when used                              - boolprop allObjectLightsOn [true or false] 
After typing expand, will you see the game 
version in the cheat box                               - gameVersion
setHighestAllowedLevel [level]"                        - Allows building higher then 5 floors 
Allow object rotation (*)                              - boolProp allow45DegreeAngleOfRotation true

(*) Use the [Comma] or [Period] keys to rotate the object. Some large (for example, multi-tile) objects 
may not visually appear correct at 45 degree angles. This should not be used on windows or doors, as they 
will already snap to diagonal walls. There is no guarantee that Sims can interact with all objects that 
are at this orientation, but most should work. Use this with the boolProp snapObjectsToGrid code.

open the console by pressing Ctrl+Shift+C simultaneuosly.then press the ` 
button under escape on your keeboard.then type kaching or motherlode and 
press enter.note that the cheat screen did not close.then press the up 
button and the previously typed cheat wil appear enter and 
continue so forth till your hearts content.

"PostProcessing" Cheats:
To use The Sims 2 cheats listed below you must have the "PostProcessing" 
cheat enabled. Please note that you must have a video card that can handle 
pixel shaders in order to successfully use this cheat. If your card doesn't 
have pixel shaders, the screen will most likely go partially dark, and will 
not come back until you turn off PostProcessing:

boolProp enablePostProcessing true - Turns postprocessing on
boolProp enablePostProcessing false - Turns postprocessing off
bloom [r g b #] - Sitcom flashback blur effect (# = 0.0 to 1.0)
vignette [centerX centerY #] - Adds a blur effect from the specified 
(# is blur amount = 0.0 to 1.0)
filmGrain [#] - Makes the screen grainy (# = 0.0 to 1.0)
letterBox [#] - Adds a letterbox effect to the view (# = 0.0 to 0.4)

Command-line Parameters:
Start the game with one of the following command line parameters to activate the 
cheat function:

-f - Full screen
-w - Run game in the Window
-rx - Set screen resolution
-nosound - Disable sound

Submitted by: coner54
To enter cheats in The Sims 2, first open the command console by simultaneously 
pressing ctrl-shift-c. 
Note that cheats are case-sensitive. 
Some of the cheats that can be used here are as follows:

help             - lists all the cheats in the game.
help [cheatname] - displays specific information about the cheat.
exit             - closes the cheat window.
expand           - expands or contracts the cheat window.

moveObjects on/off - removes footprint limitation for all object placement 
in Buy Mode and Build Mode. Removes limitations placed on hand tool for when 
objects are in use, or are normally non-movable objects. Is known to cause 
issues with game elements, routing, hidden object generation and manipulation, etc.
Note that using this cheat allows you to delete objects that normally cannot be 
deleted, such as Sims, the mailbox, and the garbage can. If you delete these 
objects, there is no way to get them back, so be careful!

aging >on/off - prevents Sims from aging. This can disrupt the carefully tuned 
gameplay balance, and will prevent little Johnny from ever growing up, so treat 
this cheat with care as well.

autoPatch -on/off - This cheat lets you re-enable notifications when there is a 
game update available for The Sims 2. Just turn Autopatch on and go to the Custom 
Content Browser (the little snowflake button on the UCP in the neighborhood). 
If therees an update available youell be asked whether you want to download it. 

slowMotion [value] - The slowMotion cheat takes one parameter: the "slowness" 
setting (such as slowMotion 4). This value ranges from 0 to 8 where 0 is normal 
speed and 8 is the slowest speed.

boolProp enablePostProcessing true/false - enables the use of postprocessing 
cheats (see below); very useful for movie making (also see below). Please note 
that you must have a video card that can handle pixel shaders in order to successfully 
use this cheat. If you use the cheats and you donet have pixel shaders, the screen 
will most likely go partially dark, and will not come back until you turn off 
If you turn on postprocessing, and you turn on cinematics, and a cinematic plays, 
you may also experience unwanted graphical glitches.

bloom [r g b x] (rgb is color) (x is the bloom amount) [0.0 - 1.0] - This cheat adds 
a blur effect, like a sitcom flashback moment. Must have entered boolProp 
enablePostProcessing true for this cheat to work.

vignette [centerX centerY X] (X is the vignetteing factor) [0.0 - 1.0] - Adds a 
blur effect from the specified center. Using "vignette 0.5 0.5 0.5" should put some 
blurry bits at the edge of the screen. Vignette 0.5 0.5 1.0 is maximum edge blurryness. 
Must have entered boolProp enablePostProcessing true for this cheat to work.

filmGrain [val] [0.0-1.0] - This cheat makes the screen grainy. Must have entered 
boolProp enablePostProcessing true for this cheat to work.

letterBox [val] [0.0-0.4] - Adds a letterbox effect to the view. Must have entered 
boolProp enablePostProcessing true for this cheat to work. 

Submitted by:Joseph

Push CTRL+SHIFT+C To Bring Down The console Then Type One Of The Following:
Code                 Result
Kaching            - 1000 money
expand             - expand the cheat window
moveObjects On/Off - turns it on or off
slowmtion #        - make you set the game speed (#= 0-8, 0 is normal) 

Submitted by: steve

to add 1,000 simoleons hold ALT+CTRL at the same time. then a box will 
appear and type in kaching . you will find this very useful when trying 
to do well in a job or make your sims happy. even buying a big house for 
a family. you cannont use this cheat on the neighbourhood screen so if 
you want a certain family to buy a big house first move into a small 
house for the amount of money you have (or less) then add the money then 
move out and then move into the house you wanted to move into.

This is an update to previous cheat I submited....

Ok. for some quick cash Hold Ctrl+Shift and press C then a small box at the 
top of the screen will come up type in kaching and press enter and you have 
1,000 simolenos... but for faster cash I found this little trick out just 
do the samething hold Ctrl+Shift and press C then the box will appear.. 
ok now listen cafeful there is a key that has ~` it is left of the 1 and 
top of the tab key what you do is hit that and the box will come down 
filling about 1/4 the screen... ok now type in kaching and before you 
hit enter highlight it with your mouse cursor and copy it useing the 
keyboard method holdt Ctrl and hit C for copy then hit enter and you 
will get 1,000 simoleons then instead of typeing it back out hold Ctrl 
and press V to paste and hit enter and you have anohter 1,000 kaching 
without typeing it and the box does not dissapear.. so get a little rythem 
going and you will have quick cash fast.. P.S. to clear the box out of the 
wa when you have enuf cash you can get your hands on hit the same key you 
did to make the box big and press enter with only the kaching in selected 
or it will not disapear..

Submitted by: lisa

to get more money on the sims 2 press ctrl and shift down at the same 
time and c , a box should come on the screen at the top type in the box 
KACHING abd press enter do that for a while and enjoy thee money your 
sims can spend.

Adding 50.000 (money):
Submitted by:Ryan

Press ctrl+shift+c, type in the box "motherlode" then press the enter button. 
This way is faster than typing "kaching". 
It was a hard work to find this cheat.

Submitted by: jeroen

Combine aspiration rewards for even bigger boosts. For example, 
if your Sim is wearing a Thinking Cap and feeds Smart Milk to their Toddler, 
the Toddler builds skill four times as fast!

Submitted by: jeroen 

Code                           Result
Motherlode                   - 50,000 Sim dollars.
StretchSkeleton              - Changes Sim's height.
Vsync on/off                 - Turning off for better game performance with some 
                               graphical errors.
FaceBlendLimits on/off       - Turns off facial bounding limitations. It prevents 
                               the normal corrections the game will make for two 
                               parents with very different facial structures.
DeleteAllCharacters          - Removes every Sim from the neighbourhood.
TerrainType desert/temperate - Toggles between two terrain types.

Submitted by: Spike-101

A very quick way of making your money is by first 
brining up the cheat box by pushing CTRL+SHIFT+C
and typing in "motherlode". You money will go up by
50,000. Now just press the up button and press 
enter after that, and carry on doing this until you are
satisfied with the amount of money you have.

Unlimited friends:
Enable the boolprop testingcheatsenabled true code, and then shift click the mailbox.
Choose "Neighborhood", then "Make me know everyone". This allows you to know everyone 
in the game, including social bunnies and repo men. Then, shift click the mailbox again.
Choose "Neighborhood", and select "Make me friends". This will make you friends with all 
of the people that you know. There is no limit on the amount of friends you can have. 
Note: Make sure you do not have a phone. When the Sims lose their friendship with you, 
you will have hundreds of Sims calling your house, nonstop.

Invisible Sim:
Submitted by: Bonek

Enable the StretchSkeleton code and use the following value: 
100000000000000000000000000000000000.0. Note: This will affect 
how tall the Sims will be. 1.0 is normal. Your Sim will be so 
tall that they cannot be seen. Exiting out of the game will 
deactivate the code.

Submitted by: Niloy M. Reza

If you want your toddler to learn things 4 times faster.Then you have to make an 
adult sim were a Thinking Cap and feed Smart Milk to a sim who is a toddler.

Get 50000 simoleons in 5 seconds:
Submitted by: stefy

while in game activate console with ctrl, shift,c and type the following 
And guess what you instantly have 50000 simoleons !!!!!Reapeat the code 
for more money!!!!

Buying expensive houses:
Use the following trick if you want your average Sim to buy a house that is above his or 
her means. First start a family or load one, and find an empty lot. Move the Sim on that 
lot. Enable the motherlode code a few times, just to the point where you can buy the expensive 
house. Exit the lot, but save the game. Then, evict (move out) the family. Notice that your 
family is displayed at the "Choose Family" window. You can now buy any house desired.

Kiss same gender:
Go to "Make a Sim" and create two women or two men Sims. Then, go to the family tree and drag 
them into each other. Select the spouse of whatever the name is and save them. Then, select 
any lot. Select either of the Sim you created and select "Kiss".

Select a baby:
Go into buy mode. Enable the moveObjects on code and click on the baby you wish to select. 
Without deselecting the baby, use the moveObjects off code. Still without deselecting baby, 
press [F1] to enter live mode. You will now be able to view the babies needs. The baby can 
only perform one interaction. Click on it, and for a moment a menu will appear that says 
"Grow Up".

Easy potty training:
Enable the boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true code. Upon doing this you should be able to 
raise and lower your Sims motives by clicking and dragging a specific motive bar either up 
or down. First, your child must be a toddler and you must own a potty chair. Pick up your 
toddler or simply click on the potty chair and select "Potty Train..." and the toddler you 
want to potty train (if you have more than one toddler). When your Sim puts the toddler 
on the potty chair, click and drag the toddlers Bladder motive down to the red area. The 
toddler should use the potty chair as soon as the motive gets low enough, and when he or 
she is done, your Sim toddler is now potty trained. 

Make fat Sims:
Eat at least twenty deserts within an hour by slowing down time then enable the moveObjects 
on code and delete all dishes. Then, get all your Sim's Aspiration points up and starting 
from Noon. Have it eat nonstop. When the Sim stops, keep making him eat more and doing 
nothing else. He will become huge.

Custom television show:
Copy your own AVI files to the "c:\mydocuments\eagames\thesims2\music\\" 
folder. Note: The AVI file must have a 128x128 resolution and a frame rate less than or equal 
to 15 fps.

Entering Debugging Mode:
Submitted by: thegammingperson1994
This debugging mode was left by the programmers to obviously 'debug' the game. Users can now 
use it to their advantage by freezing their needs, fulfilling all wants, and almost anything 
else that is imaginable. However, this debugging mode is very dangerous to be left on and can 
permenantly damageyour game. It's best that you disable this when you don't need it.
I had started a very detailed guide about this in Word, but evently god tired. I should probably 
finish it.Anyways, you first need to enter your neighborhood. Press CTRL+SHIFT+C to open up the 
console, the type in the following EXACTLY: boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true

(It is cAsE SeNsItIvE.)
Now enter your victim's lot, and to make sure that it worked properly, the game version should 
be in the upper-right hand corner of the screen. For the fun part! Most of the time, you'll be 
SHIFT+ left clicking things in this debugging mode. SHIFT click a few things in your house, 
including your sims. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT select force error. This is fairly self-explanitory,
as it 'forcesan error'. Other than that, things should be OK. Look at refridgerators for example.
You can instantly restock them for free! For toilets and showers, you can set their clesnliness 
level, as well as breaking them (if you are bored). The most interesting and dangerous object to 
SHIFT click are the sims them selves. You will be shown a whole host of errors, such as kill, 
spawn, and many other things I cannot remember at the moment. Killing them through the 'kill...'
option is not the nicest way, but it will show all of the possible ways a sim can die, and you 
can even see the grim reaper! You can even SHIFT click him, and given options such as add to 
household, etc. (The add to household feature will only work for 3 seconds before he 
dissappears.) I believe that you can even make him pregnent with the currently selected sim. 
I'd hate to see what the baby looks like. On your sim, you can also spawn things that only 
the programmers would use that cycle different clothing, career questions, etc. One thing 
that you can spawn is the tombstone of (L)ife and (D)eath. (Sounds like the programmers 
were having fun...) With this, you can make sims pregnant, make children, play growing up 
cinematics, (which actually make the selected sim grow up,) and many other things.
This will mark the end of this cheat, but if you want more info on it, go to places 

Clone your Sims:
Enable the moveObjects on code enabled then press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + F or [Ctrl] + [Alt] + C. You 
can clone anyone except the Repo Man. You can only control the original Sim but none of the 

Save a child from the military school: 
If your child's grades are low, enable the boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true code. Make the 
child you want to save the active character. Note: Always make the child the active Sim; never 
perform this trick with a different Sim as the active character (unless you want to age that 
Sim). Hold [Shift] and click the child. Choose "Set to Birthday". 
Next, click the child without holding [Shift]. Click "Grow Up" to make him or her become a 
teen. The Social Worker only cares about babies, toddlers, and children, but not teens. 
This trick may also work for other Social Worker problems, such as starving children. 
Note: You must disable the cheat "Aging Off" before performing this trick. 
This trick will not work after Social Worker arrives. 

Don Lothario:
Do not make Don marry Cassandra. They are not compatible. Have him marry Kaylynn Langerak 
(the maid) instead. They appear to get along a lot better despite their aspiration 

Set family money:
When you crete a family, it will always have 20,000 Simoleans. Make sure the last name does 
not have any spaces. At the Neighborhood screen, press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + C and enter 
familyFunds   as a code. For example, enter familyFunds Smith 100000. 
You can also use this while in a lot, but you must control that family.

Quick baby:
Enable the boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true code. Shift-click a Sim. Choose "Spawn" and 
it will open up more options. Click on the "Tombstone of L and D". If the Sim is single, 
invite a Sim over. When the visitor arrives, click on the "Tombstone of L and D" and select
"More". Choose "Get pregnant with..." and choose the name of the Sim who you want to be the 
father. You will hear a lullaby. Click on the "Tombstone of L and D" again. Select "More". 
Choose "Speed up my pregnancy". Wait a while, and your Sim will get a big tummy. Wait again,
and your Sim will have an even bigger tummy. Wait again, and your Sim will give birth.

Submitted by: Kurt

Alows you to build higher than five floors. THE CHEAT CODE IS SETHIGHESTALLOWEDLEVEL and 
then [number].I think you could for your next sims2 game, you could have a cheat to expand 
your lot so that we could make our lot bigger than it is i have bean looking for that cheat 
for a very very very very very long time when the 1st sims2 game came out but,no luck.If 
you do that, i think you could make the cheats name lotexpandercheat[number] please make 
my dreams come true thanks.Please E-mail if you can do it or not my friends also would like 
that cheat thanks.My E-mail is [].thanks thanks again.

Age Certain Sims, Keep Others The Same Age:
Press Ctrl+Shift+C and type in "moveobjects on". go to Save, and save the game. Go to Buy 
Mode, and select the sim you DONT WANT TO AGE AT ALL, and delete him/her(them), but don't 
delete the sims you want to age. when you have deleted the desired charaters, turn free 
will on in the options bar. Press fast forward, and the sim(s) will take care of themselves 
until you have them at the desired ages. then save, go to nieghborhood, and click your sims 
house, the UNaged sims will be waiting at the mailbox.

Buying expensive houses:
Use the following trick if you want your average Sim to buy a house that is above his or 
her means. First start a family or load one, and find an empty lot. Move the Sim on that 
lot. Enable the motherlode code a few times, just to the point where you can buy the 
expensive house. Exit the lot, but save the game. Then, evict (move out) the family. 
Notice that your family is displayed at the "Choose Family" window. You can now buy any 
house desired.

Free Pizza:
I'm not for sure this works beacause I have only done this once but to get a free pizza 
then order one with $39 or less the take away you door. Then The delivery man/woman should 
say "what do you mean you don't have enogh money." I think she might say that she needs to 
take something away from you but I'm not sure. Then right after that she should say 
something like that you must really be poor. Then she should set down the pizza and leave. 

Game Music:
This Cheat allows you to obtain the music from the sims and any of the expansion packs. Go 
to 'My Computer' click on the 'local disk' icon, click on the 'program files' click on 
'maxis' click on 'music' then select from the 'mode' or 'stations' icon. 'Mode' takes you 
to a menu that allows you to selct from 'buy' and 'build' mode music. 'Stations' take you 
to a menu that allows you to select music from the differant stations on the radio. I suggest 
that you press 'shift' and highlight the music you want then right click and select copy then 
find a folder to hold them in then right click and select paste. you can tehn move the files 
to 'Windows media player', 'Itunes' or any other music player.

Use your own videos for the TV:
It's possible to watch your own videos on the Sim-TV. You must put the video you want into 
MyDocuments/EaGames/TheSims2/Music/ (the TV sender you want). If you then turn on the TV 
in the game you can watch it! The video must be .avi-clips and the clips shouldn't be 
larger then 128x128 pixel also it shouldn't have more then 15 frames per second.

New clothes, hairstyles, hats and skin tones:
To get new clothes that do not appear in the game for your Sim, go to Create-A-Sim mode and 
press [Shift] + N. A note should appear at the top-right of the screen stating that you are 
in debugging mode. You can now choose new hairstyles, hats, skin tones, and clothing for 
your Sim. Some of the clothes and items are the ones NPCs (for example, Repo Man, Social 
Worker ect.) also wear. If you have installed any expansion packs you will get even more 
items in Debug mode. Note: Most new items will appear at the back of each folder.

New Outfits
Abulance Driver
Bus Driver
Delivery Man 
Grim Reaper
Laboratory Coats
Mad Scientist
Nothing (invisible)
Pizza Delivery
Social Bunny
Repo Man 
New hairstyles and hats
Cowboy hat
Eloctrocuted hair
Fireman hat
Social Bunny Head
Therapist equipment 
New skin tones

Submitted by: Nathaniel

Message : when you're in neighbourhood mode
press CTRL+SHIFT+C and then:

boolprop testingcheatsenabled true

with this cheat you can do practically everything.

go to a family and then press SHIFT+LEFT CLICK on mailbox or a member of the 
family and you'll see what you can do.

you can also change the qualities in cooking and so on by clicking on the levelindicators, 
as well as the qualities such as lazy or neat and so on.
GOOD Luck and enjoy!!!!!!

Submitted by: john

The cheatSubmitted by: kurt conradt code is changetheneighbourborhood with this cheat will 
let you change your 
neighbourhood size how it works every time you type in the cheat chagetheneighbourhood 
and you press enter it goes twice the size bigger your neighbourhood and once your 
neighbourhood is twice the size bigger you just press enter and then your neighbourhood 
will go twice the size as that bigger so then your neighbourhood will be 4times the 
normal size.

Submitted by: kurt conradt

THE CHEAT CODE IS marymeandstay on/off you can marry as many sims as you like. but your 
wife does not mind so you can kiss infrant of all your wifes or girlfriends and they will 
not be cross with you and dump you.They can still kiss you.

Submitted by: kurt conradt

THE CHEAT IS biggerlotexpander on/off To expand your lot you can make your lot as big 
as you want. When you are on the game just click on the side,corner,top,bottom,up,down 
right or left at the end of the lot with the mouse just hold the right button on your 
mouse and move it to the left,right,up or down then it goes bigger and bigger the more 
you move it the bigger the lot gets And your lot gets big. You can even go over the road 
into another persons can make a very very very big house with it. please put 
this cheat on it will work so well. And people will enjoy this cheat.
Thane was also wanting a cheat like this Thanks thanks again.Please put it on o please. 

Submitted by: kurt conradt

to zoom out and in twice the time as normal THE CHEAT IS cutezoom on/off

Submitted by: kurt conradt

The cheat code is moveneighborhoodobjects on/off This allows you to place a property 
where ever you like.It does not matter if its in the road. It is similar to moveobjects 
on but now you can move around in the neighborhood to. The cool thing you can do with 
it is make your property bigger so lets say you got a big house that takes up the whole 
of the biggest property in the game now you can take the property to another empty lot 
or with a house and add on and make your property as big as you want. You can even have 
5 houses on 1 property. Its very cool. thanks.

Submitted by: kurt conradt

THE CHEAT code IS freeallgreen on/off on the game all the sims2 needs just freez just 
stop.dont go up dont go down

the code is thelanguagechanger you can change the sims langusge to english,afrikaans,
xhosa and german. also a very nice cheat

the code is comepartysims on/off sims always your enjoys your parties when you throw 
a party on the game every one says that its the best party that they have been to.

the cheat is partyallnight [nmuber] this allows you to invite as many sims as you like.

the cheat code is stayparty on/off theres no time in the party so the party stays on 
the whole night you can have longer than 5min real fun to party all night.

the cheat code is doggyteller on/off on the game you can tell your dogs what to do so 
like your sim you can say gohere runhere now you can controll the dog to you can also 
tell the dog to eat and sleep get the paper play with runaway and otherthings

The cheat code is visitallfriends on/off you can visit other sims so you can drive to 
your friend a play and go on a outing to your friends house.

The code is driveyyourselfsim on/off this allows you to be able to drive your self 
and you can handle your car and go to comm lots and res lots.

The code is maxvisitors on/off this allows you to beable to go and visit other sims 
like if I got a house called the white house and then I got another house called 
tallhouse the sims from the white house can visit the tall house. cool cheat.

you can invite more than 8 sims to a party you can invit as many as you like 
THE CHEAT CODE IS partypartypartypartyjustparty

the code maxofneighborhood on/off other people from other neighborhoods can visit 
you so lets say you in pleasantview and these another in verronaview sims cav 
vist plesantview.

code is skilljustlikethat all your skills goes up so your cooking skills goes 
up every skill just goes up.

The cheat code is maxnmberofsims on/off with this cheat you can where cloths 
that you could not be for such as the grimgreper,mailman,maid,gardingboy,bigfoet,
doctor scoile worker, scoilde bunny, repo man,nanny and other clothes. If you 
want to know where to find the cloths, you can go to the shops and buy the cloths 
or when you create your sim. and enjoy all your knew types of cloths. Thanks

To get very green grass in your house this cheat can be only typed on the game 
in your yard not in the neighborhood. This makes your grass go very green so 
your yard looks nice. Enjoy.Thanks

The cheat code is unportedsim this this cheat lets you teleport around. you konw 
where it says go here run here now it will say teleport here to

the cheat is dontpaybills on/off now you dont have to pay any bills the bills are 
for free no bills get paid. enjoy.....!

Submitted by: john

The cheat code is thesimstothesims2 on/off this cheat what it does is the objects 
from the sims 1,sims house party sims making magic,sims superstar,sims vacation,
sims unleashed,sims living large,sims deluxe edition,sims hotdate and the sims 
living it up goes on to your sims 2 game so now you can have the sims 1 objects 
on your sims 2 game. cool and enjoy all your knew objects.

Submitted by: till the end of time

TO get 50,000 simoleans u also can use this over and over again as many times as 
u want to be rich so heres how u do it to make the cheat bar appear on the top of 
the screen u have to cli first ctrl+shift+c in that order also.then to get 50,00 
simoleans just type in motherlode and then click enter and there u go. to get more 
cheats for any game espessially halo3 email me 
at thanx for ure services.

Woo Hoo:
Ok u know how to make a male and a female woo hoo right? well make 2 females married 
then put them in a bed, relax, woo hoo, its so funny, hey try it with 2 dudes.

Taking care of things easier:
First off, everyone needs to load this code when their in the neighborhood part before 
you click your house: BoolProp Testingcheatsenabled true.
If you have problems in your garden and want to get rid of weeds you can put the 
moveobjects on code and pick them up to delete them yourself because they are so 
ugly and sims take forever to do it. 
Also i love to press shift and click on the service people (to make selectable) like 
the maid, garden lady, or random people walking by to have control over what they do.

50,000 simdolars:
To get 50,000 Simdolars all you have to do is type in "motherlode" (without the quotation 
marks) in the screen you see when you press "ctrl+shift+c" in your computer.

Cheat Codes:
all of those cheats are by aziz [x-soul] from syria

Press CTRL + SHIFT + C to pop up the window and type in the following: 

Code              Effect
meet the badest - gives you 100,000,000 cach
expearance      - fulfill all needs

How to get a plant sim easily:
First of all you will need Sims 2 Seasons for this cheat. So how to make a plant sim 
first of all press Ctrl Alt Shft and n toghether to open a cheat box then type boolprop 
testingcheatsenabled true then exit out of your house that your playing on or go to a 
house if your on the menu then a little code will apear in the corner YOU HAVE DONE IT! 
now you will activate all sorts of things. So now onto the plant sim get a fruit tree 
from the gardening menu then press shft on the tree there will be 2 things that will 
apear first. debug make harvestible and then debug make infested. click the infested 
one. then once you clicked on it bugs will apear. spray them. if they dont come up 
click on shft then the tree and click debug infest again. then keep doing the method 
making bugs apear then spray them and they after a wile you have turned in to a plant 

Want More Family Members:
If you want mopre members for your family after you've made the family this is how to 
do it:

1 - Bring down the cheat box, Ctrl, Shift, C, And type in boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true
2 - Shift click someone and select spawn
3 - Clck on tombstone of L and D and put it somewhere in your house
4 - Shift click the tombstone of L and D and select what type of new family member you want!

And the new person will appear next to the tombstone and on the side of the screen with 
your other people

Full mood bars:
follow theese instructions for your sims to be 100% all the time!
1 - make sure you are on the nieghborhood screen
2 - get up the cheat bar Ctrl Alt c
3 - type in:- boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
4 - press Enter
5 - go on to any one of your family's
6 - hopefully you should be able to drag up your moos bars
7 - have fun simmin

Give Your Sim A Mobile:
It's all very simple...All you need to do is,

- Open the cheat box (Ctrl+Shift+C)
- Type in boolprop testingCheatsEnabled true
- Then enter
- Then click on the sim that you want to give a mobile to
- Choose 'give mobile' on the options menu
- Get calling!
Using this cheat will allow your Sim/s to make a call to anyone where ever they are!

Submitted by. Jessica

There's another tip on how to get twins besides the twinsr2cute... you can 
type in forcetwins at any time while the mother is pregnant and she'll have twins. 
hope you like it!

Cloning sims: 
Submitted by: Abigail

To clone sims, open the cheat eindow and type in "boolprop testingcheats Enabled true" 
without the quotation marks. Then, you will also need to type in "moveObjects on" 
without the quotation marks. Then, pick up a sim and hit shift and the keep holding 
shift and click anywhere and the you will have another sim in you hand and there you go! 
A cloned sim! Hope it helps.

Walking like a ghost:
If you use the debug "walk like a ghost" which is located on the grave of any person, 
Your living sim will start to hover around when he or she walks. If you do not like this 
there is only one way that I know of to get your sim to walk normal again. (other than 
exiting the house without saving, but if you have already saved, please keep reading)
First you must kill your sim using the boolprop testingcheatsenabled true cheat and select
kill death by flies. Once the Grim Reaper has taken your sim use unlockcareerrewards to get 
the phone to call the grim repear and resurrect your sim. Make sure you dont pay too much 
or too little just enough so it says your sim wont come back completely as you remembered 
them but at least they are alive. They should be walking normally then.

Your own music:
Do you hate all that simlish music? but want your Sims to be able to dance? If yes then 
this is the cheat for you. Go into the file EA games, from there go to Sims2. Click on 
music, and open the genre you want your song in. Then open another box and go into your 
music. Just drag and drop the song you want into the Sims and tada, it will play your 
song. You will need to go to the last song if you want to hear yours. 
(file must be a mp3.)

Infinite facial feature size:
Use the following trick to increase or decrease the size of any facial feature by an 
infinite amount. Increase or decrease the size of the specific facial feature. Then, go 
into something completely unrelated to the increased or decreased facial feature and 
change it. For example, if you are changing the size of your lips, go into the eyebrows 
or something else. The size of the specific facial feature will be the same, however 
you can now increase or decrease it a bit more, because changing that other feature 
reset it to the middle of the size changer By doing this you can get some very strange 
appearing Sims.

How to make your sim obese or emaciated:
Submitted by: Yoshimitsu Tokinawako
go and press the shift n1 to make your sim thinner and p1 to make your sim fatter do 
as many times as you like but if you make your sim too fat they will not be able to 
fit through doors unless n, 1 & left click to slim them same as if make them too thin 
they will end up like a paper cut out unless p, 1 & left click to fatten them.

Submitted by: Shannon

In the neighberhood and hold in ctrl + Shift + c then tipe in Boolprop 
testingcheatsenabled true

When in game play hold in shift and click on a sim. or you could click and drag their 
needs up so you dont have to send them to a bathroom every few second.. also bring 
their interest up their personaliteis and so much more... 
This is by far the best cheat ever!!!! I always use it!!!!!!!

Adults go to school:
First things first. Make a teenager/child whatever. Kill the adult (unless you have a 
child. Make the child grow to adult THEN kill your made adult). Make the teenager/child 
grow into an adult. Then delete him/her. Save, go back to the neighbourhood, then go 
back onto the family. Next day it should say 'A School Bus will arrive for (Sim's name) 
in about an hour) and at 8:00am (Sim time) sit back and watch your adult go to school.
Have a little hoot while thinking about your adult doing tests and pressing buttons on 
a calculator and cheating as an adult student.

Making a Baby Selectable:
To make the baby selectable, so you can view it's needs and relationships (and nothing 
else, since babies don't have wants or skills), all you have to do is enter the cheat 
"boolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true" (caps is important), and minus paranthesis. Then 
shift+left click the baby. This brings up a large menu, but you need "make unselectable".
This will make the baby disappear from the household character selector. Then shift+click
on the baby again, and this time click "make selectable". The baby will reappear, and be 
playable. It does not change if you change to another player, but I don't know if it 
changes when you switch households, or enter a different mode. (all this is done in 
the cheat window, ctrl+shift+c)

A new and easier way to get a teenager pregnat!:
First, open the cheat window (ctrl+shift+C) and type in boolprop testingCheatsEnabled 
true (exactly like that) then hold down shift and click on one of the love birds a bunch 
of options should show up click spawn... then after that look at the top and you should 
see more... click it then find sim modder a robot baby shows up make sure you on the 
person you want to get married click on the baby (dont hold down shift this time) then 
lets say mines name is devin look for set age (me devin) then click adult after that 
do it with his/her mate then get them purposed and then married (you dont have to throw 
the party) then do the same thing only this time turn them into a teen theyll be married!

Free pizzas:
Order a pizza. Enable the moveobjects on code and wait until the pizza delivery man 
appears. Pause game play. Take the pizza and delete the delivery man. Take his car and 
put it in your yard. The car will disappear. The delivery man will appear repeatedly.

How to change the LIFETIME want:
Do you feel as if you cannot possibly achieve your sims lifetime want? 
Well all you have to do is:

1. Get the cheat window up.
2. Boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
3. shift and click on the sim you want to change.
4. find spawn on the sim.
5. Then in the spawn section find sim moddler.
6. The a baby standing up should appear near you.
7. Click on it.
8. Find want and fears.
9. click on lifetime wants.
10. Then just click on either option does the same thing.
11. Then look at your lifetime want it should have changed.
If this is not a lifetime want that you would like just keep repeating this process.

Another Way To Get More Money Faster:
1) Ctrl+Shift+C
2) Type in "expand" (without ")
3) motherlode then hit enter
4) repeatedly, press the up arrow and enter back and forward. This allows you to place 
   motherlode in the space without you having to type it over and over again.
5) repeat until you have $9,999,999!

How To Get Your Sims Abducted by Aliens:
When you go into your neighborhood, such as Veronaville, Strangetown or one that you've 
made on your own, Open a cheat box by holding down " Ctrl Shift C" (without the "). A 
white box will pop up at the top of the screen. Put your cursor in the little white box 
and type in, "Boolprop testingCheatsEnabled true" (without "). After typing that in, 
click enter. Then go to the house of the sim that you want to have abducted by aliens. 
When you get to the house, buy a telescope. You can buy a cheap one or an expensive one.
It doesn't matter which one you buy. Select the sim that you want to be abducted by 
aliens. Hold down the Shift key and click on the telescope. Then click on Debug-Get 
Abducted. Your sim will look through the telescope and in a few seconds, a blue light 
will appear and your sim will disappear. Don't worry, your sim is in the process of 
being abducted! Soon that sim's motives will start spazzing but don't worry that's 
normal. In about 2 hrs. (sim time) your sim will come back from being abducted by 
P.S.- Now after coming back from being abducted, your sim can become pregnant with an 
alien baby! Select the sim that you want to become pregnant with an alien baby. Hold 
down the Shift key and click on that sim. Click on the button that says "Spawn..." 
after that more boxes will pop and you want to click on "Tombstone of L and D". A 
tombstone will appear in the room. Click on it and select the button that says "Make 
me Alien Pregnant". You might have to click on the More.. button to find it. Y
our sim is now pregnant with an alien baby. A little green boy or girl will be born 
in about 4 days (sim time)! GOOD LUCK! Oh, and by the way, a man or a woman can 
become pregnant with an alien baby. 

Get All Types Of Clothes:NCP Career clothes etc.:
1.Open the cheats box by typing Ctrl shift (the up arrow) and c.
2.When the box is open,type boolprop testingCheatsEnabled true (exactly like that)
3.Press Enter
4.Go to the selected Sim and press shift and click the Sim while pressing shift.
5.Select the option more... and look for spawn.
6.Look for a option called clothing tester.
7.A rack of clothes should appear.
8.Now you can have any clothes you wish!

Sims2- No Needs:
Submitted by: Nathan Wilson

For Sims2-First type in Ctrl Shift and C, on the neighbor hood screen to get the 
cheat box up. Then type :

boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true
This cheats allows you to drag your sims skills, needs, relationships up. 
It really works!

Same TV?
Do you hate all that simlish music? but want your Sims to be able to dance? If yes then 
this is the cheat for you. Go into the file EA games, from there go to Sims2. Click on 
music, and open the genre you want your song in. Then open another box and go into your 
music. Just drag and drop the song you want into the Sims and tada, it will play your 
song. You will need to go to the last song if you want to hear yours. (file must be a mp3.)
And want to see yourself on your sims televison? First make sure you have a digital camera.
Take a video. Upload them to your computer and do the same above. When your sims turns on 
the TV they will be watching your video.

How to Get The Real Bella Goth Without Cheats in PleasentVeiw:
OKay, there are plenty of cheats to get back Bella Goth in Pleasent Veiw, but with those, 
she has no memories, or relationships, and then 10 minutes later shell die at another lot.
But there is a way to get the REAL bella. For the first time you enter the Goth Family 
House, a note will pop up at the top of the screen saying a message like, "Cassandra wants 
to turn up the Heat and get Married. Better go for it now while things are getting hott" 
or something. Ignore it. If you propose, Don will NOT marry her, and youll lose all chance
of them getting married. Wait, and Keep, kissing, hugging, dancing, and chatting for a 
while before you propose, then it will work. When they get married, something will pop 
up saying- Possible Movers. The only other possible mover is Bella Goth. Have her move 
in to. Theres a chance she may not move it in, but she does for me. She will have memories, 
relationships, and everything, and she will NOT die within 10 minutes like all the other 
cheats will.

How to get a floating head (Male and Female adults):
First, when your in your neighborhood, type in:
bollprop testingcheatsenabled true
Next, you go in to the "Make a family" thing and you type:
Shift + N
And you can delete it after!!
Then, a bubble should pop up and say it's now in debuging mode. Now you can go into clothing
(#5) and go to the end of list. 
Then, go back a few pages if you have to, and when you see an empty box, then click it.
Now you should have a floating head!

Want to see what your baby will look like when it's born?:
If you want to see what your baby will be like before they're born, follow these steps.

1) Hit Ctrl+Shift+C. Type in, "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true". With out quotes.
2) Select the sim that is currently pregnant and hold the shift key and click on them.
3) Click on spawn. Then click on Tombstone of L and D.
4) Click more on the tombstone that pops up.
A baby will pop out of no where and you can see what it will look like. 

How to divorce your sims:
If you want your sims to get a divorce, here's what you have to do. Start one of the sims 
in a relationship with another sim. Not in the family. Make them like each other. Once your
sim likes another sim other than their spouse, Start making out with that sim in front of 
your spouse. This will get your current spouse mad. Click on your current spouse and click,
"Break Up". This is how you can have your sims get a divorce. Or you can just have them 
fight all the time and the same thing will happen. 

Are your sims getting too old?:
If your sims are getting too old and you want them to become younger, this is what you should 
do. If you have 30,000 aspiration points or more, you will see something under your aspiration 
rewards that says, "Elixir of Life". If you have enough aspiration rewards, buy it. Once you 
have bought the Elixir of Life, click on it and have your sim drink from it. MAKE SURE THAT 
Once they drink from this, they should gain 3 days on their life. Hope this tip helped.

Having trouble making friends?
If your having trouble making friends, try this.
1) Hit Ctrl+Shift+C.
2) In the cheat box, type in, "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true". Without the quotes. 
   Hold shift and click on one of your sims.
3) Click on spawn and then click on Tombstone of L and D.
4) Click on the tombstone that pops up and hit more.
5) Click make me friendly with everyone here.
This will bring your relationship with everyone in the room to 90.

Submitted by: Hailey

If you want the selected sim when there pregnant to have twins firt You go to your game mode 
and you pause the game. then you enter ctrl+shift+c and that takes you to the cheat bar which 
on the top of your screen. the u enter into the box twinsr2cute or twinzr2cute or forcetwins. 
then when the woman is about to have the baby a pop up will come up and say you will have 2 
new family members coming to your family and the mother will have twins.

Submitted by: Sandford

Here are some of my favourite cheats to use when I play:

CODE: thelanguagechanger MEANING: change the sims language from their giggerish to 
      english so that you can understand them.

CODE: skilljustlikethat MEANING: all of your sims' skills will go up

CODE: dontpaybills on (or off) MEANING: no bills for you, the bills are free or they 
      just will not come, so you can have your T.V on forever and not have to pay for anything 
      for that.

Hope you like the codes, I use them ALL the time so have fun!!!
If you want more just email me at 
I can give you some more codes.

Submitted by: vasanth

To add a quick member to your family first press shift+ctrl+c
a cheat console window appear in that type "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" now 
hold the shift button and click the any one the sim in the community lot your will 
get huge options in that search for option tombstone i am not clear about it but it 
starts with a letter "T" if u click that u will get a grave stone around u click the 
grave stone u will get a option like make a new baby ,toddler,adultsim 
any one of that u want any watch the magic.............

Extra ITEMS!:
If you want loads of weird extra items read ahead:
( you will need a baby for this )
Open up cheat box ( shift+Ctrl+C ) and type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true and press 
Press shift and click on the baby and click on the one saying spawn the click on the one 
saying accessories cheat and a toybox will appear. now click on the toybox and click on spawn 
all. Now all around the house you have items!

Clogged toilets:
If you have clogged toilets and you don't want to unclog them yourself, try this. Go over to 
your phone and click, "services." Then click on "Repair Man." After this, then a repair man 
will come over to your house and unclog your toilet for you.

Asperation bar:
Here's a cool one if you first of all bring up the cheat bar(ctrl+shift+c)then type in boolprop 
testingcheatsenabled true. The hold down shift and click on any sim and select asperation meter
or something like that then click more and then click max and you sims asperation bar should 
be white and he/she should be happer then ever!

Rid Of Repo Man:
Ok, so if ur behind on ur bills (or just cant be bothered) a repo man will come in a van with 
an unhappy smiley on the side. He will walk towards the house. you cannot enter buy mode so 
DON'T enter ove_objects on, it wont work. simply pause. then bring up the cheat bar and press
the ` button (above tab next to 1). then type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true, then 
press the 'esc' (no ') key. shift-click on the repo man and select MAKE SELECTABLE. then click
on the repo mans picture. he should have an action with a picture of his van on. click it and 
that will cancel his action. then play. the repoman will stop, then turn and get back in his 
van and drive off. This can be done even in ur only have one sim and they are at work.

Kill your sims:
1 - drowing put your sim in a pool and delete the latter
2 - lock them in a room 
3 - try fixing somethine like a tv get eltraquted
4 - getting sick and still going to work
5 - flies
6 - fires
7 - geting scierd by a ghost

Make children live alone:
To do this make a normal family but with 1 adult 1+ child then move them into a house and open 
the cheat bar (ctrl+shift+c) and enter "BoolProp Testingcheatsenabled true". Hold shift and 
click on the adult go to more, then spawn, then more, then sim mooder tester. An object that
looks like a baby standing up will appear next to that sim. click on that object and go to 
set age and click on the age you want k.

Kill a fireman, policeman, or serviceman:
Call the fireman, policeman, or serviceman over to your house. When they first open your front 
door, build a wall so that they cannot go into your house any further. Build a wall behind them
so that they cannot leave and are stuck. This may be difficult with a policeman because he can 
run very fast. They will die in their "cell" after falling asleep standing up, urinating on the
floor, and doing their usual pre-death routine. It will take longer than a normal Sim. When you
trap a baby deliverer because both the baby and the deliverer will die. Note: You will lose your
ability to buy or construct if you trap a baby deliverer. This should be the last person you 
trap and the game should not be saved after you trap him.

To get all of your sims motives up bring up the cheat box and type in maxmotives.
Submitted by: Alexis

By the way there is only one twin cheat garunteed to work and that is to type in the cheat box
boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true then shift click on your Pregnant sim and choose forcetwins 
or Debug forcetwins.
Or you can try the chesse cake i didn't work for me at all
to make the cheese cake you need a high cooking skill

Submitted by: David

listen if you want to earn money faster make the small box come up of course you know how to 
do that. type in anything random like tf mf gds any letter, as long as its not a cheat. type 
in motherlode and press enter it will come up as - motherlode after you have typed that in 
press the up key. then enter the the up key, so on...

Submitted by: Kassy

This code Can be used with University or higher(I am unsure if it will work with the base 
game, you can try if you like though).
This is a cheat that can be used to either increase or decrease the amount of money a sim 
family has, and is a lot quicker then using kaching or motherlode.

1. Press 'ctrl' 'shift' 'c' to access the cheat window.
2. Then type in ' familyfunds (family's last name) amount of money.
   ~Example: familyfunds Brown 700000
3. Press 'Return/Enter'

Set to “true” for all filmic cheats to function: boolProp enablePostProcessing true/false. 
0 is normal and 8 is slower: Slowmotion 0-8. 
A look that is bright and blurry. "r", "g," and "b" are color values (0-255) and "x" is the 
amount of blooming from 0 to 255: Bloom (r g b x). Creates a filmic look in which a clear focal
point and blurry surrounding: vignette (centerx centery X). 
Changes a film graininess: filmgrain (0-1). 
Makes a letterbox view of a designated size: letterbox (0.0-0.4).

Combine Aspiration Rewards:
Combine aspiration rewards for even bigger boosts. For example, if your Sim is wearing a Thinking
Cap and feeds Smart Milk to their Toddler, the Toddler builds skill four times as fast!

How to get badges:
Ok first of all make sure you have seasons:
-Then you hold shift+Ctrl+C and a white bar should appear at the top of the screen.
-Type in BoolProp Testingcheatsenabled true
-then hold shift and click on your sim. It should say spawn.
-Click on Spawn and then go more and then click on badge juicer
-Click on badge juicer and then a little boat should appear on the ground
-Click on the boat and go Set Badge
-All of the badge names should appear
-Click on Flower arranging for example and go Gold and you should have the gold badge
 for flower arranging. You can then do that for every badge and you should end up with 9 badges.

Submitted by: Sir_sabine

1.) AddneighbortoFamilycheat [on/off]: With this cheat activated you can Shift + left click 
on an NPC to add one to the current household. This won't work on service NPCs engaged in 
their jobs, like the maid cleaning and what not, but it will work if that same NPC is visiting 
socially or hanging out after work. You can even add sims in excess of the customary 8 sim 
limit on families. This cheat doesn't work on NPCs like the Grim Reaper or Mrs. Crumplebottom. 

2.) boolprop enablepostprocessing true/false 
Must be true for all filmic cheats to function.

3.) Max Party Invites help [cheat command]
Displays information about the indicated cheat

4.) intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims [number]
Enter in neighborhood screen to invite more guests with a party

5.) intprop censorgridsize 0
No censor 
Set to 8 to return to normal.

6.) Unlock Clothes
Each time you raise a relationship to 100, you will unlock a new item of clothing.

7.) motherlode
This will get you 50 000 simoleons up to 100 000 000 000 simoleons

8.) aspirationlevel [0-5] 
This will make your inspiration level platinium(5) or less(0-4)

9.) Help
This will display most cheats

Bad school grades Tip:
If your kid never does there homework and has bad grades, try this. Once they get home 
from school, have them do something fun like play pinball. Right after that, have them 
ask for homework help from an adult. (This way it goes faster.) Just continue this everyday
and make sure that they don't miss school. Then they will have great grades.

Clone Sim:
Go into buy mode and type in move_objects on into the cheat menu. Pick up the sim you 
want to clone and hold down shift. Without letting go of shift, put your Sim back down
and you should be holding a clone of your Sim. 
Note: You cannot control the clone, but it is still really fun.

Submitted by: loopyloo

hey guys heres the fastest way to get maximum amount of money WITH ONE CHEAT! 

first you hit ctrl+shift+c then type in:
replace -------- with the name of family (with brackets)
then replace ******* with any amount of money (the maximum you can get is 9999999 simoleons)

How to make your pregant sim where normal casual clothing:
I dont know about you but i hate having my sims where maternity clothes
so heres how to change that:
1.make sure your in neighborhood view, and type in boolProp testingcheatsenabled true.
2.then go into your families house and hold the shift button down and left click on 
  the pregnant sim. spawn & then rodneys clothing tester (a clothing rack should appear). on the clothing rack and selcect force redress.

Vampires go out into the sun now:
To let vampires go out into the sun and have the perks all at the same time. It's so easy, 
bring up the"cheat bar and type "maxMotives" then type "motiveDecay" off and you can go 
out side, wach clouds, play tag, jump rope, etc.

How to tell whether it is a boy or girl:
You dont need no cheats for this just as they are giving birth and it does that whole scene
when the mother or even the father is holding the baby look at the eyebrows if the eyes 
brows go thick to thin it is a boy if they are just thin then a girl easy as that.

Alien baby:
With a man use the telscope for a long period of time and you will get taken by aliens do
this two times and the man will come back with a big belly now all you need to do is what
that he says.

Find Bella Goth:
Alrighto then, this only works in Strangetown(That I know of.). Okay, so, go to any household
in Strangetown and open up the cheat window(Ctrl,C,Shift at the same time) and type 'boolprop
testingcheatsenabled true'. Then, shift+click one of your sims and select.

Skipping Teen Years:
First of all... you must have the Sims 2 University. When your Sim is a teen, click the 
phone. Choose college, then move to college. Go to the college and move them into a dorm.
When they are moved in, click the phone or computer and click college, then drop out. Your
teen will be an adult in the town they were first in.

Not going to School:
Type in move objects in the cheat box, then shift click on the school bus or any type of
transport and then click force error and then dlete. Then you kids dont miss there grade
at school.

How to make your Sims really Smart:
First you have to be in neighbourhood veiw and then bring up the cheat box ([Ctrl]+[Shift]+c)
then type in boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true.After that go on to a family and look at the 
skill points. You should be able to just drag them up. You can also do it with the energy bar.
etc. If you are not able to it's probably because you don't have a certain expansion pack.

Richest Family Alive:
So here's watcha do. First, make a family, like mom,dad,sis,and bro. Make sure every body
is related. then, move thm in somewhere. next, make 4 sims, as sperate familys, and move 
each of them in with your first. now, click on the house and click the move thingy. build
a mansion and the move them all in. get a computer and make one of the unwanted sims click
"find own place" when the take somone with u thing pops up, pick everyone you don't want 
and all done! you now have ur very own snobby rich family to do ur bidding! (u could also
just move a normal family in with 1 of the ritch onesalready on the game, but your sims 
take that last name evan after the others move out.

Skip a day of Pregnancy:
Submitted by: goodgirl2023

I hate when my sim is pregnent because the need drain almost always kills my sims, so I came 
up with a way to skip a day of pregnency to save my sims life: First, they have to be on ther 
2nd day of pregnency, then have them walk to a comunity lot, and your sim will outomaticly go 
on the last day of pregnancy. It works every time I try, and, strangly, the baby terns out to 
be a girl every time.

Submitted by: Dallas Bilyk New sarepta alberta

Pull up cheat bar Ctrl Shift C then type in Maxmotives and then vola all your sims are happy 
and will not have to do any of there needs. Another way to make your sims happy type in mother 
load and you will get 50000 right then and there. Tip:Now your sim never has to work again!!!! 
Oh, almost forgot your sim can only have 999999 at a time with using my mother load tip unless 
you sell somthing.

Genie Lamp:
Submitted by: as34aleggs

You can get a genie lamp when ever you want. First open up the cheat window by holding: 
Ctrl/Shift/C. Then type boolprop -space- testingcheatsenabled -space- true; don't tape in 
-space-. Next to hold Shift and click on a person in you family(do this all at the same time). 
One of the first things you shold see is SPAWN click on that then click More about three times 
or until you see Genie Lamp click on that and a genie lamp will appear near that sim. Hae Fun!

Submitted by: Hayley

When you are entering cheats in to the cheats bar ( ctrl+shift+c )
it is NOT case sensitive, so instead of sitting there making sure the letters that were shown 
to you in caps are deffinatly in caps and the lower case letters are deffinatly in lower case.. 
forget it, just type the cheat and.. voila.

Submitted by: Leanne C

Bring up the cheat bar (CTRL SHIFT C ) make sure your sim is preagnant and then type in either 
twinzr2cute , twinsr2cute or force twins and then in a few sim days you will be blessed by twins 
unfourtunetley you cant choose the gender xxx.

Submitted by: Leanne C

If you wanna get 50.000 simolins open up the cheat bar (CTRL SHIFT C) then type in motherlode 
and youll get some money tada no more poor sims<3

Easy way to paint walls and cover your floors:
When you want to paint your walls or cover your floors, simply do this. Put the mouse on the
bit of flooring or walls in that room that you want to cover and press SHIFT and then click.

White Eyes:
Put on the boolprop cheat in the neighborhood screen then click the create a family tab press
[shift]+n(or Caps Lock then -n-) create a sim, then put his or her skin into an alien, color 
her Eyes pure black(Alien Eyes) then change his or her skin into a mannequin, then Walla! 
White and beautiful eyes!

Forever Happy:
First, you bring up the cheat menu (ctrl-shift-c). Enter the MaxMotives(Max Motives,Max-Motives,
Laxatives) code. This will bring all your needs up, except for enviroment.

Second, pause the game as soon as your needs all fill up. Enter the aspirationLevel code, and 
set it to 5. This will put your AL in platinum mode.

Third, enter the motiveDecay(motive Decay,motive-Decay,motivates) off code. This will stop your
sim's needs from dropping down.

Finally, enter the lockAspiration code. This will keep your AL in platinum.

Making a tree house:
First enter the move_objects on cheat. Then buy a tree (large or tall one)
then build a small square shaped house on the ground of course then again for the second floor
(maybe up to the third floor) then leave 2 floor spaces at the third floor then buy stairs (make
sure it's not the 2 floor stairs) then connect it with the floor spaces in the third floor. Now 
dd a door (always at the third floor) after that add tiles (full the room with tiles or any other
floor coloring) then erase the second floor walls and the first floor walls.... 
THEN THERE YOU HAVE IT!! YOUR VERY OWN TREE HOUSE (make sure your move_objects on is still there
or else furniture won't fit there).

Easy and amusing way to take care of a toddler:
(Requires the sims 2 pets) First have your sim potty train your toddler. Then buy a dog bed, 
pet food bowl,a toy, and a potty training toilet. Fill up the pet food dish. Then controll the
toddler she will sleep in the dog bed and eat the food out of the dog bowl! She will play with
the toy and if you have a pet she will cuddle with it and her socialization will go up.

Get Your Own Music On The Sims 2!:
Submitted by: Simaholic

1. Click on START
2. Click on My Documents
3. Click on Music (or wherever your songs are stored on your PC e.g. iTunes)
4. Repeat instructions 1 and 2
5. Click on EA Games; The Sims 2; Music
6. Choose a catagory (when you go on the Sims 2 the category you have chosen is where your 
   music will be found)
7. Click songs from Music (or wherever your music is stored on your PC) and drag them one by one 
   into Music (the Sims 2 Music file, not the Music file on your PC. If you're confused, try reading 
   it again LOL!)
8. Go on The Sims 2; turn your stereo on; click on Switch To...; Click on whichever category you 
   dragged your songs into; wait for your songs to come on!
Hope I didn't confuse you too much.

How to make 9999999 bucks on sims2:
Submitted by: Solana

OK IF YOU WANT OVER 9999999 SIMELODENS you have to first type in "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" 
them type in "Familyfunds (lastname) 9999999" and thats all you have to do and ur sim is TOTALLY RICH!! 
and volia

Social worker does not leave:
When you adopt a child, if you greet the social worker before she rings the doorbell, the social 
worker will not leave your house. If this happens, you cannot buy items, build, or save the game.

Never buy a microwave unless you are under the following conditions: 

* Your Sims eat a lot of TV dinners. 
* You have extra money. 
* You have a cheap stove. 
* You have extra cabinet space. 

Optional: One or more of our Sims wants to "buy a microwave". 
Microwaves only cook TV dinners. They only satisfy hunger at two points. They use up valuable 
cabinet space.

Become Verrry famous sim:
Submitted by: Solana

Okay first of all you"ll need the sims2 university and night life!! 

Step 1: get a job in the show bussinus career (needs sims2 university) 
Step 2: Live in down town and get a big house!! 
Step 3: get a karoke machine 
Step 4: Get tons of simelodens 
Step 5: get a acting set and buy so cool clothes and dress up costumes oh yeah start a music video to! 
Step 6: Get at least 14 friends or best friends (Optional) 
Step 7 :put the karioke machine and put i on your set incase your sim is posting musical videos!! 

Oh yea good luck with all of your fame and oh yea start a suvioner shop to if you have oppen for 
bussiness!!!! :) enjoy! :)

Largest amount of money:
Submitted by: Vamprlz

bring up the cheat box (ctrl+shift+c) and type in "familyfunds (LastNameOfFamily) 9999999" . 
This will give you the largest amount of money possible with cheat codes. P.S. Typing in motherlode 
afterwards, will NOT make a difference.

Just a laugh:
Get your sims to do a woohoo in a hotub, and enter the cheat moveObjects (dont worry about capitals),
then go into buy mode and move one of the sims out of the hot tub and onto the deck. The sim will 
dive through the deck.

Submitted by: LaMaine
ok frist of all do the code to open up the cheat box (ctrl+shift+c) then type in motherlode then 
press enter. after that you press the up key. this will atuomaticly re-enter motherlode and press 
enter do this many times and it will only take a few sec. this also works with other codes.

instead of typing in maxmotives many times type in boolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true. then hold 
shift and left click on any sim this will bring up many cheats. then click on spawn and click on 
more then sim modder.this will bring up a motionlesss baby filled with cheats. then click on motives 
to max everyones mood click MAX ALL.

to kill someone you dont like (like a robber) get them in an open space then click build and put a 
fence all around them. then click on the baby(cheat baby) then click other sim and click on their 
name. then select MIN ALL

Get your kid back from the Social Worker:
Did you get your newborn, toddler or child taken away? 
Heres steps to easily get them back.

1.Make a new family in Create-A-Family.
2.Make an adult woman and an adult man and make them spouses in the family tree.
3.Move them into a house they can afford.
4.Have them adopt the child you got taken away.
5.Move them out of their house and move them into the house with the kid's parents.
6.You have your kid back! Move the new family out and leave them in the Family bin should 
  you lose your child again.

How to get Bella Goth without cloning:
Ok, so the thing is everyone goes to the WRONG TOWN to find her. go to STRANGE TOWN. make a 
family and move them somewhere, now give them a phone. Ok, open up the cheat window (ctrl+shift+C)
and then type in "boolprop TestingCheatsEnabledd true" JUST like that, but no quotation marks. 
no hold down shift and click the mailbox, go to neighborhood, then make me know everyone. Now look
through the relationships section of your sim she will be there. Now use the phone to manage 
groups and make a group with you and Bella in it. then invite the group over, and she will come.
Note: She has no memories but the standard "mystery sim" stuff.
Still don 't Believe its true? on that picture you see on the town story, the picture with the 
alien making BBQ? There is a girl, with brown hair, and brown eyes and a face, JUST LIKE Bella 
does when you see her pic in her husbands relationship section.

Set Age cheat:
Submitted by: Ally

First, before entering the lot (meaning, you are in the neighbourhood), type 
'boolprop testingcheatsEnabled true'. This is necessary, and you won't be able to 
do the cheat without doing this first.

Then, when you enter the lot, press shift plus another Sim. It doesn't matter which 
Sim. Look for 'Tombstone of L and D' and click it. It will appear near the Sim you 
clicked on, so make sure the Sim should be in a desirable place.

Click the tombstone and enable the set age cheat. Now, when you click a Sim 
(DON'T use shift this time), there will be a choice called 'Set Age'. 
From there, you can change the age to anything, an elder, baby, kid, even death!

No more Enemies:
1 - Pull up the cheat box (ctrl+shift+c).
2 - Enter boolprop testingcheatsenabled on.
3 - On your sim go to your relationship status and with the person you don't want to hate 
    anymore, slide their relationship bars to however friendly you want to be with them.
4 - Talk to them and they should become friends.
5 - Take off the cheat otherwise it'll ruin your game (boolprop testingcheatsenabled off).
6 - Your're done!

How to get Talent badges really quickly:
First, type in " boolprops testingcheatsenabled true". After that hold shift and click on any
sim, you should come up with loads of options, next find "Spawn....." try and find something 
that says " Badge Juicer", click on it and somewhere near you, you should see a toy boat. 
Click on it and their should be " Set badge" "Increase badge" and more that you'll find out 
for yourself.

Get the benefits of a book for free!:
All you have to do is go to Buy Mode and purchase a book shelf. Have a sim take a book out
and place it on the ground. Then sell the book case. You get all your money back and the 
book will still give you the benefits. 

Buying things to earn money:
Just buy lots of expensive paintings and sculptures and wait a while. Eventually the value 
can almost double. Then sell them. You'll end up with a lot more money than you had before.

Have Diagonal Furniture:
You need nightlife 4 this. Buy the wierd electro dance sphere. Type in Moveobjects on. 
Buy a chair of summit and place it near the electro dance sphere (don't place it, just 
hover it round it) and it will be on a diagonal! But it only works on sum stuff hope u 
like this cheat!

Fast Potty Training:
Everyone knows that potty training is a pain in the butt, because it takes so long. 
But this is a way to make it shorter.

1. Go into Buy Mode and buy about 5 or 6 training potties. Put them all in a line.
2. Buy the smartmilk maker from the aspiration points, and give your child a bottle from it.
3. Type in 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true' in the cheat bar (ctrl+shift+c)
4. Click on a potty and select potty train child. Do the action over and over. (To make it 
   much quicker, every time your toddler uses the potty, slide down the bladder health bar,
   making the learning bar go up faster.)
5. Instead of emptying the potties, shift click on the used potties and click force error. 
   Select 'reset' and keep going round the line!

Grim Reaper Outfit:
First do the boolprop testingcheatsenabled thing then have 1 sim in the family die. After 
the Grim Reaper leaves add him to family. He will show as family for a few seconds then 
he will leave the family. After he leaves look in your sims outfits and at least 1 sim 
should have the Grim Reaper Outfit.

How to get a wishing well:
Just bring up the cheat box. if you don't know how, just hold ctrl, shift, and c together, 
and there should be a white box come at the top. then type this exactly!!: boolprop 
testingcheatsenabled true then press enter. if you did something wrong, then the white box 
will get bigger and say invalid cheat... or something. ok! moving on. then go to a family. 
make a person go outside. then shift click the person. then press the button "spawn" it 
should come up with a whole bunch of stuff. click more until you have found the wishing 
well. click on it. it SHOULD have a wishing well.

Make Teenage Sims Do What Adults Do:
Make an adult or 2 or whatever amount you want. move them in a house or on land. pause the 
game so it can work a bit better. now get the cheat box (ctrl+shift+c) and write boolprop 
testingcheatsenabled true. Now Hold "shift" and left click on one of the adult sims. click
spawn... and click the body modder thing. Now click play. now click the baby that apears 
and click make me (NAME)... (Name being your sim's) and click teen. Once you click that 
they should become a teen. now go in buy mode and delete that sim. go back onto live mode
and shift click the trashcan (ye, the bin) and click the one in the bottom right hand corner.

Funky skins and cool clothes:
* So, we begin with the usual: boolprop testingcheatsenabled true 
* Go onto the "Make a new family" option.
* Now when you go to type their surname put a capital N
* You'll see a little hint/info box appear in the top right corner telling you "Debugging mode" 
  is now on.
* Now this cheat isn't that hard to find so I gather it's probably on here already. So here's 
  what I discovered by chance a few years ago:
* If you go onto menu 5 (Outfits) whilst on build-a-sim screen, click full outfits 
  (Not seperate tops and trousers).
* Now hold down CTRL and click one of the outfits (Try putting your sim in a dress before 
  trying this.) The item of clothing will become their skin. Some work better than others 
  so give it a go! 
* You can also layer these skins and simply remove them by clicking on them whilst holding 
  CTRL again.

Gardener Apocalypse:
So, I don't know if this works every time but here goes. My sim called a maid, gardener, then
a taxi all at the same time. The maid came, then the gardener, then the taxi. The game got 
really laggy, and 10 gardeners came out of the truck. Soon, more and more gardeners are piling
out and I have about 60 of them in my house! When I came back from a community lot, they were 
still there. So I used the moveobjects cheat and locked them in a room to die. 
(I know, violent) After that, when I tried calling a gardener, they didn't appear on the 
service list! *Warning: This will make your game very glitchy so if you try it make sure you're
on a bad family one.

Set a sim's age without sim modder:
How many of you don't have nightlife but want to use the sim modder? Here's a cheat for you. 
Pull up the cheat bar and type in "agesimscheat on". Now (left) click on your sim, and choose
set age.

Delete Baby:
Type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true into the command box and press shift + click on the 
Sim you wish to get pregnant. Click on Tombstone L + D and make a baby.

After the baby has arrived, press shift + click on the baby, go to 'more' and press 'force error'
a window pops up with some error code, if you then press delete you can delete the baby and do 
this cheat over and over again.

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