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  Hints and Tips for: This Is the Police 2 
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 This Is the Police 2 Cheats

This Is the Police 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

You can give yourself some extra caps. Follow these simple steps;
* Go to C:\Users\Your user\AppData\LocalLow\Weappy\This Is The Police 2
* Edit the "Save.xml" file, find your latest day [day]1 
  (or whatever day you are on)[/day] (use the calendar to count them) 
  and change the X number at the X< /tabs> line to whatever you want.

Tips and Tricks:
Written by kro_nikeur.

Tips and tricks to start the game properly.

* Can chips you earn after each day are non cumulative. Therefore you should 
  spend all of them every day. In early game i suggest to buy new policemen 
  every time since This is the Police 2 makes their life very hard and you 
  don't have enough to close cases. 
* Prefer non drunk officers since they randomly hurt themselves, but hey, 
  sometimes you only have rednecks to hire so get along with them, they are 
  better then nothing trust me! 
* Tactial assault give a lot of chips when you arrest people, so try your best 
  not to kill everyone! 

-=Tactital Assault=-
* Avoid getting hit! A hitted policemen will die in a given amount of turn so 
  just avoid getting hit (Hi, i'm captain Obvious). With 3 forces, you can 
  carry you teammate to save him but it means you lose another policemen on 
  the ground because he will be busy taking care of him for some turns... 
* Since you can't control some men in combat because of loyalty issues (can't 
  see where i can found intel about that by the way), you should focus on fire
  abilities to pretend to have a chance to win. Theses guys don't know stealth
  at all and will start shooting as soon as they encouter a felon (yeah my 
  english is oldschool, so what?). My advice is to avoid them in your team to 
  be able to perform a pure stealth run. 
* Don't bring low levels guys, they will definitely ruin your raid and will 
  miss a lot of action you planned. 
* Never move your policeman to a place with no cover! Planning is the key, 
  most of the time ennemies will be walking toward you.
* Even under cover, ennemies gain accuracy with range so the shorter the 
  range, the better chance your guys are going to die! 
* Every policemen should be equipped with at least a stun grenade and a 
  police baton.

-=Team Management
* I need intel on that because i can't figure out trust level. Sometimes 
  you refuse a silly demand but they still hate you and mistrust you... 
  So except some rare dull requests, i always accept them. Especially those 
  which concerns policeman humiliation... That's why it's important to have 
  a large pool of policemen as soon as possible!

* Try to keep low level policemen as filler during the day. Since update 
  1.0.1 maybe it will be easier but sometimes you just need 20 profesionalism 
  to be able to send your troop.
* Keep track of social relationships between your team. E.g Don't put womens 
  with a sexist in the same team, etc... (Or get rid of him in a tactial 
  assault, accidents happens all the time though).

The Secret of the Pink Chewing Gum:
* Schoolboy Tommy Moore and his friends are sitting on the floor and watching a movie.
* Tommy Moore goes with his backpack to the toilet.
* Tommy Moore quietly sneaks out of the toilet.
* Tommy Moore puts the video player in his backpack.
* Tommy Moore, along with the other boys, leave Elmerís house.

-=Tommy Moore=-
Schoolboy. He stole the video player because his family is poor, and he envied Eric 
and his wealthy parents.

Nick Derrick Interrogation:
* You know how to handle a syringe.
* Not all your brothers are strong as you.
* You talk a lot about faith.

The Riddle of the Purloined Data:
* A convertible approaches the rear entrance of the hospital.
* The owner of the convertible climbs through the bars on the window 
  and overturns the flower pot.
* The owner of the convertible takes the computer from the office.
* The owner of the convertible puts the computer into his convertible.
* The convertible leaves.

-=Peter Knudsen=-
Member of the pagan Woodsmen gang. Peter is a midget and was, in the past, a stuntman 
in the movie industry. He was able to squeeze through the bars on the window and steal
the hospitalís computer to access the patientsí personal files.

Upon completing the case, you can interrogate him to get information in the next suspect. 
When you complete the interrogation, a purple pin will appear on the map that will lead 
you to the next suspect. 

* Iíve seen your name in movie credits! You quit working as a stunt double?
* The right vessels? Is there any special criteria for one of these vessels?
* Is it hard to choose your vessels? Or do you know them right away?

General Tips About Officer Stat Builds:
* Focus on maximizing each copís starting stats first, before making evenly skilled 
  cops. A cop with three shooting will be more reliable and more useful more often 
  than a cop with one of each stat, and specialized cops can cover for each other.

* Calls are best done with at least two of the required stat, but that still leaves 
  a small chance of failure. Rely on your equipment to succeed until you have enough 
  cops with level three stats.

* For calls, you will use negotiation, stealth, strength, speed, intelligence, then 
  shooting from most to least often.

* Try and build a roster of cops that complement each other. Once you have enough 
  cops, youíll be able to create shifts similar to the first game. Make sure youíve 
  got enough cops to cover each otherís stats every day.

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