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  Hints and Tips for: Tomb Raider (2013) 
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 Tomb Raider (2013) Cheats

Tomb Raider (2013)

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by. David K

Easy XP and salvage:
This trick allows you to earn 10,000 XP and 2,000 salvage or more approximately every 5 minutes. 
It can be done solo or with other players. At the Multiplayer menu, create a private match. 
Select Rescue mode, and choose the Beach map. Select the Survivor team, then customize your 
Loadouts. Choose the top option, and when you are at a high enough level, select "Second Wind" 
as your Offensive Skill. Leave the Survival Skill set to "Advanced Looting". Exit the Loadouts 
screen, and select "Match Options". Change the "Time Limit" to any time desired. This method 
usually takes 8-10 minutes to complete. Set the "Medkits To Retrieve" option to "20". Start the
match. Then, retrieve the medkits scattered randomly around the map as quickly as possible. Even
though the medkits spawn randomly, there are some locations the medkits will always appear. Once
you appear on the map, there will be a circle near the spawn point where medkits are dropped off.
A white waypoint icon will appear off in the distance showing where the medkit is located. Simply
sprint to each waypoint, and collect the medkits as they appear, then return them to the drop-off
point. On the way to each of the medkits, you can stop and collect salvage. The salvage respawns 
pretty quickly after collecting it. Keep doing this until the match ends. You can then start a 
new match, and repeat the process. Note: You can quite in-between rounds and will still retain 
all XP and salvage you have obtained.

Easy "Boom Goes The Dynamite" achievement:
While going through Shantytown, you will be ambushed on a rooftop. Enemies will be throwing 
dynamite at you. Equip the shotgun or rifle, and shoot one bundle of dynamite out of the air 
to get the "Boom Goes The Dynamite" achievement.

Easy "Chatterbox" achievement:
During the course of the story, there are seven occasions where you can talk to your friends. 
You must listen to everything they have to say. If you miss a single conversation, you will not
get the "Chatterbox" achievement during that playthrough. Keep talking to each person until the
"X" symbol above their head is gone. You will also see the Tomb Raider auto-save logo flashing 
in the bottom right corner of the screen when all conversations with one person have been 
completed. You need to talk to the following people:

1.Before searching for 50 pieces of salvage, talk to Whitman. 
2.After finding the 50 pieces of salvage, talk to Whitman again (do not repair the Axe yet) 
3.After helping Roth (where the wolves attack him), talk to Roth. 
4.Shortly after getting the Rope Arrows, you will meet Roth again. Talk to him before using the 
5.When reaching the shipwreck beach, you will meet your friends. Talk to Sam, Reyes, and Jonah. 
6.Before going to the Endurance to help Alex and get the tools, talk to Whitman, Sam, Jonah, and 
  Reyes at the beach camp. Reyes is on the boat.
7.After coming back from the Endurance, talk to Whitman, Reyes, and Jonah. 

Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your 
achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then "My profile", then "View 
all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement          How to Unlock
A Survivor Is Born - Complete the game. 
Adventurer         - Complete a match in all multiplayer modes. 
Archaeologist      - Collect 75% of all relics. 
Artilleryman       - Kill 20 enemy players in multiplayer using a turret.
Bag Full O' Cache  - Find 75% of GPS caches.
Big Game Hunter    - Kill and loot 10 large animals (deer, boar, wolves).
Bookworm           - Find 25% of all documents.
Chatterbox         - Complete all conversations with the Endurance crew.
Clever Girl        - Purchase all skills in one category.
Crab Cakes         - Kill FeeFee the crab.
Deadeye            - Shoot 10 enemies off zip lines.
Down and Dirty     - Perform 15 finishers.
Down Boy!          - Kill a zip-lining enemy player in multiplayer.
Entrapment         - Catch a player in a snare trap in multiplayer.
Epic Fumble        - Force an enemy to drop dynamite that kills two people when
Equalizer          - Kill 75 enemies with the rifle. 
Escapist           - Survive 10 explosions in multiplayer. 
Feather Duster     - Kill and loot 10 flying animals (crows and gulls). 
Former Adventurer  - Incapacitate 25 enemies with dodge counter. 
Get Over Here!     - Rope pull 5 enemies off edges. 
Good Samaritan     - Revive a teammate in a multiplayer match. 
Gunslinger         - Kill 35 enemies with the pistol. 
Historian          - Find 75% of all documents. 
I'm all that!      - Win a ranked match in every multiplayer mode. 
Inconceivable!     - Complete all challenges. 
Opportunist        - Kill 25 unaware enemies. 
Picky              - Loot 200 enemies. 
Predator           - Kill 50 enemies with the bow. 
Relic Hunter       - Collect 25% of all relics. 
Scrounger          - Collect 5000 pieces of salvage. 
Sharp Shooter      - Perform 50 headshot kills in the single player campaign. 
Shopaholic         - Buy every upgrade and character in multiplayer. 
Widowmaker         - Kill 40 enemies with the shotgun.

Egg Poacher Guide:
1: This egg is on the rooftop of a multi-story dilapidated building. The building has two 
   ziplines attached to it. Itís at 53N 712457, UTM 3416172 on the map.
2: Climb up the waterfall in the area and find the gallows in front of a small ruined building.
   Check the roof of this little shack to get the egg. Itís at 53N 712470, UTM 3416197 on the 
3: In the area with steep cliffs and some old shacks, go left and cross the wooden bridge. Follow 
   this path and youíll reach the egg. Itís at 53N 712509, UTM 3416201 on the map.
4: In the area where the plane crashes, youíll need to use a rope arrow to reach a building that
   is up by the tail end of the plane. Itís found at 53N 712464, UTM 3416152 on the map. 
5: This one is near the area where blue smoke is coming from. It is up on the cliff. 
   Find it at 53N 712511, UTM 3416188 on the map.

Beginners Guide:
Written by CosmicPilot

Tomb Raider is a popular action-adventure game that follows the story of a young 
archaeologist named Lara Croft. The game features a combination of exploration, combat, 
and puzzle-solving elements. Hereís a basic guide to help you get started:

-=Get Familiar with the Controls=-
Before you start playing, take some time to learn the basic controls of the game. This 
includes movement, jumping, crouching, aiming, shooting, and interacting with objects. 
You can access the control settings from the game menu.

-=Explore the Environment=-
The game is set in a large, open world environment. Take some time to explore and get 
familiar with the different areas. Youíll come across hidden areas, treasure chests, 
and resources that can help you progress through the game.

-=Solve Puzzles=-
Tomb Raider features a variety of puzzles that youíll need to solve to progress through 
the game. These puzzles can range from simple tasks like moving objects to more complex 
tasks like deciphering ancient texts. Pay close attention to the environment around you 
and look for clues that can help you solve the puzzle.

-=Engage in Combat=-
Youíll encounter enemies throughout the game, so itís important to know how to fight. 
Use your weapons and stealth to take down enemies. Be aware of your surroundings and 
use cover to your advantage.

-=Upgrade Your Equipment=-
As you progress through the game, youíll be able to upgrade your weapons, gear, and 
skills. This can help you in combat and make puzzle-solving easier.

-=Follow the Story=-
The game has a strong narrative, and itís important to follow the story to progress 
through the game. Watch cutscenes and listen to dialogue to get a better understanding of 
the gameís story.

-=Have Fun=-
Lastly, donít forget to have fun. Tomb Raider is an exciting adventure game that can 
provide hours of entertainment. Enjoy the game and take your time to explore and learn as 
much as possible.

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