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  Hints and Tips for: Toontown Online 
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 Toontown Online Cheats

Toontown Online

Go behind house:
Submitted by: RM

At your toon's estate, take your wardrobe and turn it around so it faces the wall. 
Put it next to the wall then enter the back of the wardrobe. You should go through 
the wall. Note: Do not put it next to the wall dividing the front room from the 
back room.

Polar toon:
Go to the Brrrrrgh and go down Polar Place. Look for a store called "Hibernation 
Vacations". Go inside and walk up to the clerk. Use the Speedchat Phrase "Howdy!".
Your toon will become large and colorless for as long as you are in the Brrrrgh, 
or until you sign out.

Exclusive emotion:
Go down Pajama Place in Donald's Dreamland. Near the end of the street is a building
called "Talking in Your Sleep Voice Training". Go inside and walk up to the clerk. 
Say the Speedchat Phrase, "Would you like some help?". The clerk will give you a new
emotion in your list of emotions called "Resistance Salute". When used, your toon will
jump into the air and say "Toons of the world unite!". Note: This stays with your toon
all the time, just like any other emotion. It will not be with all the toons on your 
account. You must take other toons you have to the same building and repeat. 

Screen shots:
When you are doing something that you might want to remember, press [F9] key to
take a screen shot. It might not be saved in your Toontown folder. For example,
defeat a cog building and go inside that building to see your toon's picture. 
Have all the toons who helped defeat that cog building stand in front of their
own picture. Press [F9] to take a screen shot.

Go through wall:
Occasionally while racing at Goofy Speedway in Corkscrew Colosseum or Screwball
Stadium, just after you hit the Turbo (red arrows on track) and you hit the wall.
your cart will go through it.

Game strategies:
The Cogs: Cogs are evil robots created by Scrooge Mcduck. They come in all 
different sizes. They can't take a joke, so to defeat them, ou need to use 
special thing called GAGS to defeat them. Each gag track has a special use. 

The "Toon Up" gag track heals other toons that have been hit by the cogs.
Trap drops the cogs somewhere to where they fall. 

The "Lure" track lures cogs so they don't hit you for many rounds or, they
fall into a trap. Throw & Squirt are thrown and squirted at cogs. Sound, 
makes noise to where the cogs get so annoyed, they blow up. Drop, has gags
that drop onto the cogs. That track is very powerful, but misses commonly. 

Now, you need to learn about the "Hit Points" a cog takes away from you. 
And yes, they have gags,too! That's why, you should always be careful 
in battle so the cogs don't get you sad. 

What you have to do is follow along with what the other toons. If you use 
a gag that will mess up what they're trying to do, all the cogs in that 
battle will only go for you. So it's best to follow along. 
Unless you can lead a battle.They'll have to follow after you. 

Now, just a little trick to help you encourage other toons to battle cogs: 
go to Pajama Place and go to the shop called "Talking in Your Sleep: 
Voice Training"There, you need to say 'Would you like some help?" to the 
shop clerk and she'll give you a phrase on "Emotions" called the Resitence 
Salute. There, you can tell other toons 'Toons of the world Unite!"

Attack nothing:
When battling a group of Cogs (four), you can attack nothing. Because throw 
gags are used first, have one Toon attack a Cog with a powerful enough gag 
that it will totally destroy the Cog. Have yourself or another Toon use 
squirt to attack that same Cog. Make sure that another Toon is using squirt 
on a separate cog, so that it should be as follows: one Toon's using a throw 
gag, another one is using squirt on the same cog, and another is using squirt
on a different cog. Watch as it plays out. The Toon with throw will destroy 
that single Cog first. Then you will move on to squirt, but the toon that is 
attacking the same Cog will use squirt on nothing while the other uses squirt 
on the other Cog. The Cog that was already destroyed is still gone, but there 
are explosions as if you still destroyed it. This may still let you gain 

Enter abyss:
Go to your room in your house. Angle the wardrobe so it faces the wall. Use 
it, and immediately cancel . You will now be in an endless abyss. To exit, 
walk into a wall of your house, or teleport using the shticker book. 
To hover press [Ctrl]. 

Floating toon:
In the CFO battle, if your side defeats the waves of cogs first, look around 
the room. Go to the side of the room with the elevator you came in through 
and jump near the elevator. Your toon will float in the little area beside 
the elevator. 

Get the resistance emotion. Use it, then while using it before you land, hold 
[Up]. You will now float on the ground. You can use [Left] or [Right], but not

Reversed controls:
In your estate, go to the pond that you can fish from. You should see a little 
sewer like object that is connected to the pond. If you look to the right 
towards the stream, you should see one just like it. Jump onto this other one, 
and your controls will be reversed while you are on it: up is backward, and 
down is forward. 

Water ripples:
Go in your house and use the "Go behind house" glitch. Once there, try to buy 
a Small Rug/ It is small and red. Put it on the outside of your house. Note 
that gravity still applies when you jump on the rug. Jump on the rug, and at 
the top of your jump move out from over the rug. You will be floating higher 
than usual. Open and close your Shticker book. You will start to move down. 
Do this at least two times and you will be below the normal walking level. 
When you move, water ripples will form above you. 
Note: To get back just go under your house floor.

Submitted by: Anthony 

The airbord glitch:
I will now tell u a simple funny glitch
make sure ur computer go's slow then do a fowrd jump and keep going around the 
play ground then u should see ur toon hovering like on an airbord.

Head through elevator:
When you are inside a cog building and have defeated the cogs on that floor, 
the next elevator will open to take you to the next floor. If you have over 
three Toons with you, try to be the third or fourth Toon to enter the elevator.
This will place you in the front row of the elevator. Before the screen cuts to 
the part where the elevator goes up, use the emotion "Angry". Your head will go 
through the elevator. Note that this can work when your Toon is close to most 

Go outside the playground:
This glitch is difficult to accomplish, but works. When you are in a playground, 
watch the street entrances. Of course Toons go through it. If you can teleport 
to a Toon going through a street entrance at the correct moment, you can appear 
outside of the entrance that they went through. You must time it correctly, so 
that it will not say " has gone somewhere else! Try again", or you appear in 
the tunnel and it takes you to the street. If timed correctly, you will now be 
outside of the playground and can go as far as desired wherever you want. 
Note: This also works in gag shops. When done in gag shops you can then go behind 
the counter. 

Stand neck deep in water. Jump back and open your shocker book in midair. Select 
the "Exit Toontown" button and immediately start running forward. If your toon 
starts to leave Toontown, press [Esc]. 

Walk on water:
Perform the "Stairs" glitch, then move so that your feet are barely in the water 
and press [Ctrl] to jump. Wait a few minutes for your toon to fall asleep. You 
cannot do the emotion. You should now be walking on water. 

Submitted by: Maverick

To go throught your wall at your estate, you must go to move furniture, move 
ONE of your chairs tords a corner of a wall, make sure it's close enough; 
Then jump (Ctrl) between the chair and the wall.
Note: You might go through the chair and not the wall but if you go through 
the chair you can continue to walk OR jump into the wall.
Once in the wall you are free to roam around, make sure you don't get lost, 
so stay close to were you can see your house.
You may still teleport to places, and people can still teleport to you, so if 
you do get lost just teleport back to your estate.
Best Wishes - Hope It Works For You!

All gags:
Note that you can only get six out of the seven different gag tracks. 
You start with throw and squirt, and throughout the game you get to train 
for the different gags. 

Here are all the gags for ALL the gag tracks: 

level 1 feather 
level 2 joke megaphone 
level 3 lipstick 
level 4 dance 
level 5 pixie dust 
level 6 juggling 
level 7* high dive 

level 1 banana peel LOLOLOLOL 
level 2 rake 
level 3 marbles 
level 4 quicksand 
level 5 trapdoor 
level 6 TNT 
level 7* train tracks 

level 1 $1 bill 
level 2 small magnet 
level 3 $5 bill 
level 4 big magnet 
level 5 $10 bill 
level 6 hypno-goggles 
level 7* presentation 

level 1 bike horn 
level 2 whistle 
level 3 bugle 
level 4 aoohga (I don't know what it means either)
level 5 elephant 
level 6 fog horn 
level 7* opera voice 

level 1 cupcake^ 
level 2 fruit pie slice 
level 3 cream pie slice 
level 4 whole fruit pie 
level 5 whole cream pie 
level 6 birthday cake 
level 7* wedding cake 

level 1 squirting flower^ 
level 2 glass of water 
level 3 squirt gun 
level 4 seltzer bottle 
level 5 fire hose 
level 6 storm cloud 
level 7* geyser 

level 1 flower pot 
level 2 sandbag 
level 3 anvil 
level 4 1 ton weight 
level 5 safe 
level 6 grand piano 
level 7* ocean cruiser 

*   Level 7 gags are accessed by earning 10000 experience points. You can 
only carry one at a time, but they are super-powerful, they affect all 
cogs, and after you use one you need 500 more exp. points for another. 
You can also not buy them in gag stores - but you can plant them. 

**  Trap gags are useless unless you or another toon has lure. 
The cog must move forward to fall for the trap. 

*** Sound gags will take cogs out of their lured position. 
^ Default gag - you get it at the start.

Sellbot HQ glitch
In Sellbot HQ, when you finish the lobby area you can go to the lookout by 
going through the door straight ahead of the storage area in front of the 
lobby. Occasionally, if you jump in the lookout you will land in the warehouse! 
This helps lots because you skip the boiler room or the gear room, and you 
will not have to worry about getting past all the goonies guarding the 
warehouse. To get back to the lookout if you fall in the warehouse jump 
forward into the back brick wall. (You will go through it and end up in 
the lookout)

Black Cat cheat:
To get a black cat, first you must make a new toon on HALLOWEEN DAY ONLY!(make 
it as a cat) Then when you see Flippy near the entrance to the Toontown Central 
playground and he asks you to say something, say 'Toontastic!' 
Voila! You now have a special spooky black cat.

Weird jump glitch:
In the sellbot HQ courtyard, go into the big pit, and stand right against the pit 
wall that faces the sellbot vp elevator building. Now jump and hold Ctrl as well 
as the up arrow. If done correctly, your toon should bounce up into the wall, 
about halfway up, and then hit the wall again and bounce into another jump with 
his/her/its arms up into the air.

Birthday cake:
Earn 6000 throw experience points for the birthday cake gag.

Bonus damage:
If multiple toons choose gags from the same gag track and successfully hit the 
same cog, you will do bonus damage to the attacked cog.

Fruit pie slice:
Earn 10 throw experience points for the fruit pie slice.

Top toon easy 2 1st places:
As this cheat requires you to buy the most cattlelog items in a day, fill your bean 
bank to the max. Then, buy as many items as you can - make sure that they are low-
priced. Obviously, you can get 1st place on the top toons list by buying the most 
cattlelog items in a day out of everyone playing that day. To get another top toon 
list 1st place, give all the cattlelog items you purchased to somebody as gifts. 
You should have 2 records if you buy the mst cattlelog items: one for buying them, 
and another for giving them. 

Walk in battle at SBHQ: 
After the first battle in the VP, right when the VP is about to go up to the platform, 
open and close your book. You should be able to walk around when your talking to the 
SOS guy... Walk up to the VP and keep running into him, if your lucky, when every1s 
done talkin to him, youll be basiclly inside him, now you walk around when your 
battling the skelecogs. I wouldn't recommend doing it unless your battling with your 
friends, usually people are annoyed by it... Also, whenever a new cog or cogs come 
out, you have to open and close your book so that you can see where your running.

Submitted by: Tam

If you are standing somewhere, and you have the Resitance Salute! Click Resitance 
salute and move the top arrow key really quickly. You will be gliding, untill you 
let go of the arrow key!

Steal someones clothes:
Submitted by: luock

1.Make them your secret friend
2.Go to their waderobe.
3.Tell them to move it.
4.Press Cancel.

It will stay on till you change clothes.Don't worry if they steal your clothes, 
their in the warderobe still!!

Float Around:
If you go to Chip N' Dales Acorn Acres, go to one of the geysers (it doesn't matter 
which one). Get on top of it and then, when it's about to blow, open your book and 
select 'Go Home'. It should show you going up in the air and going home. Now, although 
you may not see it, a clone of you is formed on the side of the geyser once you perform 
the glitch. Your feet are close together and your arms are out straight out. This clone 
will appear at the acres until you go there again. Now, when you are at home, you will 
still be floating! Although, when 1:00 is up at home, you should suddenly appear next 
to your fishing pond for some reason!

The Pillow Glitch/Invisible Stairs Glitch:
Want to get on top of the pillow in Donald's Dreamland? Follow these steps! 
1. Go into Donald's Dreamland and stand next to Lullaby Lane, facing the rest of 
   the playground. 
2. Wait until you see a Toon on the other side running toward Pajama Place. 
3. When the Toon passes the Pet Shop (A good timing spot in my opinion), immediately 
   teleport to that toon. 
4. With luck, they won't stop and keep running toward Pajama Place and enter. 
   When you teleport to them, you should be inside the tunnel, but not actually 
   going into it. 
5. Run through the abyss and go to the giant pillow in the playground by walking 
   AROUND the sides. 

And there you are! It takes good timing to get onto the pillow, so be patient. 

Once more thing, if you want to be able be able to run up and down on the pillow (as 
if you were on stairs), just have a friend stay on the pillow as you walk down to 
some stairs. Then, run up and down them and teleport to the friend at the SAME TIME. 
Then when you teleport, you should be able to climb higher up or down as if you 
were on invisible stairs!

Flowers in Gardening:
I just study'd this when I was playing Toontown.It has especific Beans (Except for 
"Lazy Daisy").This is only up to 3 beans.I am continue studying the 4,5,6,7 and 8.

Unlockable          How to unlock
Laff-O-Dill       - Green
School Daisy      - Yellow
Lily-of-the-alley - Cray
Dandy pancy       - Orange
What-in-carnation - Pink
Chim Pansy        - Orange,Cray
Lazy Daisy        - Yellow,Red or Yellow,Green
Instant Carnation - Pink,Yellow
Daffy Dill        - Pink,Cray
Lily Pad          - Cray,Green

Submitted by: brooke

how to make frendz wit a cog on toontown
ok now tis is so funny..
open ur frendz on the "new friend" button..then click on a cog....

NOTE: THEY DONT ALWAYS SAY YES!!! frend puppie has cold caller as her

Circle in mid-air:
Go to your Toon's Estate. Make sure you have cannons at the ready. Go to the lake where 
you can fish. Stand on the water's edge so that your head is sticking out of the water. 
Jump back, and while you are over the water, open the Shticker Book by clicking on it. 
Then, close the Shticker Book by clicking it again. After you have closed the book, 
quickly move forwards out of the water. The Shticker Book should not be in the lower 
right hand corner. Next, enter a cannon. Aim the cannon at something, preferably house 
roofs. Fire the cannon, and quickly just before you hit something, press [Esc]. You 
should see yourself closing the book in mid-air. Then, you will circle around in the 
air, hitting multiple targets. This is useful in attaining high scores.

Go outside your house inside!:
If you put your dresser against a wall in your house and then rotate it so it faces the 
wall you can go up to the back of the dresser and it will pull you through the wall!You 
can also put furniture there too!

Submitted by: Kristin

Go outside of Donalds Dock playground:
This is simple just go in front of Lighthouse lane in Donalds Dock but do not go 
through it.Go to your left and at the third dark fence post.Walk up to it and u 
should go through it.

Submitted by: Manx

Smartmouth Press
f6 and you sound like your really smart.
[Only works if you have a microphone]

Submitted  by: andyman

Turn screens upside down

1.hold ctrl and alt down
2.hit down while holding
your screen should turn upside down
(do again hitting up to turn right-side up)

How to get the mets and yankees full uniform:
Submitted by: Wekoie

Mets Uniform: go to donalds dreamland at the pajama place go to the building 
you snooze you lose and say "Please be my friend!" its in friendly. You will 
have the Mets Uniform in your wardrobe and you can wear it anytime you want

Yankees Uniform: go to donalds dock and go to the billy budd place (dont know 
were) say "You Stink!" its in stinky. You have it in your wardrobe and you can 
wear it anytime you want!

Submitted by: Lida

Toon Glitch:Go to Loopy Lane.Then go hop on the grass the building on the left 
of Blue Glue.Go to the corner of it and jump and your toon is on a gray ground 
platform.[you still will see your toon jump.]

Get your toon stuck in a puddle:
Submitted by: Ryan

Ok, this is really symple. Go and get the cannons in your toon's estate, and 
shoot yourself into objects that will bounce you into the edge of the fishing 
pond. Once you bounce into the edge of the fishing pond, your stuck without 
your sthicker book or any other things - even the laff meter is gone!

How to get through some walls:
Toontown central:Go to the wall next to goofy's gag shop (near the trolley) and 
you'll see a corner. walk into the wall near that corner and you'll move to the 
side. Keep walking. Once your inside the playing feild turn and walk.
Donalds dock: Go to the side of the deck that leads to acorn acres and continue 
to walk down. When you come to the wall,walk in.

Minnies melodey land: Go to goofy's gag shop and walk into the outer corner of the 
boxes. once the screen makes the wall dissapear you turn and walk. 
This may take a few tries,but trust me,it works!

Acorn acres: Walk up and face the wall and summon someone to you. They'll appear 
inside the wall. then teleport to them. You're in!

Inside of your home: Way 1: Go to move your objects and put everything in your 
attic except your closet if you want a room out there (it looks entirely green 
until you talk on the phone,open your book,etc.Then make your closet face the 
wall.Go back to your home and go into your closet and then hit cancel. Your in 
the outfeild. Way 2: go into move objects mode and enter your living room (the 
room with the fireplace). Walk against the back wall and your out. (for both modes: 
If you want you can open the move objects page and make a wall paper or 
flooring though.) Note: endtables float in mid-air back there.

To get on the roof: Run back from a roof and jump,and you should land on the roof. 
This takes practice,though.

I'm currently working on daisy's garden,goofy's speedway,every gag shop, donalds 
dreamland,the brrgh,all of the cog headquaters,every street,toon homes (outside), 
and all speedway tracks! Boy,do I have a cramped scedual ahead of me!

Submitted by: suzy

((VERY HARD)) {sometimes doesn't work} First you have to ride the trolley with 2 other
people. When the trolley starts to move, say toontastic. After that, you go to your
estate and enter your house. Go over to the jelly bean bank and take out 7 jellybeans.
Next, go to silly street and battle (and win-if you dont win it wont work) 11
bloodsuckers on level 3. After that, go fishing and catch 7 clownfish, 5 starfish, and 3
balloon fish. At last, go defeat a 3-story sellbot building, BY YOURSELF!! A pop up will
come up 2 minutes after you defeat the cog building and press "yes" on the pop up. Now
you are a free memeber. 

Important- If you log off during this task you have to start all over when you log back

Submitted by: Ashley

If you go to move furniture and mov using you arrow keys to green or grey area 
commonly know as the ABYSS it is the same as the wordrobe trick but only for you 

My toons are Princess Peanut Petalmonkey (65lp) or Princess ashley (46LP) if you 
see me friend request me and say to me you rock then i will know it is you PS!!!!! 
the 80 point laugh bost does NOT work !!!!!

Submitted by: Amiiee

Ok, to make secret friends with a toon just follow these steps...
1. Make friends with a toon over 100 lives. 
2. Bring them back to your estate.
3. Get a true friend code and write it down.
4.(hard part) Say for every letter or number in your code, say a word beginning 
  with that letter. Say if i had TT ac5 7ha, i would say...* Toontastic! Toontastic! 
  Are you talking to me? Cool! (Jump up in the air 5 times) (Jump in the air 7 times) 
  Hurry! Are you talking to me? * ..... That was the code...if they undestand you, 
  they'll add if and danaaa! You are now secret freinds!!

Out line place:
Go to chip and dale acre.go to the bushes or fences have a toon friend be there too 
and click on them and go to them and you will be right there behind it.

True friend codes:
If you want a true friend code then heres what to do: Go on one of your toons and get 
a true friend code, then write it down and go on your main toon and write it in the 
true friends box and ta da!

Submitted  by: kimberly

how 2 go behind walls:step.1:go 2 chip`n`dales acorn acres,step.2:get a friend 2 go 
2 as close 2 any wall as posseble step.3:go 2 him/her tada ur behind the wall 
-note:some times this won`t work

Submitted by: Ethan

Fly like superman:get in front of any headquarters jump two times and you can fly 
over the whole map.

Submitted by: Joshua

This is simple,by pressing the win logo go to time and date then change the time to 
nov 15 2008 then to 2000 then to 2010 your toon will go fast or slow.

Submitted by: nikki

Get a star! If you want to get on the Toon Platoon or get a star above your head do 
this. Pick a server. Stay on that server the whole time. Defeat 10 cog buildings of 
any sort. Then you get a star above your head!

Submitted by: Adam 

you can do this on any street. go though loopy lane, once you get to minnies street 
open your book thing and push the map tab and then push back to playground and there 
you have it no more walking through streets

Friends with cogs:
First click on your friends list. Then click on the "new friend" hand in the upper 
left corner. Then click on a cog and it will ask you if you want to become friends 
with that cog. Click yes and then it will ask the cog. WARNING: It is very rare to 
become friends with a cog.

Submitted by: Krystal

How to walk on the roof at a toon estate.
Walk up to a toon house. Don't get to close, and jump up!! 
P.S. the cheat to get mets and yankees uniforms does NOT work!!

Submitted by: Skybloom, Aqua mouse

Ok so u want to b invisible?ok.then go 2 yur estate and enter yur house.move yur wardrobe 
so its facing the wall.then run towards yur wardrobe and right when u touch it then click 
move furniture and u will be behind the scenes AND invisible!!!WALA!!!PS.if u liked this 
cheat,then meet me in donalds dock in zanywood at 10 am.see ya!!

Trolley games:
The following is a list of the trolley games and what you do in them.

Jungle Vines   - Pick up the bananas and get to the exit. 
Toon Slingshot - Press [Left] and [Right] to build up the strength and use the cursor 
                 keys to land on a target. 
Treasure Dive  - Dive underwater, pick up the treasure chests, and put them on the ship.
Tug-o-War      - Press [Left] and [Right] to pull. 
Catching Game  - Catch the fruit, but do not catch the anvils. 
Cannon Game    - Aim your Toon into the bucket of water. 
Race Game      - Click the dice to move that number of spaces. 
Memory Game    - Press [Delete] to open the cards. 
Ring Game      - Swim through the color rings that you are assigned. 
Match Minnie   - Use the cursor keys to follow the moves that Minnie does. 
Maze Game      - Pick up the Mickey stickers before time is up. 
Tag Game       - Pick up the ice cream cones when you are not it.

Submitted by: Ariel

how to go thure ur house wall and have a green screen around u 
first go to ur house then run to ur wardrobe then when u touch it press move funiture 
then there u go ur in the green screen.

Submitted by: JZ

The stairs glitch!To do the stair glitch you must go to some high stars and ctrl 
until you are bouncing in might air.If you liked that tip,then meet me at the cachbot 
HQ at 1:00 pm on tuesday.

Submitted by:Timothy
All Gags: First, log in. Next, you go to town hall, talk to flippy. Say "hi", Next, 
go into a tunnel, and it will take you to an island, with alot of gags, collect them 
and you'll get all gags instantly.[ps.might not work, it took me a couple times to do it.]

Majic House:
Submitted by: Chloe

 1. Ask a toon to be your friend (make sure it is a different animal but the same colour) 
 2. Say to " Lets go to your house
 3. Once at " eastate go to " pond
 4. When in the pond you should be floating, while your floating say the words Help
 5. If the toon come's after you then this cheat will not work
 6. Once after 15 secs. and " hasn't came after you then that means " is in a house.
 7. Check " house to make sure " is not in there
 8. If " is not in the house then " is in a different house
 9. Go into " house and click on friend then click on a object, it shouldn't come up as anything 
    then that means it isn't a majic house so what you must do is find " and say Toontastic, 
    Wow, Hee hee, ha ha, you stink.
10. This should cause then to become sad so when " is sad go back to your estate and invite " 
    back to your estate
11. Once ' has come to your house hide in the pond
12. This will cause " to look for you
13. Face the sewar in your pond this will make your house become majic
14. The majic will only last in your house until " is in your estate

Submitted by: alex

Invisible book, first go to donald dock and put your head above the water jump backwards and 
click book.

Submitted by: xaundra

To float in water.okay this is sorrta cool go to donalds dock. go to an edge. jump into the 
walter. while your in the air open your sticker book. when your standing on the ground close 
it. you are now floating.youu can move around.NOTE: your sticker book will be get it 
back go walk to a street and the book will be back. now to walk in the water. do the float 
in water trick. now jump and u can walk around.NOTE: your sticker book will be gone again.
WARNING it may take practice to get the right timing so it may not work right away.

Submitted by: crazy maczilla

This is called the auto-walk: first on your keyboard push the number lock button then you can 
push 8 to walk forward, 6 to walk right, 4 to walk left, and 2 to walk backward, then you hold 
the number you picked and push number lock and it will walk for you. you can combine the buttons 
too. if you like this cheat meet me in donald's dock on wensday in zangywood

walking around and fighting cogs:
Submitted by: Thomas

First go on the trolley and after the game click on the chat
button.then when it pops up then click subcribe now button.
after that clic exit and you should be allow to walk.then walk to any street then fight a cog 
then should be allowed to walk.(get some GAGS)

Submitted by: apm

Also to get the green/gray neverending world behind your wall in your estate click on the 
move furnitre button and walk throgh the wall the wardrobe way can also be done by your phone 
and only 4 you your bank but the move furniture way is eayser

The Flying Glitch:
Submitted by: Demetrius

Ok Have you ever seen other people fly in Donald's Dream Land and At Their Estates. 
Well Here is how to do it.

Anywhere; where you can get into water you can swim. get neck deep in the water, press control 
or CRTL press the back arrow key so you can jump backwards. The as soon as you hit the water 
press either F8 or Escape(Esc) both of these buttons open up Your Shitker book. Then press 
press exit Toon town two times! Two Times! but if you make a mistake and see you Character 
pulling out the black hole press Escape(Esc) and try again. I did it on the first try. 
It may take a bit a practice.

How to walk around with a fishing pole:
Heres where to go: Donalds Dock. Here is what to do: Go on a dock and exit it when you go 
in the water swim back into the dock but before you go in it jump backwards in the dock. 
The Effect: It will glitch up and down and allow you to walk ( or run ) with the pole in 
your hands. It will also allow you to swim go outside the area and cast still. The things
you have to watch out for is running out of jelly beans or fishing time! Have fun!

How to walk in battle:
Submitted by: Meraj

Go to bossbot HQ.You should be having 105 or below laff or the cheat won't work.Go ride 
'The Back Nine'.It should give you a message that'You need 106 laff to ride this kart'.
Don't close the message.Go upto a cog and battle it.When the gag screen comes up ,close 
the message.You will not be able to attack the first time.If you join another battle you 
will be able to attack both cogs.But you will get attacked from both cogs.If there is other 
toon in one of the battles you are in you will get all it's toon up and SOS toons help.

Toons Of The World Unite:
You may have seen other toons using a emotion when they jump in the air and shout "Toons 
Of The World Unite!" Well you can get it! First of all, you MUST be subscribed. Go to 
Talking In Your Sleep: Voice Training in Donald's Dreamland. It's on Pajama Place. Go 
inside and say "Would you like some help?" located in Friendly. Then, the toon behind 
the counter should whisper to you. I'm not telling you what they say, though. You can 
then use the saying as much as you want!

Walk in the green area in the house:
Firstly, go to your house. Then, press "move items". Go into the curve and click the 
"done moving" button. You should now be in the green area. And by the way, if you press
ctrl there, then you will be like a ghost! This glitch is cooler when a toon is viewing
the windows and you are in the landscape area.

Water ripples:
Go in your house and use the "Go behind house" glitch. Once there, try to buy a Small Rug/
It is small and red. Put it on the outside of your house. Note that gravity still applies 
when you jump on the rug. Jump on the rug, and at the top of your jump move out from over 
the rug. You will be floating higher than usual. Open and close your Shticker book. You 
will start to move down. Do this at least two times and you will be below the normal 
walking level. When you move, water ripples will form above you.
Note: To get back just go under your house floor. 

Top toon easy 2 1st places:
As this cheat requires you to buy the most cattlelog items in a day, fill your bean bank
to the max. Then, buy as many items as you can - make sure that they are low-priced. 
Obviously, you can get 1st place on the top toons list by buying the most cattlelog items
in a day out of everyone playing that day. To get another top toon list 1st place, give 
all the cattlelog items you purchased to somebody as gifts. You should have 2 records if
you buy the mst cattlelog items: one for buying them, and another for giving them.

Boy toon with girl clothing Hint:
Submitted by: Tristen Bailey,master fireball dandyphew

Go click on mickey. Do whatever you want, then keep clicking back. Go to girls, do same 
thing with them, then Voila! Boy toon with girl toon clothe. If you want to be friends,
meet me at DD.Master Fireball Dandyphew,3 trap,5 throw and squirt,4 sound. Im workin for

How to get through some walls:
Toontown central:Go to the wall next to goofy's gag shop (near the trolley) and you'll 
see a corner. walk into the wall near that corner and you'll move to the side. Keep 
walking. Once your inside the playing feild turn and walk.

Donalds dock: Go to the side of the deck that leads to acorn acres and continue to walk
down. When you come to the wall, walk in.

Minnies melodey land: Go to goofy's gag shop and walk into the outer corner of the boxes.
once the screen makes the wall dissapear you turn and walk.This may take a few tries, but
trust me,it works!

Acorn acres: Walk up and face the wall and summon someone to you. They'll appear inside
the wall. then teleport to them. You're in!

Inside of your home: Way 1: Go to move your objects and put everything in your attic 
except your closet if you want a room out there (it looks entirely green until you talk
on the phone,open your book,etc.Then make your closet face the wall.Go back to your home
and go into your closet and then hit cancel. Your in the outfeild. Way 2: go into move 
objects mode and enter your living room(the room with the fireplace). Walk against the 
back wall and your out. (for both modes:If you want you can open the move objects page 
and make a wall paper or flooring though.) Note: endtables float in mid-air 
back there.

To get on the roof: Run back from a roof and jump,and you should land on the roof. 
This takes practice, though.

Steal Clothing:
If you want some cool clothes and don't have the jellybeans for 'em, it's your lucky 
day! After many seconds of fooling around, I have found a way to clone clothes! First,
find a friend who hads found a way to put thier closet inside of their wall. Go inside
the wall and open the closet. As the notice that says "This is not your closet but you
may try thier clothes on", go to you're Speed Chat button and select Wave in the My 
Emotions section. The messege should dissapear and you will be wearing the clothes you
tried on! And this is permanent! The only way they will come off is if you go into your
closet again.

Enter abyss:
Go to your house and click on "Move Furniture". Walk in the green spot and click 
"Done Moving". You should now be in a green abyss.

The Trolley Cheat:
Submitted by: Scruffy

1st.Go in Donalds Dock. 
2nd.Do the flying cheat. 
3rd.Back up into the water (you should not have the book in corner) DO NOT PRESS ESC YET!
4th.Go on Trolley. 5th.THEN press Esc and you should be able to walk around
 (Don't worry when the trolley hits zero)
P.S. if it works please post something saying that.

Trollys glitches:
1.You need luck to do this. Find a toon at any trolly. Push "Go to", OR, find a toon
  next to the gag shop. An easier way is to look for a toon at the trolly, and when it
  turns black, push "Go to". If you find yourself behined the trolly, back up quickly! 
  Get on the trolly, and your head will stck up and out of the seat. OR, you will get 
  on the back seat. If you go back too meuch, you will exit the plaground. 
2.Follow the first step, and instead of going on the trolly, go to where the trolly comes
  out, and you are in the gag shop! (Nobody can see you.) 
3.Read step one and two. Go to whre you are almost at the counter, but still stay "invisible".
  Click on the stchicker book. Click a gain, and you are behined the counter.

The Invisible Glitch:
Submitted by: Wesley

#1. Go 2 BBHQ.
#2.Make sure u have less than 106 laff.
#3.Try 2 get on the Back 9. A message will pop up.
#4.Don`t click the x.
#5.Go 2 Chip n Dales minigolf.
#6.Go 2 a cart and click the x after u get on the cart.
#7.U should b able 2 walk around.
#8.After the cart leaves u should b invisible.
If u battle a cog its like the gag picked itself up and threw itself at the cog LOL

Submitted by: bethany

Want to go behind the fence at goffy speedway?well it is very easy just find somwone 
about to race click on them wait until the race is one second away from starting then 
click the go to button on the top right,to get out just walk throth the wall!,a bit 
confusing but it works!HAVE FUN IN TOONTOWN!

Submitted by: mathew

First go to punchline place then go to the headquarters (go in the door)when someone walks 
out of the bulding click on them and right when they walk out vist should be in the 
backround! then walk through the man crashed in the wall! your done!

Submitted by: Kaitlyn

Toontown glitch: go to Donald's docks go to the fence on the left side of the pet shop and 
walk beside the wall, while you are doing this you will walk through the fence and walk 
totally out of the game!

Submitted by: Mic

1)get toons of the world unite
2)say it
3)right after you say it push the forward key
4)hold it down and you won't be walking but you still will be moving.

Jog in water:
Go to DD and stand on the small hill with a palm tree on it. Jump when your feet deep then
jump then when Your above water press ESC and you are standing not swiming! 
Press UP ARROW KEY to jog.

Walk through walls at loopey lane:
Submitted by: jay

Go to the place near the called blue glue go to the place where there is grass then jump 
to the corner then you should be in the black area and there should be some trees.

Geyser fun:
If you go to Chip N Dales and go to the geyser and stand in the middle of it when it erupts
[it erupts every 10 seconds], press jump [Ctrl] and you will fly far away from the geyser
that shot you up.

Reversed Stairs glitch:
Submitted by: Silly Domino Cheezysocks

Start as the same way the Stairs glitch, but instead, turn yourself to the water. Jump 
forward and open your Shticker Book in the air. Select the Exit Toontown button and 
immediately start walking back. Now you can do the Stairs glitch with reversed controls: 
the up arrow key is for going down and the down arrow key is for going up.

SBHQ Fly Trick:
Submitted by: Super Dog (72 laff)

If you have ever seen how those two ramps in SBHQ are next to one big one that takes you 
to fight Vice President. If you jump in mid air while opening your book you will land on 
it with the book open (make sure your on the ramp). After that click on a friend and press 
ignor and esc at the same time. You should have a box that says"You are friends with that 
on you can not ignor them. Then press cancel and esc at the same time. you should have the 
exit toontown page on there. exit toontown while holding up and you should start to fly. 
(or go under ground). Then all you have you have to do is press esc when your ready to stop.

Walk underwater the easy way:
Submitted by: Rosey Posey

step #1. First go to donalds dock or your estate. (its easyer to do at your estate)
step #2. Turn your toon backwads facing the water. If your at donalds dock,go on the island.
         If your at  Your estate, go on the drain pipe thing.
step #3. Keep pressing the back button. DO NOT hold it down because it will not work if you
         do that. 
step #4. Press the [Ctrl] button (jump) before you enter the water.keep pressing the back 
         button in the air and after you landed. Soon your toon should be walking underwater.
         If it does not work, keep trying. If it does not work after about 7 trys, i must of
         forgot to include a step in this glitch. Have fun underwater! from Rosey Posey.

WALKING in water:
Submitted by: unknown

This one is too easy. it only took me twice to figure it out. ok here it is, first get close
to the water but not in it! second pull up your doodle page, then jump forward into the water 
and while you are in the air call your doodle if it works or if u did it right then your toon 
should be calling your doodle in the water and the toon is done you are walking in water! 
I forgot you must be at your house and you must have a doodle. Well theres my Glitch!

How to let Mickey talk to you?:
Submitted by: Princess Marigold (Toontown Name)

Go to the back of mickey and say "Mickey!" And in a few seconds he will look back and say one of this:
"Hey have you seen Donald?"
"Hi, Princess Marigold. (or your toontown name)"
"If you press the Page Up key, you will look up."
"Well hello there, Princess Marigold (or your toontown name)" or others.

Becoming Secret Friends with someone you don't know:
Submitted by: Princess Marigold (toontown name)

Be very careful when becoming secret friends with someone. It isn't advised to be secret 
friends with just any toon that walks up to you wanting to be your friend, and yes, it's 
also risky to become friends with a normal friend you've known for a long time. Keep in mind 
that the person you are becoming friends with may be an adult, and might curse or talk about 
things he/she shouldn't, so it's highly advised that you should only do this if you're at least 
thirteen years old. Also, be very careful not to give the friend your personal information. 
There are some people who may pretend to be kids in order to get you to give them your personal 

Speedchat and jumping

The first method in this guide is SFing with speedchat and jumping. This is perhaps the easiest 
method to become secret friends with someone you do not know, however it has requirements on 
the secret. 

For example, let's say you have a secret code (TT 1hh 5rj) which you would like to give to a 
toon named Bob. 

First, you should make clear that you want to become their SF. 

You: Please be my friend! 
You: (random SF chat) 
You: I can't understand you 
You: Let's work on that 
Bob: Yes 
Now, start the secret. 

You: This way. (Say This way because the first letter of This way is t, which is the first 
part of your secret. Say OK after.) 
Bob: OK (Wait for him to write down the letter.) 
Repeat above step, as you always will have two T's at the beginning of your secret. 
Bob: OK (Wait again.) 
You: (Jump 1 time and say OK. Jump 1 time because that means it is the number 1. Say OK to confirm 
that was part of your secret.) 
Bob: OK (Wait for this, as this means he has written down or otherwise recorded the 1) 
You: Hello! OK (Say hello because the first letter of hello is h, which is the second part of 
your secret.) 
Bob: OK (again, wait for confirmation) 
Repeat above step, as you have the same letter for the fifth part of your secret. 
Bob: OK (by now you should know to wait for this) 
You: (Jump 5 times and say OK. Jump 5 times as this is the sixth part of your secret) 
Bob: OK 
You: Run! OK (The seventh part of your secret is r, and "Run!" starts with r) 
Bob: OK 
You: Jump! OK (Say this because j is the last part of your secret.) 
Bob: OK 
At this point, you have successfully transmitted the code to Bob. 

Most likely, Bob will understand, and within seconds, you will be Secret Friends!

Common Problems wih thi method

Often times, toons will not understand numbers. In this case, try getting a code with all letters. 
Toons can miscount jumps. If you do not become SFs at first, try again. 
Sometimes the codes do not have letters you can say with Speedchat, or they won't go through. 
Below are the letters that can be said with SC. This way, you won't feel embarassed about getting 
a bad code: (E, K, and Q letters must be bought as a Speedchat Phrase from Clarabelle's Cattlelog.) 
The letter is in the code. The phrase is what you say in speedchat. i.e. A - You would say "Anytime!" 

A - Anytime! 
B - Bye! 
C - Cool! 
D - Drat! 
E - Excellent!/Eureka!  
F - Follow me! 
G - Great! 
H - Hi! 
I - I couldn't wait any longer. 
J - Jump! 
K - Keep Smiling  
L - Later! 
M - Meet here. 
N - Nice doodle. 
O - Ouch! 
P - Phew! 
Q - Quit Horsing Around! [Must buy] 
R - Run! 
S - Stay. 
T - Toontastic! 
U - Uh oh! 
v - None 
W - What's up? 
x - None 
Y - You rock! 
Z - Sleepy. [Emotion] 

Let's go to Toontown Central!
This is the simplest of all methods. To use it, first make a post in the Secret Swapping 
section at TTC saying looking for (toon's name) with a secret. 

Then, clarify you want to become secret friends. 

You: Please be my friend! 
You: (random SF chat) 
You: I can't understand you 
You: Let's work on that 
Toon: Yes 
Now, tell them to go to toontown central. 

You: Let's go to Toontown Central! 
Toon: Yes (logs out, gets code, comes back on) 
That's it! If it worked, you are now secret friends!

Using pictures in Your House
After you read the ways above to make secret friends, look here. Another way to make secret 
friends with toons you don't know is to form letters/numbers with the picture frames in your 
house. Around you may see toons who have alot of picture frames at their toon estates, they 
are usually looking for secret friends. This is how to do it! So, lets say you wanted to make 
secret friends with a toon named Lily. Your "pretend" secret friend code is TT 4yt 56s. 

You: *Move frames around in house to form a T.* "OK." 
Her: "OK." She has now written the first number down on a piece of paper. 
You: *Repeat step 1* 
Her: "OK." She has now written the second letter on a piece of paper. 
You: *Move frames around in house to form a 4.* "OK." 
Her: "Okay." She has now written the third number down on a piece of paper. 
You: *Move Frames around to form a y.* "OK." 
Her: "OK." She has now written the fourth letter down on paper. 
You: *Move Frames around in house to form a t* "OK." 
Her: "OK." She has now written the fifth letter down on paper. "OK." 
You: *Do nothing* "OK" This shows that you have made a space. 
Repeat process 
P.S. Visit for plenty stuff you can learn from the game.

Glitch -  how to stay flat in the water:
Submitted by: precious

First you jump in the air when you almost in the water and press your book very fast and when ur 
sliding go on the fishing thing and press escape and go in the water and wait until the timer 
runs out and waa laa if you wanna meet me go to toon town centralwhere mickey is at and to screwy 
park at anytime in the morning and my name is roxy i am wearing a matching blue outfit and ill be 
waiting in the morning.

2 Cashbot Mint Glitches:
Submitted by: Kaykay

While inside a whiles you come to a part the shape of a triangle and it's facing you. 
Cogs are sitting there. The first set of 4 is right ahead of you. After you have 2 ways to go. Go 
to the right and DONT run into the cogs. Go around the cog all the way on the right. There is a 
corner. Jump over it and press your shticker book then exit. you skipped that set of cogs!!!

the second one is helpful. when you come to the part that has an obstacle that involves jumping 
and time. you look up and see where your destination is where gag restockers are in a circle. to 
your right and forward there is a laff-point booster and go to the right using the ctrl key then 
quickly open your shticker book. you will end up in gray. but if you look up and to the left you 
see your destination! walk towards it and jump using the ctrl key and you didnt have to go through 
the obstacle... very easy and the other way is a waste of time....

Special Jumps:
Submitted by: Crazy Chunky Sourmarble

These are fun and easy Jumps that I use to entertain other Toons, and you can do it to!

Here are the steps on how to do them. I'll let you know I'm a MASTER at this and it requires a lot 
of pratice.

1: Forward
A: Go Front
B: Jump
C: Do "Belly Flop"
2: Backwards
A: Go Back 
B: Jump
C: Do "Banana Peel"
3: Sideways
A: Press <-
B: Jump
C: Do "Cringe"

P.s. if you are Soundless, I'm your Ultimate Friend... 'cause I HATE Sound Gags.

Winning all races:
Submitted by: Winky

(Its very Complicated but you could get to be a top toon) 1.Go to Goofyspeedway then Get a 
friend (anybody on toon battle) then when it starts, go hit the person in the back (only if 
you have a gift gag) then when you hit, hit them and [Ctrl] in the same time! Ta-dah! there 
you go! you can do it anytime!

Walk on Cash Bot Building Roof Glitch:
Submitted by: Saiiya

First,go on the right side of the Cog Cashbot building.Then have a friend next to you and you 
have to say "Toontastic!" to your friend. Then have your friend stand right in front of the 
cashbot building.While your friend is in front of the building,jump 10 times and then,your on 
the roof!

High geyser jump:
Go to Chip N Dales. Stand in the middle of the geyser. It erupts every ten seconds. When it
does, press [Ctrl] to jump and you will fly a long distance.

Walk in water:
Submitted by: steven

1. Go to Donalds Dock
2. Go in the water
3. Click on a players name
4. Click ignore then click cancel (unless you want to ignore them)
Then your walking in the water!

Double Line Glitch:
This glitch requires the use of the Fishing Glitch.
First, perform the Fishing Glitch(jump into deep water off a pier, open your book with good
timing as you run backwards), then cast. Go to another pier, and cast again. You've done it!
This is kind of a waste of jellybeans though, but it's kind of funny.

Black Cat+ Walk on air and hidden moon:
Submitted by: Blossom7932

Fisrt Create a Toon on halloween, make sure its a cat! Then when you reach the part when Flippy 
asks you to use Speedchat,go to HAPPY then press TOONTASTIC! Then Poof! You have a black cat of 
your very own! Then walk on air glitch, fisrt go to your estate at the pond, or Donald's Duck 
( Any place with a pond will do. ) Walk backwards until your head is completly underwater 
( Make sure you don't swim! ) Then press Ctrl on your keyboard along with The down arrow key 
then press Your Snitzher book, then press "Back to playground" If your in your estate or " Go 
home" if your at the playground, Hint' Your Book must be at the "MAP" Section to make it quick. 
Then hidden moon, First do the "Walk on air glitch" Then walk to the sun, then walk backwards 
until your toon hits the ground then your toons body will go through the ground, then it will 
swim, keep swimming until you see the Upside down moon, Have fun!

Submitted by: Maxie (My toon name not real name)

-=The Flying Glitch=-
Go to DD or your estate (Or any place you can swim!)
Go in the water but not to deep, make sure you can't swim. Jump back, press [ESC] or [F8], press
Go Home or Back to Playground, and press up imediatly. You'll be flying.

-=Fishing Glitch=-
In this glitch you cannot have any jellybeans. Go fishing, Cast, it should be saying you have no 
jellybeans and that you should get more. Go foward a tiny bit (make sure your in the water) then 
walk back and keep holdin it until you are fishing while you are walking. 
(It may take a couple of tries)

-=Clone Glitch=-
Do the fishing glitch, go to a cannon, cast, and you have a clone of yourself!

P.S. I do the Sellbot HQ Guild thing, so you may see me there sometimes. I have Toon up, Sound,
Throw, Squirt, and Drop. And I am working on Lure. See Ya!!!

How to walk in the air:
Submitted by: QueenLollipopPreciousSwirl

First you go to you house or donald docks you go into the water and it has to be up to your neck,
click on your book, press options, then close it, next you jump backwards click on your book fast
click on exit toontown then press the up arrow key then you will be walking in the air, but if it
doesn't work and u log out press ESC then u can retry again.

A bunch of cheats:
Submitted by: noisy furballpurplepretzel(toon name) tag arena!Move your closet so it faces the back wall.Buy some small rugs(of any kind)and 
put them in your atic.Do the''go behind house''glitch.Move your rugs(to the abyss) so you can jump 
from one to the next.TADA!2.White toon INCLUDING your clothes!Put clothes on so they match clothing 
color and toon color.Do the polor toon glitch and ABRACADABRA whatever.3.Get out of playgrounds!
First you must click on someone that is going to A street.Then click''go to''right before they 
go thru and you are in the abyss!

Another cheat by N.F.PP:
Submitted by: noisy furball purplepretzel

1.steal clothes.Step 1.In real life have A playdate with someone and become toon frends with their 
toon.Then,tell him/her to go to there house(in there house)and teleport to them and go to there 
wordrobe and tell them to move it.The clothes will stay on til' you change clothes.

Birthday cakes in sellbot hq cog factory:
There are a few cakes in the factory. there is one you can get by pushing a box. another one is
when you get to the first bridge, turn right into the paint room. there are 4 in there, but you
lose 2 laff points if you fall in.

Enter green abyss and float:
Submitted by: Noelle

Put your bed in the corner of the last room in your house, and try to jump on it. Once you are 
"in" the bed, keep pressing the UP arrow key until you see your screen sort of vibrating with 
some green colours, then jump and keep pressing the UP arrow key. You will now enter the green 
abyss. If you have a friend with you, you will be able to see your friend inside your house, BUT, 
your friend will not be able to see you, unless your friend half-enters or enters the abyss with 
you. Once you are in the abyss, you can press Ctrl(thats also the jump button) and you will be 
floating. Your toon will stay floating for as long as you are in the abyss. To get back to your 
house, walk into one of the rooms that you can see in your house. Then, you will be back in your 

How to get a LOT of laff:
First you talk to someone who gives you a toontask. then select one that gives you 3 or 4 laff
as a reward. you can select 1 or 2 also but it will take a shorter time to do 3 or 4. next you 
gotta do whatever you have to do to get the reward. when you finish, you gotta go to the person
who gave you the task. BUT... before you talk to them, you have to exit out of TOONTOWN. Then you
log back in. When you log back in, you talk to that person over and over and OVER again and get 
reward each time.

Walk while battling: 
Submitted by: sam (toontown name)

You have too not be a member ok goto party planner and plan party it will show the member screen 
go to a tunnel go thruogh it and fight a cog with the member screen then once you chose gag randomly 
click return game and you can walk and dance like that

Secret Castle:
Submitted by: Annika

Ok so im sorry but this cheat requires a full account. First go to the first three holes cart in 
bossbot hq. Get on. Get through the mole thing. DO NOT GO TO THE MAZE!!!! Ok now go BACK to the 
entrance to the mole thing. In the left hand corner in the gate. There should be a space in the 
hedge wall. Go into it. Run so that it is like you are skipping the whole thing. When the entire 
thing ends, turn around. There should be a locked gate. Now turn around again. Now, you should 
be facing grey nothingness. Go foward. NOTE: This step takes a while. Run for a while. After a 
while you should see a castle. There it is the secret castle. You can't go inside but..... 
You can go through!! lol good luck finding it =)

Way's to Trick A Toon:
Submitted by: Cool LemonDoodle (Toon Name)

These are some Cheat's I've done to Trick Other Toon's.
Taking Place Today:Donalds Dock 

**Trick 1**
1. Go outside a tunnel in Any playgrounds (Prefer anything other than ToonTown Central)
2.Use your flyinq glitch (at the bottom of this page) and Go half way into one of the Tunnel's, 
  to where a toon can see you.
3. Click on some toon's and Whisper to them "Can you Teleport to me?"
(If you have chat where you can talk freely, Put it "Can you teleport to me? I need help! )

When A Toon Come's, It will come where you are, Go Back then to that street of the tunnel you 
are on. and walaaaa :)

**Trick 2**
1. Find a Newbie Somewhere (they are usually in Toon Town Central) and Add them as a friend. 
2. Go to a higher district with Higher level Cogs, Like A 4+
3. Whisper to that Newbie you added "Can you teleport to me?"
   (Once they do..)
4. Tell Him/Her "Let's go fight some cog's" Then wait a couple of seconds, and Put in "Follow Me".
5. Lead the Toon to a higher level cog 
6. When picking your gag, wait for the Newbie to Choose and Click Pass
   (Cog's will attack anyone who's hit them - MOST OF THE TIME)
   The Cog will attack and If it goes to the other toon and not you, He/She should be on yellow 
   or green.
7. Wait for the toon to pick the gag then Click Pass AGAIN (if he/she hasnt died already)
   After that, 2 tops the most you made the Toon Die.(:

Taking place in: Donalds Dock

1. Go to the Playground 
2. Go to the water and make sure it's near your shoulder's
3. Press the CTRL and Back Jump
4. THEN QUICKLY PRESS 'ESC' (which should open up your shitcker book)
5. Double Click TWICE 'Exit ToonTown' and 'OK'
[NOTE: IF your toon is pullinq out a Black whole, QUICKLY PRESS'ESC' 

this will take a couple of tries to get right, or you could be lucky and do it right the first

Cheat's/Trick's/Glitche's BY: Cool LemonDoodle (Toon Name)

How to Fly anywhere in ToonTown:
Submitted by: Cool LemonDoodle (Toon Name)

How to Fly anywhere and Toon Town PLUS how to trick other toon's.
1. Go To Donalds Dock (I would start off there, it's much easier)
2. Go to the Water, But you need to stand somewhere where it's by your toon's shoulders.
3. Press CTRL and Jump Backwards
4. QUICKLY- Press ESC (Which open's up your 'shticker' Book)
5. Double Click Twice on 'EXIT TOONTOWN' AND 'OK'.
6. (When book closes just about) Keep Pressing the up arrow key 
NOTE: IF YOUR TOON pulls out a whole, QUICKLY PRESS 'ESC' To stop of logginq out on TT. 
If it does'nt work, keep trying. It took me a littlw while to get this right.)
7. MOVE UP BY PRESSING THE 'UP' arrow Key and the 'Down' arrow key to move down.

(You need to have and know how to do the flying glitch first and start off with it) 
1. Go just outside Any Street In Donalds Dock
2. Next, Back up Into the Tunnel a little ways off from the 'Black'
3. Move around a little (side to side) and whisper to toons "Can you teleport to Me?"
4. Usually a toon will come. If you have The chat where you can talk freely and you can whisper 
   that person, put it 'Can you teleport to me, I need help'.

Now when they come, it will take them where you are, 
They will back and go to that street where your in the tunnel.
THats how you trick a toon.

Glitch/Tricks By 'Cool LemonDoodle' (ToonTown Name)

Glide and spin/force jump:
Submitted by: wyatt

glide 'n' spin:u need the exclusive emotion to do this. first, go anywhere in toontown. next, 
hit control and use exclusive emotion at the same time. then, press forward and left quickly. 
note: u need to jump off a high place to do this to. and if u did it, u should be happy for ur 
self. ok force jump: first, go to sellbot hq and go to the giant black hole. go forward and it 
should look like a dirty wall. press control and forward at the same time. u should look like 
a starwars jedi doing a force jump.

Go into land of gray outside of streets:
Submitted by: Cool Fireball Thundergloop (Toon Name)

sometimes when u are on a street u will see a cog building with no back wall. There will just 
be gray behind it. go through and u will be in an everlasting land of grayness. To get back, 
u can go right back through the street walls.

Behind Goofy Speedway:
Submitted by: trixie

Have someone park their car in goofy speedway.then try to squeeze through the back. it will 
say "do you want to park your car here?" say"no" then continue walking. if you do it right, 
you should see green grass,mountains,and red or yellow tunnels. be careful! it might take some 
time..........but have fun!

Submitted by: Cool Fireball Thundergloop (Toon Name)

this cheat is simple and works anywhere. Just use the "Toons of the world unite" emotion. 
But before you land, hold down the forward key. Don't let go or jump, if you do that you 
will stop sliding. It's that simple!

How to make elevators in your house:
1.Click move furniture.
2.Put your wardrobe facing your wall.
3.Click done moving.
4.Walk into your wardrobe facing the wall.
5.You should be in a green world, then move furniture and put a mat where you standing.
6.Click done moving, then jump over the green.
7.Then move funiture and put a mat where your floating.
8.Click done moving and walk over more green and keep clicking F8.

How to walk in building:
Submitted by: cool pancake wonderklunk (toon name)

You need to go in a three or more story bldg to do this: 
.Have 2 or 3 ppl with you
.finish the first floor
.when ur done the first floor,dont go to the elevator...
.let everyone go in, but not u
.click anyones name when they are in elevator....
.click report player
.dont say yes, just keep the warning..
.wait till time runs out..
.the elevator will close when the time is out
.you'll see your friends fighting cogs on the next floor while you are running around!!!
Have fun with this glitch

Walk under water:
Everyone has seen someone walk under water is they have ever been to donalds dock. How? 
Well this what you need to do. get at least 5 spaces back from the water. walk the n hold
the jump button (ctrl). when you reach water DO NOT LET GO OF EITHER OF THESE BUTTONS for 
at least 8 seconds. If the screen bounces you almost had it... 
Otherwise you will be walking under water and can let go of ctrl and foward. It is a very 
hard glitch to master.

Get behind fences?:
Look at the path leading to the brrrgh at the playground. See the fence direactly left to 
that? ok simply walk into the fence 7 boards over tops. You will walk right through!

How to Go In the "Window" areas in TTC HQ:
First, you find a friend willing to help you. Then go to Toon HQ in ToonTown Central. 
Now teleport to your friend. Tell them to go out a door when it says you're coming to 
them. If you get the timing right, you'll end up in the windows in HQ.

Ramp and float glitch:
Submitted by: wyatt toon's name: fire wolf

first, just go anywhere in toontown. next, click on a player. last, click ignore on the 
toon's panel. note: u may not see ur self in the air, but on other toon's computer screens, 
they will see u in the air. another note: if u wanna get back down to the ground from the 
air, just click ' cancel ' on the ignore - the - toon message. 1 more note: when u click 
cancel, the other toons will see u fall down back to the ground. u can also do this glitch 
to get everyone's attention. so enjoy ur new glitch ;)

Easy Jellybean Money Glitch:
Submitted by: Thomas S.

This is a simple glitch!
Ok, First you have to go to Donald's Dock. Next, go to the island in the middle of the big 
pond. Then, you have to get your skirt/pants in the water. After that, jump in to the water 
but right before press the "Esc" button. Then, click the "Home" button, walk forward right 
after you clicked it. You should be able to. Right after that, get back in the water. 
Then, get out and get on the trolley. Press "Esc" while on. Last, you jump off. 
Every time you do that you get 10 Jellybeans!
Good Luck!!!

How to get The new emotion:
Go down Pajama Place in Donald's Dreamland. Near the end of the street is a building called
"Talking in Your Sleep Voice Training". Go inside and walk up to the clerk. Say the Speedchat
Phrase, "Would you like some help". The clerk will give you a new emotion in your list of 
emotions called "Resistance Salute". When used, your toon will jump into the air and say 
"Toons of the world unite!". Note: This stays with your toon all the time, just like any 
other emotion. It will not be with all the toons on your account. You must take other toons
you have to the same building and repeat.

Everyone but you is Goofy the dog:
Submitted by: Popcorn

First go in the new toon hall then talk to flippy - go through the hall - then whisper to 
someone Can you teleport to me? when they Teleport Press Go Home in your book if you have 
Explored Goofy speedway - you have to if you found it - Teleport to it get in front of goofy 
say You Stink! then do the Emote Happy log in & out go back to Goofy Speedway but look in your 
friends list the person who Teleported to you is your friend say Sorry! then leave their list 
go back to Goofy speedway say You Stink! to Goofy again then do the Emote Happy Again Goofy 
will disappear with smoke then whoever you see will be goofy log out to disable this glitch.

Fall through the floor of the boat in Donald's Dock:
Submitted by: Justin B.

This simple glitch,if done enough,can be annoying.First,get on the boat in Donald's Dock.
Then,make sure there is another toon a few steps from the front and the boat is moving,this 
will NOT work if it's not.Next teleport to the toon.Then you will be where Donald is and fall 
through the floor into the water!I promise this will work every time!

Dolllar Mint Secret:
In the Dollar Mint, When you get to a place with a money shelf with Cog Cash on it, go to 
the Lower Top Right Corner, where the Feather Barrel is, go behind the barrel and go to 
your Schtiker Book. When you close it, you'll be in the Gray Space. Go to the Upper Stairs
and your on the other side!

Go behind fence in Estate:
To go behind the gate at your estate, here are two ways. 
1.Go behind the pink house then go to the gate. 
2.Do the Walk with your Fishing Pole Glitch and then Water or Plant a Flower. then you will 
  be behind the gate. Either that or youll be behind the Blue house.

How to Make an Elevator in Your House:
Submitted by: Little Cuddles Purpleswirl

Ok, first you have to have the following:
The minimum of 2 rugs (oval shape only)
The minimum of 2 pieces of unusable furniture (to tell where the elevation is)
As much furniture as you want for the different rooms (apart from the other 2 pieces or more)
A dresser or any piece of USABLE furniture*(so the public will be able to get to it)
Membership (the way to buy rugs and other furniture)
Now first, you must get into the green/gray abyss beyond the inside of the house. 
Back up into the abyss & click Move Furniture. Take out a piece of usable furniture 
(preferably a dresser) & put it in front of or behind the wall that you are using. 
Make sure to face it towards the abyss, either way! Also, take out 1 of your rugs & 
put it in front of the dresser. Take out another rug & put it to the side for use. 
What you will do with this rug is go to the edge of it & jump forward.(gravity applies 
when using rugs in the abyss) Then, you will be floating in midair, in front of the rug. 
Without moving backwards, click Move Furniture, take the rug to the attic, and take it 
out again. The rug will appear at the same height as you, making you fall to the rug, 
no longer floating. Now keep doing that process back & forth until you get as high as 
you want. Then, click Move Furniture again. You will see the rug that you put in front 
of the dresser. If you don't, sorry, but you have to start over because you have gone 
too high. Try to align the rug you have with you with the rug in front of the dresser. 
Now keep testing to find the perfect spot for the rug. Here's the tricky part. Put a 
piece of unusable furniture in front of where you fall to the lower rug. That way you 
will always know where you can elevate. Now fall to the lower rug. Still on the tricky 
part, but it gets harder. Now put a piece of unusable furniture in front of where you go UP. 
The reason remains the same as the other piece of furniture. Now that we're done with 
the hard work, lets go to some fun... decorating! Now that you made your express elvator, 
you have an extra room! If you want to put beds in that you can get in, put a rug halfway 
under the bed. Then just jump from that rug into the bed & there you go. 
The more rugs you have, the more rooms you have contained inside the rugs, as well as 
beds! The rugs are just waiting for pawprints of adventure, so GET TO IT!

How to get free jellybeans:
Submitted by: Brady

1. Go to Donalds Dock and get right at the edgde of the dock by the trolley
2. WALK off the dock and while in mid air, press Esc
3. It should take you to you stitcher book
4. Get out of the stitcher book and walk up to the trolley
5. Go on the trolley and press esc then hop off
6. The trolley should still be counting and then just stay where you are
7. Once the trolley reaches 0, you will look like your going to a game on the dock, 
   but your actually getting free jellybeans
Hope you like this cheat!! :)

Al's Cheats and Tips Book 1! By Alfonso :):
Submitted by: alfonso

Hi and welcome to Al's Cheats and Tips Book 1! Enjoy this book about several 
cheats and tips and glitches I will show you!

How to walk through the hedge in Daisies Garden
At one point, go through the hedge maze, and you should see a little space 
that has an Acute angle (a small angle, smaller than a 90o angle). When you get 
there, walk into the angle and turn right but not too much right. Then you should 
start going through the hedge. Once you're completely through, let go of the right 
arrow key and you should be able to walk inside!

How to float in your house...
First, go inside your house. Then jump and while your in the air, press the Move 
Items button. Then click it again and you should be floating. You can't go through 
things and the way to fix this is to go to like your wardrobe or your beanbank or 
something interactive :P

How to go into the abyss in your house...
First go to your house. Then go to the first wall on your left. Then press move 
items and then walk forward. Then press done moving and you should be inside a 
green area. To turn it grey, open your book. (press esc, f8, or press your book xD)

NOTE* There is an Alternative Way for the above glitch. Get your wardrobe and do 
the wall glitch (below) and make sure the closet opening is facing the green (or 
grey) area. Then press done moving and run into the closet and press either of the 
buttons on the bottom of your screen and you should be in the Abyss!

NOTE* There is another alternative way for the above group! Make a stairwell into 
the abyss area. Stairwell creating is explained below.

How to make stairs in the abyss area or regular house area...
First, get either one of these items. Snorkler Table or Native Chair. Then get on 
the item you got (snorkler table is better, native chair is for beginners) and press 
move items. Then, insert a rug (if you have one). After putting it in, remove the 
Native Chair and the rug should be floating! It's really hard to snap the Native 
Chair under the rug so you can remove it, but it is possible. After doing that, 
stand on the rug and do the same thing you did before and you should make another 
one. make sure that you don't press any of the rugs or else they will fall down. 
If you want items to float instead of rugs, you do the same thing with either a 
Snorkler Table, Native Chair or Cookie Table. Basically any table that holds items 
on it. Desk, End Table. All that...

How to be inside a bed you can't go inside...
Ever wanted to get into the Cactus Hammock or the Trolley Bed? Well this glitch 
shows you how. Simply press on Move Items, hover over the bed, then press Done Moving 
and you should be inside it! It takes a little bit before you actually go inside it xD...

How to put items inside of walls...
First, grab an item that is bigger than a Native Chair. Then, press Move Items and 
guess if your in a wall or not (because you can't see your toon while moving items, 
just guess when you are in a wall). Once you think you are at least close enough. 
Then insert an item and it should be through the wall you chose!

How to be invisible in your house...
First, walk to your bean bank and right when your about to interact with it, press 
Move Items. Then, the move item thing should appear but you shouldn't go into a birds 
eye view if done correctly. if this doesnt happen, try again. Once you complete it, 
press "Cancel" and then wait about 3 seconds and once your laff meter reappears, you 
should be able to walk while invisible! This makes moving easier so you can see what 
it looks like to see if it looks good :) To stop being invisible, just click Done Moving. 
You can also do this with your wardrobe!

Note* There is also an alternative way for this. First, press move items then, press 
on a toon (online or offline) and click "Ignore". Then press cancel!

How to go under the abyss...
First, do the abyss glitch (above)and insert a rug into the abyss. Then, put your 
toon on the rug. Then Jump and hold the up arrow key until you are floating. 
When floating, open your book (esc, f8 or press your book :P). Then keep on doing 
that and you should be going down. If you go to close to your house, you will be 
your house floor.
That's all for Cheatbook 1! Come back for Cheatbook 2 later!

8 bean, 7 bean, and 6 bean flowers.

Code                                                              Effect
purple, yellow, yellow, purple, yellow, orange, purple, yellow  - 8 bean flower.
red, blue, purple, purple, blue, blue, pink, blue               - 8 bean flower.
yellow, blue, purple, cyan, purple, red, orange, purple         - 8 bean flower.
yellow, green, red, orange, green, green, green                 - 7 bean flower.
cyan, purple, cyan, blue, cyan, blue, blue                      - 7 bean flower.
cyan, red, purple, purple, purple, purple                       - 6 bean flower.
yellow, blue, cyan, purple, blue, blue                          - 6 bean flower.
red, pink, orange, red, orange, pink                            - 6 bean flower.

Fly on a toon party (Stair glitch):
Submitted by: TT Cat Astrophe

Go to a party with a dqnce floor then, stay backwards to the dancefloor. Try to open 
the book by pressing esc the same time as u go to the dance floor. When u opened the book 
and u see the button to play while the book is open, klick the green play button and then 
close the book. Turn u arround and un. Ur toon should go up in the sky :) Thats really 
hard to do, it doesnt work evreytime :)

Invisible toon:
Submitted by: Bob

OK. first go to your estate. then enter your toons house.after that go near the door. 
(this part kind of tricky).while your about to go touch the door click move furniture.
(if it worked your toon will leave out the door disappearing). next while your outside 
and you dont feel like fighting cogs or whatever then dont go in the pond you will just 
go through walls. if you do not want to go through walls and interact with things while 
being invisible then enter the pond and come out for at least 5 sec. then you can interact 
with things while being invisibe.(fight cogs,go in houses,etc).

Tip: you can teleport to other people but they cant teleport to you.

Tug-Of-War Pull Around Rope Glitch:
Submitted by: Skinny Fangs Weaselcrash (toon name)

This requires a small amount of practice. First go to a party with the Tug-Of-War game. 
Go on one side. Wait until there are other players... see the countdown until game starts? 
Jump off at zero a bit late. If this worked then you will see a message that says "Sorry, 
you are not able to leave the Tug-Of-War at this time." (this might not be the right message, 
since I did it a few days ago and I might have forgot some of it.) Click the "Ok" button 
and you will see your toon pulling a separate rope. Drag it around the party, and when your'e 
done click the play button. When it starts then you will see your toon moving around(shaking, 
kind of). But it is hard to win like this, so hope you don't mind if you lose.
Liked this? See me on a day(on daily) with Lvl. Toon-Up, Lvl.3-4 Throw, and Lvl. 4 Squirt 
on almost any hour in Crazy Hills(district), in Toontown Central.

A Boat Load of Glitches and Fails!:
Submitted by: Isis


1.Sliding Mania!
-First, you must get the emote, "Resistance Salute". Once your Toon is on the ground after 
shouting, press the UP arrow instantly. You should be slidind, and you'll be sliding until 
you stop pressing the button.

2.Punchline Place has an Abyss, too!
-Go into the Punchline Place tunnel in Toontown Central. Right next to the fire hydrant, is 
a small door coming up from the sidewalk. Jump onto it, then towards the side of the building. 
You'll be in the endless abyss of the street. 

3.Upsidedown Moon?
-Go to your estate. Next to the red house, is small sewer tunnel. Look into the tunnel while 
slightly dipping your Toon's feet into the water. You'll see a moon like the one in the 
window scene. 

4.Too Bad You Can't See Yourself...
-This is probably the easiest glitch ever. Just jump up into the air, and click your book. 
Though it doesn't seem like it, your Toon will be in the air while looking at his/her book.

5.I Got a Job!
-This works everywhere, like in street shops, Gag Shops, Pet Stores, and even Headquarters. 
Teleport to someone walking out the door of the shop or HQ. This may take a couple times, 
but if you time it correctly, you'll get a message saying, "(TOON'S NAME) has gone somewhere 
else. Try again.", you'll end up in the aybss of the store. Heaquarters is a little more 
NOTE: It's best to try this with a friend, so you can try again if it doesn't work. Also, 
if in a street store, try using empty buildings.

6.Up, Up, and Away!
-This glitch works best at the pond on your estate. Stand at least shoulder deep in the 
water. Once you're ready, jump backwards and press ESC simultaneously. Then, press the 
Exit Toontown button. Press yes. Then, immediatly run forwards. It sometimes doesn't 
work, so if your Toon starts to exit, press ESC again.

7.More Endlessness?
-Yes. In Donald's Dock, near the Party Hat, RIGHT off the ramp, turn right. Keep running 
until you run right through the fence. It's so easy.

8.HALP! I Can't Swim!
-How to drown you Toon? This works best in Donald's Dock. Turn to where you back is 
facing the water. Jump backwards and press the Resistance Salute simultaneously. When 
you land in the water, your Toon should looked drowned.

9.Stop! Theif!
-Everyone has been wondering how to steal clothes, right? Well here's how. First, you 
need a friend. Second, go to any playground with a clothing store with clothes you like. 
There. You should be all ready.
Now, try teleporting to your friend as you run into the clerk of the store. If done 
right, you'll be able to walk freely as you can simultaneously pick clothes from th store. 
Once you pick everything out, you teleport to your house. You'll have the clothes you 
picked on. Walk into your house and into the closet. The clothes will change into what 
you had on when you started the glitch. Now, press OK and then teleport to another district. 
When your back in the playground and in the other district, go to the clothing store again. 
Try on the clothes you had on, and press the button. You'll have to clothes on ow :). 
Good luck, that's a very hard glitch.
NOTE: I forget if you lose your old clothes or not. I don't think so, but I'm not sure. 
Try looking it up.

10.I'm Just Missing my Suit...
-Go to Bossbot HQ. Go to the side of The Middle Six. Once there, start jumping in the 
side of the gate. Eventually, you'll wiggle your way into the aybss... but we're not 
done yet. Walk all the way to the big brick wall. Walk through that wall! 


1.Minnie? Mickey?
-If you enter the Toontorial, Minnie or Mickey will come up to Tom and say, "(Hey Tom! 
Got any extra gags?". Tom will say yes, and Minnie or Mickey will say, "I gotta go. 
Bye!" or something, and walk away. But, where are they walking? They run right where 
there's a wall. 

2.Reverse Engineering?
-If you stand on the sewer tunnel next to the red house, your controls will be backwards 
(forwards is now backwards, and vice versa). This also works when you stand on the giant 
table with the diving flippers.

3."I'm All Inverted and Stuff"
-Sometimes when you accept or finish a Toontask, the paper it's shown on when END is 
pressed is inverted. Mostly the clerk. 

4.False Ads
-A shop on Silly Street in Toontown Central has sign in it the advertises for a 
shop in Daisy's Garden.

How to be INVISIBLE:
Submitted by: Willow Funnybunny

First go home, then  go in your house, YOUR HOUSE ONLY! its won't work in any other 
house. the attic turns you invisible, use it while running out of your door. now you 
may be invisible! try a few times more if it doesn't  work the first time. Now if you
want to creep people out, dip in any of the water at your house (IDK WHY IT WORKS BUT 
IT DOES) you have to dip in full way, until you hear the water theme. There! 
Go creep out your friends and foes!

To get drop:
To get drop, you first need to get past the Toontown Central tasks. Then, in Donald's Dock, 
they will ask you to choose between Lure or Drop. Choose Drop and that's how you get it! 
However, I recommend choosing Lure as Lure is the only gag that keeps the cogs from attacking,
and Drop has poor hit percentage.

Park flying:
Stand by the "Party planner" area. Open your shitcker book and click someones name (on the 
sides of the screen) press the "Esc" button on your keyboard and "Report" On the player card
at the same time. Do not close the report box. Walk into the Party planner and close the 
report box and not the party planner box. Press the "Esc" button and close the party box at
the exact same time. Go to the "Options & Codes" page and press "Exit toontown" Press "yes"
then rapidly JUMP (Ctrl).

Invisivle glitch on toontown:
First, go to your estate and go in your house, then turn around and face the door, step back then
click move furniture and quickly exit at the same time! if you do this right youll find that your
toon cannot be seen by you or other players. side effects are that at first you cant jump, fight 
cogs, etc. to fix this to jump in your estate fishing pond, when you get out you can jump again! 
as well as lots of other stuff, :) ok, now for the bonus no eyes glitch! ( note: only you and your
toon can see it! ) anyways, youll need a sellbot suit for the vp. go to sellbot hq and go to the 
sellbot towers, youll get in vp room. now walk out and boom! no eyes! again only you can see it. 
Note: DO EVER DO THIS AND THEN ACTUALLY VP! ive learned from this cuz you cant do anything, cant 
battle the cogs, or help your group, youll just stand in the air while your teamates destroy the 
cogs, or go sad. so yah. thats the invisible glitch and no eyes glitch, as well as a lil' warning
you should know before you vp. by the way you can logout/log back in to stop the glitches.

Hacking or Early Playing:
Well, in 2001, when the game was in beta, you first received Throw, Squirt, and Drop as your first
gag tracks. So you could get all gag tracks. So if you have a time machine you can probably get 
all seven gag tracks! Other than that, today, you can hack to get it. But I do not recommend hacking
as it is against the rules, it ruins the game, and lots of other things.

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