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  Hints and Tips for: Topple Tactics 
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 Topple Tactics Cheats

Topple Tactics

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips and Tricks:
Written by steveposer

* When choosing the big player, try to stay in between multiple segments 
  of the island, so if one falls, you still have another.
* A good combo as the mega player (in my opinion) is fan + spinner (can 
  be replaced with something else) + black hole.

* When choosing the big player, the game will randomly choose a player 
  if the game goes on for long enough. This can be useful if you are 
  playing with friends and want it to be fair, or if you arenít sure 
  you can beat the others.
* With the right gear and stats as a normal player, you can jump pretty 
  large gaps. The ninja headband is really useful in doing this. This 
  setup will allow you to skip a lot of defenses sometimes. I didnít 
  quite catch the setup, but Iím sure its simple enough to figure out.

Best Easy Wins Builds:
Written by Moneymakers8185

-=Build 1=-
* Wide shield.
* Chunky boots.
* Knight helm.
* Spend points in shield.

-=Build 2=-
* Any of the best boots light speed or the other one.
* Plane helm.
* Energizing force field.
* Put all points into speed.

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