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  Hints and Tips for: Torchlight 
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 Torchlight Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

God Mode:
Alter game files at your own risk and always make backups!Go to 
"\Users\(your user name)\AppData\Roaming\runic games\torchlight\settings.txt" and look 
for this line:

 console: 0 Change it to: console: 1

Save and start the game. Now while in game you will have to hold Shift and hit the ~ key
to pull up the console. All cheats ARE NOT case sensitive.

Code               Effect
God              - God mode.
CLS              - Clears Console History.
Disablepet       - Disables/enables player's pet.
Belt             - Displays a list of all the belts in the game.
Boots            - Displays a list of all the boots in the game.
Chest armor      - Displays a list of all the chest armor in the game.
Fish             - Displays a list of all the fish in the game.
Socketable       - Displays a list of all the gems in the game.
Gloves           - Displays a list of all the gloves in the game.
Helmet #         - Displays a list of all the helmets in the game.
Potion           - Displays a list of all the potions in the game.
Scroll           - Displays a list of all the scrolls in the game.
Shoulder Armor   - Displays a list of all the shoulder armor in the game.
Spell            - Displays a list of all the spells in the game.
Trinket #        - Displays a list of all the trinkets in the game.
Weapon           - Displays a list of all the weapons in the game. 
                   You can break it down further by typing "Axe", or "Rifle" and 
                   it will list those only. works for all weapons.
Difficulty       - Displays current game difficulty.
NoXP             - Gain no more XP.
Allstats #       - Gives amount entered in all stats.
Defense #        - Gives Defense.
Dexterity #      - Gives Dexterity.
Fame #           - Gives fame in amount entered.
Help             - Gives list of all console commands.
Magic #          - Gives Magic.
Money #          - Gives money in the amount entered.
Skill Name/#     - Gives skill of the name and # entered.
                   (to get skill list just type "SKILL" without parenthasis.)
Skillpoints #    - Gives skillpoints.
Statpoints #     - Gives statpoints in amount entered.
Strength #       - Gives strength.
Ascend           - Goes down a floor.
Descend          - Goes up a floor.
Identifyall      - Identifies all items in the inventory.
Levelup          - Increases XP to next level.
KIllall          - Kills all Monsters.
Quests           - Lists all quests.
Playernotarget   - Makes monsters not target the player.
Alwayscrit       - Player always gets critical hits.
Reload           - Reloads textures.
Resetpetlevel    - Reset pets level to 1.
Resetskills      - Reset players skills	
Resetstats       - Reset players statpoints.
Resetplayerlevel - Resets players level to 1.
Resetplayer      - Resets players level, skills, and stats.
Restartlevel     - Restarts the current level.
Room             - Returns the room the player is currently in.
Questcomplete    - Set quest to complete.
Questactive      - Sets a quest to active.
Cameradistance # - Sets Camera distance.
                   (WARNING: Number endered is the Multiplier for the distance)
Setdifficulty #  - Sets game difficulty.
Setpetlevel #    - Sets pet level to number entered.
FPS              - Shows Framerate and other info.
Speed	Toggles    - Additional speed for the character.
Godspeed         - Toggles both God and Speed mode.
Combatlog        - Toggles combat log.
AIFreeze         - Toggles moster AI.
Stash            - Spawns a stash near you.
Shared Stash     - Spawns a shared stash.
armor            - List all armor

Cheat Item Replication:
Left click on any goods/merchandise (preferably the cheapest one). You'll have selected 
the item to put it in your inventory. But instead of putting it in a empty slot put it 
on a pre-existing item in your inventory (preferably the most expensive one). You will 
have a replication of that item you clicked on. 
Note: This won't copy the enchantments, but will generate a randomly enchanted item.

Summon Items - Item Codes:
Submitted by: Matt

Open the console (see above) and type "item ####" in the console and press enter
(e.g. for Perfect skull, type item 2627) 

2607 - The Infinite Pure Ember Shard (+49 damage / +34 armor).
2629 - The Sea King's Core Ember Shard (+19 health per second / +12 strength).
2603 - The Grand Depths Ember Shard (-48 armor per hit / +12 dexterity).
2600 - The Fire Queen Ember Shard (+33 fire damage / +28 fire resistance).
2631 - The Spire City Life Ember Shard (+33 poison damage / +28 poison resistance).
2597 - The Earthstar Cold Ember Shard (+33 ice damage / +28 ice resistance).
2599 - The Eternal Flow Ember Shard (+33 electric damage / +28 electric resistance).
2627 - The Pirate Skull (48 health stolen per hit / +12 defense).
1766 - Elitch's Eye (15 mana stolen per hit / +12 magic).
1356 - Epic Snakebite Unique sword, 502 DPS.
1427 - Epic Eleven Ton Hammer 1061 DPS.

Add gold:
Submitted by: kehsiao

[Ctrl]+[Shift] + ~ for console type "money [Desired quantity]"

Submitted by: Gleb

Type in the console: Gold1000
It will generate some gold around you.

Over-the-edge combat and pre mission done:
Submitted by: tuong trang

* When you stand under (or above) another platform where you can see a bunch of monster
  (mobs), and its open for you to use far range shot, press shift+ attack move you want,
  this make you using your skill from the upper (or lower) platform, without actually 
  encounter mobs. This can be done with most far range attacks (esspecially alkemis's 

* The pre mission done can be easily done by using doublycate glitch: play one character 
  throught thestory easy mode, double up the mssion item, then put it in shared stash. 
  Then create another one, and take the mission item out, and give it to the mission 
  giver, instance item! (remember NOT to pick up the real mission item in tha second 
  char story, or you can NEVER get rid of it).

Area/Level Hints - Bonus Dungeon:
In the first level of the main dungeon in Very Hard difficulty, rush all the way to Brink.
You'll find him battlling a translucid beast. Kill the beast to gain access to a Phase 
Portal that takes you to a new level with lots of overpowered enemies to face (similar 
to the cow level in Diablo II).

Attacking from other levels:
When you stand under or above another platform where you can see a group of enemies and
it is open for you to use a far range shot, press [Shift] + [Attack Move]. You will use
your skill from the upper or lower platform, without actually encounter mobs. 
This can be done with most far range attacks, especially Alkemis' skill.

Infinite Potions:
With a new character, place your potions into a shared stash chest on the north side 
of Torchlight. Delete the character and load a different character. Grab the potions 
you left for yourself and repeat!

Shadow Vault:
Successfully complete the game. The crypt in the Torchlight graveyard will now be open
for all new characters. It features new quests.

Secret dungeon:
Select the Very Hard difficulty setting and play the first level of the main dungeon.
Rush all the way to Brink to find him fighting a Translucid beast. Kill the beast to 
unlock a Phase Portal that will transport you to a secret dungeon that contains very
powerful enemies.

Tips and Tricks:
Things to Know Before Playing

To make the game more enjoyable, there are three mods you should get: “Potions Stacksize 
Mod”, “Items Always Identified”, and “The Total Respec Mod”.

Play on hard even on your first time through. It’s an incredibly easy game on Normal 
and below.

Skills suffer from not improving fast enough as your weapons and attributes become 
better. As a Vanquisher, I ignored every skill that had a raw damage increase (it 
will say something like 50% weapon dps + 100 damage or something like that) and instead 
took everything that increase via percentages. The first skill I got is the one where 
you swing your weapon in a wide arc and at level 5 I was doing 1,200+ damage before 
reaching the first boss.

If you play on hard be prepared to tear your hair out during the last 7 dungeon levels 
when you start fighting Dark Zealots. They can hit you with a ray before you even see 
them and it deals like 1,500 points of damage. They also shoot homing poison bolts and 
even though my poison resistance was 200+ those things still did like 750 points of 
damage a pop. The town portal spell became my best friend.

Everything monsters drop is almost universally garbage but your most powerful items 
come from enchanting. Find an item you really, really like, sell everything else, then 
enchant the hell out of it. There’s a miniscule chance of completely breaking the item 
but this literally happened once to me in the entire game and it wasn’t really a big 

If you want the most powergamey build, go Vanquisher. Pump explosive shot and anything 
that bumps up damage done by explosive shot. Find a rifle with a fast firing speed and 
the highest range and upgrade the hell out of it. If you get short of money, when 
you’ve maxed out your barter skill you can buy and sell the basic potions at a profit. 
Use summon spells as meat shields when things get hairy. Also don’t be afraid to use 
potions as much as possible.

Very Hard Difficulty Mode Tips:
For a Vanquisher, explosive shot is good skill, spam it and blow things up. A Haste 
scroll is a great spell, it really help you kite. Defensive Spell Mastery will help 
extend the buff so you don’t have to constantly recast. For cheese, you can toss 
Flechette traps inside rooms and let them kill things while you hang back out of 
Line of Sight (good for dealing with nasty threats).

For Very Hard difficulty you can try grinding previous content for more exp. Outleveling 
the content helps a lot. Don’t use random maps from vendors, instead go back to old 
content in mines and clear quickly. The floors will reset after you clear a certain 
number of floors and you still get good exp from quickly grinding these lower level 
floors. I usually avoid Phase Portals, it’s always scaled to your level which can be 
nasty in Very Hard (never ever go into one on Hardcore Very Hard).

Use gold to enchant your gear (keep backups in case of item wipes) and gamble/vendor 
shop for upgrades. Gambler is expensive but can sometimes give you some nice stuff. 
Make sure you to keep your weapon upgraded, killing things fast keeps them from being 
able to kill you.

When dying maybe just respawn on that floor or something. Don’t recall death penalties 
as being too harsh.

Very hard gives you a pretty good challenge. Wait till you can get to the last dungeon 
through lol, makes the rest of the game on Very Hard feel like easy mode.

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