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  Hints and Tips for: Torchlight 2 
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 Torchlight 2 Cheats

Torchlight 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Use a text editor to edit the "settings.txt" file in the directory.
"C:/Users/[user name]/My Games/Runic Games/Torchlight 2/Save[number]"
The number will be different from person to person, the point is that it is a string 
of numbers. Open that folder, then open up "settings.txt"

Look for the following line: console:0 and change it to: console:1 

While playing the game, press [Insert] to display the console window. Then, type one
of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function.
Note: Enabling a code could get your account separated from unmodified versions of 
"Torchlight 2". Some may mark you as a suspicious player.

Result                                         Code
Add a friend by username or email            - ADDFRIENDBYUSER
Toggles monster AI on and off                - AIFREEZE
Spawns all items                             - ALLITEMS
Gives you all stats                          - ALLSTATS [number]
Player will always score critical hits       - ALWAYSCRIT
Goes down a floor                            - ASCEND
CLS                                          - Clear Console History 
Gives you defense points                     - DEFENSE [number]
Goes up a floor                              - DESCEND 
Gives you ranged points                      - DEXTERITY 
Displays the current game difficulty         - DIFFICULTY 
Disables the Player's pet                    - DISABLEPET 
Gives you fame points                        - FAME [number]
Shows the frame rate and other information   - FPS 
Toggles Godmode                              - GOD 
Toggles both Godmode and Speed mode          - GODSPEED 
Reduces the player's HP by the given percent - HURTME [percentage]
Identifies all items in the inventory        - IDENTIFYALL 
Creates an a an item the given number        - ITEM [itemname],[number]
Kills all monsters                           - KILLALL 
Increase XP to the next level                - LEVELUP 
Gives you magic points                       - MAGIC [number]
Gives you gold                               - MONEY [number]
The player will not gain XP                  - NOXP 
Makes monsters not target the player         - PLAYERNOTARGET 
Sets a quest to complete                     - QUESTCOMPLETE 
Resets the player's pet level to 1           - RESETPETLEVEL [quest name]
Resets the player's stats, skills, and level - RESETPLAYER 
Resets the player's level to 1               - RESETPLAYERLEVEL 
Resets the player's skills                   - RESETSKILL 
Resets the player's stat points              - RESETSTATS 
Sets the current difficulty                  - SETDIFFICULTY [index] 
Sets the pet's level                         - SETPETLEVEL [number] 
Sets the time of day                         - SETTIME [time] 
Sets the timescale for time of day           - SETTIMESCALE 
HELP                                         - Show list of commands 
Gives you skill points                       - SKILLPOINTS [number]
Toggles additional speed for the character   - SPEED
Gives you stat points                        - STATPOINTS [number]
Gives you melee points                       - STRENGTH [number]
List all spawn classes                       - SPAWNCLASS
Spawn class                                  - SPAWNCLASS [spawnclass name], [count], [level]
Restarts current level                       - RESTARTLEVEL

Resident Evil 4 reference:
An early vendor resembles the stranger from "Resident Evil 4", opening his jacket to 
reveal his wares in a similar manner.

The Thing references:
In the Frosted Hills, you can find a special dungeon that pays homage to John Carpenter's 
"The Thing" movie. Inside, you will find a book with notes from Blair, a character in the 
film. Later, you will find a boss in the form of a transforming Netherfiend, a reference to
the movie where the alien would take the shape of the humans it killed. You will also get a
key to the Kennel, with more wolves inside that also turn into Netherfiends, a reference to
the transforming monster dog in the movie. Additionally, you can find a special weapon at 
the end called "Macready's Shotgun", a reference to Kurt Russell's character.

Item replication:
Left click on any goods/merchandise (preferably the cheapest one). You'll have selected
the item to put it in your inventory. But instead of putting it in a empty slot put it on
a pre-existing item in your inventory (preferably the most expensive one). You will have 
a replication of that item you clicked on. Note: This won't copy the enchantments, but 
will generate a randomly enchanted item.

Minecraft enemies and outfit:
In the Caustic Caverns underneath Sanctuary, near the furthest edge, there is a shallow 
incline. If you go along the left-most cliff beside the incline, you will find Minecraft 
blocks. Breaking them will lead into an area with creepers from the Minecraft games, a 
golden ore block with a normal outfit, and a special outfit for defeating the creepers.

Borderlands reference:
You can find a hidden CL4P-TP from Borderlands in Bloatfang's area in Act 3, "Some Assembly 
Required". Defeat the Bloatfang, then go to the ledge where the Automaton Power Source and 
chest are located. Follow the path leading south and west around the Boss area. At the 
southern part of the level, you can find a CL4P-TP between some rocks. He congratulates you
for defeating Bloatfang and gives you Claptrap's Bolt (Armor/Trinkets: Increase charge rate
by 10%, Weapon: Conveys 5% chance to Shock for 5 seconds, item level 32).

The Goonies come to Estheria:
Plunder Cove, an optional quest available in act one, is replete with references to the 1985 
film 'The Goonies'. Hidden randomly within the level you should be able to find a lootable 
corpse named Chester Copperpot, after the ill-fated Oregonian whose skeletal remains were 
stumbled upon in the tunnels beneath the Fratelli hideout. The boss of this quest, One-Eyed 
Willy, is also a nod to the film, and the cove where you can find his ship also bears many 
resemblances to the location in the film. It is possible to find two socketables in this 
stage; Copperpot always drops a rare called 'One-Eyed Willy's Other Eye', and Willy himself
has a chance to drop a unique called 'One-Eyed Willy's Eye'.

Tips and Tricks:
-=Berserker Tips=-
* Your weapon types don’t really matter as long as they’re the same type.
* Fist weapons are nice but they have no area of effect, but loads of abilities will  
  compensate for this.
* Focus is actually a quite nice stat for you since it raises execute chance.
* Strength is still your best stat though.
* Battle rage, shadow burst, and shadow bind are god tier skills.
* Make sure to get at least a point in every passive, many aren’t worth raising beyond that. 
  Execute, cold steel, and shred armor are the good ones.

Guide for easy Harcore Elite with Engineer:
Written by Simone Pianetti

As a summoner you main form of damage do not scale with STATS but only with LEVELS and 
MINION DAMAGE, so stat are mainly for more defense

Here are the most important stats you can find:

* DAMAGE REDUCTION (cap 75%), reduce all damage but traps
* +X% CHANGE TO REFLECT A MISSILE pretty self explanatory
* BLOCK (cap 75%) doesnt work well with forcefield
* DODGE(cap 75%) only dodge "normal" attacks and missiles

* +X% PET AND MINION DAMAGE, you need nothing else

* MP REGEN, quite important stats as mines consume a lot of mana
* MP, not that useful but considering you regen MP at a 4% every second, 50 more
  mana means 2 more MP every second

* 4 VIT
* 1 DEX (until dodge cap)

Avoid FOCUS, it does nothing for your mines and it doesnt increase mana regeneration enough 
to matter (a piece with +10 mana give you more mana regen than 20 point in focus)

* Always keep at max level
* SPIDER MINES, main damage skill

Keep at one
* SHIELD BASH, optional, but it's the only force of mobility you have early
* ONSLAUGHT, optional, but it's the way better than shield bash, require you to switch to 
  a melee weapon using W (REMEMBER TO ALSO PUT A SHIELD IN THE SECONDARY SLOT otherwise 
  you are gonna die the very moment you switch weapons)
* STORM BURST, main mobility skill

* DYNAMO FIELD, the only charge generation skill you have, put as many point possible here
* CHARGE DOMINATION, optional, the chance is small, but 1 point here is worth

* COUP DE GRACE, doesnt work with minions
* FIRE AND SPARK, doesnt work with minions
* BULWARK, armor is worthless
* AEGIS OF FATE , doesnt work with FORCEFIELD

* SHIELD + RANGED WEAPON is a must, both wands and pistol are ok,
* You want to keep items that give you minion damage and that help you survive, like a 
  said nothing else is gonna give your minions more damage

* Extremely important in HCE solo, re-rolls are the only way for you to farm money/levels/
  items in TL2
* Here is a quick guide on how to do a reroll:

START the game with your character -> Choose LAN -> Click on CREATE GAME -> Select RE-ROLL


A full RESPEC is not present in this game unless you mod it, you can only respec the last 
3 skills you learnt.

This mean that the only way to respec without a mod is to going back to base before putting 
your third skill point, respeccing is not useful with this build because you can waste 3 
points on SHIELD BASH without problems

-=FROM 1 TO 14=-
During this time you wont be able to summons minions that do damage, meaning you need to 
use something else to do damage
The very moment you find a shield remove FLAME HAMMER for SHIELD BASH, always keep SHIELD 
BASH to 1-3 levels during this stage

Here the gameplay is boring and slow, just shield bash and do damage with your pet + your 
ranged weapon, the damage is low, but safe

You need to farm to get to level 14 before attemping the temple steppe bosses, this is 
easy to do because if you dont kill the bosses the dungeons mob will respawn 
(if they dont just reroll the world)

At 14 with the mines killing Grell is easy, if you want you could start farming it by 
rerolling the world in so you can stack DAMAGE REDUCTION thanks to the EYE OF GRELL

Engineer already start with a 25% DAMAGE REDUCTION so if you are good enough at kiting 
you can avoid farming it

to traps anyway

That is all, JUST AVOID TRAPS, you are basically immortal if you just keep running around 
and throwing mines, but TRAPS STILL ONE SHOT YOU so just avoid them at all cost

AVOID EVERY SECONDARY DUNGEON, to keep the risk of dying to a trap at the minimun avoid 
secondary content, you should go farm grell instead if you want improve your character

Having a second casual character you use to learn the various room and traps in the 
dungeons you are running in HCE is a good idea, because like I said you need to focus 
on avoiding traps at all cost

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