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  Hints and Tips for: TPPC Online RPG 
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 TPPC Online RPG Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM 

Defeating the Baby Tower:
Change all of your pokemon's attacks to doublekick, then go to the battle
towers then to baby tower and use this attack.

Easy win for yourself you'll love this one:
Just get the pokemon you wanna use out (any level) then if you have a lot
of higher levels get them out (can't be like 100 levels higher or it would
take like an hour) then teach the ones your going to battle 2,3,4,5,6 all 
haze, then teach the one your going to be using against yourself haze for
3 of the moves and then a super effective move against itself (what i means
is if your using charmeleon put only one like hydro pump or someithng) 
(this makes the chances go up from 2/4 to 3/4) then go battle yourself and
use the super effective move (most likely the cp controlled against yourself
won't use the super effective one)and then beat all your pokemon with the 
move that acctually hits (not haze lol for the dumass people)and just keep
killing them.
Note: Do this as many times as you'd like.

How to level pokemon faster:
Ok. go to where it says team stats. if you are a specialist than get a snorlax.
It costs 1000 points. Then get your super weak pokemon you want to train. Teach
snorlax fireblast, crosschop, karatechop, and flamethrower. Have that weak 
pokemon first then switch it to snorlax in a battle against the mahogny gym. 
Use fireblast on piloswine and crosschp on dewgong it will gain like 20 levels
when you beat him! You will also get 4000 something dollars! 

Beat opponents easyer:
Just make sure that at least one of your pokemon's moves is doublekick. It will
hit 2 times or more every time!

To unlock legenderies

Unlockable      How to unlock
Suicune        - Tppc Legend.
Entai          - Tppc Legend.
Raikou         - Tppc legend.
Articuno       - Get lots of team points.
Regiice        - Tppc Legend or Unown tower.
Regirock       - Tppc Legend or Unown tower.
Registeel      - Tppc Legend or Unown tower.
Moltres        - Get lots of team points.

Fraction points:
To get fraction points all u have to do is:

Code                Result
keep on battleing - Something is going to appear and tipe in the words 
                    it tells u to and you will get fraction points.

Get pokemon up quickly:
Go to the battle and this

Code            Result
your own user - double the level

You write bgbg in the trainer battle and three or four names will displayed
then click the first one and keep battling if you have a pokemon like 
charmander teach him mach punch and till your pokemon reach lv 33 keep battling
him and when your pokemon is lv 33,do one more battle and at the last you win 
click on restart battle it will give you 3,000 faction points.

Submitted by: JJK

1.teach your all pokemon all moves toxic
2.put 1113217 in trainer battle
3.use toxic
4.your fifth pokemon will gain lot exp

Grow from 5 to about 73:
First, make sure you have six pokemon. next, make one of your pokemon's moves
surf for each one, for your starter, put toxic too.

-Battle a guy named browntown.
-First, use surf 2 times. then use toxic.
-Then switch pokemon.
-Use surf until 4 of your pokemon fainted.
-Then, switch to your starter and use surf.
-Look at that improvement!
NOTE: You can do the same for other pokemon, switch to the pokemon you want
to train at the end.

How to get fast lvl up:
Teach your first pokemon toxic.
than choose trainer battle.
than type in Browntown and fight him.

The baby tower:
To beat the baby tower you have to have 6 level 5 pokemon team the set your
moves to double kick then just beat'em. 

How to do a combined attack with your pokemon:
Dduring a pokemon battle, first use toxic and then any other normal attack 
(eg:- doublekick, firepunch,etc.) if you used doublekick, it will show that how
many times it hit the opponent and opponent took damage from the poison.

Submitted by: vgyh

tppc real cheats
Trainer #1054571 
-Team Magma - Chansey x6 Level: 5 - Experience: 469 - Money: $1122

Trainer #932373  
-Blissey x6 Level: 25+ - Experience: 4973 - Money: $994.

Trainer #966065  
-Team Magma - Chansey x6 Level: 53 - Experience: 9938 - Money: $1987.

Trainer #999253  
-Team Magma - Blissey x6 Level: 80 - Exp: 15300 - Money: $3060 ($6120)

Trainer #572534  
-Team Magma - Chansey x5 Level: 90 - Experience: 16875 - Money: $3375.

Trainer #1113640 
-Team Magma - N.S.D Blissey x6 Level: ~150 - Exp: 172352 - Money: 34468

Trainer #780590  
-Team Rocket - Blissey x3 Level: 201 - Experience: 39195 - Money: $7839.

Trainer #924714  
-Team Aqua - Blissey x6 Level: 250 - Exp: 71718 -Money: $114744

Trainer #489507  
-Team Rocket - D.Blissey x6 Level: 300 - Experience: 60750 - Money: $12150.

Trainer #913641  
-Team Magma - D/S/N Blissey/Chansey x6 Level: 350 - Experience: 67331 - 

Trainer #620891  
-Team Rocket - D/S/N Blissey/Chansey x6 Level: 352-518 - Experience Max:101010
- Money:$20202.

Trainer #774595  
-Team Rocket - Blissey x6 Level: 500-502 - Experience Max: 95816 - Money: $19163.

Trainer #119507  
-Team Magma - DarkBlissey x6 Level: 500 - Experience Each: 94125
- Money: $94125 Altogether.

Trainer #995561  
-Team Aqua - S.Chansey x6 Level: 500-511.

Trainer #705180  
-Team Aqua - D.Blissey x6 Level: 830-1000 - Experience: 173948 - Money: $34789.

Trainer #546526  
-Team Magma - D.Chansey x4/D.Blissey x2 Level: 1000-1120 - Experience Up to:222600

Trainer #1004223 
-Team Magma - DarkBlissey level: 1500 x6 - Experience Up to: 282752 - Money: $56550

Trainer #498042  
-Team Aqua - S.Chansey x6 Level: 1506-1575 Experience:288023 - 301410 
- Money: $57604 - $60282.

Trainer #325240  
-Team Aqua - D.Blissey x6 Level: 1598-1599 - Experience: 142980 Money:$60051

Trainer #607667  
-Team Aqua - D.Blissey x6 Level: 1958 -2176 - Experience: 398925 - Money: $79785.

Trainer #482301  
-Team Rocket - S.Blissey x6 Level: 2500 Experience: 487500 - Money: $97500.

Trainer #140     
-Team Magma - D.Blissey x6 Level: 2515 - Experience: 509895 - Money: $101979.

Trainer #403525  
-Team Magma - D.Blissey x6 Level ~3470-~3580 - Exp: 4278827 - Money: $855763

How do you get shineys and dak pokes without secret swap 
any one want your pokes at lvl 1000 give me your id and password and email it to

Submitted by: william

powerup5 -unlimited cash

More money:
If you wanna get more money set up ur team by going to modify your profile then set your
team. Beat 5 pokemons then go to team stats get team boost and then attach it a pokemon. 
Then beat 10 pokemons then go to team stats and click on amulet coin get it then attach 
it to a pokemon.

When u log in into tppc u can find that there are log in and password,in the password 
u need to enter the cheat passwords,the password is chaosdragon.

Password    Effect
password1 - unlimimited cash$	
password2 - get legend pokemon on every map	
password3 - battle towers on lvl 5	
password4 - starter pokemon is legend	
password5 - get other people passwords

Level fast:
Go to trainer battle and battle 482301 for example choose starter as squirtle set moves 
toxic and hyperbeam: 

-use 1st move toxic 
-second move hyperbeam 2 times 
-choose the next pokemon it will die 
-then again choose hyperbeam 3times
-follow the same steps till 4 of your pokes die then choose your starter again
-you will gain 487000 exp and 97000 money and pokemon will be lvl 78 

Rune ristars gym:
Submitted by: Cheats

Go on friends list and write in rune ristars gym then change on epokemons moves to toxic 
then battle him and hit it three times then choose a different pokemon or else u will die.

Submitted by: plop

Go on the attach an item and attach a red ribbon on to ur starter on the pokemon bit, 
make sure that ur starter is first!, then go on any map u want and after a bit u will 
find a random legendery pokemon! (i took ages to find this out but i did!)

Submitted by: Kelsie 

If you have a fire type, Trainer Battle FireTypes. Water type, TB WaterTypes. Grass type, 
TB GrassType. Dark type, TB DarkType. They make you stronger!

Submitted by: garzon13

First set moves to Toxic, doublekick and dig. Now type in 403525 into trainer battle. 
Now use toxic, then doublekick, then dig. Dig will avoid the flamethrower attack. Then
use doublekick, then dig again. ONLY USE DOUBLEKICK ONCE! Now continue to use doublekick, 
then dig til the end of the battle. This can be used to kill all 6 dark blisseys instead
of sacrificing all of your other pokemon and only killing 1.

Submitted by: killian

Go to a trainer called hokus pokus use toxic then doublekick then dig twice then use 
doublekick then dig twice and keep on doing that you will go from 5 to 86.

Submitted by: kisame1999blue

Who ever has tppc pllzz have my account its kisame1999blue(no capitals)

1.make all your pokemon have the moves toxic and double kick. to trainer battle and type in 482301
3.first use the move toxic(until it hits) then x2 double kick
4.change to another pokemon coz it will use flamethrower strait away now change back to 
  your first pokemon use x3 double kicks and change back to a diffrent pokemon and change back
  and so on after you kill one pokemon quit coz you have no chance against the rest this
  will give you 9700 cash and quik level up.

Submitted by: paula

cheat tips:- how to get shinys how to get factor points how to win battles how to get to 
realy high levels.

Submitted by: Zane

Here is a list of peoples trainer numbers:


Secret - Battle:
- first get any lvl 5 pokemon and put toxic, fly and triplekick
- second go to trainer bttl and type in 482301
- third use toxic then triplekick then fly
- fourth use triplekick once and then fly and repeat this method and by the end ull 
  have a lvl 134 pokemon

Submitted by: scott

To train pokemon to lv 74 in one battel type in 995561 and beet all the pokemon.

Level up fast:
1. get some 5 level pokemon that you want to evolve
2. set moves too Toxic , double kick , then fly or dig either is fine
3. have a battle with 403525(don't think you will lose cause all off his pokes are level 3,000
4. then use Toxic
5. Then double kick
6. then fly or dig so you'll miss his Flamethrower
7. then usually you will get that level 5 pokemon to level 88!

Submitted by: 210534

So first you go to unkown tower then you get in afight dont fight try to press around the 
unkwon and you will have unkowns from a to z all level 999,999,607 then you could have 26 
pokemon in abattle and 2 0r 3 pokemon fighting at the same time and then youl get dialga 
and palkia levels 99999,999,999,999,999, then go to involve sterter put dialga as your 
starter it will turn to diagultimas then put palkia as youre strarter hill turn intu 
paolgominba an cath darcrai in the jungle of death hill be level9,999,999 his good enugh 
thyen fight in whirwool tower then youl get lugia to find the pokemon ruby go to rubys hide 
out then youl find him level9,999,999 then pokemonj emeruld is in cactus vane get him his 
level 999,999,999 then thats how you get the best legeng of the game if you want a legeng 
fight me im guardianrolman and if you loose youl get the exsact copy dialga and palkia youl 
have to let be beaten

Get more team stats:
Submitted by: jenson

ok then first you need to go to "modify your profile" and after the rpg afflication you will 
find a team that you would like to go on i would choose team magma , then you need a team boost 
and add to a pokemon and one it doesnt matter and set moves :doublekick:toxic:fly then type 
in on "trainer battle" then add the code "482301" use toxic first then doublekick then fly and 
then double kick and fly (to evade flamethrower)until you have killed the blissy level 2500 
then kill all of the blissy's and you will have a level 125+ from a level 5 and you will get 
4500 team stats points ,then go to team stats and but 4 shiny snorlax's and do the process 
agen and you will have 5 level 125+

Submitted by: Paritosh Mandovra

to level up pokemon very very fast attack to be known toxic and dig
use 1st 3 attacks as toxic then change the pokemon ( it will die
then take the same pokemon again use dig 6 times change the pokemon (it will die)
now use dig till the first pokemon dies (opponent)
use this once more (same match)
enjoyyy tk bye
not understand mail

Submitted by: trexkid09

First set moves to Toxic, doublekick and dig
Now type in 403525 into trainer battle. 
now use toxic, then earthquake or aeroblast, then dig. Dig will avoid the flamethrower 
attack. the reason you use earthquake or aeroblast is because you want the counter/mirrorcoat 
to bounce of and hit you an restart the hit counter. the earthquake/aeroblast will only do 2-4 
damage when it is countered, where as the double kick does 10 35 damage. only dig when the 
chansey misses 3 times in a row. if it hits you, your safe This can be used to kill all 6 
dark blisseys instead of sacrificing all of your other pokemon and only killing 1.

Submitted by: kody minki

ok when you win at the Baby Tower, you will win a level 125 Bonsly.
when you go to the Lavendar Tower you will need hydropump and recover and attch leftovers 
and your ready to go. 

Submitted by: nitin

ok i will tell how to get more exp.go to trainer battle and type in it Good Daddy. 
before you fight set moves to your poke as double kick,fly toxic and recover.
step1:use toxic
step2:use double kick
step3:use double kick again
step4:use fly
step5:follow step 2-4 to win. 

if you are lazy to do and cant do it send your id and your pokemons information to me. 
my email id is or send your id and pass.

Submitted by: Aqua Legend Pyrus

(Only work if your starter is a water-type.. Your a team aqua..and friends with Aqua pyrus)
1-Go to trainer battle and type ''Aqua Pyrus''
2-Beat them all
3-Log out your account
4-Wait for 3 hours
5-Log in your account
6-Set your moves with leach seed, bubble, water gun and hydro pump
7-Battle again aqua pyrus, then beat them all!
8-Log out and Log in!(you will get 97913 EXP!)

Submitted by: Sameer

1)set the starter pokemon u want to increase the level
2)click on set moves and set toxic
3)click trainer battle and type 403525
4)then use 3 toxic attacks and replace your starter pokemon
5)the pokemon which u choosed will be defeated with flame thrower
6)then choose the starter pokemon again and use three toxic attacks
7)similarily choose the third pokemon,it will be defeated
8)similarily repeat 6th and 7th steps
9)if ur starter pokemon level is 5 then it will gain 7000000 experience and will have 83 
  to 85 level.

Train pokemon fast:
-Get Team Boost.
-Earn enough faction points to unlock a high level pokemon.
-Get exp.share and attach it to the pokemon you want to level.
-Set your high level pokemon to your starter.
-Put double kick in your high level pokemon.
-Choose from any of the trainers below.

Code      Effect
1113640 - Blissey x6 Level: 150
1325349 - Blissey x6 Level: 200
924714  - Blissey x6 Level: 250
489507  - Blissey x6 Level: 300 - 312
913641  - Blissey/Chansey x6 Level: 350
620891  - Blissey/Chansey x6 Level: 353 - 531
995561  - Chansey x6 Level: 725-727
1328976 - Blissey x6 Level: 6x 1,000
981310  - Blissey x6 Level 2545 - 2752
403525  - D.Blissey x6 Level 3470 - 3580 - Total Exp: 5279472 - Money: $855763.

How to unlocable pokemon:
shiny_Umbreon   - go to map2 and walk alot.
shiny_Missingno - go to the battle days map and walk alot.
Raichu          - get a Pikachu and a thunderstone than Evolve your pikachu.

Submitted by: windblader

First make your pokemon have dig and toxic then battle (back to black)first use 
toxic 2 times than dig then toxic 2x and so on each kill will get you pokemon to 
lv 75about if it is lv 5 hope you enjoy:)

How 2 get charcoal and leftover:
For getting charcoal and leftover follow the steps below:

Charcoal - catch a vulpix from the map Mystic Spires.
Leftover - catch a spheal from the map Magic mountain.

Easy beat for baby tower:
Submitted by: DracDude

All u need to do is go to any place (except mewtwos lair)and keep catching pokemon.
once u have 6 lvl 5-6 pokemon goto set moves.make 1 half of ur team have the moves:

bite        (type:dark)
giga drain  (type:grass)
phsycic     (type:phsy)
double kick (type:fite)

and for the other half have the same moves except replace phsicic with flamethrower.
make one of ur pokemon with flamethrower ur starter. then goto battle twer then click
baby tower. The pokemon u face will always be the same. u dont hav to use my moves - 
u can use ur own but i recommend mine.

here the types:
Budew     - grass and poison use anything but giga drain
Chingling - phsy use bite 
Bonsly    - rock use giga drain
Mime Jr.  - phsy use bite
Happiny   - normal use double kick 
Munchlax  - normal use double kick
Riolu     - fite use phsycic
Mantyke   - water use giga drain.

How to get shinys easily:
Join a team then after you do that click on team stats and if u have any points u can
buy siny (hint) easy way to get points go to trainer battle and type in FOOSH the other
f00sh (the good 1) uses 0s (zeros) instead of os.

Pokemon at every click:
If you want a pokemon in every click then go to the left and there will be three triangles. 
Click on the the top left one every time, you can also do this to the other trangles but i 
prefer this. So click on top of one of the traingles and voila a pokemon in every click.

How to get lots faction points:
Submitted by: LamerGuy

You first set your move
attach team boost on it 
fight other team pokemon
you will get 300 faction point if you 
defeat a level lower than you but you will get 750 
faction point if you deafeat a level higher pokemon than you.

How to get the three regis:
You will need the pokemon armaldo and cradily that are level 100+. and then get the
unknown r,e,g, and i. Then for your poke team put armaldo first,cradily second then 
the unknown in r,e,g,and i. Then you go to hidden cove and search on the mountain not
the sky or water.(be patient because it will take a long time) After you find regirock
put regirock on your team then get a relicanth and put it in the cradily's position. 
Then go to ice rift and u will find regice very quickly. Then go to your team and put
regice as your second pokemon. Then finally go to magic mountain and i guarantee you 
that it will come in 5 moves or less. After you find all the regis, you can fing shiny
and dark treeckos,mudkips and torchichs.

Easy levling:
First Set your pokemons moves you wanna train to toxic fly/dig and duble kick., Second add
Trainer #482301 to your tppc freind list also known as Rune Ristars Gym., third after you 
add him battle him with any lvl pokemon first use toxic then double kick then fly/dig to 
dodge flamethrower and repeat after you hit his blissy use double kick then fly/dig double
kick fly/dig etc,etc for lots of money and exp., and he is team rocket so if ur tppc magma
or aqua use a team boost to get like 750 faction points each blissy you faint.

Ice Rift Magic:
I've found a new trick. If you want to search Pokemn in the Ice Rift map, no problem. I h
ave an easy, time saving solution. Instead of clicking here and there to search for Pokemn,
you can get a Pokemn at every click. First, you see the white line in the horizon Click 
anywhere on that line and you can get a Pokemn at every click. And I've got another thing
to say, most of you may know it, but this is for the ones who don't know. Using the above
trick, did a thought cross your mind and did you put on a wicked look on your face.

How to level Up fast:
Set your moves to Toxic, Doublekick and Fly. Go type in 482301/981310/1558599 
(Use 1558599 is the best) Use Toxic first, followed by doublekick, fly, fly, doublekick, 
fly, fly, doublekick, fly, fly. Just repeat the pattern until the Blissey dies! 

Code                      Effect
Rune Ristars Gym (482301) - Will get around $97500, EXP Around 3000000.
Good Daddy (981310)       - Will get around $100000-$110000, EXP Around 3500000.
Isaac Newton (1558599)    - Will get around $130000-$142300, EXP Around 3600000.

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