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  Hints and Tips for: Vacation Simulator 
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 Vacation Simulator Cheats

Vacation Simulator

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Giglr Achievement Guide (Back to Job Update):
Written by The1AndMany

A quick guide on how to get all of the Giglr achievements introduced in the Back 
To Job update.

-=List of Achievements=-
There are a total of 7 new achievements possible in the Giglr mode.

This one's real simple. Just complete all scripted tasks in Giglr mode. 
If you've played Job Simulator, this should be really familiar.

-=Non-Employee Review
On the left side of the counter, there's a scanner that will give you an object's 
rating. Simply hold it to your head to scan yourself.

-=Just getting STARted
This one's also easy. Just play 9 random tasks. 
You'll need to finish the onboarding first.

-=I'm Baby
One of the tasks you can complete is to babysit a BabyBot. This BabyBot will always 
be carrying a pacifier in its mouth when it appears. Steal it, then hold it to your 
face and release. You can use the selfie camera to see yourself as Baby.

-=Welcome to Giglr
Reach 100 stars (Onboarding + 19 random tasks) and sit through the cutscene.

-=Unwelcome to Giglr
(Hidden) This is a joke achievement. 
You unlock it in the same cutscene as Welcome to Giglr.

-=#1 Stan
Stick something in the delivery chute to your left. Take a picture of the screen 
that pops up. Stick that picture in the chute.

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