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  Hints and Tips for: Vade Retro: Exorcist 
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 Vade Retro: Exorcist Cheats

Vade Retro: Exorcist

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginnerís Tips and Guide:
Written by keat

Tips every player should know while playing Vade Retro: Exorcist for 
all classes and the demon.

Here are some great tips that you should know if youíre playing as the demon.

* This seems like a no brainer, but DO NOT ATTACK DURING PHASE ONE. You 
  should get to phase 2 as quickly as possible. You are very weak at phase 1.
* When you have possessed an NPC during setup, find another one and follow it 
  around. Once setup has ended, consume it.
* In phase 2, itís ok to attack, but try to get to 1 kill from phase 3 as 
  fast as possible.
* Once you are at 1 kill from phase 3, this is the hard part. In order to get 
  the most you can out of your invincibility period, find an NPC and camp it. 
  Once the exorcists find you, theyíll panic, try to blast you but kill the 
  NPC instead. Boom, you get to blast them as much as possible.
  ability. It will path find to the nearest exorcist. Careful though, it 
  goes crazy when there are locked doors.
* If you canít manage to kill all exorcists when in phase 3 invincibility, 
  you have to have a lot of tactic. Try to combine your invisibility with 
  lights off. When you find one exorcist, use an attack. If more than one, 
  knock down, use both attacks.
* Itís gonna be pretty hard, but you can do it.

-=All exorcists=-
* STAY TOGETHER. This is crucial if you want to win.
* DO NOT RANDOMLY KILL NPCS. This counts towards the demons phase change. 
  However, if youíre tactical about it, it can give you an advantage. If 
  you somehow know the demon is one kill away from phase 3, kill an NPC 
  and hide. This will throw off the demon and youíll most likely survive.
* To find the demon in phase one easily, go up to NPCs. If their head turns 
  to look at you, they are a normal NPC. If it does not and keeps looking 
  in the direction it is moving, you have found yourself a demon. This is 
  much easier than random killing NPCs.
* Use your mic if you have one. This is SO much easier than typing in chat. 
  Trust me.

Here are some tips you should know if you choose to be the priest.

* The priest is the most powerful attacking wise. You should grab orbs, 
  staff, telekinesis, armor, spiritual burst, and holy water. Dash is 
  pretty useless unless youíre a wimp.
* You should be dishing the most damage, and nurse should try to shield 
  you the most. The demon should target you first as you are the most 
* When you see the demon, you should use the staff first. Then orbs, 
  then spiritual blast, then after that do whatever you want.
* If the demon is on phase 3, use armor, then the above.
* Telekinesis should be used when youíre expecting an attack, but demon 
  is not near.
* You should always be on the demon and doing tasks.

Here are some helpful tips you should know if you decide to be the 

* Grab blower, emp bomb, lazer pointer thing, dog clicker (if not enough 
  xp then do motion censor), remote controlled car, and camera.
* Youíre special ability is fixing generators twice as fast.
* You should also be trying to attack demon and doing tasks, but if the 
  lights go out, go fix them.
* If you see the demon, throw EMP, then lazer, camera, then whatever 
  you want after.
* Car should be used whenever available. Best places to put them are 
  in doorways and stairs.
* Dog should be on patrol at all times.

Here are some helpful tips if you decide to become the nurse.

* You should grab healing machine (syringe if not enough xp), syringe  
  gun, slow potion, anti-invis potion, shield gun, and med kit.
* You can save and heal NPCs and players twice as fast, making you a 
  support class.
* This class only has 2 attacks, syringe and syringe gun.
* You should be shooting shield at priest when having a demon encounter.
* If you find a down NPC and youíre group, you heal it while the rest of 
  the team fights off the demon.
* If you see the demon, throw slow potion, then anti-invis. Shield priest, 
  then shoot gun.
* Healing machines should be placed at common places like front or spawn.
* Medkits should be scattered around the map.

* Change your spell keybinds to number keys, itís much easier.

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