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  Hints and Tips for: Veil of Crows 
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 Veil of Crows Cheats

Veil of Crows

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Earn Gold:
Gold can be earned in several ways:

* You can do quests, ranked from easy to medium in villages and hard from Lords 
  in Towns. They will all reward you certain amounts of gold plus XP, Resources 
  or Peasants. Some Hard Quests will also reward you with hero units.
* You also earn gold from battles, depending on the size of the enemy army you 
  will get a small amount of gold as loot.
* You can also earn gold by selling resources that you earned from quests or 
  that you are producing in your villages.
* You can earn gold by selling prisoners that you have got from battles. Getting 
  prisoners is higher when the enemy army is big. You can sell prisoners in bandit 
  camps or return them to certain quests that require you to bring prisoners.
* You can earn gold by demanding tribute from Towns. If your army is big enough 
  and a threat to the Town they will give you gold in order for you not to attack 
  them, this will reduce relationship with the said faction.
* You can earn gold from taxes in Towns. You improve taxes by building a Market 
  and a Treasury in your Town. Your heroes Authority Skill also influences the 
  amount of Tax that you get from a Town.
* You can earn by also trading resources with factions that you have a trade 
  agreement with.

How Can I Upgrade Peasants:
A peasant can be upgraded as it stands into Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 units.

Tier 1 units can be upgraded at villages. You can also upgrade peasants in your 
town if you have one. Tier 1 units are: Fowlers, Miners, Hatchetmen and Serfs. 
These are a bit stronger than a Peasant but should not be compared with Tier 2 

In order to upgrade your peasants into Fowlers/Miners/Hatchetmen and Serf you 
need to go to their specific “base” village:

* Miners from Mines/Quarries
* Serfs from Farms
* Hatchetmen from Lumberyards
* Fowlers from Ranches
Visit them and you will have an option to “Upgrade peasants…”

Upgrading peasants into Tier 2 units can only be done in your Town. Every type of 
unit will need a specific building to be built first in order to be able to train 
them e.g. Swordsmen will need a Blacksmith, Scouts would need stables.

Upgrading peasants into Tier 3 happens the same as Tier 2, however you will need 
better upgraded buildings and in some cases extra buildings.

The requirements are listed in the specific unit description along with resources 

Note that you cannot upgrade peasants in your own villages, you need to move your 
villagers in your Town and upgrade or you can move them to a friendly faction’s 
village and upgrade.

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