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  Hints and Tips for: Victoria 3 
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 Victoria 3 Cheats

Victoria 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Cheat Codes:
The console is opened with the (~) key. A cheat is entered, then the 
input is confirmed with the Enter key. If the console does not open, 
change the language layout from Russian to English.

-=Simple commands=-
- artificial intelligence agrees with all diplomatic actions

- this command allows you to build buildings almost instantly (the cheat effects 
the speed of building artificial intelligence too, to get around this: order the 
necessary buildings, turn on the pause, turn on the cheat, order one additional 
building, all your buildings will receive the maximum construction progress, 
then turn off the cheat and take a break)

There are many commands that start with "fast". 
All known commands starting with fast (see "help" "log_viewer")

-=Complex commands=-
Complex commands consist of a basic command and conditions. The syntax for such 
commands is to enter the main command followed by a list of conditions, with each
condition separated by a space.

change_law [law_key, tag] - change any law to the specified one


"change_law" is the main command and "law_key" and "tag" are conditions

"law_key" - the name of the law (begins with law, and then, through the underscore, 
the name of the law is entered: the names of the laws can be viewed in the English 
version of the game and theoretically through debug_mode)

"tag" - unique country designation (for country "tag" see: "debug_mode")

Hereís what the finished command looks like:

change_law law_monarchy ENG - the command changes the law on the form of government 
of England to monarchy


"law_monarchy" - the law on the monarchical form of government

"ENG" - England

-=List of complex commands=-
cash [amount] 
- adds the specified amount of money (maybe the cheat adds money to artificial intelligence 
too, needs to be checkedÖ)

research [tech_key/era_number] 
- the command opens a specific technology/all technologies of an era (in this case, 
you can choose between two conditions where:

- the name of one specific technology 
(to find the name of the technology, see: "debug_mode")

- technological era sequence number (technology groups in the technology tree are 
subdivided into eras, to find out the name of the era, see: "debug_mode"

changestatepop [state_id, pop_type/all, factor] 
- this command adds any specialists to the specified region (a very useful command, as it 
allows you to add people of any qualification to the province. The command needs to be 
checked, since it is not clear whether the script adds people to the province or retrains 
already available) where:

- province ID, see "debug_mode"

- the name of the profession in English, you can probably determine through "debug_mode",
but you can also use a translator

- increase factor, sort of multiplies specialists by the specified number and creates 
new ones if there are none (maybe it just adds the number, I donít remember)

add_approval [?, factor] 
- theoretically adds stakeholder support, research required see "help" and "log_viewer"

add_clout [?] 
- theoretically adds influence (see "help" and "log_viewer" for syntax)

add_ideology [target_interest_group, ideology_to_add] 
- theoretically allows you to change the ideology of an interested group (the command 
requires verification, look for the name of ideologies and groups through "debug_mode")

- interest group

- ideology name

add_loyalists [culture, amount] 
- add loyalists to culture

add_radicals [culture, amount] 
- add radicals to culture (who needs radicals)

add_relations [?] 
- theoretically adds relations between countries (see "help" and "log_viewer" for syntax)

add_war_support [tag, amount] 
- add war support

annex [tag] 
- country annexation

own [state_id] 
- annexation of a region

help, log_viewer and debug_mode:
When entering:

"help fast" 
- the console will display all commands that contain "fast" (fastbuild (quick construction), 
fastenact (quick change of laws), fasttravels (quick movement probably), fasthire (quick 
hiring), fastinstitution (like a quick change of institution, or free change of institute), 
fastresearch (quick research), etc.

When you enter a full command, the console will display its syntax (what conditions exist 
in the command and how to write them correctly):

"help change_law" 
- prints "change_law [law_key, tag]" so you can find out what conditions the command 
operates on (in this case, "law_key" and "tag")

- I recommend rechecking the syntax of the command yourself if it does not work for you 
(if you enter an incorrect condition, the console will display where you made a mistake)

- for some it will be possible that the console will not show the full list of possible 
codes due to the limitations of the output in the console. In this case, "log_viewer" will 
help you, this command will display a panel in which there will be a scrolling option that 
will allow you to view all potential commands.

- this command allows you to enable the mode in which when hovering over a province, law, 
etc. you can see its true name that is used in commands (for example, when hovering over 
a province, you can find out the id of the province and also the tag of the country)

Market Section Tips:
Open Market menu from the left side panel on the screen.

It is pretty simple as it is all about Supply (Sell Orders) and Demand (Buy Orders). You 
do not need to know how much units you produce of something, you just need to know if the 
production of a building is profitable. So check profitability of the appropriate building 
and what resources are used and what it costs.

So in that Market menu check the Market price for a good of your interest. If market price 
is listed with a copper icon it means it is under average market price, if it is silver 
icon it is within average market price range, if it is golden it is above regular market 

So if you are producing something, the ideal solution would be to have very cheap resource 
costs and then the building produces something that can be sold very expensive. 
This way owners of the building will be very happy.

Problem is that everything depends on each other. What you produce is most likely also a 
resource for something else. So you have to constantly check and fix your economy whenever 
you change something. Also other countries can influence your market by importing/exporting 
from/to it on their own, so prices can change and therefore profitabilty of a building can 
turn into a loss.

If you want to manipulate market prices you can either import/export goods or upgrade/
downgrade buildings (higher/lower resource cost and more/less production).

Market prices also tell you what your pops need. If prices too high, demand can most likely 
not be fulfilled, see Buy Orders vs. Sell Orders. But concentrate on the basics like food 
first before you take care of luxuries.

So basically all you need to do is constantly fixing the market prices.

How to Move Provinces Between States (In Large Amounts Quickly):
Written by Cynic

Moving provinces around without knowing what you are doing is incredibly tedious, especially
when you get to areas with hundreds of provinces per state. This guide uses GIMP and regex 
in order to turn what would usually take forever into a process that takes less than a minute 
once setup.

This only covers province ownership, not the map_data, however province ownerships can 
be copied over to map_data easily afterwards.

Used software: GIMP, Notepad++
First we need to get a list of provinces

1. Open up the province map in GIMP.
2. Create a new file (File -> New -> Ok).
3. Select all provinces in the province map that you want to move to a different state.
4. Copy and paste them to the new file.
5. Create an index of the colors (Colors -> Mode -> Indexed.).
6. Set max number of colors to 255 (you can only use up to 255 with this method due to this), 
   then hit convert.
7. Open up "Palettes" (Windows -> Dockable -> Palettes).
8. Export the colormap to a text file (Right click the earlier made index [named something 
   like "colormap of xyz"] -> Export as -> Text File).

Now you have a text file listing all of your selected provinces.

Now we need to get these into the correct format.
1. Change them all to uppercase (Select all -> Right click -> Uppercase).
2. Replace all # with x (Ctrl+F -> Replace -> type in # into "Find what"Ē and x into 
   "Replace with"Ē -> Replace All).

Now we are gonna use this list to remove all references to these provinces, and then put 
them in the state we want them in. We are gonna do this by setting up a regex.

Spacing is important for this, so spaces are being written as "-" to be easier to read, 
but should be a " " (a space character) when actually followed.

1. Add ors at the end of every entry (Ctrl+A -> Ctrl+F -> Replace -> Check "Extended" 
   -> Replace All "\n" with "-|").
2. Go to your states file ("00_states.txt").
3. Replace the list with nothing. (Copy-paste the list into "Find what", make sure "Replace with"
   is blank, make sure that "Regular Expression is checked", and then hit "Replace All").

Congrats, now all of the provinces on the list are no loner owned in the states.

Now we just need to get rid of the "|"s and we can use this as our list of provinces to add.

1. Delete every "|" (Ctrl + A -> Ctrl + F -> Replace -> Replace "|" with nothing)
Now we have a list of provinces that you can copy and past into their new state.

This reduces what would usually take forever per state to about 30 seconds once you get it setup.

Save Edit to Turn Unincorporated State to Incorporated State:
Written by Tsuman

Info: Iím using Notepad++ to do the save edit.
Warning! Copy the Save data or Save a new save before the edit.

For myself all the save data that have mod apply are turning into Mojibake, so 
modded save data might not working.

Looking for the State ID for the state you want turn into Incorporated state

For example:
I want turn Pegu from Unincorporated state to Incorporated state.

If you have debug mode on, you will see something like this:

State ID: 432 <=State ID we need
Country ID:
Province ID:

* Search the save for those lines
* Iím looking for Pegu so it will look like this:


* Change the number in front to the State ID of the State you want to Incorporated.

It will look like this


* Add the incorporation=1 under the arable_land


* If you already have Incorporated progress on the state, it will look like this


* Simply change the number to incorporation=1

* Overwrite the save, and load it. 
* Those Unincorporated state will turn into Incorporated state.

How to Industrialize:
Written by Jared

Itís very simple, just follow this simple process.

1.Set your taxes to the max and put consumption taxes on everything that makes 
you the most money (but grain cause 500 authority isnít work the tax)

This will give you a ton of weekly income you can use to build construction 
sector and to build things, since the main difference between an industrialized 
and non industrialized country is the lack of peasants and subsistence 
agriculture in an industrialized one, we need to build as many profitable building 
as possible.

Not only will this take away power from the landowners, since most of their 
aristocrat pops come from the subsistence agriculture building (along with clergy) 
but it will also generate more money for you to tax and build more construction 

2. Focus predominantly on producing buildings involving woodcutting, tools, and 
natural resources like coal (especially coal)

These are the most profitable buildings in the game, especially woodcutting as 
its use will always be needed throughout the game along with coal as coal will be 
used in many production methods down the line which also makes buildings more 
profitable by decreasing the amount of workers. PS use auto expand to automate 
this process.

However watch out when changing production methods as you may not have the goods 
to supply the change (changing the construction sector P.M is big aswell)

3. Use the corn laws to get a (based) laissez faire capitalist as the head of the 
landowners IG and also get per capita taxation for more money

You can only get the corn laws if you have an export taxation on grain (wheat?) 
and are on mercantilism preferably without serfdom (so you can switch to laissez 
faire immediately) This will generate more investment pool funds to at least start 
to prepare you for the switch from government production to capitalist production 
once your GDP is high enough.

4. Profit!
Now after some time you should have tons of newly built factories to steal as many 
people as possible from the landowners and clergy IG, and towards the industrialists 
and (ugh) intelligentsia.

You will now be able to pass pretty much any reforms you want (especially if you 
have secret police as no one can rebel under it)

Additionally you can now launch wars without losing any money as you have the 
largest economy in the world by far and wonít have to go into debt. You can also 
build a larger army aswell.

However communists the trade union IG will come up a couple decades earlier due 
to your early industrialization, essentially speeding up the time frame for X 
country youíre playing as. For more useful info, read the explanation of trading 
in the Victoria 3.

For example, I got 200m GDP by 1870 as Russia and it was expanding exponentially 
as I became the No.1 GP by 1885, much different then how the Germans were scared 
of them industrializing before ww1.

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